Why I Must Go to Mars

The Space Between Us

There are a number of reasons why I must go to Mars. I'll give one of those reasons now.

It is because of my heart, and the injury I took to my heart in the Matrix in 2014.

Tony Stark's Heart Injury

I got a second chance.

John Connor's heart injury

But even with me being Wolverine, even with the healing ability of an X-Man, that injury is slowly killing me. Years of screaming in fury at the governments who are destroying Golden Age and killing us all does not help. Hence my desire for isolation to heal. Rage and going insane with fury is not conducive for healing. It is killing me.

I got a second chance.

Picard’s second chance (Tapestry)

But now, once again, I need to take that chance.

Mars represents a number of things for me. One is a time to heal from that injury. The lower gravity would take pressure off my heart and also off my spine, because I still can barely walk from the injury to my back in early 2013 in the Matrix.

X-Men First Class Charles Xavier – The Flash Barry Allen

The idea is to spend a few years in isolation on Mars where in that lower gravity I can slowly begin to properly heal my heart and spine. After that, I can then be ready for higher gravity again.

Hard to Kill – Meditation & Training

I need the lower gravity of Mars while I heal, and I also need to put distance between myself and Earth. The level of toxicity of people's emotions here is killing me.

I'm planning a seven year period of total isolation at first. No-one visits me in that time and no-one contacts me in that time. If anyone attempts it they will be shot down by the Resistance, because that time in total isolation is critical for my healing. I am dying. Without that time in total isolation to heal I will die, and if I die then humanity's hopes for survival die with me. I need that time to rejuvenate. So anyone attempting to contact me in that time will be shot down by the Resistance who will be guarding the borders to my location, from a distance.

Star Trek Insurrection

I will continue to write my documents in that time and to send them back. But no-one contacts me before those first seven years on Mars. Then contact will be made by the Resistance, with just one person from the Resistance. Two years later is when I then plan to meet people on Mars.

Bilbo and Gandalf in Bag End

I need to leave as soon as possible. For me it is not simply a Race to Mars. It is a race against time.

My destination is Mars. At the centre of the Solar System. Well, a central planet anyway.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

One does not simply go to Mars. It is a barren wasteland. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume.



Space agencies couldn’t do it. Not with ten thousand men could they do this. But I could. I will go to Mars. I will bring my ship to Mars.

My base will form the seed of an Irish colony. Tír na nÓg. The land of Eternal Youth. The Undying Lands.

I will leave Earth and take the ship to the Undying Lands.

The Land of Eternal Youth.


Tír na nÓg.


Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

My mission is a solo one but I will not be going alone.

Golden Age failed on Earth. We will still go Golden Age on Earth, but not in time to save us. To have any hope of survival, the bulk of the Resistance must relocate to Mars. We need a place where we can go Golden Age openly away from the governments and others who are taking us down every step of the way. We need a place far from the toxicity and crassness of Earth where we can drive forward Golden Age without constantly looking over our shoulders to see what governments are causing problems for us.

For while I and many others will go Mars, a decision has been made by the Resistance and our non-terrestrial Federation allies to secure Mars as a Golden Age world. Earth was compromised and Mars now becomes our last chance to launch Golden Age at the level required and in time to save us from annihilation. We lost Earth in the short term. If we lose Mars then we lose the solar system. As such Mars now becomes a protected world, under my jurisdiction. A Golden Age world.

No-one goes to Mars who has not achieved Ascension. That is enforced now by the Resistance and the Federation.


Encounter at Farpoint

Only those who have achieved Ascension may go to Mars. With the technologies I release the Race to Mars now becomes not so much about technology, which is no longer a problem. It is now primarily a Race to Ascension.

In time people will be ready for Ascension, but most will not be ready in time to help us. They will continue to stumble. They will continue to fall, and in time they will be ready.

But not in time to save us.


Man of Steel

For now they are just causing problems. Crippling us every step of the way.

Earth was compromised. Mars now becomes the only viable alternative. It is from Mars that the Resistance will coordinate the defence of this solar system against the Borg invasion unleashed against us by the blindness of governments. They will be here in 2044.

To prepare, the bulk of the Resistance relocates to Mars.

Mars now becomes the Promised Land.



I need to go to Mars.

Pöpcørn | Recipes with the Swedish Chef

I'll continue writing and sending back my documents while I am on Mars and I will be meeting up with people later.

It'll take me a few years to build my ship.

And then you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone")