Understanding Microwormholes



It's pronounced QUEE-VA.

How else could you pronounce it?

Dr Hfuhruhurr meets Ann Uumellmaheye

Understanding Microwormholes - Part I

Understanding Microwormholes - Part II

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One Woman Army



Imagine this: A Viper in a battle in a star system ten light years away, but without any pilot in the ship. Instead that Viper is piloted by a person on the ground on Earth. There is no Artificial Intelligence whatsoever. The Viper responds only to the pilot on Earth. Communication to the Viper is via a microwormhole. The pilot flies the Viper from a "simulator", sitting inside a cockpit exactly as if he was in the Viper itself.

The Viper in combat ten light years away has cameras pointing out in different directions. Those cameras relay that visual information to screens in the simulator on Earth. Whatever the Viper sees in combat ten light years away, the pilot sees on Earth. All sensor information, damage information, weapons information, sensor information and so forth is all relayed back to the instrumentation in the simulator on Earth. The pilot sees what the Viper sees. From his perceptive it is as if he is directly there in combat ten light years away. And of course the simulator can also tilt and rotate to mimic the movements of the remote controlled Viper.

From the pilot's perspective, it is as if he is actually physically there in the Viper ten light years away

The combat is real. If he shoots from his simulator then the Viper shoots for real, ten light years away. If he kills in his simulator, the Viper kills for real ten light years away.

In a way it is similar to fighting in the Matrix, which is something that we in the Resistance are all very used to. When we fight it is real. If we kill in the Matrix it is real, but our bodies are physically on Earth or wherever we might be, even though we fight very far away in Borg space.

The Matrix Reloaded

With the Vipers and the microwormholes there is another very key difference however. If you die in the Matrix you die here. If you are injured in the Matrix then you get injured here.

Not so with remote control of Vipers via microwormholes.

In that case if your Viper gets destroyed then you lose your ship. Like losing a life in a video game.

The pilot however is completely unharmed. We lose ships, but not people.


We lose ships, but not people

BSG: Viper Tribute

We, as in the Resistance, have microwormholes as part of our alliance with the Federation. We already have them. The Resistance have them on the underground base in Ireland.

We get them in the Resistance. Those who blocked Golden Age, fucking traitors, can go fuck themselves.

They chose their side.

When the Resistance go up against the Borg invasion fleet (actually this first fleet is just one ship), we will be using the microwormholes to fight from a distance. So long as we can stop them before they reach Earth, then we lose ships but not people.

We lose ships, but not people