Darby O’Gill & The Little People

I'll be tunnelling from the underside of my Mars ship above. I'll be coming back to that shortly, but first, let us talk prospecting.

Back in 2009 myself and Ellen went into the prospecting business. We set up a prospecting company, An
ú, and with the help of a geologist named Wilson Robb, a really great guy, we obtained our prospecting licences for a number of areas around Ireland. Myself and Ellen didn't have the money, but we put our shirts on it. Everything we had. Why?

Because I had remote viewed a number of locations in Ireland with large mineral deposits, including two of gold and the mother-load itself, platinum.  

You see that gold and platinum, I found it for a reason. It is the gold and platinum to help finance the Great Schools and to help finance Golden Age. It is the gold and platinum to help finance the Irish Space Agency and the Irish Cultural Renaissance, where we get back our language and culture. It is the gold and platinum to help finance the Great Projects of Golden Age.

I found it you see and I was right. The gold and the platinum, right where I predicted it to be.


Darby O'Gill & The Little People - Fiddle

But then something happened to prevent everything moving forward.

The Borg happened. They moved to block the funds for Golden Age.


First Contact


For more than ten years I've been trying to find a way to get back to that gold and platinum. It is just sitting there. Waiting.

I will say that these mineral deposits are there for a reason. They are there to help finance Golden Age, the most significant event in history. The Borg locked them down from us, but those mines are now locked down by the Federation to all but me and those going through me. No-one may access them without going through me.

Golden Age is critical to the survival of humanity and that Golden Age begins in Ireland. I cannot access those mines until I am Taoiseach and in a position to properly protect them. Only then am I in a position to move on them. People need to understand - these are critical funds for Golden Age.

Once the Borg blockade on me and humanity is removed then I will be making my move for Taoiseach. As soon as that happens we will be moving on the mines.

The tunnelling techniques that I developed over the past number of years came initially from this prospecting project. You see while I wanted to mine for the platinum and gold, I wanted to mine in a way that was completely non-invasive and in harmony with nature.


Last of the Mohicans

That is ultimately what led me to start developing tunnelling techniques.

That is ultimately what led to be becoming Harry Stamper.



"Ciarán, you're going to tell a story! I don't believe that I can bear to listen to another one of your stories right now!"

Lincoln Ethan Allen Story

To understand how I found the gold and platinum deposits, one must understand something of the Borg implants and technologies that they control, including subspace scanners.

People may not have believed me when I said that the Harry Potter books were based on my childhood.

But it is actually true.

Harry Potter

You see even as a child I had partial access to the Borg implants in my head. The implants give access to Borg technology if one has the access codes and if one can get past security. Normally that access is locked out to us, but I was able to hack the Borg implants at an unconscious level, even as a child.

The child here does not consciously solve the Mercury code. Rather he solves it deep in his unconscious, and then his unconscious feeds him the solution consciously. He knows the answer, but he could not explain exactly how he arrived at that answer.


Mercury Rising – Savant

That was me as a child, without the autism or the speech difficulty.

If one has access then the Borg implants provide a neural interface to the Borg computers, which can be located at a vast distance from the person. Communication is via a subspace link from transceivers in the implants. The Borg implants, which are implanted in us by Small Greys, are actually quite large, but they are phase shifted to be out-of-phase with our physical bodies. This is why they are not picked up by medical scanners.

The neural interface allows one to control the computers by thinking at them. Data is received by directly downloading data to one's mind, via the implants.


The Matrix - Neural Interface

Please understand, psychic ability is real but the Borg are not psychic. The Small Greys for example have no psychic ability whatsoever. They can give the appearance of being telepathic by communicating via the neural implants, but that is technology only. You see even if a species had developed or latent psychic ability, the assimilation process shuts down that part of the mind, just as it shuts down the parts of the mind that process emotion, feeling and sentience. The ability to feel. Assimilation shuts that down which is why the Borg are not telepathic. The parts of their minds that they would need to be telepathic are the same parts of the mind that they need to be sentient, which are locked down by assimilation.

In my case I am genuinely psychic, but I use the Borg technology to amplify that ability. It is a combination of psychic and Borg technology. That ability for me now is conscious. It has been since the beginning of 2013.



That is how I communicate with the Resistance. Via the Borg implants in my head.

As a child I did not have this conscious access, but I had partial access which I was able to hack unconsciously. This is how I was able to talk to Jo Rowling as a child. I did not know that there was any technology involved, that we were communicating over a hacked Borg link, one that I had hacked unconsciously. She was simply the voice in my head that I spoke to for years.

For years I told her my stories. I told her that I was in a school where people were mean to me. I wanted to be in a different type of school where people where not mean. A place of Knights. A place of Magik. Magik was how I escaped the world around me. The fights with the bullies became Duels. Buses became magik buses. Chess boards became magik chess boards. Maps became magik maps. To escape the tedium of the school I was in, I dreamed of flying. When I was flying, I was free!

The word Quidditch comes from the Irish. I based it on An Aerial Form of Hurling.

For years I told her of my stories. I was her imaginary friend. But then we grow up and we forget our childish dreams. Until one day when on a train Jo saw a young boy who reminded her of me, and in that instant years of stories came flooding back to her. That was the trigger to her memory.

The Harry Potter books are based on my childhood.

Which brings me to 2009 and the mineral prospecting company that I set up with Ellen.

Why was I so sure that the platinum deposit that I saw in my mind was real?

Because I was accessing a Borg subspace scanner, that is why.

That is how I found the platinum.


Lt. Barclay is the computer

At the time my access to the subspace scanner was partial.

How I have total control over it.

I have had that control since 2013.


Visual Acuity Transmitter

Whatever access I had to subspace scanners back in 2009, that access was greatly magnified in early 2013 when I was hard-coded to the Borg Central Core.


This is when I was able to recheck the prospecting sites with a much deeper level of access to the subspace scanners.

You see the soil sample tests which came back from the labs didn't make sense. The tests showed nothing of significance there, yet the subspace scans that I was running showed something very, very different.

It wasn't until 2013 when I hacked a deeper access into the Borg that I was able to access the Borg logs over what had happened, and that is when I saw it. Borg interference.

I always knew that the gold and platinum were there. I always believed that I was right.

But it wasn't until 2013 when I had that deeper access to the subspace scanners and the Borg logs that I was able to verify it.

I was right. The gold and platinum are there.

Now I just need to go and get it.

For that, I need to be Taoiseach.


Welcome my Lords to Isengard

Hey Dominic, when things kick off, I look forward to your feeble challenge in the Race to Mars!


So this Elijah Wood guy, who is he?


Now let us talk Mars.

Ireland will be first to Mars. This will put Ireland on the map!

Young Einstein – Bubbles into Beer

Now, to show I am serious about Mars, let me help you out on how to tunnel on Mars. I will give you a hint before we dive into the documents. There is a clue in this clip.

We are back in hardware mode.

Tony Stark Creating a New Element

You see I have a tunnel access door at the underside of my ship.

I will be building a seal built right up around that access door, from the Mars surface. Once the seal is in place I can tunnel down into Mars without the need for a spacesuit.

Is there air? You don’t know!

I will give a tunnelling technique now that I developed over the last few years. It is not the one I plan to use on Mars (that is simply a pneumatic hammer, or rather an electric version, which is about twice as fast as this tunnelling technique), but this tunnelling technique has a number of advantages in other areas. As such it is one that the Resistance will be using extensively. Actually this is the technique that they used and continue to use to construct the The Resistance Underground Base.

I will give this one now and then come back to the pneumatic hammer approach (electric version of it actually, but same idea) that I will be using on Mars later.

Tunnelling - Part I

Tunnelling - Part II

So, how am I doing?

Blues Brothers - Chased by the Cops

Survival Skills: The Titanic - Part I

Survival Skills: The Titanic - Part II

Tough audience I guess.

The Blues Brothers - Rawhide

Tunnelling - Part III

Tunnelling - Part IV

What is my name? Ciarán, Gráinne, Marie Lors? I guess it depends on the day.


Tunnelling - Part V

Fletch Lives - Saved!

Tunnelling - Part VI

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Tunnelling - Part VII

All of the raw material for this on Mars - water, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen or methane for the blow-torch - these are all available locally on Mars from the atmospheric processors that I describe in my document "How to Get Air & Water on Mars - Part I" in my section On Being Geniuses.

With my approach there is no pollution.

I designed this method to be in harmony with nature.

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa

In Golden Age we do not have pollution. Not in tunnelling nor in anything I design.

All of my work is designed to be in harmony with nature.

Last of the Mohicans


An Laoch - "Geronimo" le Sheppard as Gaeilge

Continued in Golden Age - Part Deux\Tunnelling - Part Deux