The Treaty & The Fleets of 2038

Independence Day: Resurgence


News Flash! We do not have until 2044 now. We do not have twenty years. We do not have eighteen years.

You want to know why?

You want to understand the problem?


"There must be no Golden Age!"

That's the problem, right there.

There is your answer, right there.

It is the morning of Saturday 26th December 2020, the day after Christmas Day. Donald Trump's continued lockdown of me and humanity is hitting us again in the Treaty. There is gross fault there, enough fault that we take these hits in the Treaty. There is however a mitigating factor in that there is also some Borg interference, acting to lull his mind. That gets him off the hook for me taking him out, but it does not get him off the hook for the Nuremberg Trials and charges of treason, crimes against humanity, collaboration with the enemy, conspiracy to block Golden Age, suppression of critical information on COVID-19 and allowing COVID-19 to continue to ravage humanity while ignoring the penalty clauses in the Treaty that are driving it and while locking down me, the primary person on the planet for critical information on the virus and the means to neutralise it, and the list goes on and on.

He will face trial, Jedi trial, as one of the greatest traitors in the history of humanity.

Yeah, Trump, you ignorant fuck, my time will come!

Cars – Pit Stop

In terms of the fleets against us, again the fleet size has just increased due to penalty clauses in Trump's continued lock-down of me and humanity, increased now to about 180 ships, not including support vessels, and that fleet has also been moved forward from 2044 to 2038. We have just over seventeen years now to get ready.

Our only chance is Golden Age. Only the Jedi can stand against the Borg. Only the Jedi. We need to develop phenomenal depth in humanity in an impossibly short time. To get that depth we need to develop DEPTH OF CULTURE, and fast! That depth is critical for triggering Ascension. We have Ascension for some people, but we need to unlock it for many. FAST!

Mulan - Unstoppable

Without that depth we will not prevail against that upcoming first wave in 2038, much less any of the subsequent fleets, which will come fast and furious.

Our only chance is to trigger Ascension on a massive scale and fast!

For that it is DEPTH, DEPTH, DEPTH.

Architecture, music, culture, language

To have any chance of survival, we need to trigger that depth, fast!

O come, O come, Emmanuel - The Piano Guys

I do seem to recall having warned about those fleets already.

People need to start taking me very, very seriously.

Captain Marvel

With the change in situation, I need to radically change the plan. My place now, for the next few years, is not Mars, but Earth. What we do on Mars will not be enough now to withstand the first fleet. Earth was compromised for Golden Age in the sort term, which is why we were focussing on Mars. But there is no choice now, given the escalation of threat. I need to stay on Earth for the next number of years. and we need to rigger Golden Age on Earth right now!

Mars is no longer enough. We need Earth on board, right now!

That is bottom line. Either we have that, or humanity does not make it.

That knocks me out of the Race to Mars. The Race to Mars still needs to go ahead, but I have to stay here now to get Earth back on track for Golden Age. Mars remains under my jurisdiction but others will drive that Race now. I'll still be here in the background, offering words of encouragement and doing what I can to push the Race on, but I will be working now from Earth, from Ireland.

Still offering words of encouragement but working more from the background now, from Ashford.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

I need to stay here for the next number of years and drive through Golden Age. Drive though warrior society, Knights and Warriors. Drive through language, culture, the new Internet.

One of my most critical task now will be to develop the new Internet, and the Andromeda interface to it.

Star Trek - Minuet

I had planned to develop these systems on Mars, with my focus being to get to Mars first fast, and then work on the computer systems from there.

But now, we are out of time. To get humanity ready in time for 2038, I need to start developing our computer defences right now!

I need to start developing our new internet and computer systems right now!

Star Trek Fractal Encryption Algorithm

A critical focus for me now will be the computer systems and most especially the Andromeda interface, and also driving language, language, language. That is critical to our achieving the depth to trigger mass Ascension. One of the key reasons why I will be staying on Earth now is to help drive the Irish language Renaissance. With out that happening right now, we have no hope of withstanding the first Borg fleets. I will also be a key driver in Architecture, industry, culture, politics, medicine and so forth, but a key focus is LANGUAGE, LANGUAGE, LANGUAGE.

I am Daniel Jackson.

I have the knowledge to launch the greatest Golden Age in history.

But that knowledge did not come easily.

Daniel Jackson – Hurt

With this change in plan, I reckon I will need to stay on Earth for about 16 years. That is the time it would take for me to pull this off. The problem however is that I do not have sixteen years. Not with my heart. I would not make it that long.

Not as things are now, anyway.

So to have any hoe of survival, I am going to need governments to pull together. You see it is not just the higher gravity on Earth which is killing my heart. It is also the toxicity of people. The attitudes, the negativity, the smallness, the pettiness, the dishonour, the people fucking others over, putting people down, trying to take advantage. The smallness and pettiness of lesser men.

Shadows of people. Wave after wave of them. Knackers and gobshites, in numbers beyond imagining.

Helm’s Deep

It is toxic to me. I am trying to heal here but every day I am going crazy with rage and fury, screaming at the miserable cunts who are killing us all and bringing us all to extinction. That rage and fury is killing my heart more surely than the higher gravity on Earth.

You see the lower gravity on Mars is only one aspect of me healing my heart. Another key aspect is trying to isolate myself from the smallness and pettiness and attitudes and dishonour and crassness that permeates everything around us. This is pure toxic to me.

Look into my mind X-Men Days of Future Past

If humanity is to have any chance of survival then I need to stay on Earth now for the next number of years to push through Golden Age here and to get our cultural depth at the level to produce the Jedi we need in the numbers we need and to get our computer systems robust enough to withstand the assault that is coming.

The problem is I do not have those years. I will not survive that long. Not as things are now.

A Beautiful Mind

I still need to go to Mars. That has not changed.

The Space Between Us

But if I can be isolated from the crassness and pettiness and smallness here on Earth, then that takes away the single biggest factor which is killing my heart, even more than the physical injuries I have taken. I basically need to live in a bubble, an oasis of Golden Age, a little Shangri-La, a
Tír na nÓg, a Rivendell, isolated from the crassness of the outside world.

Even if the rest of the world is in absolute shit, knackers and Shadows of men, in that place, I do not see them.


Other people deal with the knackers. Other people deal with them.

Me, I am isolated form that. I do not see them.

Meet The Young Offenders Of Cork

I work in isolation. I do not leave the ground of Ashford, which becomes
Tír na nÓg. I do not leave there until I am ready to take the ship to the Undying Lands, which will be about sixteen years from now I imagine.

Until that time, Ashford becomes my
Tír na nÓg.

Tír na nÓg

My ship will be considerably bigger now, given the longer time that I will have to build it. I launch from Ashford in about sixteen years.

Now, this is very, very important. I can stretch things out with my heart injury and get those sixteen years, but only if I have that isolation bubble, protected from the crassness and puke and defilement of the low-lives and degenerates and scumbags of society. No screaming, no, going insane with fury and contempt, no frothing at the mouth, no going insane with fury at the petty fuckers who are killing us all.

I need to calm down. I need to come down from the rage and fury and contempt that has been driving me fucking insane for years.

The Hulk

To do that I need to live in an isolation bubble. I still need to be Taoiseach to have any hope of driving through Golden Age, and that needs to happen immediately, but I do not leave the grounds of Ashford and no-one has access to me apart from those in Ascension. No-one, not God-Almighty himself, has access to me without my authorisation.

I need a commitment of two thousand army troops to secure the boarders of Ashford. I will not leave those grounds until I leave for Mars. In terms of isolation, I might as well be on Mars. That way I can survive long enough to drive through Golden Age on Earth in time to meet the fleet of 2038. This is the only way that I can see us being ready in time.

It is possible. I can survive that long before going to Mars if governments work with me to ensure that isolation bubble in Ashford, with the commitment of governments to its protection. I need governments to support that commitment for two thousand troops to protect that border.

I also need to protect the Irish Space Agency and a number of key projects that I will be setting up to drive Golden Age. I also need to protect my family and friends, anyone who ever knew me, particularly from media, paparazzi and other such gobshites.

Keep those gobshites away from my family, or I will kill them myself.

The Fisher King

If we can do that, then I can stay on Earth (Ireland) long enough to get our computer defences in place, and long enough to drive Golden Age to the level required for us to meet the threat in time.

Circumstances dictate that I am out of the Race to Mars myself now. I will arrive years after the first colonists, all of who will of course be in Ascension. Just because I am not going to Mars now in et first wave, it doe snot change that Mars remains under my jurisdiction.

But I will of course be working very closely with the Irish Space Agency in our bids to have the first worlds spoken on Mars in Irish.

Sia "Chandelier" as Gaeilge

I might be out of the Race myself now, but I will be working closely with the Irish Space Agency in our bids for the Race.

The Race will be fair, and there will be many teams involved. As to who will win, I do not know.

Put ‘Em Under Pressure

But this I do know. The Irish teams will handle themselves well. They will work with honour and pride and with a smile on their faces and a skip in their steps. It will be a Race of Knights, and win or lose, they will earn the respect of many.

I may be out of the Race myself now, but I will still be their chief instructor. I bring my knowledge and experience to that team.

Knight and Day

I wall be working with them every step of the way.

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Now, hurry up and contact me! We have a Golden Age to launch and a Race to Mars to launch.

I may be out of the Race myself now, but I will be working in the background to help drive that Race, every step of the way!

The Cannonball Run