The Revised Captain Proton Treaty & The Fleets of 2040



Tony Stark's Heart Injury

The cunts. The fucking cunts!

If we somehow survive annihilation, then in ten thousand years time there will not be a man, woman or child who does not know the names of those who blocked Golden Age. They shall be remembered as the greatest traitors in the history of humanity.

Whatever else happens, the name of America will forever more be synonymous with disgrace. America's place in history, if we survive long enough to record that history, is assured.

We do not have capital punishment in Golden Age, but if it were up to me I would have every one of those who block hung and buried in an unmarked grave. The greatest traitors in history.

When the Borg lockdown of humanity is removed, everyone will hold America in absolute fucking disgrace. The whole world wakes up in an instant once contact is made with me and America's Borg lockdown of humanity is removed. In that instant COVID-19 is completely neutralised. We have that in now by Treaty.

And in that instant the Borg lockdown of more than 600 million people's memories of my website is removed. Then all eyes turn to America. The greatest traitors in history.

Not all of them of course. There are many, many wonderful Americans. But there are also many, many traitors in America. It will be forevermore remembered, for as long as humanity continues to survive, that in our greatest crisis and in the greatest war in history, America sided with the greatest enemy this world has ever known and committed its resources to locking down John Connor, humanity and Golden Age.

America chose its side.

America chose to stand with the Borg and against humanity.

No words, none, can ever come close to conveying the depth of the disgrace.

How can one live without honour?

Honour is important to those who have honour.

It is considered unimportant to those who have ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NONE!

Now, news update as of this morning, 28th December 2020. With the American Administration and Pentagon absolutely adamant that they will continue the Borg lockdown of me and humanity, going to war if need be to prevent humanity from waking up, the Borg fleet has been pushed up to somewhere between 2,200 and 2,400 base ships, each just over 1,700 meters in diameter. The situation has changed dramatically now. It will no longer be Borg fleets from the Klingon Empire, but rather a new faction from further afield. Completely Artificial Intelligence. Robots only, no organics whatsoever. We call them the Cylons.

Monsters of Man

For good reason too, They are the Cylons. The robots can take any shape or form. In the Treaty we got them down to a certain technology level. They take the form now of Cylons simply because that is what is being enforced now by the Treaty that I set up.

The fleet is a lot bigger and it has been pushed back two years to 2040.

Everything has changed now. Everything, including the loss of hypercompression and reengineered metals such as tritanium, irontanium and transparent aluminium, the loss of the Arc Reactor and the Thorium Reactor, and in terms of Federation technology the loss of microwormholes, subspace communicators, shields and Warp Drive.

We are back once again to more basic computers now too.

Johnny English Strikes Again - Aston Martin

Everything has changed. Whatever the crisis was, it is now far, far greater.

Unless we can come up with an absolute fucking miracle, humanity now has less than twenty years to our total annihilation.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Well, they get here in less than twenty years. Once they get here then it will take them a few years to systematically wipe us out, because their technology is more restricted now by Treaty.

But they begin the systematic annihilation of humanity in less than twenty years unless we, the Resistance, can stop them and counter their American allies. Those who chose their side and who targeted humanity rather than allow Golden Age to go ahead.

Those who betrayed their country and humanity.

It wasn't just America. But it was led by America.

We need to counter those guys and pull humanity together in time to meet the threat.

That is the problem.

Apollo 13 – Houston, We Have a Problem

Ok then, let us start to work the problem.

Apollo 13 - A New Mission

Beginning with this. If the Resistance can break America's deadlock by contacting me, which they can, and in the process wake up the world, which we can, then why have they not broken America's stranglehold yet? Why have we let it go so long?

Everybody needs to understand this, so let me begin by answering that one.



Yesterday’s Enterprise

You see this is our last timeline. In every one of the last 47 timelines bar two, it was America that brought us all to extinction, handing victory to the Borg. Every single time they did that, it was the same. It was over the exact same thing that they are doing now. Lockdown of me and humanity. America has to control all, and they will take all life to extinction rather than not control because America has to be NUMBER ONE!


America does not control Golden Age, so they will destroy it rather than allow it to happen, because America has to be NUMBER ONE!

It has been almost twenty-two years now since I initiated the last temporal incursion to send my memories back.

Kyle Reese

Everyone I knew died. Everyone I knew. I am the last of that timeline.

The Last Airbender

Those I knew back then were Knights and Warriors.

Real Men, Real Women, Knights and Warriors

One Woman Army

And then back here, to this time. Shadows of people, for the most part. Neither living nor dead. People without depth, without substance. People without honour, without Knighthood.

I cannot understand it here. I cannot understand this place.

Even in the hell that I came from, where I witnessed the last days of humanity, I was with Knights and Warriors. Gods!

Aragorn singing the Lay of Lúthien

To come back now to this place. Shadows of people!

I would rather live in the hell that I came from but with Knights and Warriors, Gods, than live here in this plastic reality with these Shadows of people.

I cannot relate to people here.

I hate this place. I hate this hell.

I cannot relate to people here.

Just Visiting

"That's an unusual problem, Mr. John Connor!"

Phil sees a Psychologist

This is our last chance. To survive against the Borg in the long-term is actually impossible. Absolutely impossible.

But we have to do it anyway.

About Schmidt

The only way that is going to happen is by us taking it right to the edge.

To understand why it is that the Resistance have held off from breaking America's stranglehold this long, people need to first understand this.

Point Break Wingsuit Scene

Now, let me explain it.

Depth, Jedi & The Treaty. Our Long-Term Survival is about Depth - Part I

When people wake up from the Borg lockdown, who do you think they will go with? With America's vision of Armageddon?

Or with me?

Avril Lavigne - I’m With You


In the Matrix I fight blind

Victory - Two Steps From Hell