The Revised Captain Proton Treaty & Electricity Generation



Victory - Two Steps From Hell

In the Matrix, I fight blind.

Golden Age is the most significant event in history and it begins in Ireland. To drive that through, I will be coming in as Taoiseach.

Leo, you are one of the people who locked me and Golden Age down in Ireland. You did not honestly think that you could simply lock me down and then walk away, did you Leo? I am the most powerful person in history. It is me who launches the Ascension of humanity. The Borg cannot keep me locked down. I can assure you, Leo, you cannot either.

I am coming in as Taoiseach to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history. That Golden Age begins in Ireland.

A word of advice, Leo. Start packing your bags!

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Now, when I come in as Taoiseach, electricity generation is going to be coming up in a big way. You see we have to swap everything out before the first fleets arrive in 2040.

Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey” Super Bowl commercial

So, let us jump right into it now...

Plot Twist le Sigrid as Gaeilge

So, you fucks in government thought you could just lock down Coláiste Lurgan?

Well, you have been trying to wipe out the Irish language for years, but no.

Not this time.

When I come in as Taoiseach, Lurgan gets a new lease of life.

And, Mission Impossible, they are going to be at the epicentre for Ireland's new Space Agency.

Mission Impossible II

But first, let us talk electricity generation, right?

We are right back to solar panels now, both for our cities and industry, and also for our space craft and battle fleets. Given time as we rise through Golden Age and people's Ranks increase, that will unlock solar furnaces, Arc Reactor, the Thorium Reactor and more. But that will take time.

For some, solar furnaces are already unlocked now.

Four Solaire de Mont Louis

For others, it is really solar panels.

If people think that solar panels are not a cost effective way to generate power, that is simply because of the way in which it is currently done. The first step we will take when I come in as Taoiseach is to manufacture our own solar panels. That drops the cost price of the solar panels, which is a big overhead in this power generation, by about two hundred fold.

Next is to increase the efficiency of the solar panels which is very simple to do. All that required is a mirror array, pointed at the solar panel arrays to increase the amount of light on them.

The efficiency of solar panels depends on the amount of light falling on them.

Therefore to increase the efficiency of solar panels, increase the amount of light shining on them.

In other words, mirrors.


When I come in as Taoiseach I will also be ensuring that we manufacture our own mirror tracking systems so that our mirrors can follow the path of the sun to maximise the amount of light that they shine onto the solar panels arrays.

That is effortlessly simple to do, and it drops our costs down further if we do this ourselves rather than going with others.

The second big cost obstacle is land.

With me in government as Taoiseach, land will be available around the country. But what about big cities? I am not in favour of pylons carrying cables across the country. Apart from being an eyesore they leave us more open to attack. In order to prepare for 2040 we need to ensure localisation of all services, most certainly including power. Localisation and massive redundancy, making our power grids far more robust and more difficult to take out.

Goldeneye – Severnaya Exploding Part 1

All of our power stations will be electromagnetically shielded too with critical equipment kept in underground bunkers.

We have twenty years to prepare.

We will be ready.

Goldeneye – Severnaya Exploding Part 2

My documents "The Way of War: The Tank Factory - Parts I & II" in The Captain Proton Treaty & Fuels for Impulse Drive are relevant. It is not just us trying to do that to them. They will try and do that to us too if they can. We need to be able to counter that. Part of the way of doing that is localisation of services and massive redundancy.

Now, how do we ensure localisation of services in cities, when land is more difficult to come by?

One way is by generating electricity on land out in the country that is more economical for us to generate power on, and then using the surplus electricity to generate hydrogen and oxygen from electrolysis of water.

Now some people may think that electrolysis of water is a very ineffective way of generating hydrogen, but that is simply because they are not doing it correctly.

To raise your efficiency in electrolysis, superheat the water first. Electrolysis is more efficient when the water is hotter. With the extra energy in the water it takes less electrical energy to break the bonds to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen.

By superheating the water you could get your efficiency up by up to 200 fold.

Taking this approach gives is a very economical and totally green way of generating hydrogen from our surplus electricity generation on sites around the country.

The idea is that this liquid hydrogen and oxygen can then be used to power electricity generators locally in towns and cities that do not have available land for their own power generation directly from solar panel arrays.

Taking this approach, which is completely green, is not nearly as cost effective as my Arc Reactors I know. But you know what: it keeps us alive in the Treaty and it would still cost less than half of what it costs to produce electricity in Ireland now.

These ideas are unlocked only by me, which means to the Resistance and those going Golden Age. Anyone who thinks that they can use these ideas without going through me better be able to hack Borg security systems, because they do not have a chance in hell of using these ideas otherwise. They are locked down by Treaty to all except those going through me. It does not matter how much money is thrown at this or how many resources. No-one may use this without going through me.

These ideas are for Golden Age. Not for a handful of corrupt fucks to line their own pockets, while trying to deny my work to humanity.

No. Wake the fuck up!

War of the Worlds

Humanity is at war. We face the greatest crisis in history and everything has to change.

Who am I?

I am the guy who can keep us alive and in the game.

Knight and Day

I am the one who can get the job done!

Victory - Two Steps From Hell