The Quantum Drive Impulse Drive Engine

Victory - Two Steps From Hell


Can you see it?

Then let me explain it to you!

You see Impulse Drive covers a range of engines. It came from an original concept I had in 2014 about non-combustible fuels, but the idea grew to encompass a number of engines I was working on that did not use combustion as the primary driver for propulsion. So I have some Impulse Drive Engine designs that use combustible fuels, but even in their case the primary propulsion is not provided by the combustion of fuels, unlike conventional rockets.

Over the years I have developed a number of different Impulse Drive Engines with different fuel types and different engine designs, and I have even developed different classes of Impulse Engine design.

The simplest Impulse Engine design that I have ever developed is the one that I am now using to go to Mars. The Hydro Impulse Drive Engine. Just water in tanks, non-hypercompressed, pre-heated to 1,200
° C and then released into a tapered nozzle such as I describe in my documents "Rocket Design: The Nozzle - Parts I - III" at the beginning of my website. It is not really any more complex than that. You see to get the benefits of The Captain Proton Treaty, we do not use hypercompression. That makes my Hydro Impulse Drive Engine the new engine of choice for me.

It is important to understand though that the Quantum Drive Engine is also an Impulse Drive Engine. It is the sports model version.

Quantum Drive is the most powerful and the most sophisticated Impulse Drive Engine that I could build right now.


Cannonball Run - Lamborghini


It is also the precursor to Warp Drive. The first step in developing Warp Drive is to get Quantum Drive working.

So let me give you something more now on the design.


Building the Quantum Drive Ships - Part I

It will be epic!

Galaxy Quest (The original show)

Building the Quantum Drive Ships - Part II

Galaxy Quest - Leaving Space Dock

Building the Quantum Drive Ships - Part III

I have lived in exile for years. Off the grid. But a few years ago I started writing documents.

You see for the last hundred years or so, society has fallen into disarray



Goals and values have become scattered. So I’ve been writing documents about this. 


You see for years I have tried to talk to scientists and others about my research. For years I have given public talks and demonstrations of my work. But the reaction generally was of being dismissed. My work was not taken seriously.


Now for the first time I find myself in a position where people actually know of me. They’ve been reading my documents. Which I’m really, really not used to.


Galaxy Quest - Historical Documents

Building the Quantum Drive Ships - Part IV

I may be the most powerful person in history and the leader of the Resistance, but in this locked-down Borg reality I am an unemployed person and my muggle career is bravely going nowhere



My career in the Resistance, well that is a completely different story. There I am the most powerful person in history.

I am going to build a starship (seeing as I am the world’s number one spacecraft designer) and I am going into space.



Galaxy Quest Official Trailer!

Building the Quantum Drive Ships - Part V

I am going to set up an Irish Space Agency and build up that team.

I’m really looking forward to introducing you to my team



Galaxy Quest - Opening

You want to know what's happening in Golden Age?

You won't find the answers in the muggle newspapers.

No. If you want to know what's happening in Golden Age, you read it here.

The Daily Prophet

This is where the news comes to life.

For fifteen years I have lived under the radar.

The Fugitive

No more.

I am tired of running from the Mr. Slates.

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

No more running.

Pöpcørn | Recipes with the Swedish Chef

I'm still going to Mars though, and you are gonna miss me when I'm gone.

Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone")

But this time I am not running. I am RACING!

A Knight’s Tale

The Race to Mars will be the primary trigger in launching the Greatest Golden Age in history.

I lead that Race.

I am Zefram Cochrane.

"Ciarán! There must be no Golden Age! We will block Golden Age!

But we are generous, Ciarán! We will let you work for us, if you give us all of your technologies!

We will let you work for us, if you will but kneel at our feet!"

300 - "What can you do?"

"You have many Mr. Slates. But few warriors."

"Then we will maintain the Borg lockdown on humanity and keep people's minds blanked to you!

The world will never know you existed at all!

The Rock

"The world will know that free men stood against tyrants. That few stood against many.

Remember us – Dilios

"Remember us" - he said to me.

Dan's Hurling Story - Killinaskully

Yes, I was killed in combat. Many times. But I always came back.

Edge of Tomorrow

Every one of the Resistance who fought in the Matrix was killed in combat. Every one of them. Some, many times.

Until a few weeks ago, we were able to bring back all but a few of them.

Now however, as of a couple of weeks ago, all have been brought back.

All of us are Immortal.

They are the Army of the Dead, although now very much alive.

The Eternal Damned, although no longer damned.


The most powerful army to have ever existed.

The Matrix Reloaded

We are the Resistance.

The Water Margin

The world will know that free men stood against tyrants. That few stood against many.

And that before this battle was over, even the Mr. Slates could be taken down.

Leonidas and Xerxes

And clearly you do not know our women."

Female Warriors - Two Steps From Hell

"Me? Well I have chosen my path.

I'm with the women."

Victory - Two Steps From Hell

I am John Connor. I am the first of the X-Men.

I am Immortal. I smashed the greatest armies ever assembled in the history of the Borg Empire.

In Golden Age I will be training Jedi. I will be training X-Men.

I will be training women.

Two Steps From Hell - Victory

Now, you stupid useless miserable waste of space fucks, WAKE THE FUCK UP!

300 – Queen Gorgo

Shadows of men!