The Lake House

"Grainne, how come we never see you around? When are the girls going to meet Charlie? I mean, Gráinne?"

Gráinne’s Angels


"I'm a bit tied up fighting the Borg, girls.

I'll catch ye later.

In a few years, maybe."

The Invisible Man

You don't have to be transparent to be invisible. When people do not see you, do not notice you, when people do not pay heed to you, then you are invisible.

Who am I?

I'm the guy who doesn't exist. The Invisible Man. The man with no name.

Mr X. Professor X.

Dr. Who? Dr. What's-his-name?

That's me.

I am the Doctor.

Doctor Who | Evolution of the Cybermen

I am the man with no name.

Bulletproof Monk

The unknown guy.

That's me in the Matrix getting blown up day after day.

The Fall Guy

I'm always getting blown up in the Matrix.

But I still always come back

Groundhog Day “I’m a God”


"That's an unusual problem, Mr. John Connor!"

Phil sees a Psychologist

My name is John.

John Connor.

I am very, very hard to kill.

Die Hard

The Borg's repeated attempts to kill me have been unsuccessful, although they never stop trying.

So instead they have tried to wipe me out of existence in another way. Blanking people's minds to me. Blocking contact with me. Locking me down.

The Borg are determined that if they cannot kill me, then at least no-one will know of me.

They Live – Sunglasses

The Borg blank people's minds to me, that is true. But the main way in which they keep people from knowing about me is that they have introduced a partial phase-shift in me. It is a type of Borg prison. A prison without walls. A prison of the mind. The phase-shift is partial. I walk about as other people. I go to the shops. I drive my car. People see me. Physically I am there. Physically. When I try to talk to people however, apart from "Hello" and basic communication, people do not register me. Almost as if I am not there. Nothing I say gets through. This is because of the phase-shift.

In my document "Transparency - Part I" in my Physics section, I wrote that glass is transparent because of a partial phase-shift. The glass is phase shifted sufficiently to allow light to pass through it, but not so phase shifted as to not be physically solid. It is like that with me. I am phase shifted to the extent that people do not register me, but not so phase shifted that I am not physically solid. It is a Borg prison of the mind.

The Borg tried to kill me, but they couldn't. So they locked me down instead by shifting me partially out of phase. It is a Borg prison that I have been trying to break out of for more than seven years now.

The Lake House

I'm still here. People can see me, but I am the Invisible Man.

You see seven and a half years ago I was about to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history. I was about to change everything. Science, medicine, religion. And then the Borg got me.

I've been trying to get back ever since.

TRON Legacy

Only in my writings can I communicate with people. Only in that way or via the Borg implants in people's heads. I can talk to them via the implants from a distance, but I am still blocked from talking to people directly in person.


Talking to people through the Borg implants in their heads is the same principle that I used twenty-three years from now to try to warn people from making the catastrophic mistakes that, well, they have been making. The mistakes that brought us all to extinction. Some people just don't learn.

Star Trek Voyager – Log entry from Harry Kim… To Harry Kim “Timeless”

Governments have the information. They know what to do. But what with elections and all coming up (there's always some excuse), they couldn't care less. The survival of humanity and the most significant event in history - the Ascension of Humanity, take a lower priority than people just fucking around trying to steal research and safeguard their corrupt positions of power. Trump and others know that contact with me is critical to stopping the collapse of society and turning around COVID-19 and to dealing with the alien threat they have unleashed decades earlier than anticipated, but the focus is on trying to stay in power. To do that they are trying to keep me locked down, maintaining the Borg lockdown on humanity to prevent people from waking up to my existence. In this way Trump and others believe that they can maintain power., by keeping humanity asleep.

So that is me right there. The Invisible Man. The guy who does not exist.

The Rock

That said, some people are paying heed.

We will break through. Hopefully in time to avert annihilation.

Is it making any more sense now?

Dark City memory injection

There are only three ways in which this Borg prison can be broken. Once is by hacking through it, which I have been doing for years. That has enabled me to get this far, where I can reach people through my documents and via the implants in their heads. Given time I could hack through completely, but we do not have the time. We are out of time, so that option is out.

The second way is by the President of the United States of America authorising contact with me. By Treaty he alone can authorise it and that breaks the Borg deadlock, so long as that contact is done in the right way. In other words contact to launch Golden Age, not to fuck around, target me or compromise me in any way.

The problem is this. The President of the United States of America has no fucking intention of removing the Borg blockade on me.

He wants me locked down because he sees me as a threat to his position. So better to lock me and Golden Age down so that humanity cannot know of his role in blocking the most significant event in history, in the futile attempts to take advantage of it to steal my technology for America and deny it to all others.

The third way to break the deadlock is by me forcing the issue, which by Treaty I can only do by launching a full nuclear strike at America. No less than 84 warheads by Treaty in order to avert the Quantum Singularity Device if we reach a critical milestone without Golden Age having been triggered. Triggering that strike is effortless for me to do as I have had full control of America's nuclear arsenal since 2013.

I am trying to avoid that scenario.


However Trump is determined to force the issue, for there is nothing he will not do to prevent me from breaking free because of the threat that he sees me to his position. He will go to nuclear war rather than allow the Borg blockade to be lifted on me, as he has demonstrated in timeline after timeline where he has already brought the human race to extinction.

The Cuban Missile Crisis - Part I

This timeline is our last chance however, as the technology to reset the timeline was destroyed by me twenty-three years from now when I initiated the last temporal incursion.

X-Men Days of Future Past

I have been on a mission to destroy the Borg's ability to reset the timeline for years, as have the rest of the Resistance. The damage to the timelines has been repaired now sufficiently that this timeline can now no longer be changed.

So, ready or not these are now the cards we have to play.

The Cuban Missile Crisis - Part II

Twenty-three years from now I sent my memories back to myself in this time. I did it to change our future. I did it to avert our annihilation.

We get no more chances.

Yesterday’s Enterprise

This is the last one.

Kyle Reese

The Cuban Missile Crisis - Part III

The Greatest Golden Age in history or the annihilation of all life.

It is a choice.

After Earth