The Irish Space Agency


X-Men First Class - Recruiting Mutants

Naturally, as should be no surprise to anyone who has been following my website to date, the Irish Space Agency will be completely unaffected by COVID-19. There will no masks or any of that other stuff that others do. Other people may be affected by that. But not us.

I am completely immune, as are all X-Men. No surprise there.

Resonance Experiment

But what people may not be as aware of is that I can pass my immunity on to others.

School for the Gifted

Anyone coming into the Irish Space Agency or any other place that I set up, we will work with them to make them completely immune to COVID-19.

You will find no masks or other such muggle nonsense in the Irish Space Agency.

X-Men First Class

I am the father of modern medicine. The Mr. Slates have difficulty with COVID-19.

Not me.

One must also realise that COVID-19 will drop in severity for humanity once Donald Trump removes the Borg lockdown of humanity by authorising contact with me. COVID-19 is being driven by Treaty.

I have already written about this. No new news there.

It was a direct consequence of governments locking down me and Golden Age.


What people may not be as aware of however is that COVID-19 is continuing to be driven by governments lockdown of Golden Age. The penalty clauses on this are ongoing.

You see COVID-19 is worse because the Borg are allowed by Treaty to inhibit people's immune systems via the Borg implants. They can do this to a certain extent by Treaty. Once contact with me happens then this blocks the Borg's ability to do this by Treaty.

There are still restrictions to us clearing COVID-19 completely, due to ongoing penalty clauses in the Treaty as a result of governments continuing to not only drag out things by continuing in their blockade of me and Golden Age, but also because of new penalties which continue to be incurred with America, Japan, France and others ongoing attempts to steal my research for themselves, and with America fucking around with the microwormholes and with governments and CERN having fucked around with the non-terrestrial languages.

All of that incurs new penalties by Treaty, which prevent us from clearing COVID-19 completely. However it will be less severe once Trump's blockade of Golden Age is broken and of course in the Irish Space Agency and any place I set up, those places will be unaffected by COVID-19.

Other people have that problem.

Not us.

Welcome to Rivendell

In terms of my launch date for Mars, by Treaty I must launch no later than 12th February 2024. If I have not launched by then the Borg will have the credit in the Treaty to trigger the Borg weapon of mass destruction, the Quantum Singularity Device, which would result in the complete and instantaneous annihilation of Earth. Therefore I have no choice but to launch by that date.

My launch schedule is not dictated by the orbits of Earth and Mars - closest approach or anything like that. Rather it is fixed by date. 12th February 2024.

Also because of the terms of the Treaty and the large number of penalties incurred by various governments, I have no choice but to design and build the entire ship myself.

The Astronaut Farmer

My mission now represents the last hope for the survival of humanity.

It's not like I didn't warn them.


The problem is that there is nothing the American Administration and Pentagon would not do to prevent me from building that ship.

They will go to nuclear war rather than have me build that ship.

That is what we are dealing with.


That date of 12th February 2024 has only come in this day, 16th August 2020 as I write. With the loss of the reengineered metals apart from transparent aluminium and hypercompression apart from water, the situation has changed radically since yesterday. I wrote about this in my section
The Cuban Missile Crisis & the Loss of Reengineered Metals.

Only now do I have enough information on the updated situation to make a call on it. The ship shown at the top of the page above, we will be using those ships in combat against the Klingon fleets, but for my mission to Mars I need to strip things right back to the most basic and simple design possible. I have very little time to build it after all. I went with the more complex design for very good reasons in the Treaty, based on the information I had. With the new information in however, I need a new ship, fast.

The good news is that I can build the new ship much more quickly, as I will be able to keep the design unbelievably simple. It is only now that I have confirmation of the date as well as fuel and engine (I will be using super-hypercompression of water, which I write about in my section Physics: Hypercompression), and other information I just have in now too.

Based on that I will design a new ship. Very, very simple. Something I can put together very, very quickly.

Not much fucking choice!

Independence Day - Speech

I do have two concessions. One is that America builds the fuel tanks (super-hypercompressed water) and supplies them to me loaded up and ready to go. I get the concession in the Treaty.

They do that or I fucking nuke them.

I would ask them not to fuck them up like they fuck everything else up. The most useless shower of incompetent fucks imaginable.

I will give them the exact specifications. Then just get me the tanks, and don't fuck them up!

And then stay out of my god-damn way and LET ME DO MY FUCKING JOB!

The second concession is that I can use transparent aluminium for my windows. Germany is to supply that to me, in sheets of 2 mm thickness. I will provide the measurements of each window pane as the project progresses.

They do that or I nuke them, by Treaty,

Naturally the American government does not get to use those tanks or hypercompression, just as the German government does not get to use transparent aluminium. They are locked down by Treaty.

The American and German governments simply provide them to me.

They either do that or they are nuked by Treaty.

That is what happens when people fuck with the Treaty.

It's not like I didn't warn them.


The German economy will be collapsed as per penalty clauses in the Treaty for their persistent blocking of Golden Age and their steadfast determination to steal my technologies for themselves, denying them to humanity and Golden Age, while ignoring the alien threat.

For that the German economy will be brought to collapse.

It's not like I didn't warn them,

The Fellowship of the Ring - The Nazgȗl

Not the brightest, Merkel. She believes that she is intelligent and strong, but she confuses obtuseness with intelligence, and belligerence with strength. Many, many weak people do this.

My documents
"What are the Primary Indicators of Stupidity? - Part I" in my section Small Greys and my documents "Sun Tzu's Art of War - Parts I & II" and "Sun Tzu's Art of War versus my Way of War - Part I" in my section Why Only Superman Can Save Golden Age are relevant.

You want to know why governments chose annihilation over the greatest Golden Age in history?

Star Trek Discovery

Quite simply, because of thickness. Head-up-the-arse obtuse thickness.

It doesn't get any thicker than that.

Never Go Full Retard

It wasn't just thickness. It was lack of values. Lack of integrity. Lack of honour. Lack of Knighthood.

It was, simply, lack.

Nothing there. No substance. No depth.

Shadows of people.

One sees this with all people who are in their heads, disconnected from dan tien. My document "Duality of Principle: Light & Dark - Part I" in my section Enlightenment & Ascension is relevant. The more disconnected they are from dan tien and the more they are in their heads, the more disconnected they are from common sense, judgement, right and wrong, values, integrity, Knighthood, and of course, intelligence.

It is not possible to be in one's head and to be intelligent, or to have high integrity and values. Not if one is in one's head, it is not possible. The very act of being in one's head disconnects a person from judgement, values and intelligence.

Only from dan tien can one have integrity, values, Knighthood, judgement, the ability to discern, understanding of right and wrong, and of course common sense, intuition, inspiration, imagination, and intelligence.

How can such basic things not be understood?

My Ally is the Force