The Healer



Star Trek | Barclay Under Pressure

My degree was in electronic engineering, although I never did work in that area. I spent eleven years in telecoms, a couple of years of that being in software.

And then I discovered I had a gift for healing.

So overnight in 2002 everything changed, and I began my new life as a healer.

The Healer

But here is the problem.

Something happened.




You see something had already happened before, when I was very young. I was three and a half when the Terminator came through. He is Voldemort. I am the boy who lived.


That incident is the one that more than any other created John Connor.

Working through that gave me tremendous depth. The depth required to be a healer.

But then something happened all over again.

It began with the pharmaceuticals when they tried to take me out, and I too them out before they could take me out.

Michael Collins eliminates the Cairo Gang

Then war exploded in the Matrix. Everything went crazy.


It was a crazy time. I went to war in the Matrix. I killed many.


It was a crazy time.

The Lone Ranger

I haven't gotten over what happened in the Matrix yet.

That one is going to take some time.


A lot of bad things happened. I was tortured repeatedly in the Matrix

In 2015 I was tortured every day for almost three months for about two hours a day via the implants. On one of those days the spasms in my muscles were so violent that I broke my sternum and two ribs from the contraction of my muscles.

Lethal Weapon - Electric Shock Torture

Those eighty days are channelled as Jack O'Neill's time in torture.

"There's always a way out"

It is close, as 2013 was my worst year of the war and there were a few months in 2013 that were particularly bad, but these three months in early 2015 was my worst period of the war.

This was me, almost every day over those three months.

Lethal Weapon - See You Later

Three times I went through with it. Three times I killed myself. But I keep coming back. Even when I kill myself, I keep coming back.

Groundhog Day

So, I stopped trying to kill myself. There wasn't much point.

But that was my lowest point.

I didn't take drugs or anything like that. I never have.

But it was my lowest point.

Days of Future Past - Charles

To work as a healer, one needs to move into resonance. Resonance with the person's body. Resonance with the person's mind.

Don’t Forget Mind Meld

Me as a healer now? Maybe one day, but you really don't want to move into resonance with my mind.

Star Trek | Barclay Under Pressure

That is why I don't do healing work now.

When things kick off I'll teach healing.

But I stopped working as a healer years ago.

You really don't want to move into resonance with my mind.