The Captain Proton Treaty

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Now I said in The Treaty & the Fleets of 2044 on
Friday 4th December 2020 that:


"...we have just finalised the computer technology level going forward."


I also said:

The Treaty negotiations have been swinging back and forth wildly in some very hostile negotiations with the Borg, but we have just reached a finalised agreement.

After much back and forth wrangling this has now been agreed and
finalised between the Federation and the Borg, with the Federation delegation led by me, the architect of the Treaty. This will not be changed.

So if that is the case, how then is it that I am now talking about a Captain Proton Treaty?

Has something changed?

Not with the conditions of that Treaty, they haven't. No. We still have the computer technologies by Treaty that I wrote about in my document "
The Treaty: Andromeda and Internet Processor Levels - Part I" in The Treaty & the Fleets of 2044, and everything finalised in that Treaty is still valid. (I still have many documents to write up on that.) So nothing changes there.

But here is the deal. We could go to a lower level of technology, which would be a choice. A Captain Proton level of technology. We don't have to. We have the much higher level of technology in the Treaty and that is guaranteed and set up. But if we go to a particular lower level of technology then it absolutely annihilates the Borg, and it dramatically increases our chances against them. The Borg would still be there and they would still be vast in numbers, but they would be Stone Age. Borg with Terminators and Interstellar Travel, but Stone Age Borg. 

We would still have Interstellar Travel and we would be still be able to terraform, as I wrote about in Terraforming. But we are Captain Proton level of technology.

Captain Proton Interstellar Travel, that is the idea.


Twin Mistresses of Evil

We do not have to go with this. It is a choice. We could go with the Treaty agreement that I wrote about in The Treaty & the Fleets of 2044, and I still need to write up the rest of that Treaty. That is there for all time, and if we decide to go to that technology level, we have it available to us.

So nothing changes there.

But if we go to Captain Proton technology however, it gives us an impossibly huge advantage.

There are very, very good reasons to do it.


Captain Jack Sparrow

This option only became available yesterday evening, the evening of Monday 7th December. The anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

But you know what: this time it is not a Pearl Harbor for us. It is a Pearl Harbor for them.

It was our single biggest win in the Treaty to date, following on from the extremely hostile last minute Treaty implementation negotiations that I wrote about in Computers, starting with the News Flashes I gave from
26th November and the morning of 27th November.


Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

In terms of the Treaty with the Borg, that has been going very, very well indeed for us, because of the Borg overreaching in the Treaty. They have made catastrophic mistake after catastrophic mistake these last ten days or so, allowing us to get our biggest victories ever over them.


Sergeant Bilko

So again, we do not have to take this option that arose just last night, Monday 7th December. If we do, then it is a choice. This option does not change what we already have in the Treaty. Rather it is something additional. An additional option. An additional choice.

We can take it or leave it.

But in taking it we would take the single biggest victory we have ever had over the Borg, and it would hand us the greatest Golden Age in history on a platter. Again! But this time people need to seize the opportunity!


It is an impossible opportunity!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 4


There is something else too.

If we take this option, but only if we take it, it pushes the Borg fleet back about fifty years. They do not come in 2044. Rather they come some time around 2090. However, we face no such restriction on leaving our star system. With this option we could hit them fifty years before they could hit us.

Now, to explain all of that will take time.

We have a lot to do.

We have to get to it!


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