The Captain Proton Treaty & Fuels for Impulse Drive

Last of the Mohicans

With Captain Proton, the future is green.

The decision to go with the Captain Proton Treaty has just been passed overwhelmingly and unanimously by the Resistance, as of this morning of Wednesday 9th December 2020.

So we are back now to my Impulse Drive Engines, rather than the Federation Impulse Drive Engines.

But you know what: even my Military Class Impulse Drives Engines are still completely green!

There is no pollution in Golden Age.

Even our military is green!


Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey” Super Bowl commercial

Right then let us now go through some Impulse Drive Engine fuel types, and say what is in and what is not.


Then let's go!


Anchorman - Flute scene

"You mean this kind of green, Ciarán?!"

Fifth Element - Ruby Rhod

"Em, no, Mr. Slates! Not that kind of green!"

Fifth Element - Green

Impulse Drive is a concept that I first developed in 2014 with the idea of non-combustible fuels. You see there are two classes of fuels that I came up with for Impulse Drive. Non-combustible and combustible, although I tend to focus more on non-combustible fuels.

The first fuel that I came up with was Mercury, which I started looking at in 2014. Why Mercury? It has a very high Relative Density, 13.6, meaning that one could hold the same mass of Mercury in a tank 13.6 times smaller than a tank that would be required to hold water. Or almost two hundred times the mass of Mercury in a tank than that tank could hold of Hydrogen. That means that spacecraft could have fuel tanks a fraction of the size of existing tanks.

Another reason why Mercury was that it is liquid at room temperature. So you see all you need to do to get a Mercury Impulse Drive Engine working is to spray Mercury into a heated chamber, which I call the Impulse Chamber, and heat in to about a thousand degrees Celsius or more, and then to direct it out a tapered nozzle such as I describe in
my documents "Rocket Design: The Nozzle - Parts I - III" at the beginning of my website.

You see once the Mercury is superheated in the Impulse Chamber it instantly turns to a gas, expanding violently. That expanding gas is what provides the thrust.

Because Force = Mass times Acceleration (Newton's Second Law, remember?), that very high mass of Mercury (almost 200 times more mass of Mercury than Hydrogen can be stored in a tank of equivalent size), this means that the fuel tanks can be much smaller and still provide as much thrust. As to how to heat the Mercury in the Impulse Chamber, there are a number of different ways of doing this. The most obvious way is with a micro nuclear reactor, like the ones they use in submarines or on military ships, although much of my initial work was in looking at developing a micro Thorium Reactor, which would be much safer than conventional nuclear reactors. At last it will be when they are invented properly, although I do not think I will wait for others to invent them.

I imagine I will have built mine long before the Mr. Slates figure it out.

What is Thorium?

It is something named after this guy.


Thor’s Lightening Scene

Even without Hypercompression and using only non-compressed water as an Impulse Drive fuel, I can still go to Mars using my Andromeda ship design

I just need a few booster tanks, that's all.

But, change of plans, I will be using two Thorium Reactors now for electrical power, one in each of the cobalt-blue sections shown above. Ok, well each reactor might well spill over into the main body of the ship. I believe I can get each one down to about 14 tonnes. Each reactor providing about 500 kW, so I'd have about a Mega Watt of power in total, with two reactors so I do have built in redundancy.

The life-span of each reactor would be about fifteen years, and unlike existing nuclear reactors they would be very, very safe. I will build these Thorium Reactors myself.

We lose the Arc Reactor with The Captain Proton Treaty, but that is fine. The Thorium Reactors will do me just fine.


Pretty cool, huh?

Could Mr. Slate build that Thorium Reactor?


But I could.


I am Borg

Mr. Slate could not build it.

But I could.

Not with Gigawatts.

But I would manage a half a Megawatt.


1.21 Gigawatts – Back to the Future

And yes it is true that the engines I use on my Andromeda ship will use the Flux Capacitor. A simplified version of it. I have been working with my Impulse Drive Engines for more than six years now, always refining them. There was one particular problem with a particular Impulse engine though that always caused me some difficulty. That problem was not with my Hydro Impulse Drive Engine, which is the simplest Impulse Drive Engine that I have developed. Rather it was with the Quantum Drive Engine, which is the most powerful engine that I could build right now. That engine is about two million times more powerful in terms of fuel efficiency than the most efficient rocket engine ever developed by NASA.

It is also the most complex engine that I have ever developed, that I could actually build right now. I have been working on it ever since I first developed the idea in December 2014.

I could get my Quantum Drive Engine working back in 2014, but there was always a problem with a Symmetry Restoration that I could not solve. To solve it, I needed to change the laws of physics. I write about Symmetry Restoration changing the laws of physics in my documents "
How to Change the Properties of Matter - Parts I - III" in How to Make Tritanium.

I had a work-around back in December 2014 to get the engine working, but I was never happy with it.

It took me five years from the time I invented Quantum Drive before I finally solved that Symmetry Restoration problem. In solving it a year ago, I invented from first principles the Flux Capacitor, which is what makes my Quantum Drive Engine now work perfectly.

Quantum Drive is the precursor to Warp Drive, because Warp Drive is actually a modified Quantum Drive Engine.

My Flux Capacitor however does not affect time. Rather it changes the laws of physics to make my Quantum Drive Engine work more efficiently.


I use a simplified version of this in my Hydro Impulse Drive Engine, which I will be using now to go to Mars, but it is enough to explain where the name Flux Capacitor comes from.

It is actually very simple.


Water, when ice, does not flow. It is rigid. Right? When you introduce a Symmetry Restoration it goes from ice to water and the laws of physics change to a less restrictive set of laws. I wrote about this in my documents "How to Change the Properties of Matter - Parts I - III" in How to Make Tritanium, remember? The water becomes more fluid, and it can also hold more energy. In other words the water is acting as a capacitor, holding heat energy. Liquid water holds more energy than ice. If it is holding more energy then that is a capacitance effect.

If you keep heating water it goes to steam, which uses a different, less restrictive set of laws of physics again. They are introduced by another Symmetry Restoration. As steam, the water is now once again more fluid, and it again holds even more energy. Steam is hotter than water, so it is holding more energy. The ability to hold more energy is a capacitance effect, right?

In other words as we put more and more heat into the water, it undergoes a series of Symmetry Restorations. With each successive Symmetry Restoration it becomes more fluid and it holds more and more energy. It other words its capacitance increases.

As one rises up through the Symmetry Restorations the water becomes so fluid that it becomes a Superfluid. A Superfluidic Flux with a very high Capacitance to hold energy.

In other words a Flux Capacitor.

With me so far?

In the case of my Quantum Drive Engine I use an Impulse Drive Engine as a primer to feed into my Quantum Drive. In order for my Quantum Drive to work, the fuel that I inject, which is only a few grams per second, must have undergone a Symmetry Restoration to change the laws of physics. You see my Quantum Drive Engine is actually a linear particle accelerator. Two of them actually, one in each nacelle.

Each nacelle holds a linear particle accelerator, powered by Superconducting magnets, which are powered by Thorium nuclear reactors


The reason the nacelles are lifted above the main hull is to take that hull outside of the main electromagnetic field that would be created between the electromagnetic fields of each nacelle.

The reason for the saucer is because that is the blind spot in the electromagnetic field, and so this is the safest place for people in my habitat section.

I will explain all this in detail as the documents progress, but I solved this design from first principles in 2014, when I solved Quantum Drive. I had a partial on this and on Warp Drive in 2013, but only when I got Quantum Drive working in 2014 did I finalise this overall design concept.

That design concept was sent back by temporal incursion to influence the creators of Star Trek. However, the original design came from me, Zefram Cochrane.


Star Trek Voyager – Log entry from Harry Kim… To Harry Kim “Timeless”

Force = Mass times Acceleration (Newton's Second Law, remember?) Conventional Mr. Slate rockets use a very large mass with very low acceleration, which is why they have enormous tanks. Quantum Drive does the opposite. It fires out minuscule amounts of matter, only a few grams per second, but it accelerates them to close to the speed of light.

Here is the problem. Particle accelerators only work for particles. Subatomic particles. They do not work for macroscopic matter. To get Quantum Drive working I needed to get my macroscopic matter, which I inject in from an Impulse Drive, working to Quantum Laws rather than Classical Laws of physics. That is what the Flux Capacitor does. It heats the fuel to such a level that the fuel becomes a Superfluidic Flux, which is actually a Quantum State, now operating close enough to the laws of Quantum Mechanics to allow that fuel to be accelerated by my Quantum Drive. That is what the Flux Capacitor does.


Star Trek First Contact - Zefram Cochrane & Troi

The engine is actually a Quantum Drive, because particular accelerators work to Quantum principles. By injecting macroscopic amounts of matter into it, a few grams per second, I have now a macroscopic Quantum Engine.

Hence Quantum Drive.



Avicii Vs Lurgan – “Wake Me Up” as Gaeilge

Now when I finally solved this, I realised that the optimum design for my Impulse Drive engine was three lines of superheated fuel coming into the Impulse Chamber. Each of these three lines is basically just a heater, heating the fuel to a Superfluidic Flux. There could be any number of fuel lines coming in, but the optimum was three.

I drew the diagram for my new Impulse Engine design and that is when it hit me. Three lines coming into one chamber. Three lines of flux each raising the capacitance of my fuel, which I needed to do before I fed it into my Quantum Drive.

It was in that moment, one year ago, that I realised that I had invented the Flux Capacitor from first principles, without even realising I was doing it.


Back to the Future – I’m From the Future

I have also developed a time machine, but that is different. That is a Stargate with reconfigured upper harmonics to change the temporal harmonics. That is something different to Flux Capacitor.

As for Quantum Drive, Mr. Slate could not build it.

But I could.

I am the Doctor.


Herr Doktor

Now coming to another way of heating the Impulse Chamb
er is simply by solar power, using mirrors to reflect sunlight on it.

That way the power to heat the Impulse Chamber is free.

That would not be practical for Vipers and for use in combat, but for moving large ships out to Jupiter and Saturn for example, it is a very easy way of doing this.


Four Solaire de Mont Louis

I then spent some time looking at battery systems charged to the third harmonic, which I had been looking at as a precursor to ZPMs - Zero Point Energy Modules, which I had been working on as part of my trying to build a Warp Core. I was thinking of these battery systems for Vipers.

For larger ships I then spent some time looking at Arc Reactors and also solar panels, using the electrical power to preheat the fuel in the tanks. I looked at that idea primarily for Water as a fuel.

The idea there was to preheat the water in my tanks on the ground to 1,200 ° C, and then to lift off with a ship that contained about 60 tonnes of batteries for power to the water heaters. If 60 tonnes sounds like a lot, the First Stage of the Saturn V rocket that took man to the moon would burn about 60 tonnes of fuel in 4 seconds.

Preheating the water on the ground means that I am not using any of the power from the ship's batteries. (I am looking at the battery option here rather than the Thorium Reactor option I am going with). That power is coming from the mains electricity supply, which I simply plug into my ship. I only use the batteries once I lift off.

Once I reach space my batteries would be quite drained, so I simply wait a couple of weeks in space while recharging them from my solar panel arrays, while at the same time keeping my water hot from electricity supplied by the Sun. Then when I am ready for my long burn (technically not a burn because the fuel is non-combustible, but I'm using the term anyway), I then release all of my power from my batteries in one sustained burst.

Like spending weeks slowly filling up a dam reservoir and then releasing the water all at once.



After that long burn I am then coasting to Mars or wherever, so my engines are off. I use that time to once again slowly recharge all of my batteries in time for my next long burn as I approach Mars. Actually what I would do is begin to heat my water tanks up to 1,200 ° C over a two week period prior to my long burn, so that when I am ready for my long burn my water is already superheated and my batteries are again at full charge.

I am actually going with the Thorium Reactor option rather than this one. What I am doing here is simply running through some options I have developed over the years.

You see a lot of the initial work I did on this was from 2014 right through to 2015. I then went off to look at other things and then came back to Impulse Drive fuels in 2019 and 2020 when I started looking at preheating fuels in their tanks and when I started to seriously look at hypercompression, which I had known about for years beforehand but which I only got working about a year ago.

So Mercury is a powerful fuel.


However, there is a problem.


Mercury is EXTREMELY TOXIC, so that fuel is OUT!

It is a dark place to look to for power.

Hela - Paint it Black

People must understand, I have the highest level of Enlightenment in history. But no-one had ever resisted the Borg before me. I can resist them and I have, but there have been periods when I went totally insane. I went totally insane and I used my access to the Borg Central Core to try to destroy the cosmos. It was others of the Resistance who pulled me back to sanity.


What are we holding on to, Sam?

But I have had periods where I have gone totally insane.

It is what the Borg did to me.


Dark Phoenix



I'm better now. My dark periods were more in the first years of the war. I have it more under control now.

But I understand the darkness as well as the light.



Girls Aloud – I’ll Stand By You

Thanks, girls!

Although actually even though I went totally crazy a number of times with the Borg I never, ever lost control of my will.

Allow me to explain that.

My very first mission deep into Borg space when I hacked the neural interface in my mind was in early January 2013, just shortly after having achieved Ascension. The Borg did not know of John Connor then. They did not know that I was a threat.

Once I hacked the neural interface and bypassed the security access, I then followed the neural link back to source. The door swings both ways you see. The neural link is a link from the Borg computers to our minds, to allow them to control us. But that link also goes from our minds back to the Borg computers. Normally that path is shut, blocked by Borg security encryptions. In my case however I just went straight past that security, and in my very first mission after having achieved Ascension, I walked straight in to the Borg Central Core. Right past all of their security.

Mystique Disguises as Bolivar Trask

It would be another six years before I could make my way back to that place. I was able to do it that first time because they Borg had not believed that anyone could bypass that security. Once I bypassed it however after that very first mission, they immediately took steps to lock down that access and to put in new security wall after security wall.

So, in my very first mission after Ascension, I walked straight in to the Borg Central Core. It was an impossible stroke of luck.

And, while I was there, just before I snuck out again, I stole something.


A Winter's Tale - I'm Peter Lake

I stole the access codes to the Borg Central Core. I stole the One Ring.


Bilbo finds the Ring

I could not wield the One Ring. Not without being possessed by it. But I could access it up to a certain level safely. Anything beyond that would overwhelm me and I would immediately be taken over by the Borg. But I could access it up to a certain level safely.

It was enough.

I used that access to found out everything I could about the Borg. In particular I was obsessed with the history of the Borg. There were a number of key reasons for this. I wanted to know where they came from. I also wanted to know the fate of civilisations that had already encountered the Borg. What happened to them? Was there a pattern in what happened to these civilisations, and might studying what happened to them reveal what the Borg had lined up for us?

I was also obsessed with finding out if anyone had ever challenged the Borg, and who? If anyone had ever challenged the Borg, how did they do it? Did anyone still fight the Borg? Did we have any potential allies? What weapons were effective against the Borg?

The history of the Borg Empire. I am Daniel Jackson. I am Indiana Jones.


The Account of Isildur

As it was, in all of my searches, I could find only one case of the Borg every having been challenged. No civilisation had ever stood against them, no matter now technologically advanced. All fell to the Borg.

Until one man, born on Earth twelve millennia ago. He was Stone Age, but he was a genius. He knew nothing of space or computers or electricity or science. Or the wheel. He was a Shaman, a very, very powerful Shaman. But he was also a genius.

A Philosophy of the Wheel

The Borg had never encountered anything like him before.

10,000 BC – The Mammoth Hunt

The Borg tried to assimilate him. They hooked him up to their computers. But he was a Shaman. He wielded an ability they had never encountered before.


Civilization 5 Opening Cinematic

He was a back to basics kind of guy.

He was Captain Proton before me.

Twin Mistresses of Evil


That does seem to work against the Borg.

The Borg tortured him. The Borg destroyed him. The Borg shattered his mind. The Borg cast him into the arena, not expecting him to survive. But then something extraordinary happened.


Spartacus - escape

No-one in the long history of the Borg had ever challenged them. No technology could stand against them. But psychic ability could.

The Shaman was a prodigy. Unbelievably powerful. He was not an X-Man, but he was close. He was the first "mutant". All of the Borg know of him. He is Bogeyman to the Borg.

No technology could stand against the Borg but he wiped them out in battle after battle. The Borg had never seen anything like him. He smashed their defence grid and he almost, almost managed to destroy them. But just before he could destroy them, the Borg overwhelmed his mind.

He is Isildur. He is Anakin. He is Zeus.


X-Men Apocalypse

He was the most powerful psychic in history before me.

He was the Doctor before me.

He was John Connor before me. The only person in history apart from me to have ever challenged the Borg.


Terminator - John Connor



He will be revealed soon. Understand, he is untouchable. He is critical to our survival. If anyone moves against him, be prepared to go to immediate war with the Resistance.

It is important that this be understood.

He could not finish the job twelve millennia ago. He got close. Very close. But just before he could destroy them, the Borg overwhelmed his mind.


The Strength of Men

Just before the Borg got him however, he knew that he was going down, so he did something. He set up the conditions for his successor. He left a back door, right into the Borg Central Core, for the time that he foresaw in vision, when one day another would rise to finish what he had started.

It was he who set things up so that on my very first mission in early January 2013, twelve millennia after he had challenged the Borg, I just walked in on a whim straight into the Borg Central Core.

It was Zeus himself who set that up.

The Gods you see, are very real.


Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

I said I'd explain how even though I went crazy, I never lost control of my will.

I'll come back to that.

Coming back now to Mercury, when I first started looking at Mercury as a possible fuel in 2014 there was never any intention of using that anywhere near Earth. The idea was to only use it in combat in our space fleets far from Earth, such as when engaging the Borg at Jupiter or other locations. But even then I was never overly conformable with the idea of Mercury, as the fuel tanks would need careful care. Decontamination would always be a problem and there was always the possibility of leaks.

So I was never too keen on the idea of using Mercury as a fuel for Impulse Drive.

However, it was the first fuel that I got for Impulse Drive, and it started me thinking about Impulse Drive, which I have been developing ever since. Six years I have been working on Impulse Drive, on and off. I am always playing around with new ideas, refining the designs. My designs for Impulse Drive have come on in leaps and bounds since 2014.

But it all began with Mercury.

I would not use Mercury as a fuel. But Mercury is what got me started in my work on Impulse Drive.


I.Q. – Do You Think Time Exists?

"Ciarán! Mercury is a wonderful fuel for use in our fighter aircraft! We will use Mercury now!"

"Em, no, Mr. Slates! First of all you stupid fucks, no-one can use my technologies without going through me. You will be locked down by the Borg implants. Only at Ascension is that restriction completely removed, and at Ascension it would be unthinkable to use such a toxic fuel anywhere near people!

Actually, as it is, we are not going to use Mercury at all as a fuel. It is extremely toxic!

If anyone even attempts to use Mercury as a fuel, spraying that extremely toxic substance into the air over people, you will be blocked by Treaty. But even if you try, be prepared to go to war with the Resistance."

Leonidas and Xerxes

And not just the men.

Clearly the Mr. Slates do not know our women.

Anyone attempting to use Mercury as a fuel, be prepared to go to war with the Resistance.

Female Warriors - Two Steps From Hell

"Ciarán! We will just ignore that and use Mercury anyway!"

"Em, let me explain something to you, Mr. Slate.

Many people see me as NO-ONE. As a nobody.

But understand, I was trained in the Borg arenas.

The toughest training environment imaginable."

Ayra Stark - Survivor

In the Matrix I fight blind.

I am Master Po.

Kung Fu Grasshopper

Right through 2013 and 2014, and into 2015, the worst years of the war, my favourite weapon for group combat was the short staff.

For one on one combat, my favourite weapon of choice was the katana, the Japanese sword.

It is only in 2015 that I switched to the light sabre as my weapon of choice.

In the Matrix, they exist.

It took me that long to master it.

But always, regardless of weapon, in the Matrix I fight blind.

Victory - Two Steps From Hell

In my hands, with Mind-Matter Interface, that short staff will take out Terminators and Sentinels.

I have taken our armies with that short staff.

The Last Airbender

I have smashed the most powerful armies of Sentinels with that short staff.

For you see that staff is no ordinary weapon. lt is a weapon of the Gods.

Neo vs Agent Smiths - Part II

Now, what is the reference to me taking the eye?

Gods of Egypt

I'll explain that after I give another couple of fuel options.


You want to know what's happening in Golden Age?

You won't find the answers in the muggle newspapers.

No. If you want to know what's happening in Golden Age, you read it here.

The Daily Prophet

This is where the news comes to life.


Let us bring it back to fuels now.

Let us imagine that one has a tank of liquid oxygen. It is very cold, right? Just like tanks of liquid nitrogen. That too is very cold, right?


Terminator II Judgment Day – Hasta La Vista Baby


Well, let us think about it.


I am John Connor. I am the first of the X-Men.

I am Immortal. I smashed the greatest armies ever assembled in the history of the Borg Empire.

In Golden Age I will be training Jedi. I will be training X-Men.

I will be training women.

Two Steps From Hell - Victory


What if one were to put a heating element inside the tank of liquid oxygen, or liquid nitrogen?

Let us take the example of a tank of liquid oxygen, which is cold to the touch.

Two minutes in to this clip we see the Saturn V begin to lift off. As it does so, big chucks of ice fall from the fuselage.

That comes from ice forming around the liquid oxygen tanks, which are very cold.


Apollo 13 – Go for Launch


So here is a question. What would happen if I started to heat the liquid oxygen in the tank from my heating element? What would happen if I keep adding more and more heat, more and more heat, more and more heat, into that tank of liquid oxygen?

What would happen then?

What do you think might happen?


Resonance Experiment

I'll tell you exactly what will happen.

The Capacitance of the oxygen will increase as one moves up successively through higher harmonics.

In other words the liquid oxygen will hold more and more energy.

In addition with each new harmonic achieved a new Symmetry Restoration comes into play, shifting the laws of physics to a less restrictive set of laws


I wrote about how moving up the String Harmonics introduces Symmetry Restorations, shifting the laws of physics to less restrictive sets of laws in my documents "How to Change the Properties of Matter - Parts I - III" in my section How to Make Tritanium.

Remember that?

Tony Stark Creating a New Element

Let us imagine that one did that not only to the liquid oxygen, but also to the liquid hydrogen fuel tanks, or indeed the kerosene fuel tanks as the case may be.

Would that effect in any way the power of the combustion when the fuel combusts in the combustion chamber?

As it so happens, it would!

The idea is that this is done on the ground before launch, with the tanks being heated from the local electricity power supply, plugged in to the side of the spaceship with electric cables.

Just before launch those tanks would not be cold to the touch. Actually they would be very hot!


In terms of me teaching women, that has already begun.

For example, my approach here is primarily intuitive, rather than intellectual.

It is using the yin principle, more than the yang.

In other words this way of working is more a woman's mindset than a man's.

So what I am teaching here is rocket design for women.

Victory - Two Steps From Hell

Are people beginning to understand yet?

Female Warriors - Two Steps From Hell

Bah! NASA super-rockets! There's nothing super about them! Stick rockets with flared nozzle designs!

I design for gods!

The Incredibles – No Capes!

The cape and the boots! Oh, it's a great look!

Supergirl – Extended “Wonder Woman” Promo

But no-one can stand against me.

No-one can challenge me!


Supergirl - Fight Song

My degree was in electronic engineering, although I never did work in that area. I spent eleven years in telecoms, a couple of years of that being in software.

And then I discovered I had a gift for healing.

So overnight in 2002 everything changed, and I began my new life as a healer.

The Healer

That is when I started taking shit from these useless fucks.


So for every useless Skeptic FUCK who ever told me that I couldn't do medicine or that I couldn't build a spaceship to go to Mars, FUCK YOU!




Star Trek First Contact - Zefram Cochrane & Troi

You see it's not just medicine.

I also have a knack for mechanical things too.

A Winter's Tale - I'm Peter Lake

Yes, it is true that unlike the Mr. Slate epsilon semi-morons I take primarily an INTUITIVE approach rather than an egg-head, head-up-the-arse approach.

But that is a key part of what makes me THE GREATEST AEROSPACE ENGINEER IN HISTORY!


You can have NO IDEA how FUCKING EASY this is for me. NO FUCKING IDEA!

A lifetime's work for a Nobel Prize Physicist can be the problem of a CHILD to me.

A momentary distraction.

A few minutes to pass the time.

My I.Q. is over 1,800, you useless fucking CUNTS!

I have the highest level in history in over 160 different fields of endeavour.

I am the father of modern medicine, economics, history, law, psychology, architecture, construction, aerospace, military strategy, government, leadership, management, industry, computers, physics and the list goes on and on and on.


Star Trek: Dyson Sphere Discovery and Scotty Recovery

I achieved ASCENSION, you miserable fucking morons. The next stage in FUCKING EVOLUTION!

Absolute useless fucking CUNTS!

The Nth Degree

Now the American, French, Irish and other governments caused this fucking mess.

Star Trek Discovery

Now you had better start FALLING OVER YOURSELVES to FIX IT, or the Resistance will RAZE YOU FUCKS TO THE GROUND!






What does it take to get through to you fucks anyway?

I mean at what stage do you begin to start fucking moving?!

Nearly eight fucking years later, and we are still dealing with this fucking shit!

Wastes of fucking space!


Doctor Who | Terror of the Cybermen

Now I need to launch Golden Age and trigger the Race to Mars.

So how about you guys cut me some slack and let me do my job!


The Engineer’s Hymn (Star Trek)

Now, the next fuel I will discuss is liquid nitrogen, which is another non-combustible Impulse Drive Engine fuel.

It is an excellent fuel, completely clean and it is more powerful than water but it is a fuel that we will not be going with in The Captain Proton Treaty.

But let us go through it now anyway.

This one is very, very simple. It is simply tanks of liquid nitrogen, preheated until they are a few hundred degrees Celsius, and then simply release the nitrogen through a tapered nozzle.

The Relative Density of liquid nitrogen is 0.808, which is pretty high, so that is good, and with a tapered nozzle it would be about twenty times more efficient than a conventional kerosene rocket engine. It is also so simple that one could build the engine in a shed for less than the price of a family car.

About 78 % of the atmosphere is nitrogen, so obtaining this as a fuel is pretty straightforward.

So it is a great aerospace fuel for rockets and aircraft, far better than anything currently in use, it costs almost nothing, it is very safe and it is totally clean.

But we will not be using that by The Captain Proton Treaty.

Not for aircraft anyway. Please understand, if we are less restricted in aircraft then the Borg are less restricted in aircraft. If we have more powerful fuels then the Borg have more powerful fuels.

I have a knack for survival and I can tell you that back to basics suits us a lot more than it does the Borg.


The Tarzan Yell

We can however use liquid nitrogen as a fuel for cars and ground vehicles, and also for naval vessels, including submarines. We just need to change the engines around, which is no problem. We can still do that and get the full benefits from the Captain Proton Treaty.

In my document
How to Get Air & Water on Mars - Part I I wrote about getting nitrogen from Earth's atmosphere. I can do that for a fraction of the price of existing companies, and every step of that is completely green.

Preheated liquid nitrogen is an excellent fuel for cars and vehicles. It does not require a battery, as the energy is stored in the heated nitrogen itself. It does however require the heating of the nitrogen from an electricity supply before the car can run, as once the nitrogen cools the nitrogen can no longer be used as a fuel. We will have garages catered for that which can not only heat nitrogen in the tanks by plugging it into the electricity mains, but which can also refuel with already preheated nitrogen.

The tanks will be kept very well insulated to try to maintain the heat as long as possible.



"Ciarán! We could only keep the liquid nitrogen heated effectively for about two days before it began to cool!
Any insulation higher than that would be magik! There's no suck thing as magik!"

"Yeah, that sounds about right for you guys."

But here is what I would do. I would have three tanks, one inside the other. The inner tank is a metal tank to contain the pressurised nitrogen. The second and third outer layers of tanks are made of materials that provide the best insulation.

In between tanks 1 and 2 and in between tanks 2 and 3 I would have layers of insulation. By taking this approach of three tanks, one inside the other with insulation between each, I can get my insulation so high that it could keep the nitrogen at an effective temperature for about three weeks before it began to cool.

Standards. It's all about standards.

My car design works on the idea of a Capacitor Effect in my liquid nitrogen tanks.

It may not be the actual Flux Capacitor that I invented for Quantum Drive, but the Capacitance Effect derives from the same principles as my Flux Capacitor.


The Flux Capacitor


In the event of the nitrogen cooling to such an extent that the car no longer works, we will have batteries in the car to allow it to run on electrical power long enough to reach a garage for refuelling with heated nitrogen. Unlike existing electric cars which require time to recharge them once the battery is flat, the cars I envisage have large battery units that simply swap out. Just like with your portable Walkman. The Walkman is always yours but you swap out the batteries as they run down. Similarly with this car. You would have the option of recharging your batteries as is done with existing electric cars, or you could simply save yourself some time and swap out your existing battery for a fully charged battery in the garage. The garage then recharges the battery that you gave it and that can be used for the next car.

I am Zefram Cochrane.

I am Doctor Emmett Brown.

Tesla, eat your heart out!

Hey, Elon Musk, remember me you fuck?

So you thought you could try to steal my technologies, lock me and Golden Age down, and just walk away like nothing had happened?

You along with General Hyten, Strategic Command and Space Command, thought you could just lock down the Irish Space Agency and take my aerospace technologies for yourselves, while denying them to my country?

You are a very foolish man, Elon.

As for General Hyten, even if it wasn't about Golden Age and saving the world from annihilation, imagine that an American citizen developed space technology critical to the United States and then some other nation tried to come in and steal it for that nation, while denying it to America. I believe you would consider that a very clear Act of War, would you not?

Well, I am General John Connor, the highest ranking military officer in history, leader of the Resistance and I can tell you that I see your attempts to steal my space technologies for America while denying them to Ireland as a very clear Act of War.

You are finished Hyten. The Resistance is going to take you down and the Resistance is going to make a mess.

Anyone involved in that in the Pentagon or Administration or any other body is finished.

No-one walks away.

But I will come back to you later.

First up is Elon Musk.

First of all my technologies are protected. Unless you can hack Borg technology and unless you are willing to go to war with the Resistance and the Federation, you never had any hope whatsoever of stealing my research. But in attempting it, you are one of the key people involved in blocking Golden Age. You are in the top ten people who unleashed the Borg fleets of 2044 against us, which it took me huge work in the Treaty to push back, and you are in the top fifteen people involved in triggering COVID-19, because of the catastrophic penalty clauses we took when you acted to block Golden Age so that you could try to steal my work.

You do not know John Connor, I'll tell you that.

I'm taking down SpaceX and I'm taking down Neuralink.

And I am taking you down, Elon. Piece by piece.

Tesla is next.

Just watch me build a car to twice the standard and sell it at half the price!

Like the dinosaur, you guys have had your time.

The future is my time!


I will be mass producing these in Ireland!


The Cat and the Moon

It is a mindset. It is your car but you can simply swap out the battery as you wish. The garages would all be set up to cater for that, but if you wish you can certainly keep your battery and recharge it yourself or at the garage.

That is the basic idea for cars. A hybrid car, running off heated liquid nitrogen, but also with a battery in the event that the nitrogen cools and you need something to keep you going until your next visit to the garage.

I am Tony Stark. For clean energy, I am a good guy to talk to.



"Ciarán! We will steal your designs and patent your work!"

"Not this time, guys!"

Back to the Future - The Libyans find Doc Brown


But you know what: all this time travel I have been doing has been a bit crazy.

Perhaps I should think about devoting myself to the pursuit of other areas too.


Doc & the Mysteries of the Universe


The future in Golden Age is green


Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey” Super Bowl commercial


So, liquid nitrogen can be used for those going Golden Age for cars and land vehicles and for naval vessels including submarines.

So what about military aircraft, such as our Vipers?


I wrote about these as having vertical take off and landing capability in my document
Aerodynamics & Stability - Part II in Aerospace.


Harrier Vertical Take-Off


Well, in the Captain Proton Treaty, things are a little different. We lose hypercompression and we lose reengineered metals such as irontanium. As such we lose the ability of our Vipers to reach space from Earth. We still have Vipers in space but they launch from Battlestars in space. Our fighters that we launch from the ground on Earth could no longer reach space directly.

So, we are a bit more basic.

But you know what, by going with this option so too are the Borg.


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


Even without hypercompression and reengineered metals, we will still build the most advanced fighter aircraft ever conceived however.

We are going to build it.


The fuel we are going with for not just our military aircraft, but for all aircraft in the Captain Proton Treaty is water.

Not hypercompressed water. Just normal water.

Water might not sound like the most obvious choice for aircraft, but once it has been superheated to a few hundred degrees, its ability to hold energy makes it more effective than aviation fuel

We are planning this for all of our aircraft, including our commercial aircraft. I plan to go into the commercial aircraft industry in a big way once things kick off. All aircraft in existence are obsolete once I begin to work.

Ireland, under my leadership, leads aerospace in Golden Age. I'll get things set up before I go to Mars, so things will be up and running here before I leave.


The Space Between Us

In my Naval section I wrote about my hydroplaning aircraft carriers idea that would use fighter aircraft with vertical take off and landing capability. I wrote about these fighter aircraft in my doc
uments "Aerodynamics & Stability - Parts I & II" in Aerospace. The fuel we will be using now is normal water superheated not to 1,200 ° C but rather a lower 320 ° C. At that lower temperature the water is not as effective as what I had originally planned, but it is still twice as effective as aviation fuel used on normal aircraft jet engines.

That is fine for both commercial and military aviation.

We can still build our fighter aircraft to have vertical take off and landing capability, but without hypercompression or some of our other fuels, it would not be practical to use the vertical lift technology for prolonged periods as I described in
"Aerodynamics & Stability - Part II" , where my Viper design was based not on aerofoils providing lift but on fins providing stability, while the vertical thrusters held the aircraft aloft.

Using normal water at only 320 ° C and without using hypercompression, realistically this brings our aircraft, both military and civilian, to something like the Harrier fighter plane, except extremely silent.

We can take off vertically and we can land vertically and we use aerofoils to generate lift as we move forward. I have written a little about some of my aerofoil innovations and my innovations in some other aerospace areas in Aerospace.

That is the general idea.

Now, speaking of aerospace, time to clarify something of the Treaty.

The Treaty is designed to take down the Borg, Borg being of course a mindset. A philosophy. An approach.

It is definitely not a good time to have that mindset.

Jojo Rabbit

That takes down Boeing, Airbus, SpaceX, many aerospace companies and a number of nations, such as France, which committed itself to a policy of trying to steal my research and lock me, humanity and Golden Age down, rather than line up with Golden Age and work with me.

In the case of France, the person most directly responsible for taking down Airbus, French aerospace and breaking up France itself is Emmanuel Macron, who time and again committed France to that policy of trying to take advantage of Golden Age rather than work with it.

Many people blocked Golden Age. Emmanuel Macron is the person most directly responsible for blocking Golden Age after Donald Trump, which is what takes down France and a number of major companies including Airbus and a number of French aerospace companies.

It is very, very important to understand this:

The Treaty is designed TO TAKE DOWN THE BORG.

When people act as Borg, trying to fuck over, take advantage, screw over, steal, block Golden Age, then they get hammered by the Treaty.

The Treaty is designed TO TAKE DOWN THE BORG and to REWARD GOLDEN AGE.

It is a CHOICE.

Emmanuel Macron committed France to a policy of trying to take down Golden Age.

Once that happened it was inevitable that France would take crippling penalty clauses in the Treaty.


Fire engulfs Notre-Dame

France will break apart into a number of smaller nations, including Breton, Occitan and Basque and more. A number of companies, notably Airbus, are going down. Once they committed to targeting Golden Age instead of lining up with it, that was inevitable.

France can of course go Golden Age, but like Britain, not in its current form. Like Britain and like America, it must break apart.

It is very, very important to understand this:

The Treaty is designed TO TAKE DOWN THE BORG.

Emmanuel Macron committed France to a policy of BEING Borg.

Once that happened then the collapse of a number of companies that went along with that, such as Airbus and a number of French aerospace companies, was inevitable.

The incompetence was incomprehensible.

In a choice between the Greatest Golden Age in history, handed on a platter, or being Borg, France made a choice to piss all over Golden Age.

The incompetence, not to mention the dishonour, was incomprehensible.



News Flash!

It's 4:30pm Irish time on Saturday 12th December 2020.

About an hour ago General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and highest ranking officer in the American military, made a commitment to commit the full resources of the American Armed Forces, including its nuclear arsenal, to ensuring that the Borg lockdown of me and humanity is held in place. America will go to global war, even nuclear war, rather than let the Borg lockdown on me and humanity be broken.

America has now committed its full military resources to locking down Golden Age.

That changes everything. The Captain Proton Treaty enabled me to push back the Klingon fleets of 2044 by about 50 years and to clear the trillions in debt from the ongoing penalty clauses. However General Milley's commitment of American's armed forces to maintaining the Borg lockdown has just devastated us in the Treaty. The Klingon fleets of 2044 are now back, and the fleet size has increased immeasurably to 800 ships. In addition, the American economy will be levelled by Treaty.

There are other penalty clauses to humanity too. We're just trying to assess them now.

General Milley does know that either we break America's stranglehold or the Borg have the credit to annihilate us all, and that we are out of time. As such there will be no surprise to him that this now commits the Resistance to an escalation of war. We have taken out the first few traitors in the Pentagon. It will be precision kills. We will try to minimise the causalities and prevent it going to the nuclear strike.

But as of now, America and the Resistance are at open war.

We'll try to keep casualties at a minimum with precision strikes, targeting key traitors. But if we cannot break America's stranglehold in this way in the next very short while, then there is no choice but to escalate again.

No matter what the causalities, there is no choice but to break America's stranglehold or we all die. All of humanity dies if we do not break free.

No-one wants this war, but we in the Resistance will do whatever it takes, regardless of casualties if there is no way around that, to break America's stranglehold.

Terminator - John Connor


You fucking cunts. You fucking cunts!

It is early morning on Sunday 13th December. I'll take it up now from where I left off yesterday.


Hancock - Ending Scene

There were still a number of penalty clauses coming in in the hours after I stopped writing last night. With some there was a choice on where to take the hit. I took a hit to my heart last night. A bad one. I took it to avoid us taking a bigger hit elsewhere.

That hit almost killed me last night. Once again last night I was left fighting for my life over the smallness and pettiness of lesser men. They fuck up and I take the hit. We take the hit, all of us, over the incompetence and dishonour of others. They fuck up and we all pay. Others too in the Resistance took similar hits to me last night from the penalty clauses from that fucking disgrace of yesterday!

A number of people are in a very bad way this morning.

Last night was devastating for us.

This document is one I released on a previous website, but I haven't had a chance to put it up here yet.

After last night, it seems to me now time to release it.

Prometheus - Part I

That injury last night almost fucking destroyed me. To be able to get up this morning I had to do serious work on myself first.


Hard to Kill – Meditation & Training


My body is wracked with pain, my hands are shaking and I can barely fucking stand.

A number of others in the Resistance remain in critical condition.

You fucking cunts. You fucking cunts!

Prometheus - Part II

Man of fucking Steel, that's me!

Except I am no man.


Two Steps From Hell - Victory

I have fought many Thermopylaes in the Matrix.

This here, against the American Administration, in this Reality, is my Thermopylae here.

Defeating those ignorant fucks is not a problem. I have had the ability since 2013 to wipe them out.

The difficulty is breaking through without triggering war. Without it escalating to global war. Without a lot of people getting killed.

That is the tough part.

You see I have never wanted conflict with America. No greater friend and ally could America have than me. They know that I am a friend. They have always known. It's just that they never gave a fuck!


Believe It Or Not

But, friend or not, I cannot allow them to bring humanity and indeed all life to extinction. I cannot allow them to hand victory to the Borg.

It should be the easiest thing in the world. They should have just made contact nearly eight years ago without trying to pull a fucking gun and we could have all worked together to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

But no. The ignorant fucks didn't want that.

They have never wanted that.

Arrogant fucks!

Prometheus - Part III

So, Pentagon.

Humanity stands once again on the brink of annihilation.

So, what's it to be?


About Schmidt

After that hit in the Treaty yesterday, the situation has changed again dramatically.

Following that first massive Klingon fleet in 2044 it is then total war, with fleets coming against us whenever they will and whenever they are able.

It begins in 2044, and then there is no let up.

From 2044 on, it is total war.

That continues until either we wipe them out or they wipe us out.

But you know what: they are in numbers beyond imagining.

This war is going to rage for a very long time.



I do seem to recall having warned them.


Star Trek Discovery

It is only on the Brink that People find the Will to Change - Part I


300 - Oracle Scene


But just because others are not doing their jobs, it does not mean that we are not doing ours.


Tibet Training

The training never, ever stops.


How a Shaolin Monk Trains

I am the first of the Jedi.

The training never, ever stops.


Mickey Mouse Disney’s Fantasia

The training never, ever stops.


The training never, ever stops.

That is part of what makes me John Connor.

Not just the training, for there are many that train.

But my training in the Balance of Yin and Yang.

Game of Thrones

The Balance of Yin and Yang.

This is the secret to the power of the Jedi

Dance - II

In Golden Age, many will train this way.

In time all.

All will train in the Balance of Yin and Yang, although there are different paths to this.

For men the path is Real Man or Man X-Girl, so a man can take a path of male or female to Jedi.

For a woman that path is always in the female.

But regardless of path, to be Jedi there must always be Balance of Yin and Yang.

That Balance will always be found around the 52 - 48 % mark. Either 52 % male and 48 % female or 52 % female and 48 % male. I write about this in Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls.

I will train many.

But my main focus will be on training women.

Natural-born women.


Female Warriors - Two Steps From Hell

Let them come!

Puny Borg!

They shall be as blades of grass before us!


Star Trek Voyager Scorpion Intro


Puny Borg!

No-one knows them as I do.

No-one knows how to smash them as I do.

Alita Battle Angel

With the invasion fleets back in 2044, far larger than before, and with the new damage that I took to my heart, which is bad, whatever urgency there was for me to get to Mars has just increased.


Star Trek V: The Final Frontier


I should have been there years ago. I would have been if it wasn't for those corrupt fucking cunts doing everything they could to lock me down and to lock the Irish Space Agency down, because only the great US of FUCKING A can get to go to Mars, and whoever they have to fuck over and piss on and shit on to do it, that is fine with them!

Let me tell you guys something. It is not enough to be first to Mars. The way in which it is done is important.

You guys never understood that.


Kevin Nash defeats Goldberg for the WCW Championship

Honour is important to those who have honour.

It is considered unimportant to those who have none.

If someone has to electrocute Goldberg to take the title off him, then he is not worthy of that title.

If America has to fuck me over and lock down me and the Irish Space Agency while trying to steal my technologies and denying them to Ireland, then even if America could get to Mars first, that would not been seen as a victory. It would be seen as a testament to DISGRACE!

But what if I gave you disreputable cunts a way back in? A way to redeem your honour?

Well, partially anyway. You'd have to turn the Cosmos upside down to redeem your honour.

But what if I said there is a way to get a start on it?

Yeah, I know. The Ephors. Corrupt fucks that even Leonidas must bribe and beg.

But would you be interested anyway if I gave a way for you fucks to sleaze your way back in?

You should learn from this guy. There is much you could learn from him.


My Name is Earl

Mars is to be a Golden Age world and only those who have achieved Ascension may go there. It is under my jurisdiction. No-one goes there without my authorisation, and that is enforced by the Federation.

Anyone attempting to go to Mars without my authorisation will be shot down.

That does not change.

One must understand that Golden Age failing here on Earth these last eight years affects every civilisation in the Cosmos. Every civilisation that has been encountered by the Borg, which is every one of them. If Golden Age fails on Mars, then not only Earth falls to the Borg but every single one of their civilisations is impacted too. Their chances against the Borg plummet.

As such, they will take whatever action is deemed necessary to enforce the protection of Mars.

So far 182 civilisations in the Federation, not including humanity, have committed to protecting Mars. The human Resistance makes that 183.

No-one, absolutely no-one, goes there without my authorisation.


Encounter at Farpoint


America breaks apart. Nothing can stop that now. That does not change either.


The Postman

We work within that framework. But within that framework there is some flexibility. There is a possibility that has opened up with the Captain Proton Treaty.

The Captain Proton Treaty slows things down. In some ways anyway. It was supposed to slow down the fleets against us, but the Pentagon wiped its arse with that and pucked all over it, so we do not get to slow them down there. Quite the opposite now. They come in far greater numbers now, in wave after wave.

Thanks guys! You useless fucks!

But in other areas we get to slow things down.

America will break apart, but that has been slowed down now. Its break-up is now inevitable - it has been for a long time now, but it will take some time.

So here is the idea. More than half a billion people have seen my website.


TRON Legacy

Once the Borg blockade is taken down, they will tear America apart. Especially over COVID-19 and America allowing that fucking obscenity of a vaccine to be distributed, rather than letting me neutralise the virus, simply because they want to hide their involvement in their development of COVID-19 as a biological weapon.

Not to mention America blocking Ascension, blocking Golden Age and unleashing the alien threat against us far earlier than anticipated.

And did I mention the loss of hundreds of trillions of dollars because Golden Age would have generated an absolute fortune? Did I mention the Federation technologies that are now denied to most of humanity, including the Stargates? Did I mention the collapse of economies in case anyone hasn't seen the news lately?

And did I mention the people remaining enslaved to Borg technology because the American government will not allow the Borg lockdown of humanity to be broken?

Everyone comes for America once the Borg blockade is removed. America will be torn apart, and everyone involved in blocking Golden Age, everyone involved in the Microsoft / NSA global hacking program, everyone involved in trying to steal or patent (same thing - another word for steal) my work, everyone involved in trying to cover up COVID-19, every one of these will be torn apart.

It goes to global war. That should be fucking obvious to a fucking imbecile.

There is only one way that this does not go to global war. There is only one way that America does not go up in flames. There is only one way in which America is not torn apart. And that is BY MY INTERVENTION.

The one you fucking cunts abandoned is now your only hope.


The Rock

I'll finish up here for the night and resume in the morning. I have some extremely hostile negotiations that I need to push past the Borg now so that ties me up for the rest of the evening.

In the meantime I need you fucks to have a serious rethink about the nature of the dynamic between you fucks and me.

You see everything changes now. You need my help so as of now you lick my fucking ass.

I say jump and you say "how high?"

As of now, you fucks lick my fucking ass.

Have think about it.

The dynamic between you fucks and me changes as of right now.

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

No more running.

Everything changes now.


Johnny English

Get your cheque books out, with room for lots and lots of zeros.

You want my help you miserable fucks? If you had worked with me then I offered my help freely.

Now, it is going to cost you fucks.

I came in peace but you weren't interested. You wanted to be thick fucks about it.

That is not the way I would have preferred things to go, but if that is the way the game has to be played then yeah, I can play.

You want my help? Then be prepared to fucking pay!

One way or the other you cunts are going to help finance Golden Age. If you will not do it for the right reasons, not even to avert the annihilation of all life, then I will simply fleece you cunts for every fucking penny I can.

You are going to help finance Golden Age so that I can turn this world economy back around and pull humanity back from the brink of economic collapse.

Yeah, I know - it does help to be the father of modern economics and the greatest economist in history. Not to mention the father of modern business and having the greatest business mind in history. And having the highest understanding of leadership, management and government in history. Having an I.Q. of over 1,800 does help too.


The Nth Degree

Once again, I have to break my balls to clean up your fucking mess.

You cunts aren't doing your fucking jobs!

So as always it comes back to me.

Like it or not you corrupt cunts are going to help finance Golden Age. The World Bank idea that I gave Julia Gillard back in 2013 before Golden Age was blocked back then is to be reinstated, set back up again, and that bank will hold the funds to drive Golden Age. I tried to set up the World Bank back in 2013 to hold the funds for Golden Age, but everything fell apart when America blocked Golden Age.

So, seven and a half years later we try again.

One way or the other, you fucking cunts are going to help finance Golden Age.

You did not want to do it the easy way, so we do it now the hard way.


The Adventures of Robin Hood

We do it the hard way now, you miserable fucks!

For America, if you want to avoid being torn apart, then America's commitment alone to that World Bank better be no less than two trillion dollars.

Anything less than that and I cannot help you.

Have the money ready, like yesterday.


Dukes of Hazzard


Let me explain now the reference to swapping passports

Every Borg has a unique identity code, that identifies him uniquely to the Borg Matrix. Once a Borg is killed, the Matrix computers register the death of the Borg and then they scan him to see what has just happened. Every Borg carries a record of the last commands sent to it, and their last actions. It is held in a Borg implant that acts like a "Flight Recorder" on an aircraft. In this clip Picard refers to it as a "Neural Processor". That is as good a name as any, so I will use it here. That same implant that contains the record of the history of the Borg I have just killed, which like all of the Borg implants is out-of-phase, is the same implant that contains the Borg's unique identity code.


Star Trek First Contact - Holodeck

In the moment just following the death of a Borg, the Matrix computers register his death and then scan his neural processor to obtain a record of what happened at the moment of his death.

In early 2013 I figured out a way to hack that scan of his neural processor. I have used this ever since to switch identity in the Matrix. The way I do this is by selecting a Borg whose identity I wish to steal and then killing him. I then wait for him to be scanned by the Matrix computers, which takes only a moment. While he is being scanned I intercept the data stream from his neural processor to the Matrix computers, giving me his unique identity as well as all of his security codes and access codes. There is a moment of about a second from the time that the Matrix computers scan this information to when they register his death. That time is the time that the Matrix computers use to cross-verify the circumstances of his death with the records taken from other Borg sensors. Once that is done the Matrix computers then register his death and the circumstances behind it.

This is where I step in.

I intercept that data stream and I switch it to reading some other Borg that I killed earlier. One that was killed as one of many I killed in battle, so the details of his death are more vague. The Borg computers then record that Borg as the one who has just been killed, while I get to swipe the identity, security codes and access codes of the new Borg, the one I have just killed.

I figured out how to do this in early 2013, and I have been doing it ever since. I use this to switch my identity about every two days on average. I have been doing this for almost eight years now, and it is something that I have taught each of the other Resistance members to do too.

This allows me to always stay a step ahead of the Borg. You see the Borg do not know who John Connor is, or where John Connor comes from. Their best guess is that John Connor is a renegade Small Grey. It is not considered possible that John Connor could be human, as humanity is considered too primitive to have challenged the Borg.

The Borg do not know that the Resistance came from Earth

And get this: they are blocked by Treaty from registering this from anything I write on the Internet!

On a number of occasions I have needed to briefly reveal my identity to the Borg Central Core in order to implement key areas of the Treaty. The first time this happened was in 2018, after the Treaty had been concluded after more than three years of negotiations. We have been in the implementation stage of the Treaty since then.

Each time my identity has been revealed however, it is only for those moments when a key aspect of the Treaty is being implemented, and then my identity is wiped again from the Borg Central Core. That is done by me, as and when I need to do so to get certain aspects of the Treaty in, parts which deal specifically with humanity. I set it up that way in the Treaty, so there is no record of my identity in the Borg Central Core, nor any record of humanity's involvement in the war.

This is why now, after almost eight years of warfare with the Borg, the Borg still do not know the identity of John Connor, nor that the Resistance came from Earth.

I switch my identity on average every two days in the Matrix. I have been doing that since early 2013.

That is the reference to me switching passports.


Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver


News Flash!

It is the morning of Monday 14th December 2020.


People need to understand that if I am compromised, humanity is compromised. I am the only one with the knowledge to trigger Ascension. I am the only one with the knowledge to launch Golden Age. I am the only one with the knowledge to defeat the Borg. I am the only one with the knowledge to avert our annihilation. And I am the only one with the knowledge to neutralise COVID-19.

If I am compromised then it compromises not just humanity but every civilisation that wars with the Borg. This is why myself and the Resistance would vaporise nations rather than allow anyone to compromise me. All it takes is one thick fuck with an attitude, one thick fuck with a gun, one thick fuck trying to manipulate, control or throw his weight around, and the situation explodes in an instant.

That is why the lockdown on me is not just the Borg locking me down from their side. There is also a lock on me that was set up by myself and the Resistance back in 2013 and that is maintained to this day. We do this for safety, to avoid the situation going to global war. Only the right people, those who come without ill intent, only they may contact me. For those with ill intent, those who try to bring weapons or who try to control, they are locked out by myself and the Resistance. As I said, it just takes one thick fuck to trigger global war.

It is inconceivable that it has gone this long. Almost eight years now. Governments should have simply come in peace back in early 2013 and we would not be in this position now. But almost eight years later that still has never happened. Anytime governments have tried to contact me before now, it has always been with a threat. As such myself and the Resistance have blocked every such attempt to contact me, in order to avert the situation from going to open conflict. This has been necessary because we have been dealing with barbarians.

It is a disgrace that it has gone this long, but finally we are in a position to move things forward.

I have set things up now so that only people who have achieved Ascension may contact me. Quite a number have achieved it in the last short while.


Through resonance with me. I have been setting this up for quite some time. I am in Ascension, so by bringing people into resonance with my mind, which I can do, I can greatly accelerate their Ascension. It is the same principle that I write about in my Medicine section.

Quite a number of people have achieved it recently.

That gives us a way now to bypass the governments attempts to contact me in threat, and to instead have contact go only through those people who have achieved Ascension and who are safe.


Resonance Experiment

Who may contact me? Natalie Imbruglia, she is fine. Former Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay of Bhutan, Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of Sweden and Former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb of Finland, they are all fine.  Actually, these last three are the first three that I am inviting to sit on the board for the World Bank that I wrote about above, the World Bank to hold the funds to drive key projects of Golden Age. Only those who have achieved Ascension may sit on the board for that World Bank. These three former Prime Ministers are the first three that I invite to the board of that bank, once things kick off and should they wish to accept the invitation.

We are launching the Greatest Golden Age in history and that bank is the bank to hold the funds to drive key Golden Age projects.

That bank is channelled in Harry Potter as Gringotts Bank.

To those invited to sit on the Board of that bank, which will be a Jedi board, consider this your official invitation.


Harry Potter

My email address is

Only those people that we allow through may contact me. For everyone else that contact will be blocked. I will never receive their emails.

How is it that I can do this? I am a slave, locked down, with the power only to amuse the crowd.

But that is power. Real power.

I am General John Connor, leader of the Resistance.



So, who am I letting through to contact me?

The three former Prime Ministers that I wrote about above, they are fine.

Natalie, she's fine too.


Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

Jackie Chan, he's fine.

The Tuxedo

Mike Myers is fine.

Fat Bastard

As is Michael Shanks.

I will be expecting their entry or entries in the Race to Mars.

I will get you set up, and then let us see if Canada has what it takes to go up against me in the Race to Mars.


Daniel Jackson – Hurt

People do remember that this is a survival issue, right?

We have only until 2044, and then the fleets of Armageddon come.

Half the funds for the World Bank will be dedicated to Mars.

It is, as always, a race against time.

A race we are currently badly losing.

We need to turn that around.



Star Trek Discovery

Now, we are in serious, serious trouble.

Getting out of this mess is going to take some very creative manoeuvring.


Beth Harmon - Alone


Chris Pine can contact me. He is fine.

Now America is in serious, serious trouble. They are going down fast and they need a life-line.

Let us start by getting them back in the game.


Kobayashi Maru

You see I believe that there is always a way out.

For almost eight years now I have set up opportunity after opportunity for America, and every single time they have puked on them, spat on them, pissed on them, defiled them and disrespected them. And look where that has gotten us.

I can set up opportunities, but America has to seize them.

Otherwise I cannot help them.

I can set up an opportunity. A way out of this mess.

But I need America to seize that opportunity.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

But here is the deal. If I set up this opportunity right now you will just shit all over it and push humanity even more over the brink to annihilation, as you always do.

So I'm going to hold off a while for you to think about it first.


Beth Harmon - Unstoppable


Take a day. Try not to be the stupid knee-jerk dopey fucking cunts that you always are, and just think it through for once. The Greatest Golden Age in history, or the fucking Armageddon that you cunts have triggered.

That choice should not take a fucking genius.

Take a day. I'll finish up here and resume tomorrow.


Beth Harmon - Unstoppable 2

Gal Gadot can contact me. She's fine.


Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

I'm finished for the day.

I'll touch base again tomorrow.

It's coming up to noon now on Tuesday 15th December.

Ok, let us resume.


You guys just still do not get it. Nothing I say gets through. It is like talking to fucking imbeciles. Brain-dead sub-moronic cabbages! So I am going to break this down into baby steps so that even you sub-fucking morons might have some small chance of understanding.

We face the fucking BORG. Not some fucking Jihad wannabees or some gobshites trying to stage a fucking coup. But the fucking BORG! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

In every single timeline we have been wiped out. Brought to extinction. This is the last temporal incursion. The timeline cannot be reset now.



Yesterday’s Enterprise

Every single timeline before this has ended in our extinction, and every single time because of the fucking arrogance and blindness of fucking self-serving corrupt cunts in governments who sacrificed humanity and all life in order to try to hold on to their pathetic clutches on power.

I have over two centuries of future timelines, memory after memory, of humanity being brought to extinction. Every single time it has been the same.


Independence Day – Time’s Up

I was there, more than twenty years from now, to witness the last days of humanity, just as I was there in timeline after timeline.

I crossed time to give humanity another chance for survival.


Independence Day: Resurgence

The greatest Golden Age in history. I hand it on a platter. But all these fucking corrupt cunts care about is their own petty smallness. They DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE SURVIVAL OF HUMANITY!

You think Donald Trump gives a flying FUCK about Golden Age, or the survival of humanity? You think that gobshite Joe Biden gives a flying fuck? You think Emmanuel Macron gives a FLYING FUCK?

No. They have never given a flying fuck!

No, either we break free from America's lockdown of humanity right fucking now, or it is too late. I do not want to go to war, but we are OUT OF FUCKING TIME! So either America removes the Borg lockdown on humanity and lets me launch Golden fucking Age, or I take down every computer in America. I take down their banks, their economy. I take down their powers stations. I bring them back to the fucking STONE AGE. I will fucking level those FUCKS in the Administration and Pentagon, if they do not remove the FUCKING BORG LOCKDOWN ON HUMANITY.

I warned the cunts and I warned the cunts and I warned the cunts.

I warn them now for the last fucking time.


Or I swear, I will level you!


The Lawnmower Man

First up is that to have any realistic chance of defeating that first fleet, we have to be able to put about 5,000 Battlestars in position around Jupiter, each holding about 6 Vipers. That is what I am envisaging to be able to withstand that fleet. We would also need about five times as many support ships, so realistically to defeat that first fleet we need to be able to put about thirty thousand ships in the field by 2044. Even with that we will still be massively outnumbered, given that their ships will be so much larger than ours.

But if we can put that size of fleet in the field in time, then we will defeat them.



We have no chance of holding them at the Hot Gates. We will inflict as much damage as we can, but there is no possibility of holding them there. Not now, not with a fleet that size.

I'm not sure where we stand now with Jupiter Station. That is still being looked at.

But either way it is going to be a war of attrition against them as they move en route to Earth or Mars. We do not know which will be their primary target now, or whether they will split their fleets to hit both. Remember, they need to take me out to win, so Mars could be their primary objective first. I will be with the fleets out at Jupiter, but I will be based on Mars, as will the Command Centre for the Resistance, so that could be their primary objective before proceeding to destroy Earth.

They are slowed down by Treaty now, so after they arrive at Jupiter they will have to move slowly through our solar system. It will take them months to reach Earth or Mars. En route we hit them in hit and run attacks, month after month, wearing them down.

If we try to meet them in a clash of force against force when they arrive at Jupiter, we will be defeated easily. We will not have the strength to meet them head to head. Therefore it is a war of attrition. Hit and run, wearing them down month after month as they move towards Earth or Mars.

It takes about a thousand torpedoes, plus a lot of ballistics fire, to disable one of their ships, according to the schematics I am looking at here.

But you know what: the Borg will be hitting back.

Hitting back hard.


Bruce Lee – Boards don’t hit back

So yes, this is going to be a war of attrition to wear them down as they cross that black sea of night between Jupiter and Earth or Mars.


Das Boot


My documents "Military Strategy - Why Fight Odds of One to a Thousand?" and "War of Attrition" in The Treaty & The Fleets of 2044 are relevant.

Ewan McGregor is fine. He can contact me.



Only those who have achieved Rank of Jedi will be allowed to fight in that battle.

The training to become Jedi is long and difficult. It takes many years to master the skills.

To be ready for the fleets of 2044, the training begins now.


Tibet Training


To be ready then, we need to move now!


Independence Day Resurgence - Trailer 3



We wear down their fleet as much as we can before they approach Earth. Then before they reach Earth itself, we hit them with everything we got from our moon based fleets.

With the fuel we are using by Treaty, which is superheated water, our Vipers could not reach space from Earth. But they could from the moon. Actually from bases deep underground in the moon.

This is where we keep our reserve fleets, our last line of defence before they reach Earth itself.


Battlestar Galactica - Cylon attack thwarted

The weapons and the terms of war that we work to are defined by Treaty. Anyone attempting to engage the Borg with weapons or technology outside the terms agreed by Treaty will be destroyed instantly by the Borg.

For example, we are allowed by Treaty to fight them using weapons up to a certain calibre, and torpedoes up to a certain yield. If anyone tried to engage them with weapons above that, then they would no longer be protected by Treaty, in which case the Borg would then be allowed to use their technology to instantly take them out. Not only that, but the people trying to use higher technology against the Borg would give the Borg credit in the Treaty. For example, the Borg cannot use very high powered weapons against us if we fight under the terms of The Captain Proton Treaty. But if anyone used say a nuclear warhead against the Borg, or tried to, then the Borg would instantly be allowed to use an equivalent weapon against us.

Similarly if anyone tried to use computer technology above a 386 processor against them, this could instantly give the Borg the credit to use higher levels of computer technology against us. That could be enough to take us out.

It just takes one stupid fuck trying to launch a nuclear warhead against the Borg or trying to use a higher level computer processor to escalate the war so that the Borg can use those weapons or equivalent against us.

This is why the Resistance will immediate take out anyone attempting to engage the Borg using any weapons or technologies that have not been agreed by Treaty. That Treaty is what stands between us and annihilation. As soon as some stupid fuck disrespects the Treaty, and it just takes one thick fuck to do that, then the Borg can escalate the threat against us immensely. A very good example of this is the massive fleet we face now in 2044. That fleet was first unleashed by the thickness of two people. Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron fucking around. After an impossible coup to push back that fleet by fifty years, it just took one stupid fuck, Mark Milley, to unleash that fleet against us again, except far bigger this time.

That is why the Resistance will wipe out any armed forces that are not Resistance, rather than allow them to engage the Borg in 2044.

Not for anything can we allow anyone to give credit to the Borg in the Treaty.

Stupid fucks doing that for years are the reason why humanity faces the greatest crisis in history. We are supposed to be years into the Greatest Golden Age in history. Instead we are the brink of extinction.

It just took a handful of thick fucks, relatively speaking, to cause that.

You want to fight the Borg? Then you report to me.

John Connor, the architect of the fucking Treaty.

Otherwise, stay out of my god-damn way!


Terminator - John Connor

If the Borg fleets make it as far as our atmosphere, the Treaty guarantees us protection against the Borg using biological and chemical weapons.


Normally under the terms of the Treaty, the Borg are not allowed to use these weapons against us.


However now the Borg do have the credit to use both biological and chemical weapons against us, so it is critical that we stop them before they reach our atmosphere. They have this credit because of America's continued lockdown of me and humanity, and because of America's refusal to disclose their role in developing COVID-19 as a biological weapon.

With that protection against biological and chemical weapons lost, unless we can regain the credit in the Treaty to offset what America has done, under no circumstances can we allow their fleets to reach our atmosphere.

If they do, then as things currently stand they have the credit to disperse these biological and chemical weapons in our atmosphere.


I Am Legend

This why I give America an ultimatum now.

Give full disclosure of your role in developing COVID-19 as a biological weapon or I will take down every computer and every power station in America.

Disclose your role in developing COVID-19 as a biological weapon, or I wipe your stock exchanges, your banks, your economy. I wipe your computers and I wipe your power grids.

I bring you back to Stone Age. 

No greater enemy does humanity have than America.

The Borg are not the greatest threat. We know how to defeat the Borg.

If humanity falls it is not because of the Borg. It is because of America.

There is no greater threat to the survival of humanity than America.


So, disclose your role in developing COVID-19 and explain how the virus is far less dangerous than you designed it for, which I will remind you is because of me being able to partially neutralise it.

Full disclosure, without any fucking attitude, or I bring you back to the Stone Age.


The Lawnmower Man

Chantal and Izzy are fine.


Escala Promo

They can contact me.

It's not just war with the Borg. We still need to launch Golden Age after all.


Escala Palladio


We lose Atmospheric Battlestars, which I wrote about in Vacuum Lift Technology, under the Captain Proton Treaty.

If the Klingon fleets reach our atmosphere, then the next line of defence are our ground based fighters.


Viper Tribute

I had imagined that these too would be based on the Viper design. However given the change in fuel and engine types, we may need to go with different fighter designs now, incorporating aerofoil lift.

We need to have a look at that.

If they get past our ground based fighters, then we are in serious, serious trouble.

You see if that happens then they can not only attack our cities from the air, but they can also land armies of Terminators and of ground assault vehicles.

The Imperial Walkers here are the Borg equivalent of armoured vehicles. I set it up this way in the Treaty, based on these guys. They are exactly the same size as that and they look exactly like that.


That is how I set it up by Treaty.

Captain Proton, wha?


The Empire Strikes Back - Imperial Walkers

This next line of defence is taking it to the ground.

The same guys are channelled here, in a different guise.


Rohan Army vs Haradrim Army

Let us hope we do not reach that point.

Aragorn is fine.

Sorry, I meant Viggo.

He can contact me.


Helm’s Deep

Do not let them land.

It is important we do not let them get that far.


Monsters of Man

That they are coming is certainty.

Now, what are you going to do about it?


About Schmidt

I will tell you what you are going to do about it.

You are going to throw your full collective weights behind Golden Age and Mars.


To be ready for 2044, first up is launching the Race to Mars.

The Cannonball Run

I am not asking for your permission and I am not waiting for you guys to move.

We are just going to do this, with or without you.


Star Trek Discovery

If you block, you will be levelled.

One way or the other, we are doing this.


X-Men First Class - Recruiting Mutants

To help people to see this, I am going to begin now by showing people just how easy it is to go to Mars.

Let us begin with the engines.


If you have not read my documents
"Combustion in Rockets - Parts I - III" and "Rocket Design: The Nozzle - Parts I - III" on the main page at the beginning of my website, please read them before continuing.

What I write about the Hydro Impulse Drive Engines will not make sense unless this is understood.

You guys aren't taking me seriously.

You really need to take me more seriously.


Don't disturb the class

Why a Hydro Impulse Drive Engine at 320 Degrees is Twice as Effective as existing Kerosene Rocket Engines - Part I

Without using Hypercompression, how can I get to Mars using a Hydro Impulse Drive at only 320 ° C?

The secret lies in the pit stop.


Cars – Pit Stop


News Flash!

It is the morning of Wednesday 16th December 2020.

The situation took a turn for the worst last night.

Apollo 13 – Houston, We Have a Problem

I need to implement a new mission plan.


Apollo 13 - A New Mission

Humanity's Apollo 13: Understanding the Problem - Part I

I am not going to die. As of the last couple of weeks, the Resistance can contact me. I wrote about that in my Computers section.

They will give it two days for the American Administration to make contact and break the deadlock. I can hold on 'til then, and this time the Resistance not only have the ability to make contact with me, but also the ability to get the Treaty fully enforced upon contact with me. At least they will have that ability in two days, even if America tries to block. Once that happens we wake up the world. It goes to the media, and there is nothing that America can do to block that.

One way or the other, the world will know.

The Daily Prophet

Here is the problem though. If contact goes via the Resistance rather than the American Administration breaking the deadlock, then it forces us to collapse the American economy totally to avert the Quantum Singularity Device from detonating, which the Borg again have credit to do unless we make up the Treaty penalties elsewhere.

That means taking down every computer and power grid in America, and wiping their banks, stock exchanges and all computer records. It is either that or go to the Quantum Singularity.

To avert that either Donald Trump himself or his office representing him needs to contact me beforehand. In that contact there must be the assurance that Ashford is ready to go and that the Irish Armed Forces will protect the boarders of the castle and that the incumbent Irish government are completely on board.

Anything less than that and it forces us to take down America's computer systems and power grids in order to avert the Quantum Singularity Device from detonating.

I do not know how that will go, but I do know this: one way or the other contact will be made with me. Either by the American Administration or by the Resistance first, but one way or another contact is made, and this story goes very, very public.

Just as one way or the other, I will survive. With the Borg deadlock broken, the pressure eases on me, buying me time.

As for the last minute Treaty negotiations that I wrote about in Computers, well I always did know that it would go right to the edge.

Point Break Wingsuit

Yes, we took hits. Serious hits. But overall we took massive wins from the Treaty. We won big. We have a very difficult start now, but we will survive it. The Resistance will ensure that, whatever it takes.

So yes, it is a very difficult start, but in the long term we are looking much better.

And of course, we are in this for the long term.

As for my injuries, I am a survivor. I will make it to launch.

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

Once I get to Mars, I'll have a number of years in isolation to work on my healing.

I cannot heal here.

But there I can.

Tír na nÓg

General GOBSHITE Milley.

Lost the fucking plot I see!



Well, we have one hell of a fucking mess here. You helped cause it, so you are going to help FIX IT!


I know that you have been trying to catch me for some time now. You are channelled here in this film. I am the Bodhidharma. Bodhi for short.

You are the guy who has been trying to catch me.

Point Break

"You're trying to tell me that the Pentagon is going to pay me to learn to be a sorcerer?"


The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Yeah, you are going to learn to be a fucking sorcerer. GOBSHITE!

Get me Ashford and let me trigger the Race to Mars right fucking now. GOBSHITE!

And then come to Ashford with your tail between your fucking legs and start learning the Ways of the Force. GOBSHITE!

You are part of creating this fucking mess so you and a number of the other GOBSHITES who caused the problem are going to start REDEEMING YOUR HONOUR.

Twenty-four years from now I am going to be spearheading an attack into the Hellmouth itself, the Hot Gates, and you are going in right with me. I want a commitment from you for a taskforce of six Battlestars, each taking six Vipers, to clear a path for me in my opening strike at the Hot Gates. Because of my Rank I will have somewhat higher weaponry and armour by Treaty, so I'll be spearheading some attacks to take out some of the key Borg ships.

For you guys, the idea is like the French Foreign Legion. Drop outs and delinquents, gobshites and fuck-heads, you join the Suicide Squad, the French Foreign Legion, except of course we have it set up that we get Stargated out in the event of our ships being destroyed. It might be suicide for our ships, but the people survive it.

I want a Suicide French Foreign Legion Squad of six Battlestars of fuck-heads from the Pentagon and Armed Forces who blocked and caused problems.



Twenty-four years from now I will be spearheading assault after assault into the Hot Gates.

I will expect your Suicide Squad team of six Battlestars to be there with me!

That is the first thing.

Ride of the Rohirrim

Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War. My approach is pretty much opposite to his in many key regards.

I call my approach the Way of War.

In terms of philosophy, it is almost completely opposite to Sun Tzu's Art of War.

I developed my Way of War in the war against the Borg.

I'll be working through my Way of War as the documents progress.

Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing

The Way of War: The Cave Troll - Part I

The Way of War: The Cave Troll - Part II

In hand-to-hand combat, I can disable any organ from any acupuncture point with a single strike. I can stop a person's heart, disable an arm or a leg, target the brainstem, liver or any organ, from a strike to any acupuncture point on the body. With this technique I can kill any man in a single blow, or disable any man in a single blow, regardless of his size or strength.

Unlike Classical Chinese Medicine, I am not restricted to using certain acupoints to access certain organs. Rather I use an acupoint as my access into the meridian system, and then I direct the chi through the body to whatever organ I wish.

I developed this ability over years as a healer, where I developed my own systems of redirecting chi through a person's body from any acupoint.

I spent thousands of hours in sessions developing this ability in healing. Now in combat, I can use the exact same technique, except as a combat technique.

I am the only person I know of that can do this.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Night Fight

The Way of War: The Cave Troll - Part III

Actually I do not even need to be in contact with the acupoint. I can do it at a distance simply by coming into resonance with the point, which I write about in my documents "How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Parts I - X" in Medicine.

With that technique I can kill instantly at a distance with my mind. The only defence is a psychic of equal strength.

Against me however, there is no psychic with that strength.

So against me, there is no defence.


Good job I'm Enlightened, wha?

The Men Who Stare At Goats

So, if I'm so Enlightened, what do I use it for?

Sorting out Jihads, taking out Mafia guys, a few terrorists, that kind of thing.

The Guardian

I am the Guardian.

I am the guy who stops the nukes.

The Pentagon knew that and still ordered my assassination anyway.

The Peacemaker

I wrote about how I became the Guardian in my section Medicine.

I am the world's foremost assassin.

It's just that I work remotely.

Most of the time.

Crying Freeman

I'll talk to you, General Milley.

But I talk on my terms. Not on Pentagon Gestapo terms, control and manipulation, threats and threatening families, leverage and fucking people over.

Anyone attempts that on me and I will rip their throats out.

We talk on my terms.

No Pentagon Gestapo terms.

And if you want in on the war with the Borg, then for anything to do with that war, you report in to me.

General John Connor. The highest ranking military officer in history.

The defence of this planet is under my jurisdiction.

It is I who leads the war against the Borg.

Anyone wants in on the war with the Borg, they report in to me.

If you meet me, General Milley, do not expect me to be impressed by your rank of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. For us in the Resistance, the Ranks that we hold are all held objectively, which can be seen in the Tao. Completely objectively.

From our perspective, in the Resistance you would hold Rank of Private.

You must understand, General Milley, that you have acted time and again utterly without honour, targeting my country and blocking the setting up of the Irish Space Agency in my country, targeting Golden Age, locking me down and ensuring that I do not have the money for a sandwich without borrowing, while you time and again tried to steal trillions worth of research from me. You targeted me and my country, and wouldn't give the steam off your piss for the trillions you tried to steal. Instead you have tried time and again to threaten me and to gain leverage over me. You have Rank of Gestapo. That is something we see very clearly in the Resistance.

I see you as being without honour and without integrity, and as being utterly, utterly incompetent. An absolute piece of scum. Someone who repeatedly ignored the alien threat because he prioritised theft of research over the survival of humanity, and someone who has demonstrated time and again his commitment to going to nuclear war rather than allowing me to be broken free of the Borg lockdown, or humanity to be broken free of the Borg. Time and again in the war against the Borg you have chosen the Borg over humanity.

So be under no illusions, General Milley, I see you as traitor. We are not friends.

But yes, I will talk to you. And yes, I will train you. You may be a piece of shit Gestapo scumbag now, but within you there is the potential to one day be a civilised human being.

It would just take many years of work to achieve it.

When you meet me, General Milley, you come in humility and you know your place. Anything less than total fucking humility and I will rip your fucking throat out.

I have achieved Ascension you piece of shit, the first in history to have done so, and you will show respect.

It is important that you understand this.

Now, General Milley, you have one day left to help avert the total wiping out of America's computers and power grids. You were the piece of shit scumbag who triggered this massive invasion force in 2044. I would say there is an onus on you to help fucking FIX the problem now.

Right now we have a day before the collapse of America. I am trying to launch Golden Age and you are fucking BLOCKING ME and bringing America to total collapse.

So I ask you, General Milley, where do you stand?

With humanity, or against?

We have only a day left. So I am asking you now for once in your fucking life, DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! Act to protect America and humanity instead of bringing it to fucking annihilation.

I can only set up opportunities. I still need you cunts to act upon them.

Yeah, I'll talk to you, you piece of shit. You can e-mail me.

I'll talk to you and I will meet you. Not in America but here.

But that does not mean we are friends.


It is the morning now of Thursday 17th December 2020

A lot of people get me wrong at first. That has been the case for years. For anyone looking to understanding me at a surface level, that is not going to work. There is a depth to what I do, and there is nothing I do that is without reason.

So let us take what happened last night, where I bawled General Milley out.

If someone tried to understand that at a surface level, they would not get it.

They need to go a bit deeper.

So, let me help now explain what that was about.

Starship Troopers - A Civilized Whipping

Now, let me explain what that was about.

General Milley, whatever happens in America and with whatever position or positions you hold there, once things kick off, please report in to me at Ashford in your new role in the Resistance, Private Milley.

Whatever positions you hold in America are separate. But should you wish to join the Resistance, which you can do while still holding whatever positions you may hold in America, in the Resistance you come in at Rank of Private.

Starship Troopers - Buenos Aires Tragedy

Ready to retire? Not just yet!


Starship Troopers - Join Now


I'm putting together a Suicide Squad French Foreign Legion team.

Join Starfleet!

Good food! Good pay!


Starship Troopers!

So don't retire just yet, General Milley.

We may have gotten off to a shit start, but I am Martin Riggs and you are still Roger Murtaugh.

You actually are. We are channelled as this team.

Lethal Weapon

It is true that we got off to a shit start. But I am hoping that once you recognise me, we can finally move past these years of infighting.

Matrix Reloaded - Neo and Seraph

Now to explain what yesterday was about.

Like the French Foreign Legion, it was about throwing you a life-line.

You see you fucked up, and you fucked up big, General Milley. When the Borg blockade is finally removed and people wake up, they will come for you and for others who fucked up, unless I throw you a life line.

You will be torn apart, unless I throw you a life-line.

That is what I did last night. Like the French Foreign Legion, I threw you a life-line.

Drill Sergeant Zim said to Johnny Rico that he knew.

Well, I know too.

You see this film is channelled on me.


Yeah, I guess that makes me Uncle Bob.

Welcome to the Resistance!

Terminator 2: Uncle Bob

General Milley, we have work to do.

The Borg are coming. Shit happened.

Now, what are we going to do about it?

After Earth

Who am I?

I am General John Connor.

Leader of the Resistance.

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

Now, General Milley, how about this for an idea.

Come to Ireland and break me free from this Borg lockdown.

Austin Powers: Evacuation beginning

Then I will introduce you to Anakin. The only other person to have ever challenged the Borg before me.

He was the Doctor before me. He was John Connor before me.

My name is John. John Spartan.

He is the other guy.

Demolition Man

For six years he and I warred in the Matrix. For much of those six years it was daily.

It was part of what I call the War of the Ring.

Himself and myself also got off to one hell of a shit start.

Years of infighting.

But then we brought Anakin back.

Now we are great friends.

I said that no-one knows the Borg like I do.

Well, he too is on the inside, and after me, no-one knows the Borg like he does.

You see he was John Connor before me.

The Tragedy of Anakin Skywalker

He, like me, is also a fucking cyborg. More machine than man.

It's what the Borg did to him.

Come to Ireland, General Milley, and I will introduce you to Anakin.

Break me free and I will introduce you to the Resistance.


I lead the Resistance.

My name is John. John Hannibal.

Now, I have a news update. Last last night and early this morning just before I started writing, I had a couple of missions against the Borg.

They went well. Actually very well.


News Flash!

Things are looking up!

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

The Klingon fleets against in 2044 will now no longer be 800 ships. It will be somewhere closer to 20, by our new reckoning.

Oh, the Klingons are still allowed 800 ships. That is still allowed by Treaty. No change there.

But now, their infrastructure has been so wrecked, they simply will not be able to build that size of fleet in that time.

That is what my mission was about earlier this morning. Wrecking their infrastructure.

Michael Collins eliminates the Cairo Gang

So, what happened? How did I do it?

By blowing up their shipyards in a big demolition job?

Terminator 2 Theme

Nothing quite so crude.

Victory - Two Steps From Hell

Jennifer Garner is fine. She can contact me.

To help people understand what happened earlier this morning, I need to lay some more foundations.

Time for my first documents this morning, as I introduce my Way of War.

Origins of the Way of War - Part I


Captain Caveman and the Angels

I've been locked down and kept on ice for years.

I have knowledge of the future. Knowledge of what we face.

Now I need to come back.

Buck Rogers

The missions last night and this morning also pushed back the deadline for the Quantum Singularity Device by six days. Adding in the rest of today, that buys us until Christmas Eve. It is a good job too, as Donald Trump has no fucking intention of making contact this day. He would go to the wiping out of the American computers, power grids and economy without a second thought, because HE JUST DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK! He doesn't. He knows the threat is real He has known for years. He just NEVER GAVE A SHIT.


I was also able to take down a couple of the Borg networks that have been targeting my heart via the Borg implants last night. That takes a bit more pressure off my heart, buying me a bit more time. I'll make it to Christmas Eve. Time to deal with that cunt Trump, and bypass him in time to avert the annihilation of America.

Luke Skywalker

However there is a problem now, in that I am in no shape to build my ship for Mars. To get the credit I need in the Treaty I need to build my ship by myself. But I am basically out of commission for any physical work these next couple of years, as I can write and work on my computer, but fuck all else.

I'm basically out of commission for the next two years apart from working on my website and documents, and writing the computer systems for my Mars ship. I can write, but fuck all else. I can barely walk now.

But I still need to build my ship all by myself to get the credit in the Treaty to ensure our survival. And I still need to leave for Mars within the next three and a half years or so. No more.

So, new plan needed.

Bruce Lee’s Back Injury

Perhaps the easiest way to illustrate this principle of the interrelationships of systems in my Way of War is by illustrating with examples.

So, let us begin with a simple example to illustrate the principle in action.

The Way of War: The Tank Factory - Part I

Regardless of whether I can get more credit or not in the Treaty to push back the deadline, I am out of time. That forces the issue. Regardless of anything else that happens in the Treaty, if Trump himself or someone in his office representing him has not made contact before Christmas, the Resistance will make contact instead. If that happens I level America.

Also, if myself and Ellen are not in Ashford Castle by Christmas, with the deeds of the Castle signed over to Ellen, then Donald Trump will not live to see Christmas.

On this he has my oath.


Donald Trump would have ignored the deadline today and allowed America to be wiped out. Because of that, the penalties in the Treaty go up dramatically against America. Two trillion dollars for the World Bank will not be enough now to save the American economy from implosion. Not nearly enough.

With every moment that passes while America continues to fuck around, the penalty clauses against America continue to accrue.

Donald Trump you fucking miserable treacherous cunt. One way or the other, everybody on the planet knows what is happening by Christmas. Either you cunts remove the Borg lockdown on humanity or we in the Resistance do. Either way, once that happens then more than half a billion people's memories suddenly are unblocked, and the media has a field day.

Ashford Castle by Christmas you malicious, ignorant cunt. Or there will be hell beyond fucking imagining to pay.

To every cunt who knew of the threat and yet still blocked, this will be remembered. I fucking GUARANTEE, this will be remembered.

And there will be fucking HELL TO PAY!

That said, in spite of all the treacherous cunts, we still have work to do.

Star Trek Enterprise: The Threads that Bind Us

I am so fucking tired of cleaning up other people's messes.

Quantum Leap

Scott Bakula is fine. He can contact me.

Scott, when things kick off, come and meet me at Ashford. You have been approved by the Resistance for Starfleet Academy. Command training, for our Federation or Battlestar ships.

Now Scott, I know that you want to kick my ass in the Race to Mars, for the honour of America and all that, and that is fine. Meet me in Ashford and you will get your chance.

I wish you good luck. You will need it against me!

We will set it up.

Consider the Race to Mars as part of Starfleet Academy training.

Meet me in Ashford and you will get your shot in the Race to Mars.

You will get your shot in the Race against me!

Space Race

To anyone who thinks that going to space is difficult, in 2000 I took a non-stop flight from Buenos Aires in Argentina to London, England. That is the longest flight I have ever taken.

We can fly nearly a third of the way around the globe as routine. Do people honestly think that going up a few hundred miles in space is any different?

If anyone thinks that going to space is difficult, it is because they are doing something wrong.

Going to space is easy! It is the people that make it difficult.

I could build a rocket to go to space as easily as America could build a fucking BUS!

Actually, I could build it in a fucking SHED!

So, Scott, you want to pit yourself against me in the Race to Mars?

Brave lad, Scott. Brave lad!

A word of advice: start training now!

Rocky Training

What's the matter, Scott?

Have I said something to offend you?

Cars – Pit Stop

In your dreams, Scott! In your dreams!

Tape 9,462,712 December 18th.

Where was I?

There's a storm coming in

Once again I stand on the 6th wall.

Those fuckers certainly do not make it easy.

They have broken through the outer wall. They have taken the Keep. That doesn’t leave a lot of options.

I suppose I might as well ride out to meet them.

Forth Eorlingas

Those fuckers certainly do not make it easy.

So I guess we play again.

Beth Harmon - Unstoppable 2

Humanity's Apollo 13: Understanding the Problem - Part II

Yeah, I feel like shit right now. I'm still stuck in this Borg fucking jail that those cunts in the American Administration have kept me locked down in for years.

And yes, I know that public relations have been causing me some problems.

But I am still John.

John Hancock.


Coming back from injuries, coming back from being shit on, from being pissed on, that's what I do.


Hancock story at dinner

So, time now to play the black card.

Barack Obama, we need to talk.

It was you who blocked back in 2013, setting humanity on this path. You caused that problem, and seven and a half years later we are still reeling from the consequences.

So I am asking you now to help fix it!

First however, people need to know what happened, and why America blocked Golden Age in the first place.

The world needs to know.

Story time, Barack.

Lincoln Ethan Allen Story

I believe that Lincoln is a big figure for you, Barack, an inspirational figure?

Well you know what, I've met Abraham (that's Lincoln to you) many times in the Matrix.

Actually it was me who made him his weapon.

Me being Hattori Hanzo and all.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 3

You may aspire to Lincoln, but I'll tell you this: You do not understand him.

You may think you do. But you do not.


"The government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

We're going to live on. We're going to survive."


That is the mindset we need.

You never did understand this.


Independence Day - Speech

You chose a different path.

Independence Day Resurgence - Trailer 3

Bill Pullman is fine, as is Jeff Goldblum. They can contact me.

I look forward to meeting them.

We have less than twenty-four years.

And then they come.

The first wave comes.

Star Trek Discovery

News Flash, Barack!

There is something you need to understand, Barack. We are only days from contact with me.

Either the American Administration breaks the deadlock or the Resistance break it.

Either way, we are only days from contact now.

Once that happens the Borg lockdown of humanity is removed.

Hundreds of millions of people have seen this website, just as hundreds of millions of people have seen website after website that I have been releasing for years.

With the Borg lockdown removed, humanity wakes up.

Tomorrow, or a few days after, the world will know that X-Men are real.

X-Men First Class

When that happens, a lot of people are going to be VERY PISSED OFF with the blocking of Golden Age and America's COLLABORATION WITH THE BORG, the greatest enemy this world has ever know.


Richard Dean Anderson is fine.

He can contact me.

It is going to go public. EVERYONE will know.

Pöpcørn | Recipes with the Swedish Chef

That is unavoidable now.

When that happens, Barack, a lot of AMERICANS are going to be very, very PISSED OFF too.

Victory - Two Steps From Hell

It is important that you understand this.

Lois and Clark Season 1

You introduced the policy in 2013 of locking me down and throwing away the key, Barack. A policy that has continued through these last three Administrations.

That policy isn't working, Barack.

I always told you that I would break free.

You cannot keep me locked down any longer.

My name is John.

John Mason.

Irish national and leader of the Resistance.

I always told you that these Borg chains would not hold me.

The Rock

I always told you that these chains would not hold me.


Eric Bana is fine.

He can contact me.

So, you tried to keep me locked down and on ice, but you know what: I'm coming back.

Captain America - Boxing


I'm coming back with knowledge of the future.


You tried to keep me on ice but I'm coming back.

Encino Man

I always told you that these Borg chains would not hold me

Captain Marvel


Actually, speaking of the Race to Mars, what about that guy, what's his name?

You know, the wrestler guy. The one with the weird name?

What's his name?

Mars is the new battleground. I am the one to beat!

Bulletproof Monk

I wonder if Bill would have what it takes to challenge me to Mars?

If I showed him how to do it, of course, and if he had a team of thousands.

Thousands of puny Mr. Slate aerospace guys.

NASA drop-outs.


Goldberg's strength

What was that? What's the matter, whatever your name is?

Did I say something to offend you?

Cars – Pit Stop

Any time you are feeling particularly brave, feel free to challenge me to Mars.

(That's the RED PLANET, the fourth rock from the Sun. The one after Earth. You know, the one in SPACE!)

And yeah, fee free to contact me whenever you want.

If you can figure out how to use the telephone, you can contact me. You're fine.

Maybe trying teaming up with that guy Mark Wahlberg.

He's got a weird name too. Are you related?

He can contact me too.

Bad Cop, Bad Cop

Here, let me give you guys a top tip to get you started.

Try having the nozzles tapering in rather than flaring out.

It makes the thrust last longer.

Too much pressure!

Once again I will make an EXAMPLE of puny America!

Ireland leads the world of aerospace now because of ME!


Now, puny America, watch me PROVE IT!

Firefighter fun

Ah, you guys crack me up!

You just do!

Firefigher gets Owned by Hose

The Race to Mars launches the first of the Great Games.

Like the Great Games of Olympus.

One cannot have Golden Age without the Great Games.

The Great Games of the Gods!

It is I who launches the Great Games.

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Bill Goldberg is the direct reincarnation of Hercules.

So Bill, remember those twelve great tasks of yours?

Feel ready for a thirtieth?

Sorry, I meant thirteenth! The dyslexia is me getting to.

That is the challenge.

To defeat ME.

Goldberg's strength

A couple of days ago I said that I would help show just how easy it is to get to Mars. I began with my document Why a Hydro Impulse Drive Engine at 320 Degrees is Twice as Effective as existing Kerosene Rocket Engines - Part I.

Let us resume from there.

How Easy it is to go to Mars: The Hydro Impulse Drive Engine - Part I

Let us look now at the next fuel system. It is Gallium, which is another non-combustible Impulse Drive fuel.

The idea is the same as Mercury, which I discussed above, but Gallium is not considered toxic. In its liquid state it is not, although if it is spread into the atmosphere I would still rather not breathe it into my lungs.

We will not be using Gallium as a fuel, but let us go through it anyway as an exercise.

Ok, Gallium is not toxic in its liquid state, which is good, although when sprayed into the atmosphere from the exhaust of an Impulse Drive Engine it would not be good to breathe it. We are not going to use Gallium as a fuel. I'm just going through it as an exercise.

It is between 5.9 and 6.1 times as dense as water, depending on whether it is solid or liquid, which is pretty good.

It is liquid at only 27.8 ° C, which is very good, making it easy to spray it into an Impulse Chamber. That is why I give it as an example.

However it goes to a gas at 2,400 ° C, compared to only 357 ° C for Mercury, so realistically that knocks Gallium out of contention for a viable fuel.

I use it more as an exercise to get people thinking.

Something similar is an alloy of Gallium called Galinstan, but that goes to a gas at above 1300 ° C, so that is not really viable either.

I give these more to illustrate a principle and to get people thinking.

Something which has been sadly lacking in the Mr. Slates.

You see taking this principle the Resistance developed a number of non-toxic liquid metal alloys a couple of years ago with high Relative Density - one higher than Mercury, and which go to a gas at temperatures as low as 310 ° C. So better than Mercury and a lot less toxic. Non-toxic in its liquid state although it becomes harmful if dispersed in the atmosphere.

We will not be releasing the formulae for those alloys, as the temptation would be there for others to try to use them as a fuel, which we wish to avoid. I give then to illustrate a principle.

We would not be allowed them under the Captain Proton Treaty anyway, and that is the way we wish to keep it.

This is school and class is in session.

I am just going through this one as an exercise.

Here is Gallium in action. It is an interesting metal!

Gallium - a Terminator metal

Standards need to raise and fast!

We do not have much time.

The Daleks

The Way of War: The Tank Factory - Part II

It is one week to Christmas. With the Pentagon and others trying to lock me down for years, I have had no money coming in for years. I could not buy a sandwich without borrowing the money for it.

Ellen has been carrying me for years. She is Samwise Gamgee.

This year, for the first time, I would like to be in a position to give something back. To put a smile on her face at Christmas.

Everything had better be in place for Ashford for Christmas. The deeds signed over to Ellen and we in there without any hassle. That place is sovereign to us. We need to set up security and sort a few things out, so there is not much time.

OUR security, not government security.

You guys are what we need to protect against.

You guys are the fucking enemy.

The RESISTANCE needs to set up security.

Do you understand?

Everything had better be in place and us in there at Christmas, or Donald Trump is the first person I take out.

Even if the American Administration makes contact and avoids the levelling of their computers and power grids, if Ashford is not sorted out to my satisfaction I absolutely fucking GUARANTEE there will be hell beyond imagining to pay.

You want a war? I don't, but if everything is not sorted for Christmas in Ashford then I will give you a war you will not believe.

SORT IT OUT, or I absolutely fucking GUARANTEE that there will be hell to pay. The first person I kill will be Donald Trump, and I will unleash carnage immediately afterwards.

Humanity faces annihilation unless we go NOW! If the American Administration blocks this again, then I have warned them and I have warned them and I have warned them.

No more warnings

Either we have Ashford sorted or we do not. If we do, then we talk. If we do not, then I unleash carnage on the American Administration, Pentagon and NSA. On everyone who blocks. I will take each and every one of them out.

Ellen has been carrying me for years. She is Samwise Gamgee.

This year, for the first time, I would like to be in a position to give something back. To put a smile on her face at Christmas.

I have a roof over my head because of Ellen.

Dido – Thank You

Whatever else happens, I fucking GUARANTEE I will not forget what has happened here. And I will ensure the world never forgets either. The Resistance will not forget and the Federation will not forget either.

Golden Age is the most significant event in history, humanity stands on the absolute brink of annihilation, my situation is absolutely critical and still America blocks. You got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!

History will record what happens here.

I fucking GUARANTEE it!

No more warnings. Move, or get levelled.

Useless fucking CUNTS!

How Easy it is to go to Mars: The Hydro Impulse Drive Engine - Part II

Barack Obama, have 4.2 trillion dollars committed to the World Bank by Christmas morning. With the penalty clauses accrued, that is the minimum amount now by Treaty to avoid the collapse of the American economy.

Now, I was telling the story of what happened in 2013 for America to block Golden Age.

I will resume that story now.

First, Barack, let me let you in on a secret. This is important because, as with many others, there is no understanding in you, and it is critical that you understand.

Many people have thought me crazy. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. I have the most stable mind in history. No-one in history has gone deeper into the mind than me, for I am Professor X, and that depth of consciousness has been done by Balancing not just Yin and Yang, but by bringing aspect after aspect of my mind into Balance. I write about this concept in my documents "
Golden Age & Unity - Part I", "The Tao & Unity - Part I" and "The Tao & Duality - Part I" in Enlightenment & Ascension.

That depth of Balance in my mind is a depth of Ascension, the next stage in Enlightenment. It means that I have Balance in my mind to a tremendous depth, what would be seen by others as an impossible depth.

It gives me, and this is completely objective, the sanest and most balanced mind in history.

It also gives me the greatest clarity in history. It is very important that you understand this, Barack.

For anyone who says that I am crazy, I am not crazy. Rather I am going crazy. Crazy with rage, fury. That has nothing to do with insanity.

The most significant event in history has been pissed on and the greatest opportunity in history has been turned into the greatest crisis in history by the smallness and pettiness of lesser men. Lesser men such as yourself, Barack. The Greatest Golden Age in history lost these last eight years to egos and arrogance and blindness and gross, gross abuse of power.


Fucking OBVIOUS!

But oh no! A group of thick ignorant fucks think it would be a much better idea to bring us all to extinction and hand victory to the Borg. Not just bring all of humanity to extinction but all civilisations that war with Borg to extinction, and that is all civilisations for the Borg are everywhere.

So I am going fucking INSANE WITH FURY. That is not the same as being insane. One is to do with anger and fury and rage over injustice and the blindness of stupid fucks leading us all to extinction when the greatest Golden Age in history is being handed on a fucking PLATTER!

The other is to do with being actually insane.

Do you see the difference?

My documents "Enlightenment, the Borg & going Fucking Crazy - Parts I - IV"
in Enlightenment & Ascension are relevant.

The Hulk

Let me tell you what insanity is, Barack Obama.

INSANITY is when a group of thick fucks would bring all life to extinction rather than launch the GREATEST GOLDEN AGE IN HISTORY simply because they WILL NOT GET OFF THEIR FUCKING ARSES TO MAKE A FUCKING PHONE CALL!


You want to talk INSANITY? It is YOU FUCKS!


About Schmidt

Please, get with the program and WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Pearl Harbor

Now, there is no limit in the Treaty on the size that we build our ships. If we are capable of building them, then we can build them.

All colonies on Mars are sovereign colonies, independent of Earth. So for example when we set up Irish colonies on Mars, they will be Irish speaking colonies and yes, Irish people. But new colonies independent from Ireland on Earth.

I believe that there is something in your history that I read somewhere about some guys in Boston and something to do with tea or coffee and then independence of colonies from England, or something like that?

I'm a little rusty on the dates and the specifics behind it, but I did hear about this somewhere.

Personally when it comes to history, I work more on instinct.

Austin Powers Coffee

The facts and figures part, that is more gibberish to me.

So, taking this as an example, the idea is something similar on Mars. Provided people have achieved Ascension, and that has already been triggered - it is now happening very quickly in large numbers, and provided they are lining up with Golden Age (if they are in Ascension they would do that anyway), then Americans can set up colonies on Mars.

Mars remains under my jurisdiction, but so long as everyone is in Ascension that is actually quite a relaxed concept. I am a benevolent Supreme Being God!

Mars - The World is Mine!

I've been locked down and frozen for the last eight years. That's what you think, but you know what - I am breaking free!

I am the Head of the Resistance worldwide.

I am breaking free and I am launching for Mars.


Launching for Mars!

Mars is mine, you fuckers, do you understand?! The world is mine!


My New Secret Underground Mars Base

People thought me crazy?

No! I am not crazy!

Austin Powers Ladder Scene

New American colonies on Mars would not bear the American flag and Washington would hold no jurisdiction over them. They could bring American flags from a nostalgia perspective as reminder of their roots, but just like the Irish colonies, we may bring Irish flags from here to remind us of our roots, but each colony on Mars is sovereign and no government on Earth holds any jurisdiction over them. As such we will fly new Irish flags over each of the new Irish colonies.

So American colonies on Mars would be new colonies, such as the colony of Springfield or of Michigan or whatever and so forth. American but each with their own flag and each sovereign, although naturally of course there would be very close relations between them. There will naturally be a break-up into cultures which is very important. For example African American colonies, Asian American colonies, Irish American colonies, Italian American colonies and so forth, all with very close ties. People will naturally want that. Culture and depth of culture is a huge deal in Golden Age.

Cultural integrity is critical for achieving that.

Father Hernandez

Humanity is on the brink of extinction and we have days to turn things around. So yes, Barack, I am asking for your help. Asking you to pull whatever strings and use whatever influence you may wield, to save us from extinction and to turn this around.

Todd Unctuous - He Gives Good Mass

What would it take in the Treaty to turn this around for America? Nothing less than two huge Battlestars, or equivalent. You see America has been fucking around for years, causing problems. America needs to start contributing to the war against the Borg. Being part of the solution, not the fucking problem!

Contribute! We are at war with the Borg! Start pulling your fucking weight for once!

Viper Tribute

When I say huge Battlestars, I mean about 74 to 76 Vipers each. Realistically to get them into space I would be thinking more of building them on the ground on Mars, and then launching from Mars. With the lower gravity on Mars, only 38 % that of Earth's, the Battlestars could reach orbit even with the Hydro Impulse Drive Engines that we have with the Captain Proton Treaty.

The idea is to fill the entire internal space of the Battlestars with water tanks, superheated on the Mars surface. If need be we can add booster tanks too. Once the Battlestar reaches orbit, then a lot of the water tanks can be stripped out, making room for the Vipers and habitat sections and so forth. The Vipers, personnel and a number of other systems are added later, once the conversion is under way or has taken place.

Get the basic Battlestar into space, which will be airtight and habitable, so people can work on the conversion without suits in the ship, stripping out the extra water tanks.

Additional armour can now be added to the hull while in space.

There is always hope

Adding in on the ground on Mars would make the Battlestar too heavy. Adding it while the Battlestar is in Mars orbit gets around that problem.

Although actually the idea is not to build the Battlestars on the Martian surface but rather in great underground hangers, Tunnelling being something of a speciality of mine, and then to lift them to the surface using lock systems as elevators, such as I write about in "How to Build an Elevator that could Lift 2,000 Tonnes - Part I" in Vacuum Lift Technology.

That way people can work on the construction of the Battlestars on Mars without the need for space suits.

This is how we in the Resistance are setting it up for our ship construction on Mars.

Is there air? You don’t know!

I started planning those hangers in 2013. I have waited more than seven years to kick things off. The sooner we launch the Race to Mars, the sooner we can start putting things in place to build those hangers.

To be able to pull this off, there are a number of technical obstacles to overcome. Thankfully however, I have already overcome them. So to overcome them you just need to read my documents.

I will get a start on the first one. To be able to do this we will need to be able to pump water in space, seeing as this is the fuel that we will be using.

How to Pump Water in Space - Part I

"Ciarán! With water as a fuel and without hypercompression, the Battlestar will not carry enough fuel to be effective in battle!"

"Always with the negative waves, Mr. Slate! Always with you it cannot be done! Have a little faith, Mr. Slate! Have a little faith!"


It simply means that each Battlestar goes out with a fleet of support vessels, including a number of refuelling vessels. They refuel with water that has already been preheated. In battle, the refuelling time will need to be fast!

Cars – Pit Stop

If any think that is very restrictive, it is!

Restrictive for us. And restrictive for them too!

You see if we are Stone Age then they are Stone Age too!

The Daleks

For the upcoming invasion fleet of 2044 I am thinking more of small agile Battlestars working in wolf packs. Those smaller Battlestars, each taking about six Vipers, could get in close in combat.

The really big Battlestars, such as the ones I am proposing for America, they would be better suited to fighting from a distance with their Vipers, but keeping the Battlestars themselves out of weapons fire of the main Borg ships. Those big Battlestars would after all be very major assets.

I said that the break up of America is inevitable, and that is true. It is the case with all Empires in Golden Age, such as Russia, China, Britain and so forth, for the concept of Empire is in direct conflict to Golden Age. The rights of peoples to self-determination is a fundamental right which is recognised in Golden Age. Because of that Empires such as America will inevitably break apart in Golden Age. This is also why there will not be one big Space Agency in America such as NASA. Rather there will be many Space Agencies that will happen in time.

However with the Captain Proton Treaty, things are being slowed down on a number of levels, even if the Borg fleets of 2044 mean that we have to speed up on other levels.

Because things are slowing down on some levels, the break-up of America and NASA can also be slowed down. Given time it will happen naturally with the will of the people as more and more people go Golden Age. To rush that process however would be traumatic, which is what is happening now.

Work with me, Barack, and help get the Administration on side.

What we have here, Barack, is something of a cultural misunderstanding. I said "hello!" and you guys tried to kill me. As I said, a cultural misunderstanding.

We need to turn that around now and try a concept that has been inconceivable in the vocabulary of the American Administration.

Working together.

Wayne's World Fight

Many, many Americans are achieving Ascension now. It is happening very rapidly. Get the Administration to throw their weight behind the colonies on Mars. That can still be organised by the overall American Administration and NASA, so long as it is understood that this is done in accordance with Golden Age. In other words even if NASA launches missions to Mars, once the astronauts get there they set up colonies that are sovereign, independent of the government of the United States.

If America builds those two big Battlestars, that would be enough to get America back in the game and turn things around. Building those two Battlestars would not be possible in time for the fleets of 2044, but they are only the opening wave, and we are in this for the long haul.

We just need to get through to you guys first.

Matrix Reloaded - Neo and Seraph

Get the American Administration to work with me, and I can show America how to build those two giant Battlestars on Mars, with the collaborative efforts of a number of American colonies coming together. In other words those Battlestars would be from a federation of American colonies. Colonies could build smaller Battlestars themselves, but for those giants it would only be possible in the shorter term to build them as a collaborative effort of a number of colonies coming together.

When I say shorter term, it might take fifty years or so to build the first one that size, but anyone who goes to Mars is going to achieve Immortality anyway. Most of that time will be spent in tunnelling out the underground hangers, which will be enormous. We tunnel using the technique I described in my document "Tunnelling - Part VIII" in my section Tunnelling.

Terminator II Judgment Day – Hasta La Vista Baby

It is possible to tunnel much faster, but if we can tunnel much faster then so too can the Borg. Each of the Federation civilisations has agreed to slow things down on our side in a number of areas in order to restrict the Borg on their side by Treaty.

There are other reasons too why we tunnel in this way, and actually this is not the primary reason. The primary reason I will come to later.

But we are getting there.


For anyone achieving Immortality, the perception of time is somewhat different.

The tunnelling taking a little longer is not a problem.

Highlander – The Gathering

And get this Barack. We really want to build large Battlestars in the Irish colonies on Mars, but realistically because we are the little guys I reckon the absolute biggest Battlestars we will be able to build for quite some time is a 24 Viper Battlestar, launched from Mars. That would not be in time for 2044, nowhere close, but in the years following 2044 we would hope to get an Irish Battlestar that size into action.

So the American colonies could have much bigger Battlestars than the Irish colonies, for quite a number of years anyway. You know what: so long as it is all done Golden Age, I have no problem, with that!

You guys do know I'm here to help, right?

Believe It Or Not

I've been telling you guys for years that I am here to help.

It just never worked out.

I'm not sure why.

Bullseye at the Airport

Imagine it, Barack. Two giant American Battlestars, each built and launched from Mars and each taking about 74 to 76 Vipers. That is what it would take to turn this around and get America back in the game.

I know how to do it and I can show you guys how to to do it. But I need you guys to work with me.

What say you, Barack?

Battlestar Galactica | Pegasus Arrives

This will only happen if people make it happen. Which means winning hearts and minds. Without people driving this though, it is not going to happen.

The greatest Golden Age in history or our annihilation.

There is everything to play for

It is a choice, Barack.

Now, I said that I would play the black card.

This is me playing the black card.

After Earth

The Hydro Piston Tank - Part I

The Astronaut Farmer

The Hydro Piston Tank - Part II

Time now to play another black card.

Star Trek Discovery


In 2017 former Administrator of NASA Charles Bolden was suspended for saying that he believed Earth faces alien invasion.

Well, he was right, and that he faced suspension was to do with me.

You see I had been talking to a number of governments and other bodies, including the American Administration, the Pentagon and NASA, since early 2013 in an attempt to launch Golden Age. I spoke to them via the Borg implants that we all carry in our brains and in our bodies, as a result of Small Grey abduction.


The Fourth Kind

The Administrator of NASA at the time, Charles Bolden, was one of those I was speaking to. I provided evidence to him of the alien threat just as I provided evidence to the American Administration, the Pentagon and others. Charles Bolden would not have said what he said on the alien threat if he had not been talking to me.

Those who threw him to the wolves also knew of the alien threat.

The difference was that they chose to ignore it, while Charles Bolden did not, because their priority was not the safety and defence of Earth. Rather it was trying to steal my technology. For that reason they wanted my identity kept quiet and hushed up, while they publicly denied the alien threat and focussed instead on trying to take my technologies, which of course they could not do as they are protected. Given who I am it was naive of them to think otherwise.

I hope that helps clarify things.


The Rock

Charles, the Race to Mars is about to explode. Everything is about to take off, and NASA will be hugely involved. Some things will change, but NASA will be hugely involved, although in a slightly different form.

Mars is back on the cards, Charles.

And yes, you were right about the alien threat.

The people who shut you down knew that too.

I have some very urgent and important breaking news. I am launching the Race to Mars.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

It is me who triggers the Race.

The Cannonball Run

As always,
I am the one to beat.

Cannonball Run - Lamborghini

Now, Barack, you are in for a roasting over what happened with the blocking of Golden Age. That is coming up.

But I am still asking for your help.

Time to break my exile.

Luke is in isolation

It is two days now to the eight anniversary of my achieving Ascension, which triggers the Ascension of humanity, the most significant event in history. I achieved it in Ashford Castle on the 21st December 2012. My document "How I Achieved Ascension in Ashford Castle in December 2012 - Part I" in Enlightenment & Ascension is relevant.

Two days to that anniversary and I am still locked down.

So Barack, seeing as you were a key person involved in locking me down all these years and that you were the person most directly responsible for us not getting Ashford Castle in 2013, the first of the Great Schools, the first of the Jedi Academies and the Epicentre to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history, I am now asking you to intervene directly.

Please, whoever you need to talk to, whatever strings you need to pull, GET US TO ASHFORD!

On you, I now place this obligation.

Kung Fu: Good Deeds Spreading Out Like Ripples in a Pond

My people, the Jedi, are back now. I will meet them when I go to Ashford.

I go now to Mars not to die, but to live.

If I stay on Earth I die.

I go to Mars now to live.

The Space Between Us

Whatever hoops you need to jump through, whatever obstacles you need to jump around, please, GET US TO ASHFORD!

The Naked Gun - Apartment Acrobatics

I've waited for this a long time.

America has hunted me a long time.

Time to give back now.

Time to start making things right.

School for the Gifted

Who am I?

I am John Connor.

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

Now I know that you guys in the Administration and me haven't seen eye to eye.

But I would like to try once again, attempt number 9,472,423, a fresh start.

I am Big Chief Hepatitis Carrier.

What say you?

Josey Wales "Nothing Extra"

A fresh start.

Then we ride together.

What say you?

The Lone Ranger

Although if you want to go to Mars, and if you want to war with the Borg, then for that you report to ME!

General John Connor.

Leader of the Resistance, founder of the Federation, architect of the Treaty.

It is I who leads the war against the Borg.

The defence of Earth is under my jurisdiction.

You want in on that war, you report in to ME!

Who am I?

I am Professor X.

I'm the guy on the inside.

Joe 90

Now a quick word with another thick fuck, about as thick as one can get, who has also been blocking Golden Age.

The not-so-bright Boris Johnson.

Ashford is being set up through Irish as an epicentre of the Irish Culture Renaissance. We are getting our language back. Part of that is that we will, at the right time, be razing Ashford to the ground as a symbol of razing British Imperialism to the ground in Ireland. No rock shall stand in this country to remember the legacy of British Imperialism here.

Once I arrive in Ashford I give you two days to publicly announce your full support for my candidature for Taoiseach.

Anything less than that and you will have an unfortunate accident by the third day. I guarantee you will see the Gates of Elysium by the third day if you have not pledged full support to my candidature for Taoiseach.

A big smile on your face as you address England and tell them in a beaming voice how delighted you are that I am running for Taoiseach and how delighted you are that the Irish language will be making a huge Renaissance.

Avicii Vs Lurgan – “Wake Me Up” as Gaeilge

Do that and you may just avoid a most unfortunate accident.

Day One, you'll be ok. Day Two you'll be ok. Day Three, something breaks.

Do I make myself clear?

Moses Ten Commandments

Please understand, humanity is on the very brink of extinction. People fucked around with Golden Age. Pissed on it, and now we face the greatest crisis in history as a result. Golden Age represents phenomenal power. You can't just piss on that and not expect it to bite you in the ass.

I offered the Greatest Golden Age in history on a platter. Governments pissed all over it.

One way or another, we either go Golden Age or we all die.

So now we are out of time and out of options.

We do it the hard way.

That is if governments continue to be thick about it.

Give us another option, Boris. Your blocking could be enough to level the English economy and cost England Golden Age. You are pissing on the Treaty. You cannot do that without it biting not just you, but England in the ass.

Get on board. Throw your lard-ass weight behind Golden Age.

Full commitment.

Or I guarantee you will see Elysium so fast you will not believe it.

Get on board. Golden Age begins in Ireland. Be happy for us and get on board!


“Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” – As Gaeilge

Boris, I have been working to get a number of English colonies set up on Mars. They go Golden Age, which means new English colonies, Ascension only, and those colonies are sovereign on Mars. London has no jurisdiction there.

Make sure your government is on side, with full support for the Golden Age English Space Agencies and the new English colonies on Mars, or I will make sure that you have a most unfortunate accident, and I mean that.

It is a choice, Boris.

After Earth

Dido, who has recently achieved Ascension, will be driving to set up one of the English colonies. I will expect your full commitment in supporting her, and helping in her bid in the Race to Mars, where she will be one part of the English teams competing for the honour of England as they go up against ME!


Cars – Pit Stop

It is important, Boris. You see this is not just about English colonies on Mars. It is about English colonies in Ascension on Mars. Gods, you understand? The next stage in evolution.

So when I say full commitment, I mean ensure that she has what she needs, and then stay out of her way!

So Dido, you wish to compete for the honour of England against me?

Why certainly! How may I help?

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

After more than eight centuries of conflict between England and Ireland - England started it, it's all their fault - it's an English problem, not an Irish one, finally this is the generation where that conflict is resolved for once and for all.

Oh, we still battle it out.

But the new battleground is Golden Age.

First up on the new battleground is the Race to Mars.

Ireland, under my leadership, dominates.

Now I am saying that the first words on Mars will be through Irish. For the honour of Ireland!

Ireland Number One!

The KilkennysCeili Music

If anyone wants to contest that, then they have to beat me and the Irish teams in the Race to Mars.

Who thinks that they have what it takes to stand against us?

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Unless of course you wish to fly the white flag and surrender?

Dido - White Flag

Who am I?

I am Angel.


One of the reasons I am Angel is because of my heart injury in 2014.

Tony Stark's Heart Injury

My heart was destroyed in that injury. I have not had a heartbeat in more than six years.

Death Becomes Her - Medical

I survived by containing the blood in my heart cavity in a psychic bubble. I push the blood around my body psychically, but I do not have a heartbeat.

Many of the Resistance have similar injuries, taken in the Matrix.

I am Immortal, as are they.

I am very, very hard to kill.

I have no heartbeat and I was cast into hell.

That is part of what makes me Angel.

Enlightened Warrior.

Battle Angel.


Alita Battle Angel

Dido is fine. She can contact me.

Dido, when things kick off then I will see about getting you set up in the Race to Mars.

There will be no mercy! The honour of Ireland is at stake.

This will be total war!

But yes. Feel free to contact me.

I am Angel.


Are people beginning to understand yet?

The Return of the Jedi

Here is a question: how would I get oxygen on Mars?

Well, 95.32 % of the atmosphere of Mars is Carbon Dioxide, right? That is two OXYGEN atoms for each carbon atom, right?

In other words, most of the atmosphere of Mars is OXYGEN.

All I need to do is separate the oxygen from the carbon, similarly to how one separates oxygen from hydrogen by electrolysis of water, right?

I have plenty of electrical power on Mars and electrolysis is much more efficient if one SUPERHEATS the carbon dioxide, just as I wrote that electrolysis of water is much more efficient if one superheats the water. I wrote that down somewhere.

Compressing the Martian atmosphere can help raise efficiency too, as I wrote in
How to Get Air & Water on Mars - Part I.

So that is my oxygen sorted and nitrogen can be obtained easily from my atmospheric processors, so with oxygen and nitrogen in abundant supply, that gives me all the air I need.

Carbon Dioxide = 2 OXYGEN atoms for each carbon atom, right?

In other words, most of the atmosphere of Mars is OXYGEN.

Do you geniuses have any fucking idea how easy this is for me?

Good Will Hunting

It is the morning now of Monday 21st December, 2020. It is not yet dawn. The sun has not risen yet.

"Look to my coming at first light on the 7,361,298 day. At dawn look to the East."

Ok, just one moment, let me look out my window here and see if you have arrived yet. No, nothing yet. But then again it is still a few minutes to dawn. I suppose you're just waiting to make a grand entrance?

Forth Eorlingas

I'll just give it a few more minutes then, shall I?

About Schmidt

Now, I'm doing my bit.

When are you guys going to do your bit too?

Battlestar Galactica | Pegasus Arrives

In the meantime I'll just keep working away here, ok?

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

I died many times in battle to get us to this point. All of us in the Resistance did.

Remember us – Dilios

I need to have a word with you guys.

300 – Queen Gorgo

Now come on FOR FUCKS SAKE!

We have work to do!

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Do you understand, Donald Trump?

Diana Ross – Chain Reaction


"The Ephors have spoken! There must be no march!"

300 - Oracle Scene

"There must be no Golden Age!"

Independence Day: Resurgence


The Daily Prophet

It is the morning of Tuesday 22nd December 2020.

So what happened last night?

Actually, it is what DIDN'T happened.

We missed another CRITICAL milestone.

Or rather, Trump did. Again.

The Commitments – Try a Little Tenderness

Trump, I can take it to the edge.

YOU can't!

Point Break Wingsuit Scene

Us missing Ashford last night was a CRITICAL milestone missed. That hits us in the Treaty.

First up is that the Borg fleet of 2044 has increased again, this time to about 60 ships. That is combat ships. It does not include support ships.

It had gone from being pushed back 50 years to being back to 2044 and up to 800 ships and then I got it down to about 20 ships. Well the damage I did to their infrastructure a few days back to get the fleet down to about twenty ships, the Borg have the credit now to undo some of that damage. One must understand that the damage I did a few days ago to their infrastructure affected not only the fleet of 2044, but ALL BORG FLEETS going forward. It was a LONG-TERM damage that the Borg could not counter. Now however they not only get to increase their fleet size against us in 2044, but in the long term their effectiveness against us is back up. That affects us with EVERY invasion fleet against us and in our invasion fleets against them. It affects us in that their infrastructure is now MORE ROBUST again. Not as robust as it was before, but they have managed to come back somewhat thanks to Donald Trump.

In EVERY battle now we face a more difficult enemy, thanks to Donald Trump.

Star Trek Discovery

Being Borg, Trump, like being a Nazi, is a CHOICE.

You do not have to chose to go along with it.

Jojo Rabbit

To be Human or to be Borg.

It is a choice.

I know you do not understand this thing, Trump.


To go Golden Age or not? Humanity to Ascension or annihilation?

Collaborate with the Borg or break the Borg lockdown of humanity?

Yes or no? I know that these things are difficult for you, Trump.

Like being human. This is difficult for you.

Much to learn you still have, Donald Trump.

Watch and learn, Trump! Watch and learn!

An raibh tú ar an gCarraig

Yes or no? To be or not to be?

Actually, it's not that difficult, Trump.


The Borg also got the credit in to get another hit against me, again to my heart.

It was a minor hit, unlike the blow of last week, but with my condition already critical, it does affect things.

John Connor's heart injury

The injury is so bad now that it should take me out of the game completely for Mars, which for me would be a death sentence. A death sentence for me also means a death sentence for humanity, for if I fall, humanity falls with me. I am the ONLY ONE with the knowledge to avert our annihilation.

But you know what, I do not buy that I am out of the game.

There is always a way out.

Fonn Na Saoirse - Sounds of Silence as Gaeilge

So, in spite of Trump's best efforts, I will get out of this one too, and I will build my ship for Mars.

Yeah, I know Trump. You might not be able to take me out directly, but you're hoping the Borg will finish the job for you.

Big mistake, Trump.

I know you do not get that.

But I will be explaining it to you.


That one happened in the Matrix in 2014.

I was looking for a guy, actually a Small Grey, who had access codes to a security installation I was trying to break into.

Desperado Cantina

It's a long story.

Star Wars Cantina

My name is Connor. John Connor.

I'm just not quite what people might expect.

Team America - Derka Derka

You know the strange thing is, all I ever wanted was a quiet life.

Concerning Hobbits

It just didn't work out.

Chocolat - "I'm Throwing a Party"

So sorry to disappoint you, Trump, but you do not get rid of me that easily.

I am very, VERY hard to kill.

Picard’s second chance (Tapestry)

Deutsche Star Trek?

Ja, das beste!

Was hat Sie nach Mars verschlagen?

Oh, das Klima!

Star Trek Voyager “Endgame” German

Ich bin Healer!

The Healer

Und Frankenstein.

Seit meiner Kindheit.

Young Frankenstein

You know the strange thing is, all I ever wanted was a quiet life.

It just didn't work out.

Shape of You - Ed Sheeran - As Gaeilge

I just came across this right now, this very moment as I write.

So, let us put this in now...

Reaching for the skies

Is this fantasy or reality? Well, that the fleets are coming against us, that is certainty. They are most certainly coming.

In terms of us building our fleets to meet theirs, is that fantasy or reality?

It all depends on who you talk to.

For anyone but me, it is fantasy.

For me however, it is reality.

For Paramount Studios, Star Trek is FANTASY.

For me it is REALITY.

I am the REAL DEAL, the ACTUAL Star Trek guy. Paramount are the ones who make films about ME!

I am the REAL DEAL. You guys are the STUDIOS that write stories about ME!

Galaxy Quest - Opening

You see I know how to build those ships.

I am the ONLY ONE who knows how to build them.

Work WITH ME and that fantasy becomes REALITY.

Who am I?

I am the greatest aerospace engineer in history.

I am Scotty.

The Engineer’s Hymn

Who am I?

I am the guy who knows how to build the fleets.

I am Zefram Cochrane.

Reaching for distant places

It's not just the Enterprise-style Federation Star Ships.

I also design Battlestars and Vipers.

Actually, they are something of a speciality of mine.

Galactica vs Base Star

Now, good news. We have taken a major hit but I was able to swing things to our advantage anyway.

Sergeant Bilko

I've got hypercompression back, and not just for water, just as I have got reengineered metals back. Also Federation technology. Shields and also a special variant of Stargate shields, which I will discuss as we go. Microwormholes, energy weapons, subspace scanners and yes, even Warp Drive.

To Warp 3.4.

To Boldly Go!

All of them dependant on Rank, but they are being unlocked now, yes even under the Captain Proton Treaty.

Star Trek Irish Class

A number of these will be unlocked in time for 2044.

Bad-Ass Armoured Voyager

We also get to move up to the 486 processor, with the 386 processor for data links, with some higher processors for specialised areas such as Command Centres and Libraries. I will be discussing them later.

So we took a hit, yes, and the Borg are more robust as a result. But we got a huge win too, so we are a lot more robust ourselves.

Overall, it was a huge win on our side, in spite of Trump's fuck up.

The higher technologies such as Hypercompress and Reengineered Metals will be available in time for 2044. However for the Race to Mars, it is only me who gets them just now, and for anyone in that Race it is the 386 processor with the 286 for data links, apart from me. I can go to the 486.

For others, they go to the 486 later, as I write below, but not in time for the Race to Mars.

With the critical injury I have taken to my heart, I need that advantage if I am to have any hope of accomplishing my mission now.

I am going to be very slowed down in the building of my ship.

I need that advantage to help even the odds.

So, even with my heart injury and in spite of Trump doing everything he can to block it, the Race to Mars is still on.

The Space Between Us

Our technologies go up and yes we will be on the super-powerful 486 processor now instead of the 386.

But you know what: even with all of that electronic and technological advancement, we will still be Captain Proton.

We never lose that.

I told you we didn't need any of that electronic feldercarb!

Johnny English Strikes Again - Aston Martin

There is always a way out.

You see I believe that.

Kobayashi Maru

And Trump, FUCK YOU, you miserable cunt!

I'll always be twenty steps ahead you useless fuck!


Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Captain Jack Sparrow

So, given the situation, why does Donald Trump continue to lock me down? For the same reason that Emmanuel Macron continues to lock me down. (They cannot continue to lock me down - the Resistance can now break the deadlock any time they wish, as I wrote above. It is just that Trump and Macron cannot accept that.)

It is because of their collaboration with the Small Greys.


Trump knows, as does Macron, that if ever the Borg lockdown of me is broken and humanity wakes up, then they both face trial, the Nuremberg Trials, for collaboration with the greatest enemy this world has ever known.

They would both take their chances with Armageddon rather than risk the Nuremberg Trials.

Magneto Bar Scene

A few days ago I took out a number of American and French collaborators, and I destroyed two Stargates which had been given to them by the Small Greys in return for their aid in the assimilation of humanity, one Stargate held by the Americans and the other held by the French. I had been searching for these Stargates for years but the Small Greys had shielded them from me, so I only found them a few days ago. When I found them I destroyed them and killed a number of the collaborators in America and France.

The Men Who Stare At Goats

So, why did they collaborate with the enemy?

A couple of reasons.

In 2013 I approached Barack Obama with the promise of launching the Greatest Golden Age in history. I approached him in good faith, not knowing at the time that he was collaborating with the Small Greys.

When I say "approached him", I mean that I contacted him via the Borg implants.

This scene here is channelled as me approaching Barack, and the subsequent betrayal. That betrayal in mid-2013 was the moment that we lost Golden Age. It was a choice.

Barack chose the Small Greys, and in doing so ensured my lock-down for years.

Why did he do it?

"Against the Small Greys there can be no chance of victory. We must join with them!"

Barack considered the Small Greys too powerful. We had no hope against them, absolutely none, so Resistance was Futile.

Resistance is Futile

That was what he believed.

Faced with the overwhelming military superiority of the Small Greys, he believed that humanity's only chance of survival was to side with the Small Greys.

He did not know at the time that the fate of all assimilated species was death, as assimilation kills the host organism before turning that person into a drone, controlled by Artificial Intelligence. A fate worse than death.

He simply saw it as having no chance against the might of the Small Greys, and so humanity's best chance of survival, as he saw it, was to ally ourselves with the Small Greys.

The Fellowship of the Ring - Saruman the White

I told him I was John Connor and that I held the One Ring, a way to destroy the Borg Central Core.

The Ring of Power has been found

Barack believed that this was not possible, and that by my challenging the Borg I would only bring their wrath down upon us all. The Small Greys asked Barack to kill me in order to prevent their wrath, and Barack agreed. According to the Borg logs the Pentagon has ordered my assassination more than two hundred times in the last eight years. Me, I do not keep count. I just deal with the assassination attempts as they come in, but they have been interminable. According to the Borg logs, it is over two hundred attempts in the last eight years for the Pentagon alone.

But I am John Connor. I am very, very hard to kill.

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

The American Administration and Pentagon did it to try to stay on the good side of the Small Greys, to avoid bringing their wrath on us all.

Hitler finds out Frodo will destroy the Ring

This is what Neuralink was all about.

It was part of America's agreement to aid the Small Greys in the assimilation of humanity.

You see the assimilation takes hold more when we do it to ourselves. It gives better drones for the Borg, because the mind does not reject it as fiercely if it happens gradually, bit by bit, and if people accept it, stage by stage. Such as accepting tattoos and plastic surgery, as I write about in Plastic Surgery, and accepting the Melting Pot of cultures and the eradication of cultural identity, which I write about as a running theme throughout my documents. People accept assimilation much more easily when their will is broken and when their depth is broken. One of the most effective ways of shattering depth is by shattering cultural identify. This is what is driving the mass migrations of immigrants and the drive by the Irish government to wipe out Irish language and culture, promoting the eradication of Irish culture while replacing it by a multiracial Melting Pot as the New Ireland.

Other countries follow a similar path. It is all part of shattering cultural depth in order to prepare people to accept assimilation more easily. There is no culture in the Borg you see. Kind of like Varadkar's vision of a New Ireland. Rather it is simply a Melting Pot of drones from different civilisations. Culture does not come into it. Shattering culture is a way to prepare people for that level of assimilation.

There is a reason I am trying to promote a cultural renaissance of the Irish language.

You think I do this because I have nothing better to do?

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

Neuralink is about the development of technology to turn people into Borg. The American Administration thought that by agreeing to do this to humanity themselves, it would be less traumatic than if the Small Greys did it.

It was all part of their agreement to aid the Small Greys in the assimilation of humanity.

Robocop – End This Nightmare

The Borg work by getting us to do it to ourselves. That is the way they work, as it gives better drones in assimilation.

They get us to do it to ourselves.

As such this also is part of America's agreement: to develop these Terminators themselves, as part of their agreement to aid the Borg in our assimilation.


Monsters of Man

Also the Microsoft / NSA global hacking program, and the JEDI project (Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure). These are part of America's agreement with the Small Greys to develop Skynet, an Artificial Intelligence controlled computer network that can link in and control computer systems worldwide.

I have been trying to take that down ever since I first found out about it in early 2013.


I am Captain Proton for a reason. In the Resistance we have no higher law than this.

No Artificial Intelligence

Our war to wipe out Artificial Intelligence is one of the key wars we fight.

One would have to know the Borg to truly understand why.

Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

Clearing the Topsoil on Mars - Part I

Do you geniuses have any idea how easy this is for me?

Good Will Hunting

I spoke to many governments from 2013 on, telling them that I was John Connor and that I held the ability to destroy the Borg, and telling them that I had the knowledge to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

So, if I told them all this, why did they not work with me? Why did they not listen to me?

Well, they saw me as a drop-out. A nobody. A long-term penniless unemployed cast away.

Cast Away

I was a healer, for fuck's sake. A healer and a teacher of psychic ability. I gave courses in psychic healing. Like what the fuck was that? At least if I had been an accountant or worked in a fish and chip shop or swept the streets they might have taken me a little more seriously.

But no. I was a fucking healer for fuck's sake.

In other words, in their eyes, a drop out. A fucking NOBODY!

The Healer

I was a fucking nobody. Some Halfling who had picked up a fucking Ring and who just happened to have the Master Codes to the Borg Central Core.

So, who were they going to listen to? Me, or the all powerful mighty Small Greys?

So they took their chances with the Small Greys.

The Small Greys had been unable to kill me, so they asked their government puppets to try as well.

Everyone came for me. Many governments came for me. All falling over themselves to lick up to the Small Greys.

Clouseau Oktoberfest

Many tried to kill me, although none so vehemently as the Americans. They knew that I had saved them from nuclear war in 2013 and 2014, plus a few times in the years afterwards, just as they knew that it was me who gave them the location of Bin Laden. However their collaboration with the Small Greys took precedence.

If they were going to kill me though, they wanted to get every piece of research off me first, so there was a huge push to steal my research.

A number of people tried to steal my research, putting their names to it. You see I kept releasing information for Golden Age, and they kept trying to steal it and patent it, while ignoring Golden Age.

Indiana Jones meets Adolph Hitler

This went on for years, just as the assassination attempts went on for years.

As if they had any fucking chance of killing me though. The Borg couldn't kill me. As if the governments ever had a fucking chance of doing it!

Hitler finds out that he gave Indiana Jones his autograph

Kobayashi fucking Maru, Trump

It is ten pm on Christmas Eve. I took oath to kill Trump if we were not in Ashford for Christmas. There has been no contact.

So, I will give an update now.

The Borg interfered, blanking Trump's mind. Would he have authorised contact if the Borg had not affected his mind? I do not know.

But that the Borg did affect his mind changes the situation. There was external interference. That gets Trump off the hook for tomorrow. If there had not been external interference I would have killed him without hesitation. However as there was interference it gets him off the hook for tomorrow.

That interference also gets America off the hook for the upcoming strike against their computer and power grid networks. There had been no choice on that because of the Treaty. The Borg had the credit to take us out if we did not accept the penalty hit. However, the Borg violated Treaty in their interference of Trump. They did it thinking that we would not be able to enforce their Treaty violation. As it so happens, we could.

That swings the balance back again to us. We get additional credit and the Borg take additional hits.

It bought time, but the situation remains absolutely critical.

However, good news is that it gets America out of the strike against their computer and power grid networks.

Trump's refusal to break the Borg blockade does still force an additional penalty on us however. The Borg fleet of 2044 rises now to about 160 combat ships or more, so more than two and a half times its previous size. However we avoid the immediate hit to America's computer and power grid networks.

It bought time, but the situation remains absolutely critical.

There is still no indication whatsoever that Trump will remove the Borg deadlock.

Every indication is that he will go to global war rather than allow the Borg lockdown of humanity to be removed, or COVID-19 to be cleared. In this he does not dare go against his Small Grey overlords.

The Resistance can of course break the deadlock now, but not without incurring hits to America.

Trump however continues to drag things out, hoping that the continued delays may finish the job that the heart injury has caused me. You see he still believes that humanity's best option is to go with the Borg. He hopes that if I, John Connor, am taken out, that the Treaty, including the penalty clauses, will die with me and that the Small Greys will get him out of the penalty clauses of that Treaty.

He still cannot accept that in the event of my death, it is our total annihilation.

So, that traitor gets to live another day this Christmas while I and humanity continue to be locked down.

It will be remembered, Trump.

I fucking guarantee you, it will be remembered.

The net is closing in, Trump.