The Captain Proton Race to Mars

The Space Between Us


It's like with COVID-19. There is the virus itself and then there is the Borg's suppression of our immune systems and their targeting our body's ability to fight the virus.

With contact with me under the new option that I write about in The Captain Proton Treaty, we can neutralise the COVID-19 virus to quite an extent on contact with me. That is done by a Quantum Resonance Field over the level of Earth tied to a very specific aspect of the virus, which can target that and nothing else through resonance. That level of technology is routine for the Borg and it is something I have used between 2014 and 2017 myself to counter biological toxins released by America's ongoing blockade of Golden Age over those years. You see COVID-19 is not the first biological toxin to be released from penalty clauses by governments blocking Golden Age. It is simply the first biological toxin to be released that we have not had the credit in the Treaty to counter.

The biological toxin released as a penalty clause by Trump's lockdown of me and Golden Age in 2017 was actually far more serious than the COVID-19 pandemic that we have seen this last year, yet I was able to neutralise that by my remote hacking of Borg medical Quantum Resonance Generators configured to set up that resonance field around Earth. This is the same principle that I write about
in Medicine.

Resonance Experiment

So neutralising the COVID-19 virus does not pose any technical challenge for us. It is neither a medical problem nor a technical problem for us. Rather it is a Treaty problem.  We simply have not had the credit in the Treaty to undo what Trump, Macron, Varadkar and others have done.

With the new option that I write about in The Captain Proton Treaty however, we would have more credit against COVID-19. Enough to neutralise it far more than we have been allowed to do by Treaty to this point, and we can also remove the Borg's inhibiting of people's immune systems. If we go with this Captain Proton Treaty option, then the instant contact happens with me the COVID-19 virus drops to about the severity of a bad cold, but nothing more.

It is something similar with my race against time to get to Mars because of my heart injury. I wrote about that in
Why I Must Go to Mars.

If we go with the Captain Proton option, I still have my injuries. However at the moment of contact with me I will have access to critical information to exactly what the Borg did to target my heart. Information which is critical to my healing the injury. That combined with the Borg suppression of me being removed would be enough to buy me a few more years. It would give me the critical knowledge that I need to take my healing to the next stage here, buying me more time to get to Mars.

With the Captain Proton option it would take me about four years I reckon to launch for Mars. Right now I do not have four years. My heart would not last that long. But with this option I would be able to buy myself more time.


Tony Stark's Heart Injury

Time to get to Mars and to continue my healing there.

But first we have to get past Trump, Biden and the American Administration.

They will go to nuclear war rather than let me trigger Golden Age.

They have made that abundantly clear time and again.


The Rock

You see the removal of the Borg lockdown of humanity means that people can then act against them. Better to keep humanity locked down to the Borg to try to protect their own asses, that is the mindset. Keep all knowledge of me, of COVID-19 as a biological weapon, of the alien threat, everything locked down.

If that means keeping all of humanity locked down to the Borg, then so be it.

Under no circumstances, even if it means going to nuclear war, allow humanity to wake up.

This has been the policy of the American Administration since 2013.


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