Why don't you do right, you miserable fucks, and get me some money too!

Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right


Wastes of fucking space!

Golden Age has been set back centuries, but not for the Jedi. I'm still trying to make up on that time lost though. Trump and other treacherous cunts may have fucked over humanity, but I don't accept that. I'm still trying to find a way out of it.

In the immediate term however, assuming we get through this current crisis without going to the nuclear strike, the Jedi go Golden Age. The restrictions are not on us.

We, as in the Resistance, already have the Stargates and everything in place for terraforming. Actually the first planet that we are terraforming is one I began work on just a couple of weeks ago. I can control that entire process via the neural interface in my head.

The first planets we terraform are not in this solar system. To illustrate key principles behind terraforming however, let us take a more tricky example. That of Tatooine. Sorry, I meant Venus!

Well, same thing anyway after we terraform it. Venus is what I call L-class potential. My interpretation of this classification differs somewhat from Star Trek however. I'll discuss this one later.

Now, ready to proceed?

Terraforming & Stargates - Part I

Stargate SG-1 Conversation

Terraforming & Stargates - Part II

Is this for real or is this la, la land? Well, that depends.

If you do not have Stargates, then it is la, la land. But if you do have Stargates, well, then it is real. Very, very real.

It all depends on whether you have Stargates or not. For that, realistically, we would need a little help. Which I have, thanks to the Federation.

Those who pissed all over Golden Age, they can go fuck themselves.

The Jedi get the Stargates. The cunts who blocked get a kick up the fucking arse.

"Brilliant management, brother Rabbitte!"

The Commitments

Terraforming & Stargates - Part III

Stayin’ Alive

Terraforming & Breathing the Free Air - Part I


Young Frankenstein

Terraforming & the Magnetosphere of Venus - Part I

“Ciarán, I would like to learn terraforming!”



“Certainly, Mr. Slate. First make sacred pact. I promise teach, that my part.

You promise learn, that your part.”



Wax On, Wax Off

Terraforming & Breathing the Free Air - Part II

I am Daniel Jackson. It is me who cracked the Stargates.

Which unlocks the Stargates.

The Imitation Game

I wrote about this in my documents "Codebreaking - Parts I - V" in my section  Medicine.

Terraforming & Stargates - Part IV

Use the Stargates to pump though atmospheres and oceans.


Too much pressure!

Terraforming & Stargates - Part V

I am James Tiberius Kirk. It is me who unlocks the Federation.

Which unlocks the Stargates.

Star Trek Beyond Opening

Terraforming & Breathing the Free Air - Part III