Taoiseach, Golden Age & Medicine


Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli - Time to Say Goodbye

In the Matrix, I fight blind.

Time to say goodbye to the Spanish Inquisition, stabbing people, slicing them open, irradiating them, poisoning them and drugging them.

I am the father of modern medicine.

When I come in as Taoiseach, I will pulling together an elite team in Ashford Castle to revolutionise medicine, ushering in the greatest revolution in medicine in history. I will lead that team and I will be teaching medicine for years in Ashford, while I work on my Mars ship in parallel.

I will teach many things at Ashford but medicine - Jedi medicine, along with aerospace, will be the two biggest areas that I teach.

Phil Lawes of the Academy of Oriental Medicine in England, once the Borg lockdown of me is broken and things kick off, I will be putting together that team in Ashford.

That team will drive the greatest revolution in medicine in history.

I am asking you to be a part of that team, Phil. You'll need to split your time between your teaching and other obligations in England and your time in Ashford.

Consider this your official invitation, Phil.

Harry Potter

Hey, Skeptics fucks, remember me?

You might be interested to know that there is a change coming. Actually, more of a storm.

That storm has my name on it.

Iron Monk

To not feel chi is to not feel life-force. Inability to feel chi is not natural. It is always to do with disconnect.
Disconnect from life-force. Disconnect from sentience. Disconnect from the ability to feel.

Those who cannot feel chi are disconnected from life-force, from sentience, from the ability to feel.

This is not natural.

To feel chi is the most natural thing in the world. To feel chi is to feel life-force.

It is part of being alive.

The Grandmaster | Daughter of the Grandmaster

"Ciarán! We cannot feel chi!"

"No shit, guys! Go figure!"


The energy body is the primary system of the body. Any system of medicine that does not recognise the primary system of the body cannot be taken seriously as a form of medicine.

That should be fucking obvious!

Resonance Experiment

Any "doctor" who cannot feel life-force is not qualified to practice medicine. If one is so disconnected that one cannot even feel life-force, then how can one possibly think that one is qualified to practice medicine?

That too should also be fucking obvious!


"I don't believe in fairy tales about energy or chakras or the power of belief!"

"Inability to feel life-force? Lack of sentience? Lack of belief in the power of your own intent? I'd keep that one quiet if I were you, Mr. Slate. It's not something to brag about."

Doctor Strange

My section Medicine is relevant.

I do not recognise any medical qualification from anyone who is so disconnected that he cannot feel life-force.

No-one in Golden Age will be that disconnected. Any who are that disconnected would be seen as barbarians.

If any are interested in training in medicine in Golden Age, time to go back to school guys!

Tibet Training


“A man comes. He travels quickly. He has purpose.

 He comes over water. He travels with others.

He will oppose. He brings turmoil. Great change.”

How a Shaolin Monk Trains

You guys do remember me telling you about this, don't you?


The Rock

It's taken a few years, what with governments locking me down and all by refusing to break the Borg deadlock.


Pearl Harbor

But I am coming back.


TRON Legacy

Governments may have slowed things down.

But they cannot stop Golden Age.


The Healer

No-one can.

Ready or not, Golden Age is coming.

Golden Age is the most powerful force in the Cosmos.

No-one may block it.