Small Greys



I hate these fuckers.

I just do.

Total fucking annihilation I say. Leave none standing. Total eradication. Nothing less than utter extinction. That is the only way to deal with them.


How Small Greys Recognise Each Other - Part I

Independence Day – Nuke ‘Em

How Small Greys Convery Emotion to Each Other - Part I

How Small Greys Hear - Part I

Do Small Greys Use Speech? - Part I

Do Small Greys Have Telepathy? - Part I

I have telepathy. They don't.

What Women Want

Do Small Greys Have Psychic Ability? - Part I

have psychic ability. They don't.

Don’t Forget Mind Meld

How Do Small Greys Move Between Star Systems? - Part I

People may not have believed me when I said that I am Zefram Cochrane.

But it is actually true.

Star Trek First Contact - Zefram Cochrane & Troi

Do the Small Greys Have Difference Sexes? - Part I

Do the Small Greys Have Difference Sexes? - Part II


Pearl Harbor

Small Greys and Hybridisation - Part I

Small Greys and Hybridisation - Part II

Mr. Miyagi no speak good grammar right either.

My Ally is the Force

Small Greys and Hybridisation - Part III

Small Greys and Hybridisation - Part IV

If you want to know about the Borg, talk to me.

Terminator - John Connor

Let us move now to a discussion on consciousness, sentience and intelligence.

Are the Small Greys Super-Intelligent? - Part I

How does one measure intelligence? If one knows many facts and figures, but understands nothing, is one intelligent?

Like this genius for example...

"There's no such thing as magik!"

A key measure of intelligence is one's ability to understand.


Last of the Mohicans

Intelligence - Part I

"L'homme est né
libre, et partout il est dans les fers". That is a quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

There are many chains that can bind us. Not all chains are chains of iron. Golden Age would sort that problem out.

That's where I come in.


Caladh Nua – Cad É Sin don Sin

How does one measure intelligence? If one knows many facts and figures, but understands nothing, is one intelligent?

Take this genius for example...

"There's no such thing as magik!"

A key measure of intelligence is one's ability to understand.

Little Big Man – Everything is Dead to the White Man

How Small Greys Convery Emotion to Each Other - Part II

Small Greys, Consciousness & Sentience - Part I

Binars 11001001

Me and Assimilation - Part I

I got a second chance. Life in every breath. I understand that. To a very deep level, I understand that.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I had left a career in engineering to work as a psychic healer. I set up a small practice in Dublin in 2003. A few clients and a teaching practice. But it was always quiet. This gave me time to work on physics and other research. Quietly in the background, year after year. No-one really knew what I was working on. I’d just work and then meet up with friends for a few drinks down the pub. It was a simple life. And that was no bad thing.

Concerning Hobbits

Flashbacks - Part I

Flashbacks - Part II

The Bionic Woman: Fembots

The Cliff Walk - Part I

The Last Airbender - Aang vs. Master Pakku

Slí Éamon de Buitléar - Part I

Luke is in isolation

The Cliff Walk - Part II

Bokken y Katana = Tegatana Aikido

That is the story of my life these past seven and a half years, trying to launch Golden Age with governments.

Story of my life.

The Cliff Walk - Part III

There is the screaming at the thick fucks in governments. And there is the war in the Matrix.

Both are never ending.

The war never, ever stops.

Terminator Genisys - Sarah and the T-800

The Cliff Walk - Part IV

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Dancing Baby Groot

The Cliff Walk - Part V

3 guys Irish dancing around the world

The Cliff Walk - Part VI

Guinness “dancing man”

The Cliff Walk - Part VII

Positive mental attitude.

I am Groot.

Kelly’s Heroes Oddball Takes a Rest

The Cliff Walk - Part VIII

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Life in Every Breath - Part I

Picard’s second chance (Tapestry)

Life in every breath.

The Last Samurai – Bushido

Life in Every Breath - Part II

Tony Stark's Heart Injury

Life in Every Breath - Part III

The Matrix Reloaded

The Cliff Walk - Part IX

MacLeod forging his new sword

Governments, led by America, tried to block me from launching Golden Age.

That's not going to work out for everyone.

The Return of the King - The Reforging of Narsil

The Borg Implants - Part I


What you do on the soccer pitch, you will do in the boardroom

That is what he said to me.

What you do in the Matrix, you will do here

The Borne Legacy

Small Greys, Consciousness & Sentience - Part II

You just don't get it, do you?

Terminator - John Connor

Just what part of this is not clear?

More than five hundred and eighty million people have seen my website. I use Borg technology to allow my website to take that traffic without crashing. For years I have e-mailed or posted USB keys to media, universities, research institutes, governments and space agencies, over four continents. With every website I have released in the last four and a half years, more than 400 million people have seen each one. The longest it has taken any of these websites to go viral is two hours.

I have broken the Borg blockade sufficiently that people can read my website, but I have not broken through sufficiently to allow the website to go public with the media. People can read my website but they are still locked down from discussing it or going to the media with it.

They Live – Sunglasses

But every day I break through more.

Just what do you think is going to happen, Trump, once the Borg boot is removed and people are free to act?

TRON Legacy

We are in a critical race against time to avert the annihilation of humanity so if it is not too much of an inconvenience COULD GOVERNMENTS PLEASE REMOVE THE FUCKING BORG BLOCKADE?!  In other words make contact and let me do my job! I mean seriously, what is wrong with people? Do phones not work in the 21st century?

Star Trek | Barclay Under Pressure

How Do I Know So Much About the Small Greys? - Part I

Cowboys & Aliens

Every time a milestone is missed by humanity we get hammered in the Treaty. Governments have locked me down for years because they keep prioritising the theft of my research over Golden Age and the threat to humanity. The result is that we have missed milestone after milestone in the Treaty, which has hammered us in the Treaty. Part of that is that the fleets have been unleashed against us fifty years earlier than anticipated. That was caused by governments repeatedly refusing to allow contact with me which prevented me from triggering the Master Virus and implementing the Treaty for Phase Two. Without having been able to get that implementation in, the Borg were able to get those fleets in against us, because that part of the Treaty had not been enforced that would have enabled us to block them.


The Lone Ranger

Not only that but government's continuing blockade of all contact with me has ensured that humanity has missed milestone after milestone of Golden Age. With each milestone missed the penalty clauses accrue against us in the Treaty, such as COVID-19.


If a man is weak of character, he is weak as a man

Pale Shadows of Men, those who blocked Golden Age.

I mean seriously, what the fuck is the matter with people?

The Postman - Part I

The Postman - Part II

The Postman - Part III

How is it Possible to Drop the Technology of the Borg? - Part I

How is it Possible to Drop the Technology of the Borg? - Part II

Me and Assimilation - Part II

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home - Captain's Log

Getting Ready for the First Fleets - Part I

General Milley may be channelled as Sergeant Blast, but then again so I am too.

I am actually channelled as every one of the characters in the Wacky Races. Each represents an aspect of my psyche.

Just as each character also represents others too. For example the Red Max represents Germany in the Race to Mars.

Wacky Races

For me this is a timeline that does not happen. It was a possible timeline. But with the change in timeline, I now miss the Race the Mars.

Me and Assimilation - Part III

I am Dick Dastardly.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

That is if I was in the Race of course, which I now am not.

Me and Assimilation - Part IV

I am also Penelope.



Thunderbirds – Intro

Actually, each of the Thunderbirds characters also represents an aspect of my psyche. I am channelled as each of them.

I do tend to crop up from time to time.

Like with me and Cerebro.

Joe 90

Getting Ready for the First Fleets - Part II

First Contact

How is it Possible that My I.Q. Could be Over 1800? - Part I


I did not know until my mid-twenties that circumcision was practiced by others apart from the Jews. I was shocked to discover that this is done in a number of nations.

That barbaric practice has no place in a civilised society. To sexually mutilate a baby is beyond barbaric. It causes very long-term and very deep psychological trauma which I will be writing about in depth later. Rape and trauma are two areas that I have worked extensively with.

"Do no harm". That is a principle of medicine

Any doctor who carries out circumcision is no doctor.

There is no place for circumcision in Golden Age.

What are the Primary Indicators of Stupidity? - Part I

Stupidity is Largely a Choice - Part I

Inability to assess, to take in, is a lack of intelligence.

Pearl Harbor

The Art of Conversation - Part I

The Way of the Master - Part I

The Way of the Master - Part II

The Way of the Master - Part III

The Art of Conversation - Part II

Mr. Miyagi – On belts in Karate

Small Greys and Mathematics - Part I

Small Greys and Mathematics - Part II

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home - Captain's Log

Unlike the Borg, my intelligence does not come from the computers. If I lost the computer interface, I would lose none of my intelligence.

My intelligence is different to this. It is not expressed in the same way as this. But I am a freak of nature.

Malcolm Math

In my case my intelligence is as a result of Ascension. It is to do with my depth in the Tao.

My intelligence is my own. It is completely natural.

The Nth Degree

But what of the vast bodies of knowledge that I have downloaded from Borg computers into my mind? Does that not contribute to my intelligence?

The Matrix - Learning

One would think so. But no. That I will explain later.

Small Greys and Mathematics - Part III

Are the Small Greys Super-Intelligent? - Part II

If we do not go Golden Age in time then they hunt us. They wipe us out.

But if we do go Golden Age in time, then we hunt them.


Bad-Ass Armoured Voyager

Every attempt at breaking the Borg blockade so far has failed. This is our last chance.

This attempt must win through.

Edge of Tomorrow

I have been killed in action more than a hundred times in the past seven and a half years.

Every time I come back. Every time I learn something more.

Yeah, I'm here to launch Golden Age.

But I'm not what people might expect.

Fight Scene From Airplane!

On Seeing Clearly - Part I

Kelly’s Heroes Oddball Takes a Rest

We're Getting There - Part I

Sáimhín – le Passenger “Let Her Go” as Gaeilge

Understanding Intelligence: Intellect - Part I

Native American Indians

Understanding Intelligence: Intellect - Part II

City Slickers – One Thing

Understanding Intelligence: Intellect - Part III

Breathing, stillness of mind, the position of one's mind relative to the dan tien, these are not many things.
Not different things. They are One.

Begin with this.

Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery

Understanding Intelligence: Intellect - Part IV

Only when one is in the dan tien is there balance between the intellect and intuition. Only there can one access both in balance. Only there does each work in harmony with the other.

To understand intelligence, begin with this.

My Ally is the Force

Understanding Intelligence: Intellect - Part V

Inspector Kemp

Inspector Kemp lost the use of his right arm, and he took damage to an eye.

Just like me. In my case, my right eye. Actually, I took the hit in the Matrix just above my right eye, back in 2014.

Inspector Kemp is Steve Austin.

The Six Million Dollar Man

Understanding Intelligence: Intellect - Part VI

I also took damage to my left ear.

Damage from the Borg.

The Bionic Woman

Understanding Intelligence: Intellect - Part VII

Young Frankenstein – Inspector Kemp

"Spec in die Augen."

German comes up for me time and again in film references. It's part of me being Daniel Jackson.

I've been trying to learn German for years, but I never get too far because of my head injury, which makes languages difficult for me now.

But that doesn't stop me from trying!

I use what little I have. What I lack in amount of German I make up for in enthusiasm.


Belgium Dip

Understanding Intelligence: Conscious & Unconscious - Part I


Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Ich bin Daniel Jackson.


The World’s End

Understanding Intelligence: Conscious & Unconscious - Part II

What is psychic ability?


Psychic ability is the ability to perceive consciously what is unconscious for others

As such it is to do with increased awareness and increased consciousness, whereas lack of psychic ability, like lack of intuition, is to do with disconnect, especially emotional disconnect.

Psychic ability is the same principle as intuition. The same. The difference is a matter of degree.

The ability to pick up a vibe, if a person is happy or sad, if a person is sad even though she is smiling, that is intuition. It comes from being in resonance with a person. Being able to move into synch with a person. As such intuition is to do with connectedness.

Inability to know if a person is happy or sad, inability to read a vibe, inability to feel the energy of a room, that is to do with disconnect, especially emotional disconnect.

For example, if Mr. Slate walked into a room that had just been used for Buddhist mediation, and then walked into another room which was physically identical, but where there had just been a blazing row and screaming match, would the two rooms feel the same to him? Because if he cannot feel the difference in energy, that indicates a very serious emotional disconnect.

That level of disconnect is very common in doctors, lawyers and psychologists. Extreme emotional disconnect. It is not natural. It takes many years of learning to suppress one's instincts, one's emotions, one's awareness and one's ability to feel in order to develop that level of disconnect. One has to train lack of sentience. It is not normal. It takes a lot of work to achieve it.

That is the key reason why it takes so many years of training to be a doctor, a lawyer or a psychologist.


Lack of sentience is not normal. One has to train it. One has to cultivate it.

It takes many years of training to learn lack of sentience.

Doctors, lawyers and psychologists train lack of sentience. This is because they train to disconnect from dan tien (yin principle) and work only in their heads (yang principle). That trains extreme emotional disconnect. It also trains lack of power, as the power comes from the Balance of yin and yang. When the Balance is out, the power is out too.

Training in dan tien does the opposite.

The deeper one is in dan tien, the deeper one's sentience. The deeper one's ability to feel.


The Grandmaster | Daughter of the Grandmaster

If you understand the principle of intuition, then psychic ability is the same. The difference is one of depth.

But the principle is the same.


City Slickers – One Thing

Understanding Intelligence: Conscious & Unconscious - Part III


Golden Age is coming.


Wesley Crusher

I am coming.

I will rock you.


A Knight’s Tale - We Will Rock You

Understanding Intelligence: Intuition - Part I

Just because something is the law does not mean it is right. The basis of law as it currently exists in society has nothing whatsoever to do with right and wrong.

Absolutely nothing.


Braveheart Prima Nocta

Understanding Intelligence: Intuition - Part II


I do not recognise any existing legal qualifications.

None of us in the Resistance do.

In Golden Age only Jedi Law will be recognised.

Everything else is head-up-the-arse horseshit.

The Return of the Jedi

The laws of men mean little to me.

Welcome to Transylvania

Just another day in the Matrix. This one happened only last year.

That one I remember clearly. Maybe one day I will get my other memories back.

Transylvanian Lullaby