Power Generation

Tony Stark Discovers a New Element

In my Physics section I showed that I could reengineer the properties of matter. I am going to do for power generation what I have done for reengineering matter.

To begin I will show once again that I am Tony Stark. I will do this by solving the Arc Reactor, which I invented in 2014.

The Arc Reactor is unlocked for humanity provided it goes through me. The Treaty guarantees that we can get it through. Normally there is no way that we could get any technology past the Borg that they did not want us to have, even if we were not at open war with them which we are. Normally they could lock it down effortlessly, in just the same way as they lock me down and prevent people from contacting me.

TRON Legacy

You see normally there is not a chance in hell that we could use the Arc Reactor, even if was invented, which it is now. The Borg would just lock it down. But that is where the Treaty comes in. My hacking of the Borg Central Core allowed me to infect it with a virus, which I call the Master Virus. I call it that because we have infected the Borg Networks with many viruses over the years. The Master Virus is the one that enforces the Treaty however. It is this Master Virus that prevents the Borg from taking us out directly. Only though the Rules of Engagement that were agreed in the Treaty can they engage us in war now. So long as we work within the confines of the Treaty, we have that protection.

How did I get that Master Virus in?

By hacking the Borg Central Core.

The Imitation Game

It is not enough to invent the Arc Reactor. We still need to get it past the Borg. That is where I come in with the Treaty. If governments work with me in accordance with the Treaty, then we can get the Arc Reactor in for humanity. But only by working with me is this possible.

Governments will be able to verify what I give here and they will be able to test the Arc Reactor. But to actually use it they must go through me. Going through me allows us to get it past the Borg under the terms of the Treaty.

At no stage can we ever forget that we are bound by Treaty.

At no stage can we ever forget that we are at war.

Terminator Genisys - Sarah and the T-800

The Treaty allows us the use of the Arc Reactor on Earth. On Mars, it is unlocked by Treaty when we reach certain milestones. There are a number of factors that come into play, but as a guideline for any given colony on Mars we use Solar Panels up to a population of about 5,000 people. At that stage the Solar Furnace is unlocked. At about 8,000 people the Thorium Reactor is unlocked, and at about 12,000 people the Arc Reactor is unlocked.

Now, I believe we are about ready to begin on the Arc Reactor itself.

People might not believe me when I say that I am Tony Stark but you know what: I invented the Arc Reactor.

And I am about to prove it.

Get ready to jump right in.

We are back in hardware mode.

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