Plastic Surgery

First Contact

One cannot understand tattoos, plastic surgery, ultra-violence on television and video-games and the Meting Pot of mass immigrants without understanding what is driving it. Preparation for full assimilation.

That assimilation is being driven by the Small Greys and other Borg races. They are already here, in bases on Earth. That is separate to the first invasion fleets against us in 2044. While driven by the Borg, these fleets are assimilated species and they come to wipe us out and enslave the survivors, so that is a separate thing. What I am writing about here is more to do with the Small Greys and others of the Borg who are driving assimilation.

There is nothing that I do that is not related to Golden Age or fighting the Borg. So expect language and culture to be coming up in a big way, architecture, music, the Arts, the ability to feel, values, Knighthood, right and wrong, back-to-basics and so forth. The Borg are trying to shut us down in preparation for assimilation. We need to do the opposite. We need to connect, to switch on.

Let us begin by understanding the problem.

Independence Day - Speech

Understanding Botox - Part I

Understanding Botox - Part II

To get a sense of depth in a person, the character of a person, the light in a person - look to the eyes.

Shaun of the Dead

Understanding Botox - Part III

Understanding Botox - Part IV

It is a choice. To be Borg. Or to go back to basics.

Last of the Mohicans

No problem with that.

The Tarzan Yell

It was said that John Connor had his mother's eyes.

My eyes are the only part of myself that I see as being physically female.

But of any part of my body that I would want to be female, it is my eyes, for the eyes are the windows of the soul.

Game of Thrones