I.Q. – Do You Think Time Exists?

Where to begin?

Given what is coming up, let us begin with this.

Quantum Singularities - Part I

Where do we begin?

With Symmetry.

In these next documents I talk a lot about Symmetry Restoration and Symmetry Breaking, and their importance in changing the laws of physics. This concept of Symmetry comes up time and again in my documents on physics, so let us get that background concept understood first. So before continuing, please read my documents "How to Change the Properties of Matter - Parts I - III" in my section How to Make Tritanium.

With that behind us we are now ready to dive right in.

So, ready to go?

e're back in hardware mode.

Tony Stark Creating a New Element

The Double-Slit Experiment - Part I

Golden Age begins in Ireland.

Amhrán na gCupán - Cup Song in Irish - When I'm Gone as Gaeilge


"Dark Matter must consist of some as yet undiscovered non-baryonic subatomic particles such as Weakly-Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) or Gravitationally-Interacting Massive Particles (GIMPs)!"


"Em, no."


W & Z Bosons - Part I

If you want to understand astrophysics, talk to me.

But the knowledge did not come easily.

Sam Carter: "Broken"

Bifurcation and the Onset of Chaos - Part I

If you want to understand astrophysics, talk to me.

I am Borg

There's No Such Thing as Magik! - Glass

There's No Such Thing as Magik! - Shen

There's No Such Thing as Magik! - Water


"Mr. Slate..."

"Yes, Ciarán?!"

 "Loosen up!"

Bellydance AZHAR

Why do I keep bringing in these clips of belly dance? I use these clips to represent an Archetype. They represent for me the female principle. You see I was good at physics as a guy before I achieved Ascension, but it was only once I decided to become female and switched my psyche to female by default, which was how I achieved Ascension in December 2012, that I became a freak of nature in physics, engineering, aerospace and other areas.

The belly dance clips represent for me the Sacred Feminine. I use them here to pay homage to the critical role that the Sacred Feminine has played in the physics that I have solved. Other areas too. When I switched my psyche to female by default - the first person in history to actually change gender - this brought the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine into balance in me to a great depth. This is the source of my power and it is the power behind my depth of intuition and my ability to solve physics.

In perfect balance for me, my overall energy is female, so in perfect balance the Sacred Feminine is dominant for me. My physics, my engineering, my aerospace and other areas flow from this balance of Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, but because Sacred Feminine for me is dominant, my approach to physics is inherently intuitive. My approach is inherently female.

This is why I bring in the belly dance clips.

It is to acknowledge the female principle in the work that I do. It acknowledges the Sacred Feminine in the work that I do.

For while I have tremendous depth in the Sacred Masculine, the depth of a Jedi, I am actually stronger in the Sacred Feminine.

I identify most strongly with the female principle.


One cannot understand how I do physics without understanding this.

Transparency - Part I

Neutrinos - Part I

"Genius, wha?"

Einstein and Eddington

Dark Matter - Part I

How did I cross time to give humanity another chance for survival?

By solving the framework of temporal mechanics in 2013, which fell naturally from my Grand Unified Theory. With that understanding I was able to seize control of Borg temporal equipment and trigger the temporal incursion twenty-three years from now.

The Time Machine

We do not have much time. The deadline is almost up for the Quantum Singularity Device. If America has not broken the Borg lockdown of me by that stage, the Borg will have sufficient credit to trigger the weapon. The only way I can prevent it at that stage is by triggering a full nuclear strike against America. Donald Trump knows that I control America's nuclear arsenal. He has known for a long time.

That is the only way I can prevent the Quantum Singularity Device from detonating, by the Treaty.

Donald Trump knows that humanity is on the brink of annihilation, as do others.

He just chooses to ignore it, as he has been doing for years.


Weakness of character.

He is a very, very weak man.

In timeline after timeline he has brought humanity to annihilation rather than see past his pettiness.

He has never, ever done the right thing by Golden Age.

If a man is weak of character then he is weak as a man

My name is John Connor. Irish national.

Whatever else happens, Trump, whether by nuclear strike or Golden Age, you are finished.

I am taking you down.

The Rock

The Multiverse - Part I

The Multiverse - Part II

To build a time machine, build a Stargate. Then reconfigure the upper harmonics that correspond to time. The laws of physics are a function of String Harmonics, remember?

Dr. Evil - The Time Machine

To move between parallel universes, also build a Stargate. Then introduce a phase variance in the upper harmonics to match the parallel universe that you wish to go to. The laws of physics are a function of String Harmonics, remember?

Who am I? The unknown guy? The dropout? Mr. X? Mr. What's-his-name? Who? Professor X?

Yep, that's me. Doctor Who? Doctor What's-his-name-again?

That is me. I am the Doctor.

Daleks and Cybermen

Contact with me triggers Phase Two of the Treaty. The Borg Empire is shattered and is brought to a fraction of their technology. Still immensely powerful, but nothing like before.

They drop in technology and we rise, but to ensure by Treaty that they are kept locked down at that level of technology we agree in the Treaty to drop our computers to a fraction of what they are now. We will have Stargates and Warp Drive, but in terms of computers we drop to a more basic level. If we rise in computers so too do the Borg. If we drop in computers so too do the Borg.

Twin Mistresses of Evil

The drop in computer level is one of the single biggest advantages we have against the Borg. So long as we can keep them at that level of technology, we can defeat them. If they rise above that level of technology, then they will have the ability to wipe us out.

Not for anything will the Resistance lose that advantage.

Which is why we drop to a lower level of computer technology.

Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene


The Tarzan Yell

Relativity - Part I

Relativity - Part II

Golden Age begins in Ireland.


Toss the Feathers

Ready now for what I consider to be the single biggest problem in physics right now? For others anyway, not for me. This one I solved back in early 2013, after about thirty years of thinking about it on and off. Once I achieved Ascension however I had a major jump in level, so then I solved it straight away.

I did e-mail a number of people about this problem a few years back, so the problem is known to physicists.

Let me tell you why this problem is so big in physics. First of all it is because it is not possible to solve this problem within the mainstream understanding of Quantum Mechanics. One has to overthrow Quantum Mechanics to solve it.

And second up is because the solution to this problem proves psychic ability and lays the foundation for the physics of consciousness affecting reality. It is the physics that provides the foundation for X-Men.

X-Men First Class

The Mirror Reflection Problem - Part I

The Mirror Reflection Problem - Part II

Last of the Mohicans



"So girls, you've taken the first steps with the double-slit experiment, quantum singularities, the Multiverse and parallel realities, phase-shifting and reengineering the elements. You're doing great!

Ready for the next step?


Bowfinger - Crossing the Freeway

For this next one I was unsure whether to put it here in my Physics section or to put it in a new section On Being Geniuses.

But I'll put it in here instead.

Physics for geniuses.

That brings us to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Geniuses, wha?

The Second Law of Thermodynamics - Part I

The Energy Mass Equivalence - Part I

Physics needs to loosen up a bit. That's where I come in.

The world needs me, it just does. A breath of fresh air, that's me.

Diana Ross - Chain Reaction

The Speed of Light - Part I

Frederick & Inga's Intellectual Discussion

Subspace Mechanics & Gravity Plating - Part I

Star Trek Discovery

Subspace Mechanics & Gravity Plating - Part II

How am I doing?

D’Unbelievables – D’Weather

Hard to call? Ok, then let us keep going...

Subspace Mechanics & Gravity Plating - Part III



"Ciarán, how can I know if you are Enlightened?!"

"You mean in a quantifiable, logical, demonstrative, provable, objective, scientific kind of way, Mr. Slate?"

"Yes, Ciarán!"

"Certainly, Mr. Slate! That will be no problem at all! I can do this simply by first asking another question instead. Forget about Enlightenment and ask rather: have I achieved Ascension?

Perhaps the single best indicator that I have indeed achieved Ascension is the Balance of Yin and Yang that one sees in me. My depth in the Sacred Masculine and my depth in the Sacred Feminine. I wrote about this Balance of Yin and Yang in my section
Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls.

That balance of Yin and Yang, when there is tremendous depth in both and where both work together in harmony, is a hallmark of Ascension. Actually the depth to which I have brought Yin and Yang into Balance is impossible, absolutely impossible, without Ascension.

For someone in Ascension, a hallmark will be not only depth of Yin and Yang and depth of Balance between the two, but also the ability to switch between each, and the ability to bring both together in harmony. I wrote about this in my documents
"The Tao & Unity - Part I" and "The Tao & Duality - Part I", in my section Enlightenment & Ascension"

Dance - II

"Then if I understand correctly, Ciarán, you are saying that if you have achieved Ascension then you must also have achieved Enlightenment, because Ascension is the next stage of Enlightenment, and Enlightenment is a requirement for Ascension?"

"Exactly, Mr. Slate."

The Large Hadron Collider - Part I



"Ciarán, could you provide proof that an alien threat is real?!"

"You mean in a quantifiable, logical, demonstrative, provable, objective, scientific kind of way, Mr. Slate?"

"Yes, Ciarán!"

"Certainly, Mr. Slate! That will be no problem at all!  I can do this simply by first asking another question instead.

After everything I have released, have you seen me in the news? Have you read of me in the papers?"

TRON Legacy

"No, Ciarán!"

Then there is your answer right there, Mr. Slate."


They Live – Sunglasses



"But Ciarán, how could you be Enlightened?! You are a Healer!"

"Exactly, Mr. Slate. I am a Healer."

The Healer


"But Ciarán, how could you be Enlightened?! Sometimes you go to war with people!"

"You mean those people who have cost us Golden Age and triggered Armageddon unless by some miracle we can counter them, those who cost the world economy hundreds of trillions of dollars with the loss of Golden Age, those who have triggered COVID-19 and the collapse of society, those who tried to steal my research for themselves and deny it to humanity, those who have been dealing in nuclear warheads on the black market, those who blocked the Irish Space Agency and the Race to Mars, and those who blocked me coming to power and triggering Golden Age in Ireland, those who are pushing us to a massive nuclear strike in order to try to safeguard their positions in governments, and those who are blocking Ascension, the most significant event in history, you refer to people like these, Mr. Slate?  The corrupt people? The gross abuse of power people? Those who ignored the alien threat and who instead collaborated with the enemy?"

Star Trek Enterprise: The Threads that Bind Us

"The traitors? Those who chose the annihilation of humanity over the Greatest Golden Age in history?

Those who saw Golden Age only as a means to try to line their own pockets?

Well, it is certainly true, with those people I have indeed gone to war."

Iron Monk

I am Enlightened Warrior

I am Battle Angel

I am John Connor

Alita Battle Angel

"Like the Nuremburg Trials, every single one of those who betrayed humanity, I will hunt them down."

Magneto Bar Scene

"They didn't just block Golden Age. They also helped create the monster."

Transylvanian Lullaby

"You see I am not just Quan Yin."


"I am also Kali."



"Also Hancock.

That one is new."


Hancock story at dinner

"I am the Doctor. Just as I am also the monster.

It is part of my duality.

I actually did bring it on myself.

You see I was already on the inside. They had already tried to assimilate me, to make me Borg, but it was not enough. Not if I was to defeat them. Only by having access to the System Core, the Central Core, One Ring to Rule Them All, only by direct access to the Core could I have any chance of defeating them. So I used whatever access codes I had from their earlier assimilation attempts of me, and I hacked the computers to set up a new procedure. Something that Borg would never do normally. I hacked the systems to authorise it. I set up the procedure to hard-code my mind directly to the Borg Central Core.

It was my choice.

I did it to myself.

It was the only way I could defeat them.

So you see, it was actually me who created the monster."



"But let me let you into a secret. I'm strong in the male. Actually very strong.

But my real power, my real strength, lies in the female."


Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

Now, with that introduction behind us, allow myself to introduce myself to Gal Gadot.

Gal, Amazon is a Rank, like Enlightenment or Ascension or Knight or Jedi is a Rank. 

I am about to launch the Race to Mars. It is going ahead. We have come far enough now that governments can no longer block us. Not this time. We will break through.

As soon as we do that I am launching the Race to Mars.

Space Race

For the next seven months I will release document after document, showing how to build the ships. I will also be working with a number of companies and governments that are going Golden Age. They will be providing off-the-shelf equipment to enable people to build the ships impossibly quickly. I have seven months to set that up, and then we race! I will be building my own ship - the Andromeda, all by myself, although I will have others providing training for me. But the design and the build, that is done all by myself.

The Astronaut Farmer

There will be a number of teams competing, and those that make it to Mars will set up the new colonies. Different colonies for different peoples.

Not all of the colonies are by nation or people. We are thinking of having an Amazon colony, or rather an Amazon offshoot off every colony. Like sets in Set Theory. Venn diagrams. An extra intersecting set off each main colony, if I can be a bit nerdy in explaining it.

Garth meets Honey

They will be colonies that no man may enter. Natural-born women only, so I will certainly never see them.

No man will.

Certainly not these guys, who would never get anywhere close to Mars anyway.


"We're women. May we come to your colony?"



To Wong Foo

So here is the deal, Gal. Once things kick off, if you are interested in racing against me in the Race to Mars, I can set that up. I will design and build my ship by myself. To come into this Race, you will have a maximum of 400 women on your team. This particular team is women only. Natural-born women only.

You have proved yourself worthy of the challenge!

The Cannonball Run

If you chose to accept this mighty challenge, I can set it up.

Then let the games begin!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

When I used your clip above, it was to do with my war in the Matrix and the last seven and a half years and more of trying to drive through Golden Age.

But this time I give the clip again.

This time for yourself, as you have been deemed worthy of my mighty challenge!

Wonder Woman - Unstoppable



Oh, Gal, just to let you know - that's my ship above! My entry in the Race! Designed and ready to be built!

This is Face Off. If you accept my mighty challenge, Gal, then you face war with a technological genius far superior to your own.

Benny Hill

There is everything to play for.

Anyone who goes up against me in the Race to Mars, there is no mercy! Total annihilation!

Show yourself and I will embarrass you and all the other Amazon wanabees!

I am Zefram Cochrane.

The closest thing to God-Almighty in engineering.

No-one beats me to Mars! No-one!

Point Break Wingsuit Scene

I know - pretty intimidating!

The Tarzan Yell

Good luck in the Race, Gal!

D’Unbelievables - D'Builders

Now Biden, you stupid cunt, here is the deal. You know it is going to the nuclear strike, and still you block all contact with me.





Or there is no choice but to go to the nuclear strike to avoid the Borg Quantum Singularity Device.

Shadows of Men.

Lesser Men.

Move now! We still have a chance to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history and you still chose Armageddon instead!

Wake up! More than 580 million people have seen my website. When the Borg blockade goes down, if we avoid the strike, then EVERYONE will come for you if you block Golden Age. Anyone blocking Golden Age and forcing the nuclear strike will face trail as among the greatest traitors in history.


Em, Gal, sorry about that there, me flying off the handle and all.

It's just that I said I'd sort out your entry in the Race, and I am penniless.

I'm just sorting out the finances now, that's all.

So that I can afford to finance the Race.

So, sorry about blowing my top. Just taking care of finances.


Dr Evil Talking to the President

That was just footage from the movie Independence Day, Joe, but the real lasers would be a lot like that. Yeah, scary!

Independence Day Resurgence - Trailer 3

Assuming we get past the nuclear strike, first up are our nearest neighbours. A faction of the Borg they were once not too dissimilar to us. Now they are Borg.

Most of them anyway, apart from a handful.

We call them the Klingons.

Star Trek Discovery

Now, for the next step in Gravity Plating. As with all my technologies, people can test them as they get them working, but in terms of using them they are of course locked down to all but those going Golden Age. They are unlocked only through me.

The Resistance gets Gravity Plating.

The fucking CUNTS who block Golden Age and bring us to Armageddon, treacherous fucking BASTARDS, they can go FUCK THEMSELVES!

The Rock

We were supposed to be going Golden Age, Gal, but the fucking bastards locked me, Superman, down. Fucking BASTARDS! Now, humanity faces annihilation as a result unless we can counter the unscrupulous fucks.

So I'm putting together a team to save the world.

Consider this your official invitation, Gal.

Justice League

Oh, remember I said in my Naval section that I hold the world record for the deepest unassisted dive? 418 feet in fresh water in Indonesia, without fins, ropes or weights. Actually not even goggles. According to the Borg logs I was down for 22 minutes and I averaged four beats per minute over the entire dive. It is an X-Man ability. I had not achieved X-Man at the time for this was back in 1999. But I had moments where I could move into it.

The Big Blue

Well, I'm also Aquaman.


Also the Man from Atlantis.

East and West, Intellect and Intuition, Science and Mysticism, Male and Female, Yin and Yang, Earth and Water, I am a bridge between worlds.

It's one of the reasons why I was chosen for First Contact.

Aquaman will be coming up too.


I am the first of the X-Men.

I am the first of my kind.

I'm bringing back the Gods.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

Subspace Mechanics & Gravity Plating - Part IV


Remember me you Skeptics fucks? To every Skeptic bastard who told me I couldn't do physics - FUCK YOU!

Who's next? WHO' S FUCKING NEXT?!


Tír na nÓg

Electron Shell Configuration & Fibonacci - Part I

Next up: how to break the speed of light.

Frederick & Inga's Intellectual Discussion

How to Build a Subspace Communicator - Part I

Do you recognise me now?

Star Trek First Contact - Zefram Cochrane & Troi

You just don't get it, do you?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Dancing Baby Groot

You just don't get it.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green