On Healing Rape



Last of the Mohicans

Why do I keep coming back to this clip?

It is about warrior spirit in women but with women still as women. A woman can be a warrior and still be a woman. Without conflict. Duality within Unity, in perfect harmony. Without conflict.

And yes, I am talking about natural-born women here.

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa

Now, with that said, let us begin.

On Healing Rape - Part I

The Guardian

"What did the counsellor say, Ailbhe?"

"She said that all men are bastards and I'm not to see Cearúl again."

Aragorn and Éowyn

How the Borg Blank People's Memories - Part I


Cowboys & Aliens

Principles of Medicine: Trauma & Memory Loss - Part I


Jason Borne – No Papers

You see the Borg created the monster. It was they who trained me. Those three months, every day in the Collosseum, was part of creating the monster.

It was my period of training. My time to develop the strength to begin to take the war to them. This is part of what made me John Connor. My rise to power in the Matrix was meteoric. This was the beginning of that rise.

I remember my training, and I remember my rise to power. I remember the outbreak of the war. But key aspects of what happened are hidden from me.

I do not know the truth about what I am, or how I came to be.

Wonder Woman – Diana’s Training Scene

I am Wolverine. I am Jason Borne. I just don't remember.

On Healing Rape – Part II

For the last seven years in the Matrix I have trained by having projectiles thrown at me, or bladed weapons slashing at me. The weapons are real. One wrong move and it is fatal. I train this way in the Matrix, several times per week, for the last seven years.


Kung Fu


I am impossibly fast. I do not know how I can do this. To some extent I understand it. But however it is that I can do it, this is how I train. It is also how I train others in the Matrix. That makes me both Buffy, and also Giles.


Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing

Psychology, just like medicine, is over as people know it when they meet me.

When you meet me, come as student. Or do not come at all.


Doctor Strange

I am the Doctor. Dr. Who? Professor X? Mr. What's His Name?

I am the man with no name.

I am the Doctor.

Herr Doktor

Ich bin Herr Doktor.

Young Frankenstein - The Glory of Love


On Healing Rape – Part III

I am Professor X.

Now, where's my school you bastards? You government fucks cost us Golden Age. There is an onus on you to help fix it.

Where's my school you bastards?


X-Men First Class