That's me there on the right above, Tioman Island, Malaysia, September 1999, getting a couple of scuba dives in


The last scuba dive I did was in 2000. But you know what: in 2013 I started getting back into boats in a big way. Only this time in naval design.

Once things kick off then Ireland leads the world in naval design, because of me.

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

You don't believe me?

Then let us begin...

I'll begin with Caterpillar Drive, which I invented some years ago.

The Hunt for Red October – Opening Scene

Fluid Dynamics: Ship's Propellers & Thrust Dispersal - Part I

I believe the Pentagon know that my lung capacity was measured at 7.2 litres, when for my height and weight it should only have been 5.6 litres. It's written somewhere on one of their X-Files about me. I can confirm that this is an X-Man ability. It is one I developed in free diving, where I hold the world record for the deepest unassisted dive. 418 feet in fresh water in Indonesia, without fins, ropes or weights. Actually not even goggles. According to the Borg logs I was down for 22 minutes and I averaged four beats per minute over the entire dive. It is an X-Man ability. I had not achieved X-Man at the time for this was back in 1999. But I had moments where I could move into it.

The Big Blue

Fluid Dynamics: Ship's Propellers & Thrust Dispersal - Part II

Ireland now leads the world in naval design, because of me.

Everyone else - it's a race for second place.


The KilkennysCeili Music

Fluid Dynamics: Ship's Propellers & Thrust Dispersal - Part III

When I did that dive in Lake Toba, Indonesia, the water was clear and it was the middle of the day. I swam down by the side of a vertical rock face and I kept swimming until the light was so dim that that water was mostly in darkness. At that point I stopped to simply look at the rock face in front of me. That is when I got a real shock, for I was negatively buoyant. I had never been negatively buoyant in water before. Certainly not in free diving. When I stopped swimming and was at rest I saw that I was continuing to descend, right by the rock face in front of me. It gave me a real shock. Once I realised what was happening I immediately struck out for the surface, as fast as I could swim.

The experience shook me, and I avoided water for some time after that.

Well, for a couple of days anyway.

But the experience did really shake me.


The Abyss

Fluid Dynamics: Ship's Propellers & Turbulence - Part I


The Last Airbender - Intro

Fluid Dynamics: Ship's Propellers & Nozzle Design - Part I

It's a long story.

This one is from early 2013.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief


Caterpillar Drive & Steering - Part I


When I come in as Taoiseach, I will be building the most advanced naval vessels in the world. Not necessarily the biggest. But the most advanced.


Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

The most advanced Stone Age naval vessels in the world, running off 25 MHz 286 computers or equivalent, although they will have the option to go completely manual of course. That's a new feature.

As of 2042, which is two years before invasion, the Intel 286 computer will be the most advanced computer we use in any of our ships or aircraft, whether they be civilian or military. If we are truly serious about survival, that is the most advanced computer in our ships or aircraft for control of the vessel. I will be explaining why as we go.

I will be building our naval vessels though Irish.


“Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” – As Gaeilge



"What's next, Gráinne?"


Gráinne’s Angels

"Next up, girls, is the Hydroplaning Aircraft Carrier!"


Captain Caveman and the Angels


The Irish Navy: Hydroplaning Aircraft Carriers - Part I


"Show me Hose the Fence, Mr. Slate..."

Too much pressure!

The Irish Navy: Hydroplaning Aircraft Carriers - Part II

To fight in the dan tien is to fight in the Tao. In this place everything is enhanced. Speed, reflexes, the ability to read a situation. Extra-Sensory Perception. Precognition.

The Last Samurai - "No mind"

To fight in the dan tien is to fight with supernatural speed and reflexes.

The Last Samurai – Kendo training

It is a state of no-mind. No-mind, empty-mind or mushin - all the same thing, is the natural state of being when in the Tao. It is an expression of Ascension. Of Satori. Different ways of saying the same thing. Ascension simply means when one is permanently in the Tao, permanently in Satori. When the connection is permanent, one is in Ascension.

If one can move into one's dan tien, then when in this place one moves into Satori. When in one's dan tien one is in the Tao. (Satori is an experience of the Tao. Same thing.) This is the place where one achieves no-mind.

Kyudo - Mushin

No-mind is achieved once one moves into the dan tien

That is the secret to no-mind. The dan tien. When one is in the dan tien, one is in no-mind. Empty mind. Mushin.

When one moves out of one's dan tien one moves out of empty mind.

It is not the case that mushin requires a state of utmost concentration. That is a misunderstanding. Concentration can actually bring you out of your dan tien, breaking the state of mushin. Rather it is a state of focussing without focussing. Being without being. Relaxing into it.

It is not about concentration.

Rather it is a state of ease. Of relaxedness. Of flow.

No tension. No concentration.

Just a relaxed state of being.

It is also not about meditation, because while meditation gives stillness of mind, it does not give motion.

Motion in Stillness, Stillness in Motion

Mushin, no-mind, the Tao, this gives both stillness of mind and motion, which is a very different state to meditation, which gives stillness of mind only. The two states, meditation and mushin, are very different and should not be confused.

This state of both stillness of mind and motion, together in harmony without conflict, is a paradox of the Tao. It is the Duality of the Tao, which is a concept I reference time and again.

In a state of mushin, empty mind, everything is connected. All is one. This is why the arrow flies to the target in mushin. Because the arrow and the target are one. There is no separation between them in a state of mushin.

Mushin is a state of connectedness, where all is One.

My Ally is the Force

I will be talking a lot more about dan tien as we go.

Last of the Mohicans

In the Tao, Ascension, a state of no-mind, all is interconnected.

All is One.

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa

The Irish Navy: Hydroplaning Aircraft Carriers - Part III

Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery

At 16 seconds in Neytiri says "stronger" as she indicates her dan tien. This is the secret to archery as it is the secret to all things in the Tao. Only when one is in the dan tien, only then is one in mushin. One must not release the arrow until one is in dan tien.

This is the key secret to mushin.

Avatar – Jake learns

The Irish Navy: Hydroplaning Aircraft Carriers - Part IV


Last Samurai - Self Discipline

The Irish Navy: Hydroplaning Aircraft Carriers - Part V


I think I'm starting to get the hang of this engineering thing now.


Tony Stark Creating a New Element

It's beginning to flow.



Caterpillar Drive - Part Deux


I.Q. – Do You Think Time Exists?


Caterpillar Drive & Cavitation - Part I

In terms of the Yin Armour idea that I write about in "The Irish Navy Hydroplaning Aircraft Carriers - Parts IV & V" above, my document "How to Counter Shockwaves from Torpedo Attack - Part I" in my Armour section is relevant.