I am the father of modern medicine and I have the highest level of medicine in history.

You don't believe me?

Then let us begin...

Young Frankenstein

To not feel chi is to not feel life-force. Inability to feel chi is not natural. It is always to do with disconnect.
Disconnect from life-force. Disconnect from sentience. Disconnect from the ability to feel.

Those who cannot feel chi are disconnected from life-force, from sentience, from the ability to feel.

This is not natural.

To feel chi is the most natural thing in the world. To feel chi is to feel life-force.

It is part of being alive.

The Grandmaster | Daughter of the Grandmaster

Principles of Medicine - Part I



"I don't believe in fairy tales about energy or chakras or the power of belief!"

"What about resonance, Mr. Slate? Do you believe in that fairy tale?"

Doctor Strange

I am the father of modern medicine. A medicine I look forward to introducing in Ireland.

The Love Guru – When Love Goes Wrong, Nothing Goes Right

Mystical Tracking - Part I



"Ciarán, it is not possible to be bulletproof!"

"Just as it is not possible to resist the points of spears, Mr. Slate? Normally when you stick a spear into people, they are impaled. But with some people the spear bends, but the person is ok.

Normally when you hit a person over the head with an iron bar, the head breaks but the iron bar is ok. With some people however when you hit them over the head with an iron bar, the iron bar breaks, but the head is ok.

Just like with most people the skin is damaged if subjected to a temperature above about 70 degrees Celsius. But for others they can walk on hot coals without injury.

This is Mind-Matter Interface. Being bulletproof and resisting the points of spears uses the same principle. It is simply a matter of degree.

Me being bulletproof is the same principle as Shaolin monks resisting the points of spears.

I just took it a step further, that's all."

Empty Mind Shaolin


Kung Fu Grasshopper

Regeneration - Part I

Sheppard - Geronimo

Before I can get really deep into my medicine I need to lay some groundwork first. So I will begin with a revision of a principle of Chinese Medicine now for those who know it (Five Element Theory), and an introduction to the concept for others who may not know it. If you are already familiar with this, who knows, we might even take you a little deeper.

How I Would Work on Atrial Fibrillation - Part I

Chinese Medicine - Five Element Theory - Part I

How I Would Work on Atrial Fibrillation - Part II

It's about finding my voice again.

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

This time I will be heard.

School for the Gifted

Medicine, psychic ability, physics, they are not many things. Not different things. They are One.

Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery

The Origin of Disease - Part I

Kyudo - Mushin

The Origin of Life - Part I

Young Frankenstein

Homeopathy - Part I

Water is What? - Part I

What does this tell us? It tells us that a vibrational field affects the water.

It tells us that a field of consciousness affects the water.

In other words:

It is possible to heal with the mind

All healers know this.

I'll take it real slow and break everything down slowly.

We'll get there. Slowly, to give the doctors a chance to catch up.

Consciousness affecting healing.

That is pretty basic after all.

The Space Between Us

The following documents were written when I thought that I was going to Mars, which was the case up to a few days ago. That option was lost to me however when I had to renegotiate the Treaty to buy us more time, because of Trump's ongoing lockdown of me and Golden Age coming up to the American elections. To buy time to push back the nuclear strike, I had to give something. Part of what I gave was my mission to Mars, which apart from me triggering Ascension is the single biggest thing that the Borg wanted to blocked, as they know it to be absolutely critical for the survival of humanity. You see with that mission blocked, the Borg now believe that humanity has no hope whatsoever of meeting the invasion of 2044. That is the key reason why they wanted it blocked.

That and because they do not believe that I can survive on Earth. Not so much because of the gravity, but rather because of the endless line of cunts and fuckwits who would have me explode in rage and fury, screaming at them in hatred and quite probably killing quite a lot of them, because the stupid fucking cunts cannot help themselves. They will never stop coming to cause problems.

The cunts who block Golden Age. Inane, head-up-the-arse, pontificating know-it all bastards!

The Borg do not need to kill me. They just let the fuckwits and cunts on Earth do it instead, by driving me insane with rage and fury, year after year, until eventually they kill me. I am not far from that point now. The Borg know that. I am close to death now. Years of screaming in hatred and fury at those who block Golden Age has destroyed me. Even more than the injuries I have taken from the Borg.

The only way I can possibly survive now on Earth is by total isolation from any who have not achieved Ascension, or who are well on the path to Ascension. Enlightenment is not enough. Anyone attempting to contact me or talk to me who is not in Ascension or one of my students for Ascension, I will simply kill instantly. Also the Resistance, who are back in Ireland in the underground base for over a year now - I will be writing about this base in my Tunnelling section, they will be securing my location in Ireland. They will be armed to the teeth. Anyone attempting to cross the border of our base or schools without our authorisation will be shot on sight.

One must understand, only one person can have Rank of Taoiseach. Only one. That is something completely objective, which can be seen clearly in Ascension. I have held Rank of Taoiseach since December 2012. I have been rightful Taoiseach of Ireland for more than seven and a half years now.

I am Taoiseach in exile.

Seven Years in Tibet

Many of the Resistance, back in Ireland since mid 2019, are Irish. They would have been back seven years earlier if Golden Age had gone ahead on time as anticipated, in 2013.


Of the top five physicists in history, five of them are in this group, counting me. Of the top five aerospace engineers in history, five of them are in this group, counting me. Actually more. In area after area, economics, business, medicine and so forth, they are among the greatest minds in history.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

For years, I have been pulling together the greatest minds in history to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

Einstein and Eddington

I'm pulling together the team

Space Race

The greatest warriors in history to wage the greatest war in history.


"Borg schießen? Gut! Ja, sehr gut! Sehr gut Borg schießen!"

Richthofen’s Flying Circus

You see a number of the greatest minds and most accomplished people in history were, shall we say "regenerated" by the Borg. I will be explaining as we go exactly how they did that.

I have been bringing them back.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 3

They, like me, have a score to settle with the Borg. The Borg made it very personal.

It is not just people we have brought back in this way. It is also the Immortals, a number of people who have been hanging around since the time of Ancient Greece or even before. I've been getting to know them over the past number of years.

They have waited a long time for this.

The Gathering was blocked in 2013 but the Immortals did not go away.

Highlander – The Gathering

They are here, like me, to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history, but, like me, have been locked down for years by the smallness and pettiness of lesser men.

Decline of Gondor

One must understand, the Irish part of this group forms the rightful government of Ireland. They have been rightful government since 2013, here to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history. That Golden Age begins in Ireland.

Michael Collins

But for years Trump, Macron, Merkel and others have put block after block to keep me, the Irish Space Agency and Golden Age locked down. There is nothing they will not do to prevent me from coming to the title of Taoiseach.

The Return of the King

Those who blocked are part of the Nine.

The Fellowship of the Ring - The Nazgȗl

Please understand, myself and the Resistance do not recognise at any level the incumbent government in Ireland as having any authority over the policies of Ireland. We, the Resistance, are the rightful government, forming the provisional Golden Age government of Ireland, and I am rightful Taoiseach. Any place I set up, Irish Space Agency, schools and so forth, are completely sovereign to Ireland. Which means me and the Resistance. We do not recognise the incumbent government as having any jurisdiction whatsoever. Anyone tries to come into our territory without a Golden Age passport and we will shoot them.

We are the government, government in exile, trying to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history, but blocked for years by the smallness of lesser men.

We are taking our country back.

We are going to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history and that Golden Age begins in Ireland. We are not asking permission. It is not a request.

We are simply going to do it.

It's a very exciting time

It is only by securing our schools and Golden Age locations, as well as the underground base of course, which has been the most secure location on the planet for a year now and which has its own Stargates, it is only by securing these locations for those who have achieved Ascension or who are achieving Ascension that we have any hope of survival. Governments have tried for years to take down Golden Age and destroy any attempts we have made to launch Golden Age, so the only way we can move forward now is to have pockets of Golden Age where we can work openly, and they will be protected by the Resistance, armed to the teeth. Anyone trying to enter without our authorisation will be killed on sight. Until such time as we can keep those cunts at bay who have brought humanity to the brink of extinction, that is the way things are.

No-one has access to me apart from those that I agree. Anyone who disputes that, I will kill them. We, the Resistance, will kill them.

As I have been killing people for years who have tried to take me down. Many have tried to kill me over the years, but I am very, very hard to kill.

One of the reasons why I am still alive is my ability to take out people who have tried to kill me.

Big Boy's Rules.

In that game, I am King.

Because you see, I am John Connor.

The Borg couldn't kill me. I guarantee you no army on Earth could either.


You see I am the real deal.

The Men Who Stare At Goats

With that in place then maybe, just maybe, I have a chance of surviving my injuries here on Earth, in Ireland, without going to Mars.

Welcome to my underground lair

The following documents then are not as relevant to me personally in the short term, as I am locked out of Mars for the next number of years. However I will release the documents as they were went I first wrote them some time back, for one of my earlier websites.

Cosmic Radiation & Regeneration - Part I

Cosmic Radiation & Regeneration - Part II

Cosmic Radiation & Regeneration - Part III

Cosmic Radiation & Regeneration - Part IV


In the end, there will be many. You see in Golden Age immortality becomes the norm.

I am new Immortal. Brand new. But I still plan to be around many millennia from now.

The Immortals are real.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

We need to correct a few foundations in medicine.


But even if the foundations are in error, people have become accustomed to it


And herein lies a problem. Foundations may be incorrect, but these foundations have been in place for a long time. Our whole society has been built upon these foundations.

Things may not be right, but people have become accustomed to it.


Superman III: Scena Torre di Pisa

Ultrasound & Foetal Scans - Part I


"There's no such thing as chi!"

Little Big Man – Everything is Dead to the White Man

Right then, ready for some Jedi training?

Let us begin with some basics.

Kung Fu Grasshopper

Telepathy and the Tao - Part I

Telepathy and the Tao - Part II

Telepathy and the Tao - Part III

Amhrán na gCupán - Cup Song in Irish - When I'm Gone as Gaeilge

Telepathy and the Tao - Part IV


Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery

Telepathy and the Tao - Part V

Kyudo - Mushin

Telepathy and the Tao - Part VI

Golden Age is about Enlightenment, but we are also a Warrior society.

We face the Borg. As such we need to create the finest warriors in history.

A warrior society.

Enlightened Warriors.


Yin and Yang, together as One, this opens the Tao


Dance and Martial Arts, in the Tao, they are One


To truly master Martial Arts, master Dance


At the highest levels, Martial Arts is Dance

They are One



When Golden Age kicks off, we will be making Martial Arts a national obsession in Ireland.

Every place we teach Martial Arts we will teach Jedi ability, precognition, no-mind, ESP, Jedi reflexes, military strategy, weapons, armour, ballistics, the ability to harness the Tao. Ascension. And of course, dance.

We have twenty-four years.

And then the first wave comes.

We will be ready.

Star Trek Discovery



"Gráinne, we could never, ever believe that we could do that in Ireland! We have no tradition of this in Ireland! Gráinne, this is not possible! Not for us in Ireland!"

"There IS a tradition in Ireland, girls, because Ascension begins in Ireland. The first of the Jedi come from Ireland. The highest understanding in history of no-mind, ESP, psychic ability, and yes, the Tao, now come from Ireland!

It is true girls that we have not had a tradition of Martial Arts in Ireland, but do not forget the last few years in the Matrix, where Irish people led the greatest war in history. From out of nowhere, that is one hell of a start! And once things kick off, Shaolin and others will come to Ireland to teach us, just as we will also teach them Ascension and Jedi. They help us and we can help them."

My Ally is the Force

"Gráinne, we still do not believe it! Not in Ireland!"

"All traditions must begin somewhere, girls. Do you believe that I could live as X-Girl, woman to women in Duality?"

"Of course, Gráinne! What kind of question is that?"

"Well, that is a crazy belief! Who could believe that? Yet that belief is creating the reality."


"Do you believe girls, that I could learn bellydance, learn to dance as a woman?"

"Yes, Gráinne. We believe that!"

Game of Thrones

"Then I am TELLING you girls, you could learn Martial Arts! Jedi Martial Arts! You could learn this!"



Li Mu Bai meditating with sword

A new Martial Art will be developed by a team in Ireland. There will be Resistance from the Matrix, but back in Ireland now. There will be Immortals. There will be Shaolin and others. The foundation of the Martial Art will be Jedi. The basis, psychic ability. The cornerstone, no-mind. The root, Ascension.

That team to develop the new Martial Art will be led by me.

John Connor.

The most lethal person in history.

A new Golden Age project, to develop the most powerful Martial Art ever seen.

A Martial Art for the Jedi.

The Last Airbender

I lead that team. We prepare for the Borg, and no-one knows the Borg like I do.


Alita Battle Angel

Telepathy and the Tao - Part VII

This one is from an incident in 2002 with a horse I worked on.

The Horse Whisperer

Telepathy and the Tao - Part VIII

Grizzly Adams

Telepathy and the Tao - Part IX

I am Sybok.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

I wrote in my document "The Origin of Disease - Part I" above that the language of medicine is music.

The more one understands medicine, the more this connection is seen.

At the highest levels, medicine is music. This is what I teach.

Medicine is music.

Just like Martial Arts.

Fifth Element – Diva



Still on the subject of horse whispering, what I write about here on dance and martial arts is also very relevant to women leading men in sex and relationship, such as I wrote about in Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls. For that role reversal to work, it is not sufficient for men to take the role of being led in relationship. The woman must also take the role of leading in relationship.

That has no chance of working if the woman does not develop the understanding of the warrior. She still leads as woman, that is very important, but if she does not have the understanding of warrior, she will not have the depth to move properly into that role.

For a woman to lead a man in sex and relationships, she must have an understanding of warrior spirit, but expressed though the female. Warrior yes, but she remains a woman.

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa

The men that these women will be leading in Golden Age will not be as other men. These men will be in training to be Gods! To be Jedi! We train the greatest warriors in history, to wage the greatest war in history. The men that are led by these women will not be as other men. They will be Gods among men!

A woman must prove herself worthy to take such a man in sex. For this she too must be learning the Ways of the Force. If she is not Jedi or training to be Jedi, she will not be deemed worthy to take such a God in sex!

Dance and martial arts can help develop that understanding in the woman.

How could a Man be Led by a Woman - Part I

Last of the Mohicans



"Mr. Slate, I'm bringing you back to school!"

Big - Playing the piano

"Back to school, Ciarán?!"

"Yes, Mr. Slate, back to school!"


Dragon The Bruce Lee Story - Early teacher

Staying on the same subject, but coming at it now from another perspective, people may not believe that I am Daniel Jackson.


Daniel Jackson – Hurt

But it is actually true.

To help explain why I need to lay a little background.


Wesley Crusher


Synesthesia - Part I

Synesthesia - Part II

Synesthesia - Part III

Music, Martial Arts, Medicine, Dance, these are not many things.
Not different things. They are One.

Begin with this.

Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery


Magician - Part I

"Who are your influences?"

The Commitments - "Who are your influences?"

"Shaolin, Qigong...

How a Shaolin Monk Trains

...Mickey Mouse...

Mickey Mouse Disney’s Fantasia

...Samurai, no-mind...

The Last Samurai – Kendo training


...more dance...

Game of Thrones

...even more dance...

Guinness “dancing man”

...Police Squad...

The Naked Gun - Apartment Acrobatics

...even more dance...

3 guys Irish dancing around the world

...dancing and stockings...

The KilkennysCeili Music

...a few words of Irish...

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

...Jackie Chan, here starring as Iron Man. And Steve Austin. And the Flash. Trying to stop the spread of a nasty virus on humanity.

It is true that I do struggle now with my English ever since my head injury....

The Tuxedo

...the Matrix...

The Matrix - The Oracle Told Me This Would Happen

...that was from a mission in 2014, to break Michael out of a military prison guarded by Sentinels...

The Tuxedo - Miss Cleo Told Me This Would Happen

..I already said countering a toxin being released on the world, didn't I?...


The Tuxedo - Don't Move

...In that mission in 2014 when I broke Michael out, the biggest problem wasn't breaking in. It was breaking out. I had to fight my way past two hundred sentinels to get us out. Michael was badly injured and unable to fight.

This is exactly what happened.


Neo vs Agent Smiths - Part I

...At the time my preferred weapon of choice for single combat was the katana, the Japanese sword. But my preferred weapon of choice for group combat was the short staff.

With Mind-Matter Interface, like a Shaolin throwing a needle through glass, a sword or a staff in my hands would take out even a sentinel. Normal weapons, guns and so forth, have no effect on them.

I love the katana sword. But for group combat, right into 2015, my favourite weapon of choice was the short staff...


Neo vs Agent Smiths - Part II

...I love the short staff...


The Last Airbender

...and of course ZZ Top."


ZZ Top - Legs

The Tower - Part I

I'm going to have to turn the world upside down to get people ready.

The Last Samurai - They are not ready

The Tower - Part II

We have twenty-four years to prepare for the first wave.

It is a race against time.

We have work to do.

Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing

This next section may not seem relevant to medicine, but the ability to do this was developed in my medicine, from thousands of sessions done with clients over a decade in my healing practice.

That is where I first developed my synesthesia ability as a diagnostic tool in psychic healing.

Those thousands of hours of developing this ability would then stand to me once war exploded in the Matrix in early 2013.

Codebreaking - Part I

I am hesitant with my speech now since that injury.

Star Trek | Barclay Under Pressure

Codebreaking - Part II


Daniel Jackson - Monster in my head

Codebreaking - Part III

Hacking Borg systems was my way into the Matrix.

I was already able to do this to quite an extent before my injury. After that injury however, no Borg encryption could withstand me.

Breaking the Borg encryptions has been key to my accessing deep inside the Matrix.


The Matrix

"What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?"

"No, Ciarán. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to."


Shootout at the OK Corral

Codebreaking - Part IV


A Beautiful Mind

Codebreaking - Part V

If you want to understand Stargates, talk to me.

But that knowledge did not come easily.

Sam Carter: "Broken"

Bill and Ted launched a Golden Age where everyone was most excellent to each other. Music and the Arts flourished. Actually everything flourished. Crops went up. Smog went down. Peace was achieved. They even got to play on Mars.

Bill & Ted’s Gave Rock & Roll to You

My understanding of this next principle is part of what makes me the world's foremost authority on cancer.


Clearing Stress through Resonance - Part I


"Ciarán, are you trying to teach me something?!"

"No, Mr, Slate. I am trying to unteach you something.

You see the problem isn't learning.

It's unlearning.

The problem for me, Mr Slate, is not teaching you.

It's unteaching you.



Clearing Stress through Resonance - Part II

"Mr. Slate..."

"Yes, Ciarán?!"

"Loosen up!"


Deja Q

Clearing Stress through Resonance - Part III

"Mr. Slate..."

"Yes, Ciarán?!"

"Loosen up!"


Bellydance AZHAR



"Ciarán, could you explain to me why you used the clips "Dance", "Deja Q" and "Bellydance AZHAR" when speaking to me just now?"

"Certainly, Mr, Slate. You see in order for you to understand what I am saying about clearing stress through resonance, you have to first unlearn something.

Years and years and years of being conditioned to see medicine in a certain way." 

"That learning, or mindset, constitutes or is stored as an energy pattern within me, Ciarán? My belief pattern, my understanding, my mindset, is an energy pattern within me?"

"Exactly, Mr. Slate!"

"So the clips "Dance", "Deja Q" and "Bellydance AZHAR" when speaking to me just now were designed to shift me to a different vibration, a different energy?"

"Exactly, Mr, Slate! Perfect! Please, keep going...!"

"So breaking the energy pattern within me, breaking the vibration, shifting me to a different vibration, this breaks the old paradigm, the old mindset?"

"That is exactly it, Mr. Slate!"

"Wonderful, Ciarán! Now that I have unlearned, I am very much looking forward to learning!"

"Excellent, Mr. Slate! That is the unteaching out of the way! Now I am ready to teach!"




"Em, Edward, a word please..."





The Pentagon and the Pharmaceuticals brought this conflict into my country

In my document "The French Foreign Legion Guy - Part I" in Leadership, I wrote:

What one does on the soccer pitch one will do in the boardroom

That is what he said to me.

The Borne Legacy

In my document "The French Foreign Legion Guy - Part IV", I wrote:

What I do in the Matrix, I do here

I topple empires. That is what I do in the Matrix.

Which brings me now to those who tried to take me down twelve years ago.

The Fugitive

You see my life was destroyed not once, but many times. In terms of my career, my livelihood, I was targeted in 2008. Fronted by the Skeptics, it was driven by the Pharmaceuticals and the Pentagon.

They destroyed my career. They destroyed my life.

I have waited twelve years to take them down.

You see I am military now. I didn't start off military. I was working as a healer, but as a healer I was a prodigy. I had very unusual abilities which attracted the attention of others. Specifically the Pharmaceuticals and the Pentagon.

In 2008 I had the knowledge to shake western medicine to the core. Now I have the ability to overthrow it.

Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now

So, how did I become military? Basically I had to make a choice. A number of people tried to kill me. Pharmaceuticals mostly, but the Pentagon was also involved. I had to make a decision on whether I was going to allow them to do that or not.

Iron Monk

That decision, for me, was a no-brainer.

In making that choice, I became military.

John Wick

Then, just like the Cairo Gang, it was me or them. Either I took them out or they took me out.

That is what happened. I went after those who came after me, and I stayed on it until I had eliminated the threat. This happened largely over a two week period coming into August 2009.

If you understand that, then you have the essence of it.

That is how, from a background in healing, I became military.


Michael Collins eliminates the Cairo Gang


"Ciarán, you're going to tell a story! I don't believe that I can bear to listen to another one of your stories right now!"

Lincoln Ethan Allen Story

I still haven't told Ellen yet.

I'm working my around to it.

Lois and Clark Season 1

It is coming time now, for my story to be told.

School for the Gifted

That story is a critical part of understanding how I became John Connor and my journey to become an X-Man.

It is part of the story of how I achieved Ascension.

The Love Guru – When Love Goes Wrong, Nothing Goes Right

So, what was it all about? To explain that, let us first go back a bit and build some foundations.

Back to 2003, when I first begin to put together my healing system. I had been demonstrating X-Man abilities before this, but it was in 2003 that it really began to come together.

The ability to remotely adjust the pelvis was something I developed early in 2002. Six months later I met a guy who had a very similar ability. He showed me how to adjust the cranial bones from a distance in the same way. A few months after that I could do this with acupoints and organs of the Chinese Medicine System, from any distance. And by 2003 I had already developed the system to a fine art, where I could explain it and teach it.

This ability formed a key part of my courses when I opened my heading centre in 2003. Remote healing and how to adjust  the skeleton or clear acupoints or stress from organs, from a distance.

I taught this for about ten years. This is a foundation for X-Men ability.


Then let us jump straight into it.

 "Hello, Ciarán is it? Are we in the right place?"

"Oh, yes, wonderful that you could join us!  You are most welcome! You must need refreshment after your long journey! Help yourself to the bar - Aoife will take care of you there and your quarters are all prepared. Then when you are ready please join us in the training yard. That's Seán there on spears working with Séamus, Michealín Óg is on the short staff and Éibhleann and Sorcha are on the long sword. Éamonn is the one there that they are trying to stick spears into without success. We were just about to train in remote heart stopping techniques. Please, grab a pint of Guinness and join us!"


Empty Mind Shaolin

"Greetings! I am Han Chung Lo from China. I have just arrived with the Shaolin group. You must be Éamonn?"

Star Wars kid – Drunken Jedi

How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part I


"Ready, Ciarán!"


"Great, Mr. Slate! Then let us proceed..."


Doctor Strange

How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part II

How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part III

My Ally is the Force

How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part IV

For years the Pentagon tried to get this working, but they could not.

I am Enlightened. They are not.



It was a difference in philosophy.


I got it working. They did not.



For years they kept trying. At times they may even have felt that they were close.

But they never did get it working.



Darth Vader

How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part V

The Men Who Stare At Goats never got it working.

The Men Who Stare at Goats – I see a Tin Mug

But I did.

The Men Who Stare At Goats – Trailer 1


How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part VI

How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part VII

I didn't start out military. I developed these abilities in healing.

Now I am military. But I didn't start out that way.

The Men Who Stare At Goats - Trailer 2

How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part VIII


Fucking cunts!

The Fugitive

How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part IX

Now I am military.

The Guardian

But I didn't start out that way.


Team America - Derka Derka

How to Adjust a Vertebra Remotely with the Mind - Part X

Now I am military.

The Men Who Stare At Goats - Trailer 3

But I didn't start out that way.

The Peacemaker



"So, Ciarán, we in the Pentagon were wondering: do you work with others?!"


"For years I worked alone, Mr. Slate. For about ten years I worked alone."


One Woman Army

"But more recently, in the last year or more, it is more the team.

Now, most of the work is carried out by the team. I have been training them for more than seven and a half years now."



"Back from Borg space after seven years of me trying to get them back.

They are the Resistance."



"Hey, Ciarán, two knackers already!"

"I'm on seventeen!"


Helm’s Deep

What we do in Martial Arts in Ireland will be new. Our approach will be somewhat different to what others are used to, I know. We will be very relaxed and we will work with humour in everything we do.

Bowfinger – Fake Purse Ninjas

But please, do not let that fool you. We take what we do very, very seriously.

That is reflected in everything we do.

It is the Resistance that is setting up these new schools. We are few in number but we are a warrior society.

That too is reflected in everything we do.




"Ciarán, I do not believe that you could create a Jedi warrior society in Ireland, training in the Ways of the Force!"

"Loosen up, Mr. Slate!"

"Looking For Some Hot Stuff

"Ah, Ciarán, I believe I may have unlearned enough to learn this!

My learning, or mindset, constitutes or is stored as an energy pattern within me, Ciarán? My belief pattern, my understanding, my mindset, is an energy pattern within me?"

"Exactly, Mr. Slate!"

"That clip is designed to shift me to a different vibration, a different energy?"

"Exactly, Mr, Slate!"

"So breaking the energy pattern within me, breaking the vibration, shifting me to a different vibration, is breaking the old paradigm, the old mindset?"

"That is exactly it, Mr. Slate!"

"Which is a critical first step when introducing something radically new, which is outside an existing paradigm?"

Couldn't have said it better myself, Mr. Slate! We begin to understand each other!"

Dust, Wind, Dude

Golden Age begins in Ireland.

I'm penniless. I have been for years. I'm not even on the dole. The Irish government saw to that in an attempt to lock me down when I tried to launch Golden Age, the Irish Space Agency and make a move for Taoiseach.

Yet even penniless for years and locked down, I am still launching the Greatest Golden Age in history.

If I can do that, and I am doing it, then I guarantee you that we can create a Jedi warrior society in Ireland.

Who am I? My name is J. Rabbitte, and I believe anything is possible.

I just do.

Belief then creates that reality.

The Commitments

"Hey Seán, Éamonn, we're heading down to the bar for a few scoops of Guinness. Coming along?"

"Five minutes, Ciarán! We're just finishing up here!"



I'll come back to the Men Who Stare At Goats story later.

First back to some more medicine.

Next up is a discussion of how chi regulates the organs. I will illustrate this by working through a practical example, which is how high heels can cause problems with menstruation, fertility and the womb. I will also suggest an approach to resolve the problem.

For this example it is back to basics. Pencil skirts and high heels.


A Woman's Walk: Push or Pull? - Part I

Pencil versus Heels: Which Dominates? - Part I


Walk Like An Egyptian

X-Girls & the Pencil as an Underskirt - Part I

Coding the Walk: Pencil or Heels? - Part I

Figuring Out the Pencil - Part I

Weird Science

"Here is a tip for you girls, when you come in to the Irish Space Agency"

"If you want to really drive the men X-Girls wild, every now and again come in to work wearing a figure-hugging ankle-length pencil skirt. You see they will be a staple part of the wardrobe for any man X-Girl. In public he won't be able to wear them as he will be dressed as a guy, so he will be going crazy seeing girls walking around in those pencils. If however the man X-Girl is in private with women where he can wear a pencil, the girls also wearing a figure-hugging ankle-length pencil can show solidarity with the man X-Girl. It is basically a way for the women to show that he is in with the girls. In terms of skirts, they are dressing the same. It brings the girls and him closer."

"Another top tip for driving these guys wild, Gráinne?"

"From an insider, Éibhleann. From the perspective of a man X-Girl. I know it would drive me crazy, anyway!"


So, what happened back in those two weeks of 2009?

Clouseau Oktoberfest

There is channelling in that Clouseau clip from two events. One is those two weeks coming into August in 2009. The channelling here is to do with the non-stop intensity of it for those two weeks. The other channelling is from the period around 2014, when a number of nations tried to take me out. They were being influenced by the Borg, so they weren't totally to blame, but America, England, Japan, Germany, Russia, China, France, Israel and others all tried to take me out around that time. The Mafia too, plus a few Jihads. You see in 2013 and 2014 there was an unusual epidemic in Italy that only affected high level Mafia bosses.

Sometime later the Mafia found out that I was behind it, and they sent a group of their boys over to sort me out. None of them ever made it to the airport however.

The first 34 seconds of this clip are channelled on those guys. Once they decided to move against me however, their fate was sealed. None of them made it to the airport.

Taken 2

Going back now to the 2009 incident, the pharmaceuticals had sent a guy to take me out. I killed him before he came within sight of me. The pharmaceuticals didn't know what happened, so they just sent another team. When I took them out however, then the pharmaceuticals made the connection. They knew it was me. They had my research - my ability to affect the heart at a distance psychically, like The Men Who Stare At Goats except in healing rather than military, and they made the connection that it was me who had taken the assassins out. The pharmaceuticals then panicked, fearing that I would come for them, so they sent everyone at me. Team after team after team. Over a two week period they were coming in every day or every other day.

That two week period is part of what makes me Jeremiah Johnson.

I killed more than thirty assassins plus a few pharmaceutical guys over a two week period until finally the pharmaceuticals got the message and backed off. Every now and again a few incidents come up, such as the pharmaceuticals targeting a few key people in psi research back in 2014. I intervened there and killed a number of assassins in those incidents too. But generally it has been a Cold War rather than a Open War since 2009.

I have waited a long time to take those guys down.

In a strange way however, they did both me and humanity a favour. You see they created the Guardian.

Up to then I was healer, but not military. I had taken life before in defence, either of myself or of others (I have had a colourful past), but I wasn't military. Not until the whole episode with the pharmaceuticals. After that however, I was military.

You see just as it was the Borg who created John Connor, it was the pharmaceuticals that created the Guardian.

The Guardian - Part I

Friends - Unagi

"We don't understand, Gráinne! You were a healer, albeit a healer with very unusual abilities. How could you suddenly switch to being military?"

"Medicine and Martial Arts, just as with Medical Qigong (Chi Kung) and Martial Qigong,
these are not many things.
Not different things. They are One."

Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery

"Years of work as a healer, thousands of healing sessions, this taught me to find my way around the body. I know the body very, very well. The acupoints which are used to heal are the same as those which are used to kill. Medical Qigong and Martial Qigong are two aspects of the same thing. The stillness of mind that came from years of meditation and Enlightenment training gave me my speed..."

"...Motion in Stillness, Stillness in Motion, Gráinne?"

"Exactly, Éibhleann. This is the empty mind of the Tao. It where the speed and the reflexes come from."

Iron Monk

"Also Extra-Sensory Perception. I was a prodigy at ESP, and I had been working as a psychic healer and a teacher of psychic healing since 2003. This gave me the ability to see into the body, as I developed this ability as a diagnostic tool to diagnose disease. My ability to do this was phenomenally developed. I can see into a person's body with about twice the level of detail as is shown here, and with perfect accuracy. I developed this ability for healing."

"The world's too big"

"I had that ability as a child in school, but I locked it down because I could not deal with it. It made me different, and it made me a target for bullies. So I learned to hide it and then to suppress it, until it surfaced again years later when I went into healing. The memories of this from my childhood continued to remain suppressed for me until 2013 however, until one day I was very seriously injured in an explosion in the Matrix. It nearly killed me and I passed close to death. The trauma brought me very deep in my consciousness, as I needed to dig deep to find the strength to come back. It was in reaching that depth in my consciousness that I awakened a repressed memory of my time in primary school. Then memories bean to flood back. Memories of this gift that I went to such trouble to suppress as a child. I never spoke about it you see. I spent much of my life just trying to fit in."

"Not always successfully, Gráinne."

"No, Éibhleann. Not always successfully.

It was the same, Éibhleann, with my ability to affect the body at a distance. I had developed this for years in Remote Healing."

"So, Gráinne, you spent years developing ESP and Remote Healing abilities in healing, and then when you were put in crisis you already had highly developed ESP and the ability to affect people at a distance that you could use militarily?"

The Men Who Stare At Goats

"Yes, Éibhleann. I already had the ESP and the ability to affect the body from a distance, and I had the speed and reflexes that only a Tao state of no-mind could produce. That combined with precognition, which was one of my strongest ESP sense that I had been working on for years..."

"...I think I'm beginning to see the picture, Gráinne."

The Last Samurai – Kendo training

"Healing and Martial Arts, like Dance,
these are not many things.
Not different things. They are One."


Golden Age begins in Ireland

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

For years I did not speak.

I have waited a long time to tell my story.

Now, I will be heard.

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

In the years after the pharmaceutical incident, I went very quiet. Then, with my head injury in 2013, for a time I lost the ability to speak. I had to learn to speak again.

I'm still working on it. It's a work in progress.

It's about finding my voice again.

Sia "Chandelier" as Gaeilge

It is only since I began writing as Gráinne that I have begun to write about what happened.

I have waited a long time to tell my story.

The Guardian - Part II

I am the first of the Jedi.

I was the first of my kind.

And, for a while, I was the last of my kind.

I have to bring back the Jedi.

The Return of the Jedi

Bin Laden - Part I

The Naked Gun Intro

The Peacemaker - Part I

The Peacemaker - Part II

Team America - Derka Derka

Ok, let us bring it back now to our discussion of how chi regulates the organs. I said that I will illustrate this by working through a practical example, which is how high heels can cause problems with menstruation, fertility and the womb. I also said that I would suggest an approach to resolve the problem.

Well, the solution to fix the problem if one wants that sway to the hips is to go with the pencil skirt rather than heels to change the walk. But in terms of using this example to illustrate how chi regulates the organs, I need to give some more foundations first. Then I will tie the two parts of the jigsaw together for this example.



Then let us jump straight back in.

Chinese Medicine: Why the Spleen Governs Digestion - Part I

This next one is impossible. Absolutely impossible.

Mission Impossible II

But I am about to solve it anyway!

Chinese Medicine: Waveguides - Part I


Mission Impossible II


Solving these problems has not been the most difficult part for me though.

The most difficult part is trying to get through to these guys!

Patch Adams

But I think bit by bit, I am breaking through.

Now, back to my story. Why would the pharmaceuticals and the Pentagon be interested in me, a healer in Ireland?

Well, let us say that I was making waves in medicine and in psychic ability. Big waves.

Actually I was tearing medicine and psychic ability apart.

I was making such big waves that I began to attract attention.

Twelve years I have been planning my comeback. Twelve years I have been in training.

Now I am ready.

So, puny pharmaceuticals, you think I cannot take you down?

Bill Goldberg’s best feat of strength

The Men Who Stare At Goats - Part I

You see my data was impossible. Absolutely impossible.

People could not accept the data. No-one had ever seen anything like it before.

The data could not possibly be real, because if it was real, then X-Men were real.

No-one could accept the data, but the data was real.

It is just that no-one could accept it.

Phil sees a Psychologist

Until the Pentagon sent someone to check me out.

When the Pentagon found out that I was the real deal and that I would not work for them, they tried to take me out.

When that failed, they locked me down instead.

It has been more than twelve years now.

My name is John. John Connor.

The Rock

Twelve years I have waited.

Now I am ready.


Water Margin – 2 Day Fight


"Gráinne, did healing also train you in your understanding of how Lin Chong knew in that last clip?"

My background in healing was critical to developing that understanding, Aoife. One cannot be a good healer without having an extremely developed sense of boundaries. What is safe and what is not? As a healer I worked for years with rape and trauma routinely, in session after session. Having an exquisitely developed sense of boundaries is essential for that work, and one must be able to read those boundaries perfectly.

That is the exact same skill that is needed in military strategy, martial arts and warfare for reading a situation. The ability to assess.

I wrote in my document "The French Foreign Legion Guy - Part III" in my section Leadership that the single biggest indication of level for me is the ability to listen, because of how this ties in to the ability to assess.

That is where I learned that ability. In healing.

You see, Aoife, when working with severe trauma, one needs to go deep, but without ever crossing the line into unsafe territory. For that one has to have an extremely accurate sense of boundaries. The ability to read them perfectly.

This allows me to go right to the edge in military strategy and warfare, but without actually crossing the line.

I can bring it right to the edge, but without going over the edge.



Unification Theory - Part I

How a Shaolin Monk Trains

To Develop Power in Chakras Open the Microcosmic Orbit - Part I

The Return of the Jedi

Now, where's my Golden Age you fucks?
And where's my school you bastards?

School for the Gifted


Is my mark an X, a Y or a Z?

It's actually an X.

The Mask of Zorro

I am both X and Y.

But I'm more X than Y.

Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

More X than Y.

Cross Your Heart Bra

Mutation. It is the key to our evolution.

In my case, the X-Man mutation comes from my female chromosome.

Groovy, baby!

X-Men: First Class: "A Very Groovy Mutation"

Psychic Ability - Part I


Tauriel heals Kili

To any FUCKWIT who has ever given out about healers, IN YOUR FACE YOU MISERABLE FUCKS!

Who's next? WHO' S FUCKING NEXT?!


One Woman Army


Healing is a form of Knighthood.

One cannot be Healer without being Knight.

Aragorn heals Éowyn

Psychic Ability & After Earth Style Kung Fu - Part I

Captain Fantastic

I topple Empires.

That is what I do.

I wrote that in "The French Foreign Legion Guy - Part IV" in Military Strategy.

The Borne Legacy

You have been warned

Ride of the Rohirrim