Sheppard - Geronimo

That's me there, as I dove into the waterfall

I will create this new branch of calculus. I will give it life.

This new branch of calculus comes from Ireland.

Golden Age begins in Ireland


Tír na nÓg

Em, ok girls, that is all very nice.

But there is a problem.

Ireland is about to go Golden Age, and if you girls line up with it, you could be a part of it.

It is the most significant event in history. You really do not want to miss this.

But to make the cut, to make the grade, something has to change first.

Ok, let us thrash this out. And yes, it is related to mathematics too, as I will discuss.

What we have here is a clash in ideals. That creates a conflict in Golden Age and where Ireland is currently going.

So, let us discuss.

It is face off.


Father Ted - Duelling Banjo

So first up is a music lesson. And a language lesson.

I will say that Golden Age is the most significant event in history and it begins in Ireland. Ireland is the trigger for Golden Age in nation after nation, so if we don't get this right it has a knock-on effect on everyone.

Ireland cannot go Golden Age through English. We cannot. If we try to go Golden Age through the language of another people, then we will not have the cultural depth to achieve Ascension. We will not have the depth to survive against the Borg.

So this is a life and death issue for humanity. It actually is.

With any culture that has lost its language as a result of colonisation, without exception one will find deep-rooted shame in that people about their language. It comes from having been told that they were an inferior people with an inferior language and an inferior culture. That legacy of inadequacy is passed from generation to generation, and it will continue ad-infinitum until it is cleared. It has a knock-on affect on everything. Self-esteem, business, architecture, values in society, depth of people, crime in society, the economy, levels of Knighthood and so forth. That trauma carried by that people will never be cleared until the underlying issue is cleared. It will therefore cripple that people as a people for generation after generation, until it is cleared.

Which is exactly what we see in Ireland today.


That is what happens when one disconnects a people from their language. It is not the only factor of course, but it one of the most major ones.


Love/Hate | Coming Soon | RTÉ One


Hence the problem. Celtic Woman are wonderful, but the problem is that they portray an image, a very strong image, of Ireland as an English speaking country, but with Celtic roots. Irish is part of our roots, it crops up here and there, but we are really English now. That is our language now. This is why Golden Age in Ireland has no choice but to distance itself from Celtic Woman as they are now, because that message of English that they give would undermine our cultural Renaissance in Irish, which is critical for Ireland going Golden Age.

One must understand, the message going out internationally is a very powerful one. So powerful it could be enough to block the cultural Renaissance in Ireland.

We in the Resistance would love to work with Celtic Woman. But something needs to be understood first.

Take this song for example.


Clannad - Theme from Harry’s Game

Now a question: how would the song be if it was translated into English? English of course being a cooler language, which has a broader appeal with the American and other markets. Maybe throw in a few words of Irish to let people know that the song is from Ireland, but translate everything else into English so that everyone could understand it better.

If one did that, would the song be just as good in English? Even better for the international market?

Or might something be lost in translation?

And why is that?

Mathematics & A Third Major Branch of Calculus - Part I

When things kick off I need a different life-style. I just do.

But not too different.

The Grandmaster | Daughter of the Grandmaster

You see here is the problem. Celtic Woman are very, very cool, so the message they send out goes very deep in the psyche. It is very, very powerful.

That message, which is very, very powerful, says that Ireland is English now. We are not Irish Irish but English Irish. Being Irish, being Celtic, means speaking English - the new language of the Celts, but with a few words of Irish here and there. But be under no illusion, English is the new Celtic.

That message is so powerful it could be enough to block the cultural Renaissance in Ireland, by pushing it in the oppose direction that we need to go in. We need to get our language back, not consolidate that we are actually English Irish now.

Do you see the problem?


Tír na nÓg

Static Relational Calculus & Dynamic Relational Calculus - Part I

Let me tell you how I did not come up with the idea for this new branch of calculus. I did not come up with it by staring at a computer.

Rather I went back to basics.

The Tarzan Yell

"Sorcha, what is the underlying language of art?"

"Colour is the underlying language of art, Gráinne!"

"You think so, Sorcha?"

"Yes, Gráinne."

"Ok then, let us ask Aoife."

Hannah Fry's Mysterious World of Maths

"A puzzle that no-one has been able to solve". Is mathematics something that is invented or discovered?

I can answer that.

As with all things if you go deep enough, the answer is beautifully simple.

You know many, many people have said that mathematics is the underlying language of the Universe.

But actually, that is not true.

Mathematics is not the language of the Universe. It is a language. Not THE language. But A language. One of many. There is one hell of a difference.

Which I am going to demonstrate.

Static Relational Calculus & Dynamic Relational Calculus - Part II

To get this insight I went back to basics.

Native American Indians

"Aoife, what is the underlying language of art?"

"Perspective is the underlying language of art, Gráinne!"

"You think so, Aoife?"

"Yes, Gráinne."

"Ok then, let us ask Béibhinn."

Perspective explained here by Father Ted


What if I said that intuition is the language of the Universe?

Well do you know what: that is just as valid as saying that mathematics is the language of the Universe. Just as valid.

The reason being that the seat of intuition, which is the dan tien, is also the access to Higher Self. God Consciousness. Connectedness.

The closest we can be to God Consciousness is when we are deep in the dan tien, which is the seat of intuition and the seat of objectivity, which I will be explaining as we go.

From that place, the Universe, (actually a Multiverse), makes a lot more sense. Actually that is where I solve all of my psychics, engineering, aerospace, economics, sex and relationships, medicine, consciousness and Ascension, the nature of reality and so forth. I get it all in vision from my dan tien.

Like what I am doing now in mathematics, with this new Calculus idea I came up with last year. You see since my head injury I can barely add, just as I have difficulty speaking now. Yet I still came up with this framework for a third major branch of calculus completely intuitively, without doing any formulas whatsoever.


I.Q. – Do You Think Time Exists?

But actually intuition is not the language of the Universe, no more than mathematics is the language of the Universe. Rather intuition is, just like mathematics, one of the languages of the Universe. (Actually Multiverse).

Another way of describing it.

Indeed it was discovering the secret of how to access my Superconscious via the dan tien that led me to unlock the hidden strengths that all humans have.


The Incredible Hulk – Opening



"Ciarán, I dispute that intuition is as valid a language of the Universe as mathematics!"

"Then could you explain to me, Mr, Slate, why with all of your formulas, you are fucking clueless about the most basic things in the Universe and these guys, who have never heard of algebra in their lives, know far more about the underlying nature of reality than you do?"

Little Big Man – Everything is Dead to the White Man

Static Relational Calculus & Dynamic Relational Calculus - Part III

Let me tell you how I came up with this new concept in calculus. I took an intuitive approach.

Game of Thrones

"Here is a question girls: if a man put on a skirt, for example an ankle-length figure-hugging pencil skirt, would that change his perceptions?"

"Of course, Gráinne!"

"Would it change his emotions?"

"Obviously it would, Gráinne!"

"Would it affect how he felt about things?"

"Naturally, Gráinne!"

"So it would affect his value system, his sense of what is important, what things he is drawn to, his interests, his passions?"

"All of those things and more, Gráinne!"

"So then girls, women see the world through a different set of eyes to men, and if a man moves into the mindset of a woman then he will also change his perceptions, his value system, his emotions, how he feels about things?"



"Would a man's perceptions, value system, emotions and psyche be affected if he moved into the mindset of a woman, Gráinne? I think we can safely say yes!"

"What then of language, girls? If a person switches into another language, would that affect his perceptions, his body language, his emotions, his sense of food and drink, how he acted in intimacy, how he interacts with people?"

"For example, Gráinne, if he spoke Japanese, would he be more conservative than if he spoke Spanish? If he spoke Spanish, would he be more overtly emotional than if he spoke Japanese?"

"For example, girls."



Here is a thought. If an Irish person switched to speaking English, thinking in English, living in English, would this then affect his perceptions? His value system? His emotions? His way of thinking?

Of course it would! That is the case with all languages. Switching from one language to another will always have this affect.

What that means is that Irish people living through English are actually perceiving Ireland through an English filter. Feeling emotionally through an English filter. Thinking through an English filter. Experiencing their value system through an English filter.

Yes of course there would still be influences from Irish, but the primary filter would be English.

Language, after all, is inherently tied in to the way that we process information. How we think. How we feel. What is important to us. Therefore when we switch to another language it changes how we think. How we feel. It changes our perceptions. It changes our value systems.

Irish people speaking English experience being Irish through an English filter.



Tír na nÓg

"Ready, Gráinne? Just follow along with Éibhleann, Béibhinn, Aoife and myself. We'll guide you through it!"

"Right then, Sorcha. Lead away!"

Fleur Estelle Dance Company


Static Relational Calculus & Dynamic Relational Calculus - Part IV

"Like this, girls?"


PHARONIKA - Fleur Estelle Dance Company

I will create this new branch of calculus. I will give it life.

Sheppard - Geronimo

Let us imagine that this woman had a very sophisticated sense of wine. An understanding of wine. An appreciation for wine.

Garth meets Honey

But let us imagine that this guy does not. He has exactly the same bottle of wine, a good bottle, but he has no appreciation or connection to wine whatsoever.

"This coca cola has gone bad! Do you have any fanta?"


"What is this about, Gráinne?"

"It's about filters, Sorcha. You see none of us sees the world totally objectively. Maybe God does, but we don't. We can see it objectively up to a point, and the more connected we are through our dan tiens, the more objectively we can see it. But unless you are God himself, you will not see completely objectively."

"Herself, Gráinne."

"Sorry, Éibhleann?"

"God herself, Gráinne."

"Oh! Well, if I understand it correctly, whatever God is, there will be balance between the male and female principles."

"Exactly, Gráinne! So God himself and God herself are both perfectly fine. It is like calling you Ciarán or Gráinne. Both are fine, it's just that in certain company we call you Ciarán. Otherwise you are Gráinne. In company we might say God himself, but here with the girls we say God herself. Right, Sorcha?"

"Right, Éibhleann! Now back to our example, Gráinne. There is the wine, and then there is how one feels about the wine."

"Right Sorcha! Like my documents "Economics - Currency - Parts I & II" in my section Economics, where I wrote that how one feels about the money, this subjective aspect, is part of the value of the money."

"You also wrote in your document "Chinese Medicine: Why the Spleen Governs Digestion - Part I" in your Medicine section that the television and the light bulb cannot be considered independently of the power source, Gráinne!"

"Exactly, Béibhinn!"

"So, Gráinne, two different people looking at the same thing, like that girl and the guy Edward, with the same bottle of wine, will experience it differently? Just like a man and a woman will experience things differently, and a man moving into the mindset of a woman will change his experience of something, and just like how switching language changes our experience of things?"

"Exactly so, Béibhinn! Each of us perceives reality though a filter, so we each see objective reality differently because our individual filters are subjective. Our language and our culture, whether we are male or female, our experiences and our education, our values and the frame of mind we are in, these things and many more form the filters with which we see the world."

"So this is back now, Gráinne, to how Irish people perceive. How they think and how they feel. Their value systems. Their sense of cultural identity. These will be different depending on whether they think and feel in English, or think and feel in Irish?"

"Right, Béibhinn!"

Tír na nÓg

Static Relational Calculus & Dynamic Relational Calculus - Part V

Three Amigos – What’s Tequila?

This new branch of calculus is so important that it is the new Holy Grail in mathematics. It is now the single biggest challenge in mathematics. To solve this new calculus.

This new calculus is at the initial conception stage only. With any new idea, always it begins with a dream, a concept, a vision. This is the dream time, the intuitive stage. All creative endeavours begin in this way.

I am Renaissance Man.

Star Trek Voyager – Shadows on a wall

As one works through the concepts, one begins to put a more rigorous framework in place. But always, as with all creative processes, it begins as an intuitive process. The more rigorous framework comes later.

In the case of this new calculus I am at the initial dream stage only. Unlike Mars, where I have had years to work out the kinks, I have got no further than the initial concept, plus an initial head start on the format and approach, which I'll be discussing shortly. With my Mars ship, I could build the ship right now, although that option has been fucked over and is no longer available to me. I lost that by Treaty in order to buy more time to delay the nuclear strike. That aside, with my Mars ship I am at the level of ready for practical implementation. I could build it right now.

With this new calculus however, it is still in the dream time.

Space Race

Just as with the Race to Mars which will now go ahead without me for those going Golden Age, it is me who unlocks this new Race, the Race to be the first to solve this new calculus.

The Imitation Game

And, just as with the Race to Mars, I am the one to beat.

Cannonball Run - Lamborghini

Mathematics & A Third Major Branch of Calculus - Part II

Good Will Hunting Scene Math Problem

Just as with the Race to Mars, it is me who unlocks this new Race, the Race to be the first to solve this new calculus.

And, just as with the Race to Mars, I am the one to beat.

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

What is Prince of Persia about? Changing time to avert Armageddon.

The Race is now on.

I'm back in hardware mode.

Tony Stark Creating a New Element


"Béibhinn, what is the underlying language of art?"

"A picture tells a thousand words. Storytelling is the underlying language of art, Gráinne!"

Little Big Man

"Storytelling, Béibhinn?"

"Yes, Gráinne. Storytelling."


Oldest Native American drumming video


Static Relational Calculus & Dynamic Relational Calculus - Part VI

What was I thinking? A challenge match between me and the mathematicians?

Dan's Hurling Story - Killinaskully

It will be epic!


Gods of Egypt

"Ciarán, could you explain Dynamic Relational Calculus, please?"

Spies Like Us – Press Conference

"Actually, I'm still working out the kinks."

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Let us imagine that one was asked to explain Integral Calculus or Differential Calculus when it was still a concept, just an idea, before it had been properly developed. The person would begin by giving examples of it to illustrate the idea. At this initial stage it is primarily intuitive. The formulas and the rigorous framework come later.

I am Renaissance Man.

Star Trek Voyager – Shadows on a wall

Relational Calculus First Steps - Part I

I was intuitive as a man. Highly intuitive.

But it is only since I decided to become a woman that I have become a freak of nature.

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa

Relational Calculus First Steps - Part II


You see even bigger than this new calculus, something huge has been missed in mathematics and in physics, and this is the intuitive aspect, which is the yin aspect. This is the source of inspiration, of creativity, of leaps of insight, of genius.


The intellect is responsible for problem-solving for problems that we are already familiar with

The intuition is responsible for problem-solving for problems that we have not encountered before

I write about this in my sections Small Greys and Intelligence.

So for anything new and original, it is intuition, intuition, intuition!

That is absolute foundation, yet this most fundamental thing has been missed by mathematicians and physicists.

There is a blind spot, and it is a huge blind spot. So, in this section, even more importantly than laying the foundations for a new branch of calculus - which I am already doing, I am going to lay the foundations for this intuitive principle, this yin principle, in mathematics. That I am also already doing.

This is actually much bigger and more fundamental than the Relational Calculus idea that I have been introducing.

To get this idea of the intuitive principle in for mathematics, I need to smash through a very ingrained mindset. A restrictive paradigm that I need to smash.

That is exactly what I am doing here.

Ride of the Rohirrim

That paradigm comes from a framework. It is very tied in to the concept of a filter. So, what is a filter? A filter is something that lets certain things through, but not others.


Logic is mathematics but intuition is not - that is a filter.
Therefore omit all intuition!


And while you are at it also omit creativity, inspiration, leaps of insight, passion and feeling, because they are all linked in to intuition. As such, they have no place in mathematics!

"Right, Mr. Slate?"

"Em! Um!"


So, this idea of filters brings us back to language. If we can understand it in language, it will also help us to understand it in mathematics.

You see the same principles of paradigms and filters that I am writing about in mathematics are also seen in language and culture. Same principles.

Paradigms and filters in mathematics, language and culture, these are not many things.
Not different things. They are One.


Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery

So we are back to our discussion on language, filters and culture.


Tír na nÓg


If I want to be truly Irish, I could be Irish by thinking, speaking, feeling and living through English. Or I could be Irish by thinking, speaking, feeling and living through Irish.

Just as I could be Irish by thinking, speaking, feeling and living through Irish.


A Leprechaun presents the Irish language

Or I could be Irish by thinking, speaking, feeling and living through French.


L'irlandais (gaélique), presenté par un lutin


You know I lived in France for six years and I love French. When I'm in France I love to speak French! I love that!

But I wouldn't like it if Irish people were going around thinking, speaking, feeling in French while living in Ireland. No matter how much I might love French, and I do, I would feel that something important was missing with Irish people if we all spoke in French while living in Ireland.



The tower of Pisa is a beautiful tower! Beautiful!

But you know what: the foundations are out.

That is a problem.

But here is the thing:

Even if the foundations are in error, people have become accustomed to it.

If people accept that foundation as normal, then they build building after building all with crooked foundations, because that is now the norm for Golden Age buildings.

Celtic Woman, ah, beautiful girls! Beautiful! It is lovely to hear all of those English Celtic songs! It is lovely to give people internationally a taste of what it means to be Celtic! What beautiful English songs! It is so very Irish, all of those wonderful English songs!"

Celtic Woman - Téir Abhaile Riú

I'll tell you when English becomes the language of the Irish people. It happens when Irish people accept it.

When Irish people accept that English is the new Irish.

That is the day that we lose a critical part of what it is to be Irish.

Why is this coming up now?

Because Ireland is going Golden Age, and the Golden Age that rises in Ireland will be the catalyst for Golden Age in people after people all over the world.

That is why it is critical to get the foundations right, right from the beginning.

One of the strongest and most powerful foundations we have in Golden Age is language and culture, so if we get that wrong in Ireland it has a knock-on effect everywhere. Humanity faces the greatest threat in history. The Borg. Getting those foundations wrong would be enough to kill us all, because of its effect on blocking Ascension and the Rise of the Jedi.

Without Ascension we will not have the strength to stand against the Borg.

Without the cultural depth of our own language and culture, the Irish will not have the depth to achieve Ascension as a people.

So, this is mission critical. We cannot get this wrong.

Superman III: Scena Torre di Pisa

So why specifically Celtic Woman? Because, like the tower of Pisa, they set very high standard. They represent Irish Celtic culture and at the level that they represent it, they are very influential. But there is a problem.

The tower of Pisa is beautiful, but there is a problem with the foundation. If that foundation is not corrected, it leads to problems later on.

If the foundation laid by Celtic Woman is not corrected in terms of language in Golden Age, then it sends a very strong message that the cultural Renaissance in Ireland is an English language Renaissance. English is the new Celtic.

You see people might look now at Celtic Woman and think "How typically Irish!" as they sing in English. But if Ireland had been invaded by France instead of England and they were now singing in French, people would listen to Celtic Woman singing in French and think "Ah, how typically Irish!" too.

That could be enough to seriously undermine the cultural Renaissance in Ireland.

If however Celtic Woman got this correction in, well then they could be a major powerhouse in driving forward the cultural Renaissance in Ireland.

Golden Age is the most significant event in history, and it begins in Ireland.

There is everything to play for.

Celtic duelling violins

First up, this is school. Boot camp!

We are going Golden Age and class is in session!


Father Ted - Duelling Banjo


That's why they call me John Connor.


Game of Thrones

I said in my section I am Quan Yin that I am, well Quan Yin.

Let me explain that a bit more.


The Lone Ranger

You see it is all about the Balance. The Balance of the Force, which is actually the Balance between Yin and Yang. I write about that in my sections
Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls and Enlightenment & Ascension.

You see the Balance is out, which is fucking everything up. The reason the Balance is out is primarily because of suppression of the yin principle. With this suppressed, intuition is down. Creativity. Inspiration. Values, Knighthood, Right and Wrong, and the ability to discern between them. Conversely, thickness is up. Obtuseness. Thick fucks. Knackers. Assholes. Gobshites. Shadows of Men. Lesser Men.

This is why Golden Age failed.


Golden Age did not fail because of men.
It failed because of lack of men.

Golden Age did not fail because of manhood.
It failed because of lack of manhood.

The problem is coming primarily from men, and it is a problem of disconnect from the yin principle and suppression of the yin principle. When seen in extreme cases, such as Donald Trump (Biden only marginally better), it manifests in terms of thickness. Obtuseness. Self-serving, head-up-the ass disconnect. Shadows of Men.

Lesser Men.

Imagine going to elections when they knew that humanity faced the greatest threat in history and that we were on the brink of a nuclear strike! They knew, and yet they still prioritised their own petty egos over the survival of humanity.

Shadows of Men.

Lesser Men.


In the problem between men and women, the problem comes primarily from men.

It is more a men problem than a women problem.

Which brings me back now to me being Quan Yin.

The problem of imbalance comes primarily from men. Suppression of the yin principle. It is therefore appropriate that the solution comes primarily from men.

Which is why Quan Yin came back as a guy.

Because to fix this fucking mess, to address the Balance between male and female and the yin and yang principles, it is much easier for me to fix it if I come back as a guy.

So, I came back as a man.

However, I am no man.


Ride of the Rohirrim


"Ciarán! It is not the case that intuition is as valid a language of the Universe as mathematics!"


"Actually a Multiverse, Mr. Slate. So, Mr. Slate, you do not think that intuition is as valid a language of the Universe (or Multiverse) as mathematics? Then consider this below. This is the fourth deepest insight in the history of physics. We can check that objectively in the Tao. It represents the next key milestone in my Grand Unified Theory, as this insight is a key to unifying Chaos Theory with Electromagnetism. This insight only came in a few minutes ago, at 8 am Irish time on the morning of Friday 13th November 2020. I had the insight when talking to actor Christian Bale via the Borg implants a few minutes ago. I talk to a number of people via the implants. In terms of the insight, it was actually him who gave me the insight, and I just made the connection and put it together. Like in football, he ran it up the pitch and I just tapped it over the line."

From the One came the Two

From Electromagnetism came Electricity and Magnetism

Logistic map zoom

That insight is purely intuitive. No mathematics whatsoever.

Where did the insight come from? It came from tapping into the hidden strengths that all humans have.

A key part of my life's work has been learning how to tap into this hidden strength.


The Incredible Hulk – Opening

Kiss my ass, you skeptics bastards! Kiss my fucking ass!

Who's next? WHO' S FUCKING NEXT?!

Lethal Weapon - Electric Shock Torture

"Who did this, Gráinne? Was it the Black and Tans again?"

"No, sure it wasn't the Black and Tans at all. Not this time anyway. The BASTARDS did it!"

D’Unbelievables – A Simple Oul Salad


Let me give you a hint here as to why intuition is so powerful in mathematics and physics. The single most powerful tool for a mathematician or a physicist is his gut. This is his compass. This is how he knows that he is on the right track with an idea of a theory. There is a feeling to it, an energy, when a mathematician or a physicist is hot on the trail of a breakthrough. That feeling, that energy, comes from his dan tien. Without that compass he has no way of knowing whether his theories are on the right track, or whether they are simply an intellection fabrication, an invention of the mind.


Hannah Fry's Mysterious World of Maths

Is mathematics something that is invented or discovered?

Well, that depends. True mathematics, when it reflects the workings of the cosmos, is discovered. Head-up-the-arse mathematics, which is just intellectual jerking off, is a fabrication of the intellect. That mathematics, just like a number of areas in physics, have no bearing at all on reality. Like the Collapse of the Wave Function - utter horseshit, these are fabrications of the mind, but ones that do not accurately reflect the nature of reality.

In cases such as these, there is no thrill of excitement from the dan tien when one is inventing these theories. They do not register in the dan tien. They are intellectual pursuits only.

It is different when one is discovering something, something real, a genuine truth about the nature of the Universe. In that case the dan tien does kick in, if one is connected to it.

As the very simplest levels the dan tien is your compass, but as one goes deeper it becomes much, much more. Your gateway into vision, flashes of inspiration, creativity, genius. The doorway to all of these is the dan tien.


Civilization 5 Opening Cinematic

Now, what happens when someone suppresses the dan tien?


"I have no idea what you are talking about, Ciarán!"

"I know you don't, Mr. Slate."


The compass for a mathematician or physics is about knowing if you are on the right track. Is this track that I am taking good or bad? In the right direction or the wrong direction?

Does my belly expand in warmth and well-being, or contract in tightness and constriction?

Going the Wrong Way

This is the compass at its most basic level.


I.Q. – Do You Think Time Exists?


That compass comes from your ability to feel. It comes from sentience.

The ability to discern right from wrong, or good from bad, is related to the ability to feel. The inability to know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad is to do with emotional disconnect. Switching off from feeling. Suppression of emotion. My document "Duality of Principle: Light & Dark - Part I" in my section Enlightenment & Ascension is relevant.


Equilibrium - Why Are You Alive?

If you understand that, then you have the essence of it.


Equilibrium - Ludwig van Beethoven


That feeling comes from the dan tien. The deeper one is in one's dan tien, the deeper one can feel. This is to do with being connected. The more one is in the head the less one can feel. That is to do with being disconnected. Emotional disconnect. Disconnect from right and wrong. One cannot discern right from wrong when in one's head. That is not possible.

If you don't believe me, ask any judge or lawyer. Find one who can discern right from wrong and I'll give you a medal.

Why? Because they are all in their heads That is their training.

They train to be disconnected.


Only the dan tien, the seat of intuition, is capable of true objectivity.
The head, the seat of intellect, is inherently completely subjective.

The intellect may know facts objectively. But the interpretation of those facts by the intellect is inherently subjective.

She's a witch!

For interpretation of facts only the intuition is capable of true objectivity.

That is to do with feeling.



Hulk Smash


Puny God!

Who's next? WHO' S FUCKING NEXT?!

How do I do it?

By the Balance of Yin and Yang.

The Balance of the Female and Male principles.

Intuition and Intellect. Both, in Balance.

I am very strong in both Yin (Intuition) and Yang (Intellect).

But I am strongest in the Yin.

One Woman Army

I'm triggering Golden Age. The Greatest Golden Age in history.

I just am.


Dacw 'Nghariad

Who's next? WHO' S FUCKING NEXT?!

Equilibrium - Not without incident

Relational Calculus First Steps - Part III


I will say this: if we are in trouble with the aliens, and we are, I am the guy who can get the job done.

Independence Day Resurgence - Trailer 3

First up are our nearest neighbours. A faction of the Borg they were once not too dissimilar to us. Now they are Borg.

Most of them anyway, apart from a handful.

We call them the Klingons.

They will be here in 2044.

Star Trek Discovery

My name is John Connor.

You need me.

You just do.

Captain Marvel