With the loss of Golden Age, my ship and my mission to Mars now represent the last hope for the survival of humanity and for restoring Golden Age.

This is why my ship will be named Andromeda.

My ship will be using 286 processors for flight and control systems, but the on-board computer will be driven by 486 processors. (That computer is not integrated into any flight, tactical or control systems). That might seem basic, but with these 486 processors I can develop a computer that can converse completely naturally with a person. Something that has not been achieved before by anyone else on Earth, even with all the power of their supercomputers. I am the world's foremost authority on speech recognition software.



I am Daniel Jackson.

You see the problem is not supercomputers. It is the approach.

This project to build the Andromeda computer (I'll be building the Andromeda ship too for my trip to Mars, but I am looking at the computer separately), will be one of the most critical projects of Golden Age, and one of the most critical for our survival. You see Andromeda provides the primary interface to our new Operating Systems and to our new Internet, which I have been developing for ten years now.

An Internet that can resist the Borg.

As the world's foremost computer systems architect as well as being the architect of Golden Age and the person with the highest understanding of Borg systems and how to counter them, I am the only person qualified to develop the new Internet.


Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

It is only since May of this year that I finally developed the Andromeda computer to the level that I now know how to build it. For you see that computer is impossible, absolutely impossible. I had to reinvent key areas of computing in order to make it possible to build it. Just like aerospace and designing my ship for Mars, it is not one idea but many ideas coming together as One that enables me to build this computer. Some of those ideas I have already released, such as my Computer Cards that I wrote about in my section Computers, and my documents "The Eight Logical Computer States - Parts I - IV" in the same section, which I use in my language recognition and speech programs to give a far greater depth of subtlety and nuance to Andromeda as she speaks.

Also absolutely key is my understanding of how to process language, which my documents below are a critical part of. They form another part of the key basis of my work for building Andromeda.

Now with that introduction behind us, let us proceed to a discussion on language.


Viggo Mortensen Speaking 7 Languages



"Ciarán, you're going to tell a story! I don't believe that I can bear to listen to another one of your stories right now!"

Lincoln Ethan Allen Story

In early 2013 I took a very serious head injury to the front of my head. It happened in combat in the Matrix where I was shot by a Terminator.

Wolverine's head injury

For two months after that injury I moved in and out of critical condition. Every day for two months I fought for my life after that injury. This is the head injury that affects my speech to this day. I had to learn to speak again after this injury. It was the single most devastating injury I ever took in the Matrix.

Regarding Henry

My speech is still affected to this day. I am still more hesitant in my speech now and I can have difficulty with word association. Sometimes I get words wrong. I can have difficulty with names. And sometimes I can say things backwards. It does make my way of speaking a little quirky.

My Ally is the Force

I developed my method for teaching and learning languages initially from some ideas that I was developing when I lived in Paris back in the 1990s, after which it was later influenced largely by two other factors. One was this head injury that I sustained in combat in the Matrix in early 2013. That injury affected my speech and my ability to process language literally. After the injury I had to learn to speak again and I struggle with language to this day. In order to help me now with language learning I developed this method as a highly intuitive approach that would enable me to get around the difficulties that I have with languages since the injury. That was one factor which greatly influenced my developing this approach.

Armageddon Evaluation

The second factor was First Contact. I wanted to develop an approach to languages that would enable me to speak to a person who did not speak a word of any language that I understood and who spoke a language that I did not understand either. An approach that would enable me to build up an understanding of their language without any reference to dictionaries, grammar books or any linguistic aid whatsoever. I developed this approach in preparation for First Contact, which we are a number of years into now.

Avatar – Jake learns

My approach may be simple, actually utterly simple, but it builds on an approach I take in codebreaking. Which for me, like everything I do, is based on utter simplicity

The Imitation Game

How to Learn a Language - Part I

I’m better when I write, because I have time to read over what I have written and correct it.

Dyslexia for found cure.

Sorry! That should read: Dyslexia for cure found.

Bollocks! I meant: Dyslexia cure for found.

Fuck anyway. Ever since I took that head injury in 23013, I do have difficulty with spelling.

Naked Gun Opening

How to Learn a Language - Part II

It has also very much affected my way of writing, although when things kick off I want to set up a school for people who can't read good and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too.

I am Danierl Jacksdon.




You see the injury severely affected the ability of my brain to process things literally. Everything now is much easier for me symbolically. If I was (if I was or if I were - I get the two mixed up) asked to explain something to someone I would have great difficulty with it, even for simple things, if I had to explain it literally. It is much easier for me to use metaphor or analogy.


Symbolic reasoning. Pictures. Metaphors. This is how I communicate now. I have always used metaphor and analogy. All my life I have used this more than others. But nothing like now. Not since the injury.


Now if someone was to ask me to explain something, I would have to go straight to a blackboard and chalk and draw a sketch. A picture to explain. Or I would have to give a story to explain the principle. A metaphor. An analogy. People will see this reflected in my documents for I explain things in terms of clips, images and stories.


Darby O’Gill & The Little People


Darby went to the afterlife but he came back. He cheated death, as did I.

Everything for me now – physics, engineering, the arts, economics, everything is in terms of stories. My mind may struggle now with explaining things literally. But in terms of abstract reasoning and symbolic reasoning, the injury has made me razor sharp. While injured in one area I have never been sharper in others. In one area crippled. In another, not just a prodigy. But a genuine freak of nature. That is true.

How to Learn a Language - Part III

It has had a very useful side-affect however. Cryptology and codebreaking. My brain has compensated for the injury to my literal thinking by becoming freakily sharp with pattern recognition and symbolic reasoning. Which were exactly the skills I needed to hack the most secure encryptions of the Borg Empire.


The Imitation Game


Freak of nature that is me.

Mercury Rising


I’m not autistic, although I do have problems with my speech.

But I am certainly a savant.


Mercury Rising – Savant

How to Learn a Language - Part IV

Reg struggled with speech too.

I am Reg.


Star Trek | Barclay Under Pressure

I am Reg. They say we study what we most need to learn. That is me and linguistics. Because I struggle so much with languages, I have developed ways to try to overcome those difficulties.

Like me and women. I have always struggled with women.


Wayne’s World 2 Garth the Seduction

They say we study what we most need to learn.

I have always
struggled with women.


Klingon Matchmaker - Transfigurations




The 40-Year Old Virgin

Which is why I study them.


Doc & the Mysteries of the Universe

If you understand that, then you understand something of how I can be Daniel Jackson, even though I struggle with basic speech.

I have the knowledge to launch the greatest Golden Age in history.

But that knowledge did not come easily.

Daniel Jackson – Hurt

Me and language now is pretty basic. I struggle with basic language.

I am Tarzan.

Tarzan - Part I


The Big Blue

How to Learn a Language - Part V


Pick Up Your Jacket


The Last Samurai - Part I


Everything is Kung Fu