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I am General John Connor, the world's foremost authority on Leadership and Management. For seven years I have led the greatest war in history.

You don't believe me?

Then let us begin...

The French Foreign Legion Guy - Part I

Stella Artois – Hero’s Return

The French Foreign Legion Guy - Part II

Aliens: Hudson is the ULTIMATE Badass!

In terms of codebreaking, a key skill to codebreaking is pattern recognition. I am the greatest code breaker in history. This is how I was able to hack the Borg computers right through the to Borg Central Core. I hacked the most sophisticated encryptions of the Borg Empire. This was absolutely critical to the Resistance smashing the Borg and it was absolutely critical to being able to force the Borg to agree to the Treaty and to enforcing that Treaty.

This is something I write about in my section Codebreaking.

The Imitation Game

The Borg measure my I.Q. at 1,780. I have not only the highest level of intelligence in history on Earth, but I have the highest level of intelligence of anyone ever recorded in the history of any civilisation ever encountered by the Borg, and that is a lot of civilisations. My intelligence is my own. It is not Artificial Intelligence. It is natural.

I have the highest level in history in over 150 different fields of endeavour. I am not just a genius, not just a prodigy, but a genuine freak of nature. Nothing like me has ever been seen before. A lifetime's work to a Nobel Prize Physicist can be the problem of a child to me.

That is true.

Tony Stark Creating a New Element

The Borg do not know how I do it. It should not be even theoretically possible, by their understanding. I am the glitch in the data. I am the aberration. I am the anomaly.

I am Neo.



I am not circumcised. I did not know until my mid-twenties that this practice was done outside of the Jewish people, and I was shocked beyond measure to find out that a number of others did it too. I will be writing about circumcision later in my section on Medicine. That barbaric custom must end. It certainly has no place in this country. I need to lay some foundations on the psychological effects of sexual abuse and trauma before I can properly explain why there must be no circumcision. I will be coming to that in time.

Coming back now to my level of intelligence, one of the reasons that the Borg cannot understand my level is because of Ascension, which I achieved on 21st December 2012. It represents the next stage in Enlightenment. I am the first in history to have ever achieved it. Everything is enhanced in Ascension. Speed, reflexes, immune system, precognition, psychic ability, genius, creativity, resourcefulness, inspiration, imagination. All is enhanced in Ascension.

The Borg are not familiar with this phenomenon.

I can explain why my intelligence is so high.

They can not.

The Nth Degree

I offered the Greatest Golden Age in history on a platter to governments, but governments, led by America, saw my knowledge as something to be taken advantage of. That more than any other reason is what cost us seven years of Golden Age. They tried to steal my technologies, which they cannot do because they are protected, and they ignored the alien threat. They refused to remove the Borg blockade on me and humanity because they saw me as a threat to America's position as Number One, as they saw it. This is what cost us seven years of Golden Age and it is what triggered the first of the Borg fleets against us fifty years earlier than anticipated. By locking me down they prevented me from doing my job. That is how the Borg fleets were triggered fifty years earlier than anticipated.

It is also the key reason why the COVID-19 virus was released. The Borg were able to influence things to get that virus released, and I was not able to block them because America locked me down, preventing me from doing my job. Not just America. France and Ireland were also instrumental in locking me down, which were key factors in the Borg being able to trigger the release of the virus. Each of these three governments saw me as a threat to their power, which is why all three locked me down.

I am John. General John Connor, leader of the Resistance.

I crop up a lot in film in various guises. Often as John.

As to how this is so, I will explain as we go. It is something I did, a temporal incursion twenty-four years from now, to try to break through the Borg blockade that is locking me down. I will explain this more as we go.

The Rock

Well, what's done is done. Shit happened. We just have to work through it now.


A Knight’s Tale - We Will Rock You


John is actually my middle name. Ciarán John Handley. I guess people call me John because they can't pronounce Ciarán.


Austin Powers - Danger is my middle name

Now, with that in mind, does this clip make any more sense?

Triple scrambled static filled chatter decoded

The French Foreign Legion Guy - Part III

Game over, man! We’re fucked!

Seven years ago I tried to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history. I was about to change everything; science, medicine, religion. And then the Borg got me.

I've been trying to break free ever since.


TRON Legacy

Rogue Trader - Part I

People may not believe that I am Tony Stark. But I discovered how to create a new element. Or rather how to reengineer an existing element. I discuss this in my section on Physics.

Tony Stark Discovers a New Element

People may not believe that I am Tony Stark. But I invented the Arc Reactor. I discuss this in my section on Power Generation

A number of governments tried to assassinate me over the Arc Reactor.

Quite unsuccessfully I am happy to say.

Chain Reaction

People may not believe that I am Tony Stark. But I solved how to lift an aircraft carrier and also how to make it invisible to radar. I discuss both of this in my section on Physics.

Helicarrier Take-off

People may not believe that governments have been locking me down for years, but the records will show that America stole research from me in 2013 in Quantum Computing which they then gave to D-Wave to develop. In 2014 D-Wave announced that they had developed a new quantum chip. That chip was based on my research, stolen in 2013. I developed that work in order to help in my hacking Borg computers. It was to help me fight Artificial Intelligence. America took my research and used it for the opposite purpose for which it was intended. They used it to develop Artificial Intelligence and to build Skynet, which I have been trying to block for years. The NSA Microsoft global hacking program is part of Skynet. I discuss this in my section The NSA Microsoft Global Hacking Program.

In 2014 America also stole a Fractal Algorithm from me, that they used to help develop Skynet. I developed that algorithm to help fight the Borg. The Americans stole it, a partial implementation only thankfully, and used it as part of developing Skynet.

Star Trek Fractal Encryption Algorithm

I also did key development work in 2013 on a completely deterministic 8-State computer. That was what I designed the Fractal Encryption for. I discuss this computer in my section on Computers.

America also took key research that I released to explain to people how the Borg assimilate people. Key research in how to program people's minds and in how to interface computer technology with the brain. I released this information to teach people about the Borg and how to counter them. It was to help train humanity and to help prepare for what is coming. America knew of the alien threat and yet they locked me down and instead used this information to begin their own research in how to create Borg, with the company Neuralink

Robocop – End This Nightmare

America and others could not steal this research now. I developed it to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history and to counter Artificial Intelligence and the Borg. America used it however to suppress Golden Age and to develop Artificial Intelligence and to develop the integration of Artificial Intelligence with the human brain. They used it to try to develop their own Borg, just as they used my research in computers to try to build Skynet.

Over the last few years I have been able to get the protection on my research right up. It is now protected by alien technology, and this is enforced in the Treaty. It cannot be stolen now, but key research was stolen from me a number of years ago and twisted to the opposite purpose for which I developed it.

If you want to understand how Golden Age was blocked, begin with this.