Kobayashi Maru



X-Men Days of Future Past

Kobayashi Maru - Part I

I could not physically come back, but I could send my memories back. Back to myself in the past, via the Borg implants in my mind. I sent my memories back to a number of points in time in my younger life, with the main one being in August of last year, 2019. I was working away at my computer last year when I was suddenly impressed by memory after memory washing over me. Memories of a future life that I knew I had just lived.

Star Trek Voyager – Log entry from Harry Kim… To Harry Kim “Timeless”

The mistake that was made, mistakes, were not mine. I did my job, but I could not get through to people. I told them and I told them and I told them, but they would not listen. That has been the story of my life for more than seven and a half years now.

I tried to tell them about balancing the male and the female and how it would trigger Ascension.

I told them of the X-Girls.


I told them of aerospace. Of Warp Drive. Of my war with the Borg.


I did try to explain to them about Golden Age.

Tango on a Lake

But they didn't believe me.

Frida and Tina Tango

"That's an unusual problem, Mr. Connor!"

Phil sees a Psychologist

As for that future timeline, I don't remember everything from that future consciously. Just some key things. The rest of the knowledge remains unconscious. Like remembering a past life, except it's a future life.

But I do find that, when I need it, the knowledge is suddenly there.

Tony Stark Creating a New Element

Kobayashi Maru - Part II

I did not physically come back. Just my memories.

But it is still me.

My consciousness, my memories, my experience.

I lived it. I was there.

It is still me.


Kyle Reese

All that remains of that future timeline now is a memory. Memories actually, because we all lived that future timeline, up to the point where each of us died. For all of us, that timeline forms a part of us now, like a past life. Unconscious perhaps, but still forming part of who we are.

For me personally, all that remains now of that timeline are my memories.

It was the greatest war in history.

But in that timeline, we didn't make it.

One Woman Army

Maybe this time around we will, however.

Make it I mean.


Transformers - Eyes on Mikaela

"It's pronounced fegina!"

Olora Vagina