Any time I teach psychic ability, energy-work or Jedi fundamentals, always I begin with this.

This is always the first thing I teach in my classes. Only when this concept is understood do I proceed to teach other things.

You want to know why I excel in so many areas?

Begin with this.

Breathing, stillness of mind, the position of one's mind relative to the dan tien, these are not many things.
Not different things. They are One.

Begin with this.

Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery

My understanding of this is what enables me to move into my dan tien in an instant.

Actually, that was the case up to 2012. Now I never, ever leave my dan tien. It is my permanent state of being, since 21st December 2012. I have not left my dan tien once in more than seven and a half years. Rather it is about my depth in the dan tien now. Over time, year after year, I simply go deeper and deeper in my dan tien.

You see the dan tien is your compass. It enables you to read situations, whether they are good or bad, right or wrong. It is the doorway to intuition. All creativity, all genius, all inspiration, all values, all Knighthood, all ability to assess new situations, to judge and weigh up new situations, all inspiration, all depth, all ability to dig deep, all connectedness and all Enlightenment without exception, comes from the dan tien. It is the doorway to Zone States, to psychic ability, to excelling in area after area. It is the doorway to genius.

My understanding this connection back in 2002 was what got me started in my work. That understanding enabled me to make rapid progress and it unlocked genius in me in area after area.

You see the dan tien is your compass.

My understanding this connection back in 2002 was what got me started in my work.

I.Q. – Do You Think Time Exists?

On the Nature of Genius - Part I

In any area, move first into the dan tien. This is the secret to excelling in area after area.

The Borg measure my I.Q. as being in excess of 1,800. I have the highest level of intelligence ever recorded by the Borg not only in the history of humanity, but also in the history of any civilisation that the Borg have ever encountered in their history. That is a lot of civilisations.

For seven years the Borg have seen me as having the highest level of codebreaking of anyone that they have ever encountered in their history. That is official. I have hacked into their systems deep enough that I can read this easily. You see I have hacked the most secure networks that the Borg have ever developed. Something they considered to be absolutely impossible.

The Imitation Game

And, as of a few months ago the Borg now consider me to have the highest level of encryption of anyone they have ever encountered in the history of their Empire. As of 30th May 2020, it is now also official. I solved the greatest encryption ever seen in the history of the Borg.

I solved the Fractal Encryption Algorithm. I could code it right now.

Star Trek Fractal Encryption Algorithm

You see no-one in the history of any ever encountered by the Borg Empire, not since their earliest days, has ever developed a computer that can resist assimilation.

No-one in the history of any ever encountered by the Borg Empire, not since their earliest days, has ever developed a computer that can resist hacking by the Borg.

Not in all of the civilisations that the Borg have ever encountered, and that is a lot of civilisations.

Not until 30th May 2020.

I am the first in history to have done it.

The Borg know that I have done it, something they consider to be an absolute impossibility. They know now that I have done it. But they do not know how.

The Borg do not know how I do it. I am the aberration. I am the glitch in the data. I am the anomaly.

I am Neo.

The Matrix

The Borg cannot explain it. Not even theoretically. But I can.

Malcolm's I.Q. test

I can explain it.

The Nth Degree

The Borg cannot understand it because my intelligence is completely natural. It is not Artificial Intelligence. Rather it is true intelligence. It is real intelligence.

A life-time's work for a Nobel Prize physicist can be the problem of a child to me.

Nothing like me has ever been seen before.

Not like me.

I have the highest level in history in more than 160 different fields of endeavour. I am the father of modern physics, medicine, aerospace, architecture, law, economics, psychology, leadership, business, industry, ecology, computers, networking, martial arts, military strategy, ballistics, armour, cryptology, relationships, gender and sexuality and the list goes on and on. That is true.

Just as it is true that I have the highest level of Enlightenment in history. That too is also true.

No-one in history has gone deeper into the mind than me.

I am Professor X.

X-Men First Class

You see by early 2013 I had already established the framework for my Grand Unified Theory unifying Classical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, Relativity and Chaos Theory with Consciousness, the culmination of thirty years of work. Well, actually not the culmination, because I was only just getting started. You see that Unification Theory established the basis in physics for psychic ability. I can prove it now in physics. I can give the framework in physics.

Physicists got it completely wrong you see. Just like the nozzle design in rocket engines, they got it backwards. They put the nozzle flaring outwards instead of tapering inwards.

Too much pressure!

It's like that in physics. Physicists got all the data that showed that consciousness is the basis of reality, and then they put it all together backwards. That data unequivocally shows that psychic ability is not only a real phenomenon, but that it falls naturally from physics. The physics predicts psychic ability as a natural consequence of the physics. Once the physics is properly understood, that is obvious.

Once it is understood.

Try telling that to these guys.

I.Q. – Time Deprivation

Any physicist that say that psychic ability is not real does not understand the physics. Plain and simple.

As for me, I took a different route. By mid 2013 I had already established the basic foundation principle for faster than light travel. It fell naturally from my Grand Unified Theory, and then on 22nd March 2015 I solved it. Warp Drive. Not to the level that I could actually build it, but I solved the fundamental framework behind it. This what unlocked the conditions for First Contact. The conditions for Prime Directive were being satisfied you see.

Frederick & Inga's Intellectual Discussion

My work on hypercompression of liquids and on reengineering the properties of matter, such as
How to Make Tritanium, these all fell naturally from my Grand Unified Theory. I predicted them from First Principles as a natural consequence of my Grand Unified Theory. My Grand Unified Theory also opened up new areas of physics that came as a natural consequence of the physics I was solving. Wormhole Mechanics and Subspace Mechanics, I founded these areas in physics from First Principles. They unlocked my work in Stargate Physics, Temporal Mechanics, Gravity Plating, Tractor Beam Technology, Subspace Communication and Subspace Scanners, as well as my work in unlocking the Borg Hyperdrive propulsion systems and various Borg military systems.

This is what allows so many things to be released to humanity now as part of First Contact with the newly formed Federation, those who also war against the Borg. First Contact happens because of me however, so the technologies can only be unlocked through me. That is part of what makes me the greatest benefactor in the history of humanity. That and triggering Ascension and in leading the war against the Borg.

I have the knowledge, but that knowledge did not come easily.

I am Sam Carter.

Sam Carter: "Broken"

How can I excel in so many areas?

It is not because I have spent enormous time studying many, many things. No. Rather I study One Thing, very, very well. Dan Tien. How to move very, very deep into my dan tien, which is another way of saying connectedness. Because of my depth in the dan tien, everything is easy. In area after area I simply have to glance at it and solutions can then come to me effortlessly. It is not because I do many, many things. No. Rather I do ONE THING, very, very well.

And that One Thing unlocks everything else.


City Slickers – One Thing

"Ciarán, I am holding up my finger! Do I understand the Secret of Life now?!"

"Pick up your jacket."

PhD - Part I

Who am I?

I am John Connor.

Enlightened Warrior.

Battle Angel.


Alita Battle Angel



You're probably wondering why I appear in so many films? It is because I have inserted myself into them.

The Time Machine

To give you some of my lifetime of knowledge in a few clips.

Dark City memory injection

You see I am John. John Connor. It is very important that I live. I alone hold the knowledge to prevent the annihilation of humanity.

I was there, twenty-three years from now. Everyone I knew was killed. I witnessed the last days of humanity.

For years I kept screaming at governments to wake up, but they never came together. They never got past their smallness and infighting. And so when the Borg came, we were not ready. There was nothing we could do.

Independence Day – Time’s Up

I was last man standing, for no-one knew the Borg like I do and I am very, very hard to kill. Just before they got me I initiated a temporal incursion to send knowledge of what had happened back though time, to be picked up unconsciously by humanity via the Borg implants in their heads.

Star Trek Voyager – Log entry from Harry Kim… To Harry Kim “Timeless”

That knowledge went to script writers and film makers, song writers and artists. That knowledge went to everyone.

You see that's me there, Dr. Frankenstein, as I dove into the waterfall, Indonesia 1999.

Sheppard - Geronimo

The guy who works a lot with Native Americans. There is a reason for that.

An Laoch - "Geronimo" le Sheppard as Gaeilge

You see I am the Doctor. The Time Lord.

The guy who flies around in a telephone box.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The Borg broke the Timeline. I am trying to fix it.

People may not believe that I initiated a temporal incursion from the future. That I have lived future timeline after future timeline.

But it is actually true.

The Time Traveller's Wife

In August of 2019 I was working at my computer when I was suddenly impressed with memories of the next twenty-four years, to the point of our annihilation in 2024. I had sent my knowledge of what had happened back from the future to be received by me just before the critical moment of Donald Trump's decision that killed us all.

Wolverine Wakes Up in 1973

That decision was to lock me and Golden Age down yet again and to ignore the alien threat and focus instead on trying to steal my research for America. My research is protected. He cannot steal it, but he never accepted that.

The Rock

That is the decision that killed us all. That is the decision that brought humanity to total annihilation.

I warned him and I warned him and I warned him.

But he would not listen.

Yesterday’s Enterprise

Contact with me was locked down, as it has been for seven years, so a key way in which I can try to get through to people is my website.

"Find me, convince me all this". That is w
hat my website is designed to do.

X-Men Days of Future Past

What destroyed us?

It was greed, pettiness, obtuseness, gross incompetence, ego and desire to take advantage of my research in the futile attempts to steal it, over the Greatest Golden Age in history and the survival of humanity.

How can one live without honour?
Never have I understood this.

Honour is important to those who have honour.
It is considered unimportant to those who have none.


Terminator - John Connor

The situation is now more difficult because once again Donald Trump has steered us down the same path to Armageddon.

But it is not too late. We can still launch Golden Age, if governments come together.

It begins with the contact with me and triggering the Race to Mars.

Marvel Cast - tribute to dance

On Being Swoop - Part I


Last Samurai - Self Discipline

On Being Swoop - Part II

The Last Samurai - "No mind"

On Being Swoop - Part III


The Last Samurai – Kendo training

On Being Swoop - Part IV

"So, what did you get up to in work, Ciarán?"

"Not such. Same-o, same-o."


Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 4