How to Make Tritanium


Me above at Thorong La pass at 5,416 m, the highest point of the Annapurna Circuit, Himalayas, Nepal, October 1999

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


I have always been a dreamer.

I wouldn't be able to do physics if I wasn't a dreamer.

Now, let us jump in deep end.

How does one make a new element?

Tony Stark Discovers a New Element

To make a new element one has to reengineer an existing element. One does this by reconfiguring its String Harmonics. That involves energising the higher harmonics with the right amount of energy to permanently change its string harmonic structure.

Standing Waves Demonstration

Our journey to create tritanium begins with physics, because the physics required to create this metal does not exist in mainstream physics. It is my own physics, developed over more than thirty years. Actually we need to overthrow physics in order to make tritanium, because that metal violates the laws of physics as they are currently understood by mainstream physicists.

I.Q. – Do You Think Time Exists?

Where to begin?

With a document that I released in October 2014. I release it now exactly as I released it in 2014.

Why There are Three Families of Subatomic Particles Rather than One

I wrote in this document that the higher the harmonic, the less stable it is. That is not actually necessarily the case. It is possible to reconfigure matter to higher harmonics completely stably, which we need to understand too.

This document contains the single deepest insight ever released in the history of physics, and it is a cornerstone of my Unification Theory between Quantum Mechanics, String Theory and Relativity. To understand how to change the properties of matter, begin with this.
One cannot understand the origin of mass or faster than light travel without understanding this document. This insight represents the culmination of thirty years of work. I release it now exactly as I released it before, and I will work through the explanations of this as we go.

This document lays the foundation for Warp Core Mechanics, Wormhole Mechanics and Subspace Mechanics. As such this document is the single most important document in the history of physics.

It lays the foundation for Warp Drive and Stargates.

Without that understanding in physics, we have no hope whatsoever against the Borg.


Stargate First Activation

If this sounds complex, don't worry about it. It may sound intimidating but it's not actually that bad at all. I will break it down step by step and I will guide you right through it.

Where do we begin?

With Symmetry.

In these next documents I talk a lot about Symmetry Restoration and Symmetry Breaking, and their importance in changing the laws of physics. This concept of Symmetry comes up time and again in my documents on physics, so let us jump right into the key idea.

How to Change the Properties of Matter - Part I

School for the Gifted

How to Change the Properties of Matter - Part II

X-Men First Class

How to Change the Properties of Matter - Part III



X-Men: Kitty & Bobby – “All We Know”

With that behind us we are now ready to dive right in.

So, ready to go?

e're back in hardware mode.

Tony Stark Creating a New Element

Reengineering the Elements - Part I

Star Trek First Contact - Zefram Cochrane & Troi

On the 22nd March 2015 I solved the foundation theory for Warp Drive. My theories were verified by a number of non-terrestrial civilisations, those that we are setting up the Federation with. My solving Warp Drive is what triggers First Contact. We are already several years into First Contact now.

I am Zefram Cochrane.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Opening Scene | Dancing Baby Groot

I am here to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I am Peter Pan.

Friends - Joey vs Netherlands

Reengineering the Elements - Part II

Captain Marvel

This scene with Diana is channelled as an incident in my training in January 2013, at the beginning of the breakout of war with the Borg. My rise to power in the Matrix was meteoric. This was the beginning of that rise.

Wonder Woman – Diana’s Training Scene

I remember my training and I remember my rise to power. I remember the outbreak of the war. But key aspects of what happened are hidden from me.

I do not know the truth about what I am, or how I came to be.

I am Wolverine. I am Jason Borne. I remember the war. But certain key information has been blocked to me. I just don't remember.

Cowboys & Aliens

How to Make Tritanium - Part I


How to Make Tritanium - Part II

Finding Neverland

Tritanium is a wonderful metal, but the problem is that it is more difficult to make. So to help get people started I'll give a much simpler reengineered metal. This will help people to verify the principle of reengineering metals, but with a much simpler candidate.

How to Make Tintanium - Part I

Darth Vader is Captain Hook. For six years he and I warred in the Matrix. That was our battleground.

Or rather he was Captain Hook.

He is back to being Anakin now.

The Tragedy of Anakin Skywalker

This next alloy is a beautiful alloy.

This is the main alloy we will be making our Vipers from.

How to Make Irontanium - Part I

The Lone Ranger

Plenty more where that came from.

Three Amigos


"Good day, Ciarán! Do you remember me? I said hello to you before and you had a melt-down. Was it something I said?"

"Em, actually I just realised I have a mission deep in the heart of Borg space that I need to rush off to. I have to go. Now."



"Ciarán, this isn't relevant to tritanium and reengineered metals!"

"Actually, Mr. Slate, it is.
It is to do with Mind-Matter Interface.
Which has everything to do with reengineered metals."

Hattori Hanzo


"You see, Mr. Slate, mystical weapons are something of a speciality of mine, and the key to these weapons is Mind-Matter Interface. The greater the Mind-Matter Interface, the more one can reengineer the metals with one's mind."


There is No Spoon


"You see, Mr. Slate, the key reason why I am Hattori Hanzo is because of my ability to reengineer the properties of the metal with my mind. That depth of Mind-Matter Interface comes from my depth in the Tao, and that depth in the Tao comes from the balance of the female with the male.

In perfect balance, Mr, Slate, female is primary for me. As such my connection to the female is critical to my Mind-Matter Interface and so to my ability to affect these metals with my mind.

One cannot understand my ability to affect metals in this way without understanding my connection to the female principle.

For a Jedi, the power comes from the Balance of the female and male. This is the source of the power of a Jedi.

In my case, in perfect balance the female is dominant."

Bellydance AZHAR



"Mr. Slate!"

"Yes, Ciarán?!"

"Loosen up!"

Pöpcřrn | Recipes with the Swedish Chef

"Loosen up!"

The Grandmaster | Daughter of the Grandmaster

Mind-Matter Interface - Part I

Mind-Matter Interface is to do with belief.

I am Peter Pan.

Mickey Mouse Disney’s Fantasia

For mystical weapons, talk to me.

It was me who made him his axe.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 1

Mind-Matter Interface - Part II

What is a deity? Deity is simply a Rank. You see every one of use affects reality with our minds, to some extent. Every one of us creates reality with our minds, to some extent. In the case of Mr. Slate, the effect is very small because his belief is so low. He does not believe that he can affect reality and so that limiting self-belief creates that reality. He believes that he cannot, and so he cannot. Many people are like that.

Others are not.

Bill Goldberg is deity. He believes that he can lift huge men over his head. He just believes it. He believes it so much that he creates that reality.

Goldberg – Gorilla Press Compilation

Jackie Chan is deity. He believes that he can do the most insane stunts and walk away. He just believes it. He believes it so much that he creates that reality.

Jackie Chan Top 10 Stunts

In Golden Age, to not be deity is to be dysfunctional.

Everyone is deity in Golden Age.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 2

Mind-Matter Interface - Part III