How I Became John Connor: My Head Injury


X-Men Days of Future Past


In the timeline I came from, twenty-three years into the future, history had no record of Golden Age. It never happened. It was blocked, and open war was unleashed against the Borg fifty years earlier than anticipated.

To give humanity another chance for survival I imitated a temporal incursion to send key knowledge of the future back to my younger self, at a point in time last year. To just before the point where Trump make the decision that killed us all.

Trump refused to listen to me. He still made the same decision that killed us all. He made it last year when he ignored Golden Age and the threat to humanity and instead focused on locking me down in the attempt to keep my existence secret, while he tried to steal my technologies for America and while he used the Pentagon to lock down any attempt by us to set up the Irish Space Agency. He wanted my aerospace technologies only for America, while he took every step to ensure that the Irish Space Agency would never be set up. He knew that the Irish Space Agency was critical for meeting the threat of the Borg, but he saw it as a threat to American supremacy, and so he shut us down instead.

That is one of the key things that killed us all. By blocking the Irish Space Agency and the Race to Mars, he prevented humanity from preparing for the upcoming threat.

My technologies could not be stolen. It is protected by non-terrestrial technology, but Trump never accepted that.

So, once again we are on the same path of annihilation as before.

But this time I have more knowledge. This time we will break through to governments. This time we will pull it back from the brink.


Yesterday’s Enterprise

History has no record of Golden Age. It never happened. So I initiated a temporal incursion to send my consciousness back to the past. My past. What is the present for others. I did it to try to fix the timeline. I did it to give humanity another chance at survival.

Everyone I knew in that timeline is now dead. All of the Jedi that I trained. All of the X-Men. All of the Resistance. Everyone I knew there is now dead. I was the first of the Jedi. Now I am the last.

No-one else comes through. There is no-one else.

I don't go back, even if I could.

There is nothing left to go back to.

Kyle Reese

The Resistance still exists in this timeline, and they are still immensely powerful. But something happened for them to lose X-Men abilities. I have to train this in them again.

Until such time, I am now the last of my kind.

The Last Airbender

I have to bring back the Jedi.

But for now, I am the last.

The Last Jedi

I have to train the others.

Alita Battle Angel

For this I need governments to come on board and work with Golden Age rather than against it.

They caused this problem. Now I am asking them to take a key role in fixing it by helping me launch Golden Age and trigger the Race to Mars.

Kung Fu: Good Deeds Spreading Out Like Ripples in a Pond

I do not go to Mars to die. I go to live.

If I stay here on Earth I die, and if I die humanity's chances of survival die with me. With the level of injuries I have sustained, I am dying. Only
with an extended period of isolation to focus on my healing can I recover from my injuries. There are a number of reasons why I must go to Mars.

This is a key one.

Hard to Kill – Meditation & Training

It is critically important that humanity learn from what happened. We cannot make the same mistakes again. This is the last timeline. No more resets are possible. This is our last chance.

This is why I tell my stories.

People need to understand, and my stories can help with that.

So I'll give another story now, one which is a hugely personal one for me, for this was the single worst injury I ever sustained in combat. I took it in combat in 2013 in the Matrix when I was shot in the head by a Terminator. That injury, like another number of incidents, changed the course of my life.

Hancock story at dinner

My name is John. John Hancock.

Although John is actually my middle name. Ciarán John Handley. I guess people call me John because they can't pronounce Ciarán.


Austin Powers - Danger is my middle name



"Ciarán, you're going to tell a story! I don't believe that I can bear to listen to another one of your stories right now!"

Lincoln - Ethan Allen Story

Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now

Every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.



X-Men - Part I

Evolution leaps forward.

To me!

And yes, I do have a name for my penis. I call it the fegina.
My left testicle I call the left ovaria and my right testicle I call the right ovaria.

The Octagon

Where to begin?

The Borne Legacy

It's a long story.

The Borne Legacy - Trailer #2

How did I get from being me, normal Ciarán, to being this guy?

Total Recall - 2012

The Borg wiped part of my memory. I am trying to get it back.

Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

What is Real and what is Recall?

The Matrix

It was no one thing.

There were a number of factors. A number of incidents. A number of events.

One of them, one of the biggest of them, was the head injury I took in early 2013 when I was shot in the head by a Terminator in the Matrix.

That injury should have been impossible to survive, absolutely impossible, but I was already an X-Man at that stage. Already Wolverine. Already John Connor. Already many, many missions in the Matrix behind me. Already many injuries taken.

But this one was different.

Regarding Henry

Very different.

Wolverine's head injury

Before that injury I had about four hundred cybernetic implants in me. But after that injury I went to over eight hundred cybernetic implants in my body. It is what the Borg did to me. I have so many implants in me that they turned me into a cyborg.

You see I was already John Connor. But after that injury, my defences were right down and the Borg were able to get me again for a deeper assimilation. They did not want me dead. They wanted me turned. So they took me much deeper into assimilation in order to try to make me one of them.

The Six Million Dollar Man

Officer Murphy also lost the use of both legs and his right arm, as did I in separate injuries. I had to learn to walk again, just as I had to learn to speak again.


The loss of my legs, for a time, was part of what made me Professor X.

The Bionic Woman

But in terms of truly making me a cyborg, it was the head injury that did it. After I was crippled by the head injury in early 2013, the Borg were able to get me again. This time for a much deeper assimilation. Far more than a normal assimilation. They knew that I had an extraordinary mind, and that I had been able to do something impossible - to challenge them. They did not want me dead - rather they wanted to turn me to being one of them.

You see I was already on the inside. I was already John Connor. But my head injury took me much deeper inside again. Much, much deeper.

It was the head injury that did it.

Robocop – End This Nightmare

The Borg created the monster.

But now I am trying to come back.

Sheppard - Geronimo

The Borg tried to strip everything away from me. My humanity. My sentience. My ability to feel.

So I counter that by trying to develop depth of sentience. Depth of feeling.

It is part of me trying to find a way back.

Game of Thrones

Wolverine had memory problems too.

School for the Gifted