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Citizen Smith

Let us dive straight into it.

The Price of Housing - Part I

Of course we will have different nationalities and cultures in Ireland. That is very important. But as with all things, in balance.

The balance is important.

Despacito - As Gaeilge

The Price of Housing - Part II

I am here to launch Golden Age.

I'm just not quite what people might expect.

Wayne's World Fight

You've probably guessed I've got a passion for the oriental.

Clouseau vs Cato - Round 6

I am here to launch Golden Age.

But I'm not quite what people might expect.

Pöpcørn | Recipes with the Swedish Chef

The Price of Housing - Part III

For rent and housing, put the power back in the hands of the people.

The Water Margin

I am here to launch Golden Age.

D’Unbelievables - Crimebusters

I'm just not quite what people might expect.


The Rebellion begins here.

Die Rebellen vom Liang Shan Po

J. Rabbitte leads that Rebellion.

Treat Her Right - The Commitments

Rebellion. Upheaval. Revolution.

There is a new kid in town.

That new kid is tired of being on top and tired of wearing trousers. Enough with the trousers already!

When not in public anyway.

The old world order is about to be overthrown.

Like this except with women of course.

Only ever with natural-born women.


That is the only way it works in Golden Age for a man X-Girl.

Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right


"Are you sure, Ciarán?!"

"Yes, Mr. Slate. I am sure!"

To Wong Foo

I certainly didn't become a Jedi by being like those guys!

One path is in harmony with the psyche.

The other path is in conflict with the psyche.

One path leads to Jedi

The Return of the Jedi

The other path leads to Wong Foo

One path empowers.

The other, em, doesn't.

I write about this in my document "Why are Men who Wish to Be Women often Seen as Weak? - Part I" in
Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls.

One path creates GODS in both women and men. (Men who spread their legs for women in the role of women but as their men, and the women who take them as their men, this path equally produces GODS).

The reason is very simple. It is because of how this generates Balance of Duality in both men and women.

That is the secret to the power of the Jedi.

From the One came the Two

From the Tao comes Yin and Yang

From Unity comes Duality

The bit that I added was this:


If one can bring Yin and Yang into Balance at a deep enough level, one can achieve the Tao

From the Two comes the One

From Duality comes Unity

Logistic map zoom

It was the realisation that the door swings both ways.

In other words:


Unity is Achieved by Balancing Duality

is achieved by the Unity of Opposites

Bulletproof Monk

The secret to achieving Ascension is bringing Yin and Yang into Balance to a tremendous depth of consciousness. That depth of consciousness is what allows, among other things, a tremendous depth of Mind-Matter Ability - the ability to affect reality with the mind.

The Double-Slit Experiment in Physics, remember?

"Some of these rules can be bent. Others can be broken."

Empty Mind Shaolin

At the depth of consciousness of Ascension the level of Mind-Matter Interface can be so great as to be not just psychic but actually X-Man.

There is No Spoon

I wrote about this in my section X-Men.

X-Man is a different Rank to Jedi. Achieving Ascension unlocks Jedi. To achieve X-Man means going a bit deeper into Ascension, which at a certain threshold unlocks new sets of abilities. It is at this level that X-Man comes in.

Matrix – Neo vs Morpheus

For my first couple of months in early 2013 I warred in the Matrix, but I was always on the defensive. I never took the war to the Borg directly. I could not. I did not have the level. During that time I was Jedi, but not X-Man.

Then in February 2013 I achieved Rank of X-Man. I had achieved Rank of Jedi when I achieved Ascension in December 2012. The 21st December to be exact. I achieved it in the moment that I decided to become female. To commit to a life of female. Woman but woman in Duality. Living in the role of woman to women.

Rank of X-Man happened a couple of months later in February. It happened when I solved the initial framework of my Grand Unified Theory, which I had been working on for a number of years. The particular insight which it unlocked was my understanding of the fundamental nature of Chaos Theory in the creation of the Universe. Even more fundamental than Quantum Mechanics. (I didn't know about the Multiverse at that time - I was still thinking in terms of Universe.)

This particular insight gave me my deepest insight into the fundamental nature of the Cosmos. The Secret of Creation. I called this insight The Mind of God, for in this insight I had my deepest understanding of the nature of creation. I write about this in Physics, in my document "The Mind of God - Part I".

Dance - II

With this insight I had my deepest understanding to date on how consciousness creates reality. On how the Cosmos is a construct of consciousness.

That new depth of understanding gave me a new deeper level of belief.

With that greater depth of belief and that new depth of consciousness, I achieved Rank of X-Man.

Just as with Jedi, I was the first in history to achieve it.

That was the moment I became Professor X.

X-Men First Class

It was only when I achieved Rank of X-Man that I went on the offensive.

That is when I began to take the war directly to the Borg.

Equilibrium - Not without incident

Let me give you another insight into this, which is something I have been working on since 2014, but which only came to me right now as I write, Saturday 21st November 2020. It's something I have been struggling with for more than six years now, but which only just came to me right now.

I've finally solved it, and I have confirmation that I am right. (The confirmation is an X-Man ability to check things objectively in Universal Consciousness. I'll be writing about this more later once I have laid more foundations.)


From the One came the Two

That is how it starts. So far so good.

Now, the next bit.

Is it:

From the Two came the Three?


From the Two came the Four?

It is actually a bit of both.

You see the bifurcation pattern in Chaos Theory goes from 1 to 2 to 4.

But here is the thing: not all numbers are equal.

Let us consider the Fibonacci Sequence.

Part of it anyway.

1   2   3   5   8   13

Each number is obtained by added the two previous numbers. So 1 + 2 = 3 and 3 + 5 = 8 and 5 + 8 = 13 and so forth.

The Fibonacci Sequence is something that I found in String Harmonics in 2014 when I was putting together my Unification Theory of String Theory, Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics, but I haven't been able to get any further with it in over six years.

However I have just realised something.

From the One came the Two

From the Two came the Three

From the Three came the Five

From the Five came the Eight

It is Fibonacci.

Up as far as From the Two came the Three, anyway. I cannot confirm beyond that, but I have done enough work in this area that I can confirm up to this point.

Remember I said in my document "The Origin of Disease - Part I" in Medicine that the underlying language of medicine is music?

Well it is just like that in physics too.

Fibonacci Sequence in Music

You see: not all numbers are equal.

In practical terms one does not see all bifurcation possibilities in Chaos Theory. It is not always 1 2 4 and so forth. Some possibilities are more dominant than others, so not all possibilities are seen.

Not all numbers are equal

In principle some numbers are more dominant.

Like Fibonacci numbers.

A number of years ago I got in vision that it was actually true in the Tao that "From the Two came the Four", but as to what the Fourth was, I had no idea.

Taoists say:

From the Two came the Three

Which translates as:

From Yin and Yang came Chi, Jing and Shen

So if there is a fourth, what is it?

I still do not know, but this I now do know. Whatever it is, it is not nearly as dominant as the Three. There is something there, but it is not as dominant.

So from a practical standpoint, in practice it actually is:

From the Two came the Three

This insight takes me a step further now in my understanding of Fibonacci in my Unification Theory of String Theory, Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics. I still have a lot of work to do.

But I know that I am making progress.

Let me tell you something else that came in for me shortly after I made Rank of X-Man in February 2012. It was Rank of Magician.

Remember I wrote about this in my documents
"The Tao & Unity - Part I" and "The Tao & Duality - Part I" in Enlightenment & Ascension?

From the One came the Two

From the Tao came Yin and Yang


Between December 2012 and February 2013 I was Jedi, but not yet X-Man. I made Rank of Jedi once I brought two principles, Yin and Yang, into Balance at sufficient depth to achieve Ascension.

That was two principles.

And then I jumped a level in February 2013.

From the Two came the Three

Interestingly enough, it was just shortly after I achieved Rank of X-Man that I achieved my next major Rank, which was Rank of Magician.

I actually got it when I became X-Man and thought it was a good idea to take the war directly to the Borg. So I went on the offensive and picked a fight.

And then some Terminator fucker shot me in the head!

That is when I achieved Rank of Magician.

It was in surviving that impossible injury.

Wolverine's head injury

The injury crippled me and I carry that injury to this day. It was the single worst injury I have ever taken, and I struggle to cope with it every single day since that day in early 2013. There were a number of key incidents that have changed the course of my life. That was one of them.

Heaven Can Wait

I did not accept being dead.

So I just came back.

Young Frankenstein

I'd been killed a number of times in combat before, but this time was different. It was in coming back from this that I became Frankenstein. My ability to bring myself back is what makes me Frankenstein. That I brought myself back makes me the monster. I am both.

This is part of my Duality.

But you know ever since getting through that incident and achieving Rank of Magician, my ability to bring not just one thing together in the Tao but several things, has been getting stronger and stronger, year after year.

This is a hallmark of Magician.

Fifth Element – Diva

Just as the ability to jump between several different energies in the Tao is also a hallmark of Magician.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

That is the Two and the Three and X-Man and Magician. I started on the One and the Two and I just kept going.

Coming back now to the One and the Two - Ascension and the Tao - I know of no more powerful way to achieve depth of Balance of Yin and Yang than men taking the role of women with women in relationship, and women leading these men as their women in relationship. Even the REAL MEN, although they take a path of manhood and they live and dress completely as men, they still take the role of the woman in sex and relationship. In other words women take these men. They are taken.

One path, men spreading their legs for women and women taking those men, creates GODS! Ascension!

Supergirl meets the Flash

The other, em, To Wong Foo path, em, doesn't.

Crocodile Dundee “lady” in bar

Crocodile Dundee is fine. He could be a GOD!


Probably not so much.

You see for any man who wants to be woman to women, it only works in Duality.


No man ever sees him as woman.

His public face is always male.


Is my mark an X, a Y or a Z?

It's actually an X.

The Mask of Zorro

I am both X and Y.

But I'm more X than Y.

Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

More X than Y.

Cross Your Heart Bra

Mutation. It is the key to our evolution.

In my case, the X-Man mutation comes from my female chromosome.

Groovy, baby!

X-Men: First Class: "A Very Groovy Mutation"