Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery

I have the highest understanding of history in history, not because of the amount of facts and figures I know. No. It is certainly not because of that. Not at all that. Rather it is because of my ability to see with perfect objectivity. I have the highest ability to see clearly of anyone in history, because of my depth in Ascension. My depth of Enlightenment. This allows me to see clearly what others do not.

Many things have been missed in history. But of all things, the most incomprehensible to me is how time and again holocaust and genocide, ethnic cleansing and rape, annihilation of cultures and of languages, have been rewritten as glory and civilisation, culture and advancement.

No-one does this more than the English, for the British Empire did more damage to humanity than any other Empire in history, yet the English continue to celebrate the British Empire as something good. Something to be proud of. English people raise their children to be proud of holocaust and genocide, to cheer for ethnic cleansing, to be proud of rape and annihilation of language and culture.

Empire - Part I

There is no place for Empire in Golden Age.

Perhaps the single greatest task that we have to achieve in Golden Age is to end the Age of Empires. Without this humanity cannot achieve Ascension. Without this we cannot survive against the Borg.

Where do we begin?

With understanding.

The English rewrote history.

Now I am rewriting it back.

Back to correct history.


History of the World - Part I

Ireland and the First World War - Part I

People think that they are ready to face the Borg? No. They are not ready.

For those who work with me I can help them get ready.

But they are not ready yet.

I am Rupert Giles.

Buffy too, stockings, skirts and all, although no man would ever see that.

And for any women ready this, I am oh so confident with all this woman stuff!

Leona Lewis. Run.

Just oozing confidence, talking to women and everything, that's me! 

Escala Promo


I donlt now that there is any point in evern writing thsi section. In shipbuilding, jsut as in riting and spellling, Irlenad totally dominates under my leadership. If England trie sto contest us in eth Race to mars, it wil ljut sbe embarassing.

Better to just giev up now and save yourslevs eth emnbarressment.


Escala Palladio

But in public, yes, I am Rupert Giles.

Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing

Part of my job is to get people ready.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Why do Firing Squads use Blindfolds? - Part I

The Last Samurai - I Accept Your Apology

Ireland and the First World War - Part II


Under my leadership, Ireland now dominates in the the Race to Mars.

Put ‘Em Under Pressure

Anyone going up against me is challenging a God!


Weird Science

Just so long as I don't actually have to talk to a woman that is. Then I'm fine.


Doctor Google

Puny mortals. So the question is:
who believes that they are worthy to challenge me?


Lifting Thor's Hammer


Puny mortals! Tremble at my presence as I shake the ground with my footsteps!

Is there not one among you that can challenge me?!

Wonder Woman – Diana’s Training Scene


Grand so. I reckon I'll just go to Mars myself then.


Dan's Hurling Story - Killinaskully

It will be epic!


Gods of Egypt



Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

Ireland and the First World War - Part III

This next document is a follow on from "
Why do Firing Squads use Blindfolds? - Part I" above.

Crying Freeman - Part I

Hot Fuzz

I guess we each deal with it in our own way.


Belgium Dip

When I come in as Taoiseach I'll issue a Presidential Pardon to myself.


This is our last window to prevent the annihilation of humanity.


X-Men Days of Future Past

I have difficulty with my speech since having been shot in the head by a Terminator in the Matrix in early 2013.

That can make me difficult to understand at times.

My speeling isn;lt great eiter

"Find me. Convince me all this."

You just don't get it, do you?


The Swedish Chef - Hot Pepper Sauce

My name is Connor. John Connor.

I'm just not quite what people might expect.


Team America - Derka Derka


It's a long story.


Star Wars Cantina

This one happened in the Matrix in 2014.

I was looking for a guy, actually a Small Grey, who had access codes to a security installation I was trying to break into.


Desperado Cantina

I lead a strange life.


Captain Marvel


The History of Ireland - Part I

The English in Ireland. Was that a good or a bad thing? It depends on who you ask. The English think it was a wonderful thing that they came to Ireland! Hurray! That they did us a favour by coming to Ireland.

The Irish take a different viewpoint.


The English say that it was a good thing. The Irish say that it was a bad thing.

So, who is right?


Was Queen Elizabeth a Good Queen? - Part I


Quigley Down Under – Pacification by Force

Is it Possible to Know Objectively Whether Genocide is a Good or Bad Thing? - Part I



Stiff Upper Lip - Part I


There is no place for Empire in Golden Age. The Borg do that.

We do not.

Soccer Hooliganism  - Part I

That legacy of Empire is not carried forward.


Quigley Down Under - Natives save Quigley's life

Kobayashi Maru. You see I believe that there is always a way out.

I believe it so much that I create that reality.

Manifestation. My belief creates that reality.

That is part of what makes me John Connor.


Kobayashi Maru

There is always a way out. I believe that. I am Quigley.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off


The Great Libraries: The History of Queen Elizabeth - Part I

The Great Libraries will be housed both in Great buildings that people can visit directly and many of the libraries will also be on-line on the third tier of the Internet, which I write about in my document "The Four Tiers of the Internet - Part I" in Computers.


"Ciarán, we do not accept that different peoples will record the same history differently!"

"No, Mr. Slate? What of the history of Australia as recorded by the English and by the Aborigines?"

"There would be no disagreement between the English and the Aborigines on the dates, Ciarán! Nor on the locations, nor on the people involved!"

"No, Mr. Slate. I'm sure there wouldn't be!"

Quigley Down Under


Is Agatha Christie's Poirot invented or discovered?

In that case, actually a bit of both.

Invented is a construct of the head. A construct of intellect. It comes from us.

Discovered comes from the dan tien. It comes from something greater than just us.

Discovered meaning here that there is a Universal truth behind what we create. Something Archetypal. Something Transpersonal. We are tapping into something bigger than ourselves.


Hannah Fry's Mysterious World of Maths

Anything discovered comes via the dan tien, because the dan tien is our gateway into Universal Consciousness. That is the doorway not just to intuition, but to Universal Consciousness, which we tap into intuitively. In my case, because of my depth of consciousness I can tap into that depth of consciousness consciously. My documents "Understanding Intelligence: Conscious & Unconscious - Parts I - III" in Small Greys are critical to understanding this.

My ability to access that depth of consciousness consciously comes from my depth of Enlightenment, for I have the highest level of Enlightenment ever achieved in history. No-one in history has gone deeper into the mind than me.

I am Professor X.


X-Men First Class

Everything I release in my website is discovered rather than invented. Everything.

Which is why everything I release is pure genius.


Young Einstein


I wrote that section above in my Computers section.

Now let us bring this back to history, for it is the same principle, the same idea, in another guise.

Good or bad, right or wrong, for good or for ill, to help or to hinder, to enhance or diminish, these have an objective reality in Universal Consciousness.

That reality exists totally objectively, independent from us.

The question is, can you see it?


Johnny English Strikes Again - Virtual Reality

Good or bad? Consider a question in history, a specific incident in history. Now, bring your awareness to your belly, your gut. Actually, your dan tien.

Getting this right is all about connecting to your gut. Your dan tien.


The Grandmaster | Daughter of the Grandmaster

Now, for the particular incident you are considering in history, with your awareness relaxed in your dan tien, ask the question "Right or Wrong?", "Good or Bad?".

Keep it that simple for now. Does your belly open in warmth and wellbeing? Or contract in tightness and nausea?

Safe or not safe? Is everything ok?

Can you see it? Can you feel it?


Johnny English Strikes Again - Dance Dance Assassination Scene

Is something High Vibration or Low Vibration? That an answer exists to this is completely objective. Whether one can see that answer or not, well that can be subjective. That depends on one's depth of Ascension. If one is in the head then one is completely disconnected from the ability to gauge right and wrong, which is why the intellect is always inherently subjective for interpretation of facts.


The intellect can know facts objectively

But for the intellect, interpretation of facts is always subjective

The intellect is not capable of objective interpretation of facts

The intellect is not capable of discerning right from wrong

Perhaps nowhere does one see this problem more than in history and law.

The intellect can know facts objectively

But only intuition is capable of objective interpretation of facts

Only intuition is capable of discerning right from wrong

This can only be done from the dan tien

Only in a state of Ascension can one achieve total objectivity in this

When I say a "state of Ascension", people can have moments of Ascension where they may move into that state, even if they cannot sustain that state.

But to be able to do this at will, every single time with total objectivity, requires Ascension.


My Ally is the Force

It was this understandings of the dan tien's ability to interpret a situation with total objectivity that got me started in my work, back in 2002. That insight unlocked genius after genius in me, in area after area.

For you see your dan tien is your compass.

It is what enables you, if you can tap into it deeply enough, to read a situation with perfect clarity.


The Golden Compass


That Golden Compass is the Lasso of Wonder Woman.

It is her ability to see the truth with perfect clarity.


Wonder Woman

It is my compass, and it is one of the key secrets of my power.

That compass unlocked ability after ability in me, in area after area.

My rise to power was meteoric.

That compass, the ability to see objectively with perfect clarity, is what got me started in my work.


I.Q. – Do You Think Time Exists?

The name is John. John Connor.

The world's Number One Secret Agent.

Originally when I started training I took a more Yang approach.

Tibet Training

But then I began to wonder if I was missing something?


The Ben Echmeyer Technique

I began to wonder if perhaps I might be missing something in the Balance?

You see the intellect is the Yang. The intuition is the Yin.

Unlocking the dan tien is what enabled me to start bringing Yin and Yang into balance.

Year after year, I worked deeper and deeper, always taking this Balance deeper.

I worked silently in the background. People were not aware of my training. People did not know what I was working on.

But year after year, I never stopped training.

My rise to power was hidden, but meteoric.

Johnny English Strikes Again - A Hot Date

In time this would allow me to achieve Ascension, and to become the first of the Jedi.

It is also a key reason why the Borg Assimilation did not take hold of me when the Borg tried to make me one of them.

You see I was already a Jedi when the Borg tried full assimilation of me, to make me one of them.

That compass allowed me to see past their attempts to reprogram my mind, enabling me to counter them.

That compass, plus the strength I had gained as a Jedi, were what enabled me to come back from their attempts at full assimilation.

Jojo Rabbit

To achieve Ascension, Jedi, one must bring Yin and yang into Balance to a tremendous depth.

In any given individual, perfect Balance will be found either in the female (for all women and for half the men) or in the male, (for the other half of men).

Female or male, in perfect Balance one will be primary.

In my case, in perfect Balance, female for me is primary.

This makes me a female Jedi.

Not female by biology, but by energy, for it is in the female that I find my perfect Balance.

The name's Connor. Jessica Connor.

People see me as a man.

But I am no man.


Golden Age is coming.

The X-Girls are coming.

I am the first of my kind.

Perhaps not everyone may be ready for Golden Age just yet.

But it is coming nonetheless.

D’Unbelievables - D'Builders