Golden Age & The Irish Language Renaissance



Dr Hfuhruhurr meets Ann Uumellmaheye

Spelling in Irish can be a little tricky.
Like the word “bhfaighidh”, which is pronounced as “y” in Irish


That’s it. Just “y”. It's spelt B-H-F-A-I-G-H-I-D-H, isn't it? How else could you pronounce it?


You’d use it in an expression such as:


“An bhfaighidh tú?” which means “will you get?”. Pronounced “On y too”.”


Like “An bhfaighidh tú na tornapaí dom anois, a Ghráinne?”


“Will you get the turnips for me now, Gráinne?”


A great example.


Guinness “dancing man”


I am going to bring back the Irish language as not only our first language in Ireland, but as a candidate for the most important language on the planet.


Some might think so.

Mission Impossible II

But you see Irish is already the most important language on the planet. It has been for four years now.

The reason is of course because of Golden Age, the most significant event in history. Irish has been chosen by the various civilisations that make up the newly formed Federation as the primarily human language that they are learning. Learning for First Contact with those who also war with the Borg (we are already a number of years into First Contact) and also for our various collaborative projects in the Federation. They are learning others too. Lakota is currently number two, followed by Italian, but Irish is in prime position.

Irish and Lakota are seen by the Federation as Jedi languages because of how those languages are centred in the chakras.

For psychics and X-Men, this makes them languages of power. Like Elvish.

Clannad - Theme from Harry’s Game

The Federation are also drawn to their strength in metaphor and story-telling, which they are drawn to because of their history of assimilation. Because of the Borg they are now drawn to the absolute opposite of Borg and assimilation, so story-telling and magik (X-Men basically - they are all training to be X-Men) are very popular with them now.

Native American Indians

Italian is also very popular with them because of its emotion depth. That is something that all Federation peoples struggle with because of assimilation. The emotional richness and expressiveness of Italian appeals to them for this reason.

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home – Captain’s Log

There are many reasons why we Irish need to get our language back. One is survival, as without getting our language back Ireland cannot achieve Ascension. We would not have the depth to do so without our language, and without Ireland achieving Ascension the chances of humanity's survival drop to close to zero. Golden Age after all, does begin in Ireland. We are the catalyst to trigger Golden Age not only in people after people on Earth, but also in the civilisations of the Federation and beyond. If we do not go Golden Age then their chances of going Golden Age plummet.

If that happens, we all die. We cannot survive against the Borg if we do not go Golden Age.

We need that strength.

We need that depth.

The Return of the Jedi

There are many reasons why we Irish need to get our language back.

Let us begin with the basics - culture and cultural depth, and we will build our way up from there.

Why we Irish Need to get our Language Back - Part I

I am Renaissance Man.


Star Trek Voyager – Shadows on a wall

I'll give another reason now why Irish is so critically important in Golden Age.

For this I need to lay some foundations.

The Imitation Game


By early 2013 I had already hacked many of the Borg secure networks


A Beautiful Mind


To understand this, I need to take you on a journey. So let me offer you a piece of advice. Forget everything you know.


Doctor Strange

Over a period of about two months in early 2013, I downloaded every Martial Art style and every Martial Art technique from every civilisation that the Borg had ever encountered, directly into my brain. Every Martial Arts technique and style from thousands of civilisations.


The Matrix - “I know Kung Fu”


If you want to know about reprogramming the mind, talk to me.

Zoolander – Brainwash

I was trained to kill. I was trained for the arena. Created as a combat unit. A killing machine.

The Borg created the monster.

It was the Borg who created John Connor.

TRON Legacy: Sirens


I cannot explain what happened. Some parts I understand. Others no.

I do not know the truth about what I am or how I came to be.

Like my intelligence, with an I.Q. of over 1,800. I can partially explain that, but only partially. The Borg do not understand it either. They cannot understand it.

Like my ability in battle. I cannot explain it, how I can do the things I do. Parts I understand but most no. The Borg do not understand it. They cannot understand it. They cannot explain it.

No-one can.

The Borg created the monster.


Alita Battle Angel

A critical aspect of the assimilation process is the reprogramming of the mind. Language is hugely tied in to this, as the way we process language is tied in to the way we process information. It is tied in to the way that we think and also to the way that we feel. Therefore understanding how the mind processes language is critically important to understanding assimilation, and to developing ways to counter that assimilation. Hence my years of work studying language and writing systems as part of developing written and spoken language that the Borg have more difficulty assimilating.

You see I am Daniel Jackson.

Like me, he too achieved Ascension.


Daniel Jackson – Hurt

Language & Assimilation - Part I


Sleeper – Miss Montana Beauty Pageant

To understand how language is used in programming the mind, we need to understand not only language, but also the mind.

I am Professor X. No-one understands the mind like I do. That said, let us stay on language for now. We will return to a discussion of the mind later.

X-Men First Class

I access in to the Matrix using Cerebro. There are two different Cerebros. The one I use in the Matrix and the one I have to build myself, which I'll be writing about as we go.

Joe 90

Understanding Language - Part I

Language and the Borg - Part I

Language and Symbolism - Part I

"I'll meet you on April 27th, on 24th avenue and 7th street."

The Borg love that. That is very easy for them to understand.

"I'll meet you in the calving season when the grass is ready for the buffalo, by the lake where the two fish jump."

The Borg don't like that one so much.

Actually they hate it. Which is why I love it.

So that is the way I speak now.

Native American Indians

Language and the Borg - Part II

Language and the Borg - Part III

People may not believe that I am Daniel Jackson.

But it is actually true.


Small Greys, Caste System & Language - Part I

Language and the Borg - Part IV

Language and the Borg - Part V

Language and the Borg - Part VI

Language and the Borg - Part VII


"Tell us what happened, Gráinne"

A Beautiful Mind

"I tried to hold the wall.


But wall after wall fell.


I kept getting pushed back."



Helm’s Deep

"Their numbers were too great. The castle is breached. We need to fall back.

The situation is untenable. We need to fall back. Back to the Keep."

The Death of Seán - Part I

"That was the day we were that close to going out forever. In 2013 and 2014 we smashed the Borg in battle after battle. We kept driving them back. Until early 2015. That is when the Borg launched a massive counter-offensive against us. For five weeks they drove us back. Smashed defence after defence. They kept pushing us back until only one line of defence remained. In David Gemmell's book "Legend" for the battle of Dros Delnoch, this is channelled as the sixth wall.

Our last line of defence. The Borg had assembled the greatest army every assembled in their history. On this day they threw everything at our last line of defence, until finally they broke through. The line crumbed. The Borg smashed through. It was our darkest moment."

Battle for Minas Tirith

"There is channelling in this next scene from two incidents. One is where one of the most powerful of the Borg, channelled as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, introduced himself to me as Death. That was from a separate incident in 2013, where in defeating him I made Rank of Sorcerer. The other incident is the charge where I smashed into the Borg in early 2015, after they had broken our last line of defence. The size of the Rohirrim cavalry in this charge symbolises my strength, just as Hulk symbolises my strength. That is not to be taken literally. There are not thousands of me, just as I do not actually turn green. It just symbolises my strength.

Ride of the Rohirrim

After I smashed the Borg assault, the Resistance were able to reform the lines. Not only that but in my charge I was able to reach the Borg leader of their army. When I reached him and took him and his generals out, it smashed the strength of their army. With that, the Resistance were able to smash their army, which was defeated that day.

That was my greatest moment. It also set up the conditions to allow Anakin to smash the first level of the Borg Central Core, inflicting the greatest defeat on them that they had ever had in their history up to that point.

You see it was not John Connor who destroyed the first level of the Borg Central Core. It was Anakin, who was only partially under Borg control.

In this clip, John Connor did not lead the assault against the Borg Central Core. Rather it was the Colorado Unit. That Colorado Unit was actually Anakin. When we smashed the Borg army it gave a window for Anakin to break through the Borg defence and reach the Central Core. We provided the opening and he took down the first level of the Central Core."

Terminator Genisys

"Smashing that first level of the Borg Central Core inflicted so much damage on the Borg that they could never recover their full strength again, except in one way. By changing the course of history. That day in early 2015 set up the conditions for the temporal incursion, where a Terminator was sent back in time to kill me when I was three and a half years old. I knew the incident was coming up, for it was already part of my history. You see that incident that happened when I was three and a half has affected me all of my life, so I knew it was coming up that the Terminator would be sent back. I had been preparing for it for the previous two years.

It was impossible to survive what happened. Absolutely impossible.

But I did.

You see the Terminator was Voldemort.

I am the boy who lived."

Harry Potter

"The weapon he hit me with was gamma radiation based, shifted to higher harmonics. I was able to access the schematics of the exact weapon that the Terminator used once I hacked those files in the Matrix in 2013. The weapon was powered by a ZPM, with over one Terawatt of power in the beam. The reason the power was so high was because of the higher harmonics that the gamma radiation was shifted to."

The Hulk

"Weapons used by Terminators are generally in the Terawatt range. That is completely normal although that drops down very considerably with the Treaty.

While that energy seems impossibly high for us, it is very normal for a battery ZPM. The very high energy is required to access the higher harmonics used by Borg weapons. In this case of the weapon used against me, it was designed to kill all life, but to leave no other trace. Full temporal incursion, where a Terminator is physically sent back, is very difficult, even for the Borg. It is also extremely dangerous. As such the Borg wanted minimal intervention in the timeline. If the Terminator had been successful then I would have been found dead but with no mark on my body. It would have been put down to a cot-death. That was the idea.

That weapon was impossible to survive. Absolutely impossible to survive. But I did. To survive it I had to shatter my mind to an impossible depth. So deep that I achieved a place of impossible power. It set up the conditions that would in time produce the world's first X-Man.

It was the Borg who created the monster."

Magneto in Auschwitz

"The weapon was impossible to survive, but I did survive it."


"I could not have survived it. It was not possible. Ever since that day I have believed that nothing is possible. Because if I could come back from that, then anything was possible.

This was the incident that created Peter Pan."

Finding Neverland

"One cannot understand how I became John Connor without understanding the events of that day in 2015, the day we smashed the greatest army ever assembled by the Borg and the day Anakin smashed the first level of the Borg Central Core. One cannot understand how I became John Connor without understanding the temporal incursion just after that day, when the Terminator went back, nor without understanding that day when I was three and a half years old. The day the Borg shattered my mind, paving the way to the world's first X-Man.

For a year and a half after the day of that battle in 2015 I had flashbacks every single day. Every night I woke screaming, but screaming without any sound coming out. I could not stop the screaming, but no sound could come out of my mouth. I was screaming inside. My body would start shaking violently and I would experience flashback after flashback.

It was the same with every single member of the Resistance who was there at that battle that day. For more than a year, every single one of them woke screaming every day after that battle.

It’s a lot better now. Now I can go weeks without a flashback. So I still have them. But it’s getting better."


Captain America - Boxing

The Death of James - Part I

I have flashbacks as Ciarán the man. I’ll have flashbacks as Gráinne the woman too.

But I reckon I’ll have less flashbacks as Gráinne than as Ciarán.



Bionic Woman: Fembot Flashback

The Death of Trinity - Part I

The Last Airbender

"The Resistance are Immortals. When they are killed, generally we can bring them back. Generally. In the other timelines, one by one they were killed off, until only I remained. In this timeline, most are still here. Seán, James and Trinity are back. But not all are back. Not everyone who was killed in action came back.

Phil Connors did not accept death.

Neither do I."


Groundhog Day - "Sometimes people just die"

"Those who died but who have not come back, we already brought them back before."


Universal Soldier

"You see I do not accept death. We brought them back before. We will do so again."


Young Frankenstein