First Contact

Star Trek - Tin Man

Tin Man - Part I


Daniel Jackson - Monster in my head

Tin Man - Part II


Picard handles Sarek’s emotions

Tin Man - Part III


Sam Carter: "Broken"

Tin Man - Part IV


Daniel Jackson – Hurt

Tin Man - Part V


The Return of the King - The Reforging of Narsil


This is the first of the documents that I wrote as a training document for First Contact.

Electra - Part I


This one is also for First Contact.

Electra - Part II

Klingon Course 1: nuqneH &Qapla'

I am Daniel Jackson.

Daniel Jackson's Talk

You don't believe me?

Then let us proceed...

You see
I am the guy who doesn't exist. I am no longer part of the system. I am the Invisible Man. That's me. I work for an under-funded secret agency protecting humanity from annihilation.

Men in Black


Time now to open up a new front!


Ride of the Rohirrim


"Ciarán, after spending hundreds of millions on new radio telescopes for Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, S.E.T.I. found a signal that we think could be communication from a non-terrestrial civilisation! Or perhaps it could also be a glitch in background microwave radiation, or radio signals from a solar flare, or possibly interference from The Morning Show on 104 FM, or possibly..."

Captain Marvel

"I see you are very well prepared for what is out there, Mr. Slate.

Perhaps you should first focus on searching for intelligence here, Mr. Slate.

But I'll tell you what: you keep scouring the sky for radio blips and I'll just keep doing my own thing here, ok?"

The Last Starfighter


Everyone I knew was killed. I was the last.


The Last Airbender

I was the last of the Jedi.


The Last Jedi

I was the last of my people.


Kung Fu: Good Deeds Spreading Out Like Ripples in a Pond


I initiated a temporal incursion twenty-three years from now to give humanity another chance.


Yesterday’s Enterprise

Our last chance.


Kyle Reese

Now I am bringing back the Jedi.

Part of that is preparing for First Contact.


First Contact: How to Acquire the Na'vi Language - Part I

On a couple of occasions I actually sent some of this language to a number of governments. Or rather the Federation sent it on my request. In the case of the treacherous American government, they reacted to the language information coming in by doing the absolute opposite of what was expected. They increased the lockdown of me, indicating that under no circumstances should I or humanity be broken free from the Borg lockdown.

They were hoping that I would continue to give out information, so they wanted me locked down in the hope that I would give information that they could hopefully steal (which they can't because it is protected), and they knew that if I was broken free of the Borg lockdown then so would humanity be freed, in which case America's role in blocking Golden Age and collaborating with the enemy would go public. As a result they decided that under no circumstances should the Borg lockdown of humanity be removed, even through they knew that humanity faced annihilation. Their priority was just to try to seize what they could (which they can't) and hope that the problem of the annihilation of humanity would simply go away (which it won't).


Call Me, Vielleicht

The Federation went ballistic and declared a state of war against America. The ignorance and the lack of respect from the American government and Pentagon was fucking disgusting. It took considerable work on the side of the human Resistance to stand down them from going to war, but they were and still continue to be absolutely furious.

All the information sent was remotely lifted (Stargated) out and all information on the languages was wiped from people's minds. That needed to happen anyway once governments, again led by America, pissed all over the Treaty yet again.

So, I will give some information now about the first non-terrestrial language that we will be working on, but only the Resistance get it. The American government can go fuck themselves, as can any government that is non-Resistance.


Hitler Finds Out He Was Not Accepted Into Hogwarts

First Contact: Deciphering the Na'vi Language - Part I

We should be seven and a half years into the Greatest Golden Age in history now.

Instead, we are on the brink of annihilation.

The problems of blocking Golden Age began in 2013 with the American Administration.

Hey, Barack, do you remember me?

Because I sure as hell remember you!


Barack Obama singing Call Me Maybe



First Contact: About the Na'vi Language - Part I

America tried to steal my research. They put their name on my research.

Indiana Jones meets Adolph Hitler

They thought that they could simply take advantage.

They did not see me as a threat.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Marcus Brody

Barack Obama knew that I was a friend to America when he ordered my assassination. He knew. He just didn’t give a shit.

Hitler finds out that he gave Indiana Jones his autograph

How am I still alive? Because I’m fucking Superman, that’s how.

Man of Steel – Oil Rig

First Contact: Why is it Going Ahead?

Hitler learns that Indiana Jones gets the Lost Ark First

You guys pissed on the wrong Knight.

A Knight’s Tale

First Contact: Deciphering the Na'vi Language - Part II

The American government might think that they can stand against the Borg.

But they actually can't.


Star Reich: The Return of the Borg

They can't.

But I can.

Star Trek Enterprise: The Threads that Bind Us

On the 9th June 2020, the Federation was officially set up. That unlocks things.

Star Trek Beyond Opening

One of the things that it unlocks is shields. When the Klingon fleets come in 2044, we need to have built our own ships ourselves. But while we may be building our ships ourselves, we will be retrofitting them with technologies supplied by the newly formed Federation.

Shields, phasers, torpedoes, subspace scanners, Warp Drives and more. We get Warp Drive in 2038, eighteen years from now. Well, I do anyway. Some of us in the Resistance, those who are ready, get it. It enables us to hit them before they hit us. For the battle of 2044 however, we will not be using Warp. But shields, phasers and torpedoes, yes, those we will be using.

We build our ships ourselves. But weapons, shields, subspace scanners, these are supplied by the Federation.

Bad-Ass Armoured Voyager

Right then, I need to give you a crash course in Federation shield technology, to get you to to speed.

So now, let us begin.

Regenerative Shielding - Part I


Size for size, any one of our ships will be worth many of theirs. This needs to be the case for their ships will dwarf ours. In that regard, we will be greatly outnumbered.

Doctor Who | Terror of the Cybermen

Regenerative Shielding - Part II

When it comes to engineering, I have a knack for reconfiguring things in unusual ways. I may be unorthodox, but in terms of what I can do with engineering, I am a miracle worker.

Star Trek: Dyson Sphere Discovery and Scotty Recovery

How do I tune the shields to exactly the right energy configuration to get this very high efficiency? By synesthesia in the Tao. I wrote about this in my documents "Synesthesia - Parts I - III" and "Magician - Part I" in Medicine. No Borg computer can do it and indeed neither can the computers of those we are setting up the Federation with, which is why they have not taken this approach. But the mind of an X-Man savant, my mind, can. So we will have this, as will our allies in the Federation. They provide the shields and I can help with the reconfiguring of them.


Fifth Element – Diva


Multi-Adaptive Shielding - Part I

Doctor Strange

Rotating Shield Harmonics - Part I

The Engineer’s Hymn (Star Trek)

Bi-Phasic Shields - Part I

My shields are designed to take a pounding and then regenerate again, even after having taken serious, serious damage.

My shields are Wolverine.


Ok, so that's Multi-Adaptive Bi-Phasic Regenerative Shielding done.

So, what's next?

Native American Indians

Next up is subspace corridors, and why the Klingon fleet of 2044 will arrive at Jupiter.

Subspace Mechanics - Part I

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa

We will get our Golden Age.

Governments may have caused catastrophic damage, but we will push through.

We have come so far that governments cannot stop us now.

Subspace Corridors - Part I

Deep Space Nine

That is why the Resistance needs to go to Jupiter. The bulk of the Klingon fleet will hyperspace in to just a few thousand miles outside Jupiter.

300 Trailer

To be ready in time, we have work to do.

Take these geniuses for example. They had a higher defensive position and a narrow corridor where numbers count for nothing, and yet they swung down to meet the Germans on the beach, conceding their advantage.


Excuse me?

The Beach Battle | Wonder Woman

Em, I guess we have work to do.

Dan's Hurling Team Talk

Oh we'll get them ready in time, no fear there, but we may have to work their way towards Amazon warriors, say via Banking or Insurance.

Monty Python – Lion Tamer

The subspace corridor opens at Jupiter. At that narrow corridor where numbers count for nothing, there we will meet them. My documents "Thermopylae - Parts I - V" in my section Military Strategy are relevant. I wrote those documents as training documents in preparation for this assault. The technology may be different, but the principle is the same.

Humanity faces the most massive army ever assembled. Not the most massive ever assembled in the Matrix or in other places, but the most massive ever assembled here in our Solar System. We fight a war of attrition. My documents on Thermopylae are very relevant.

2044 will be our Hot Gates.

Dan's Hurling Story - Killinaskully

You see only the Gods have the level to stand against the Borg. Anyone else has no hope.

I have twenty-four years, actually a little less, to create legions of Gods!


Gods of Egypt

It will be epic!


Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time


Jupiter Station - Part I

Star Trek Discovery

I go to Mars as part of the ramp-up and preparation to meet the first of their fleets. I do my job. As do the Resistance. We do our job.

Why is it that others do not do theirs?

300 - "What can you do?"

Subspace Corridors - Part II

The Resistance are few in number. But we are elite.

We are very, very good at what we do.


"Ciarán! It is not possible that the Borg would have put themselves in such a compromised position that they hyperspace to an exact location that can be predicted in advance, and that their weapons and defensive systems are down for 42 seconds when they come out of hyperspace!"

"You are right! It is not possible! Normally. That is where the Treaty comes in. Without the Treaty it could not be possible. The Treaty however, changes everything.

You see the Borg did not put themselves in that compromised position.

I did!"


Ferengi discusses Earth Economics

The Treaty & Going Stone Age - Part I

Starship Troopers - Join Now

The Treaty & Going Stone Age - Part II

There were a number of factors which made me the perfect person to lead the negotiations. Even apart from me being the person who infected the Borg with the Virus in the first place.

Another reason was that even though
I may be locked down, I am on the inside.

Con Air