& Ascension

Kung Fu Grasshopper


So, you are the new student?

Good! Then let us begin...

The Balance & the Force - Part I

Game of Thrones

Duality of Principle: Light & Dark - Part I

John Cleese on Stupidity

The Son of God - Part I


TRON Legacy

The Son of God - Part II


Dr. Evil - What if God Was One of Us

Just saying hi.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 4

Understanding Light & Dark - Part I


The Lone Ranger

I am Spirit Walker. I can journey in spirit and return at will.

But that knowledge did not come easily.

I am not of the people, yet I can walk among the people.

I am Little Big Man. I am Man Called Horse.


A Man Called Horse


I have been to the other side and returned.

But that knowledge did not come easily.


Cowboys & Aliens

I'm still trying to piece together what happened.


A Winter's Tale - Trailer 1

I cannot die now. I am Immortal.

Well, I am dying from my injuries, that is true. But I will regenerate once I get to Mars. Then I won't die.

I'm still trying to piece together what happened.


A Winter's Tale - Trailer 2

Every one of us holds the ability to change reality with our minds.

Every one of us holds the ability to create reality with our minds.

It is simply a matter of degree. But you know what: it can be learned. It can be trained. It can be developed.

Every one of us is God.


The Sorcerer's Apprentice



"Why are men bastards, Gráinne?"

"Men aren't bastards, Aoife. Shadows of Men are bastards.
When a man is being a bastard he has in that moment ceased to be a man.
He has disconnected from manhood. Disconnected from what it means to be a man.


Quigley Down Under – A Day With Natives



The Greatest Showman

"Leave it with me, Gráinne."

Aragorn and Éowyn

"Certainly, Aoife."

The Guardian

The Daughter of God - Part I

That's me right there. Except only with women of course.

Now, when are governments going to do right and get me some money?


Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right

The Son of God - Part III

Bruce Almighty

Enlightenment, the Borg & going Fucking Crazy - Part I

I am here to launch Golden Age. The greatest Golden Age in history.



Enlightenment, the Borg & going Fucking Crazy - Part II

Although I guess I'm not what people might expect.

Fight Scene From Airplane!

Enlightenment, the Borg & going Fucking Crazy - Part III

I'm not what people might expect.



Enlightenment, the Borg & going Fucking Crazy - Part IV

People tried to take advantage because they thought I was a nobody.

That is basically what happened in a nutshell. After that it all went downhill.

My name is John. John Wick. John Connor.


John Wick

Things went downhill.

But they drew First Blood.

My name is John. John Rambo. John Connor.

First Blood

I've been locked down for years. But I am trying to find a way back.

My name is John Spartan. John Connor.

Demolition Man

The other guy is Zeus, the only other person in history to challenge the Borg. He was the most powerful psychic in history up to me. He was the Doctor before me. He was John Connor before me. He is Anakin. He is Isildur.

But then the Borg got him, and he became Darth Vader. For six years we warred every day in the Matrix. Up until summer of last year. The Matrix was our battleground. But we are both immortal. We have each inflicted serious injuries on the other, but as immortals neither of us could kill the other.

The Beast

I'll be writing about him more as we go.

X-Men Apocalypse

We broke him free of the Borg last year. Darth came back to being Anakin. Now he is back with us. He is Resistance.

We work together now. Like a team.

It was me who stole his lightening bolt from him in 2013 in combat in the Matrix, a Borg weapon of tremendous power. It did irritate him somewhat at the time, but we're back friends now.

We work as a team now. We, plus a number of others, are the Resistance.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

Golden Age & Unity - Part I

Stayin’ Alive

The Tao & Unity - Part I

Stayin’ Alive | Airplane

The Tao & Duality - Part I


Motion in Stillness, Stillness in Motion

This is the Tao


Duality within Unity, Unity within Duality

This the Way of the Jedi

From the One came the Two. From the Tao came Yin and Yang. From Unity came Duality.

When Yin and Yang are in balance to a deep enough level, one can achieve the Tao.

When Duality comes together in Unity to a deep enough level, one can access the Force.

This is the Path of a Jedi.


Logistic map zoom

Is it beginning to make sense yet?

Last of the Mohicans

Now, who is the red-haired woman?


Lt. Reginald Barclay does Cyrano

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The red-haired woman is Gráinne Ní Mháille, one of the greatest revolutionaries this country has ever produced.

In terms of historical significance she is the Jeanne d'Arc of the Irish people. Which is interesting because she is also Jeanne d'Arc. They are one and the same.

I ran into her briefly in Grafton street in Dublin in 2013, although we did not speak.

Jeanne d'Arc


On People: Gráinne Ní Mháille - Part I

She was here for the Gathering.

The Gathering – Ireland 2013

Staying on the subject of the Tao, let us talk brain waves now.

You see the brain waves of X-Men are different to those of average humans.


The Sundance - Part I

Native American Indians

Why Sitting Bull Joined the Circus - Part I

Civilization 5 Opening Cinematic

The Sundance - Part II

Last of the Mohicans

On People - Liam Ó Maonlaí - Part I

Michael Collins sings Skibbereen

I'm dedicating this one to Liam.

I just am.

Wayne’s World 2 Garth the Seduction

Delta States & the Dan Tien - Part I

Golden Age begins in Ireland.

An Laoch - "Geronimo" le Sheppard as Gaeilge

Delta States & the Dan Tien - Part II

The Lone Ranger

I was killed in action.

But I came back.


Depth in the dan tien.

This is what gives me my depth in the Tao.

It was what gives me my depth in Ascension.

It is what enabled me to come back from the dead.

Sheppard - Geronimo

Delta States & the Dan Tien - Part III

I send out my documents. I write on my website.

That is how I communicate with the outside world.

Conspiracy Theory

The Sundance - Part III

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa

Building Cerebro - Part I

This is my life. Although not a lot of people know it.

Kyle Reese & Sarah Connor – Crosses

Building Cerebro - Part II

Cerebro is the only place I can unleash safely.

Dark Phoenix

Building Cerebro - Part III


Building Cerebro - Part IV

What Women Want

Building Cerebro - Part V



Remember me you Skeptics fucks? DO YOU REMEMBER ME?! Ignorant FUCKS!


Who's next? WHO' S FUCKING NEXT?!


Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

Building Cerebro - Part VI

What is Cerebro?

In part it is a room for me to connect back into the Borg Networks. It is my way back into the Matrix.

That is the helmet part.

The big round room part, well that part is a room to contain the monster.


The Incredible Hulk – Opening


Building Cerebro - Part VII

My degree was in electronic engineering, although I never did work in that area. I spent eleven years in telecoms, a couple of years of that being in software.

And then I discovered I had a gift for healing.

So overnight in 2002 everything changed, and I began my new life as a healer.

The Healer

My life was medicine and physics. I worked as a healer and when not working with clients I worked on my Grand Unified Theory in quiet in the background. That was my life for years, until I was targeted.

Then began a new life. My life living off the grid. My life in exile.

Hulk theme music


That has been my life ever since.

Living off the grid.


Man of Steel

I have very high level. But I have lived in exile for years.

I live off the grid.


Kung Fu

That is how I train in the Matrix. I train by dodging projectiles and bladed weapons. I have done this pretty much on a daily basis since 2014.


One does not simply challenge the Borg. To be able to engage in combat in the Matrix, one's speed and reflexes have to be impossibly high.

This is the key way in which I train my reflexes, and it is a key way in which I train others of the Resistance.

That makes me both Buffy and Giles.

Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing

I thought that in offering the Greatest Golden Age in history, people would understand. People would rise above their pettiness, their smallness, their lack of honour, their lack of self respect, their lack of respect for others. People would strive to be better people, to come together. To work together.

People would see past their corruption and gross abuse of power. Their obtuseness.

But it never happened.

For some it did, but not for those who blocked.

Governments, corporations and individuals blocked. The pettiness and smallness was inconceivable. Is inconceivable.

They know of the alien threat. They know that I have critical knowledge of COVID-19, and yet still they lock me down and push this obscenity of a "vaccine", which would do more harm than good. They know that we are on the brink of a nuclear strike, they know it, and still they will not act because they want to hold on to their positions in government. They see the collapse of society and they know that I have the knowledge to turn this around, and yet they still lock me down and would go to annihilation, rather than allow Golden Age to go through. Because you see, if Golden Age goes through then the corrupt people in government who block are out of jobs. They would go to Armageddon rather than lose their petty clutches on power.

Those who block Golden Age and Ascension and those who have unleashed the alien fleets decades earlier than anticipated and who triggered COVID-19 and the collapse of society will go down as the greatest traitors in history.

Never will I understand people like them. I will never understand how people can live without honour.

Shadows of people.

Lesser men.


Chris Cornell "Seasons" Man of Steel

I tried to launch Golden Age.

It didn't work out.


Bulletproof Monk

Those who blocked - Shadows of men.


But here is the thing. They may have slowed things down, but Golden Age is unstoppable now.



Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

That said, the years of delay have taken their toll. I carry many injuries now, from the war in the Matrix having continued years longer than anticipated. My body is crippled with injury from thousands of hours of combat in the Matrix, and I took devastating injury to my heart and spine.


Tony Stark's Heart Injury

I need to take time out. To come back from my injuries I will need years of isolation to heal.


The Space Between Us

My heart is so devastated that I need to not simply heal it but regenerate it. Similarly every organ in my body took critical damage. It will take me years of isolation in mediation and healing to regenerate my organs and body. But when I have done so, they will not be regenerated as they are now. They will be regenerated by the mind of the world's first X-Man, and the mind of the most powerful psychic to have ever lived. The father of modern medicine.

As I regenerate my heart and other organs, they will be regenerated impossibly strong. I am already bulletproof and immune to all known diseases, but when I regenerate my body on Mars, I am going to take this to a whole different league.


Resonance Experiment

It's not just me. Others fell too. Others were critical injured too. They too will need that time in isolation to heal.

I can barely walk. My body is crippled from injuries. Hancock is down.

But I am coming back.

For that I need to put distance between myself and Earth.

To heal I need a time of separation, as do others in the Resistance who were also critically injured.

Others of the Resistance too, will also be going to Mars. They too need time in isolation for years. We'll each be in different places around Mars, each of us in isolation for years, from humanity and from each other.

Mars is where we go to heal.


Hancock - Ending Scene

As such my exile continues. I go to Mars now, as do others of the Resistance. If I fall, humanity falls, so anyone gets in my way and I will level them without hesitation. I will raze nations to the ground if need be if they get in my way but I am going to Mars now.

Just don't get in my way. Get in my way and I will level you, whether you be governments, nations, or just some gobshites with an attitude.

I am going to Mars now, and nothing and nobody, no nation, will stop me.

And you know what: when I leave for Mars, that is when it will ready hit people. The loss of Golden Age these past number of years. What people lost over their pettiness and smallness and gross abuse of power. It's only when I and others of the Resistance are gone that it will really begin to hit people what they have done in costing us these last years of Golden Age.

People are gonna miss me when I'm gone!

Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone")

Only when we're gone will it really begin to hit people what they have done.

Pöpcørn | Recipes with the Swedish Chef

Only when we have gone will it really begin to hit people what they have done.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 3

It is not like people didn't know.

"The government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

We're going to live on. We're going to survive."


We needed this guy. We got Shadows of men instead.


Independence Day - Speech

Building Cerebro - Part VIII


Daniel Jackson - Monster in my head


Is my mark an X, a Y or a Z?

It's actually an X.

The Mask of Zorro

I am both X and Y.

But I'm more X than Y.

Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

More X than Y.

Cross Your Heart Bra

Mutation. It is the key to our evolution.

In my case, the X-Man mutation comes from my female chromosome.

Groovy, baby!

X-Men: First Class: "A Very Groovy Mutation"

How I Achieved Ascension in Ashford Castle in December 2012 - Part I