Me above at Thorong La pass at 5,416 m, the highest point of the Annapurna Circuit, Himalayas, Nepal, October 1999

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


I have always been a dreamer.

I wouldn't be able to do economics if I wasn't a dreamer.

It is true that I can be a bit nervous around people now.

I wasn't before, but years of war in the Matrix have done that to me now.

Star Trek | Barclay Under Pressure

Once I start working however, then I slot right into the Zone.

Let us meet
Liam Ó Maonlaí now.

This entire performance, from the time that Liam begins to play, is done in the Tao. A state of Satori - same thing. A Zone state. Again – same thing.

In this performance we get a glimpse of Golden Age.

An raibh tú ar an gCarraig

I'm dedicating this next one to Liam.

I just am.

Native American Indians

We are getting our language back.

Just as we are getting our currency back.

This one is up next.

Economics is not the problem. The problem is people.

They are the ones who are causing the collapse of society, because of their locking me and Golden Age down.

For me, no other clip sums up the last seven years of me trying to launch Golden Age more than this one.

Bokken y Katana = Tegatana Aikido

What happened?

Governments happened.

Thanks, guys! Good job! Well done!

Team America

That said we still have a job to do, to clean up the mess that they and other governments have caused. So with that in mind, let us get to it.

Economics: Currency - Part I

You see I am the world's foremost economist and the greatest economist in history. I'd need to be to sort out this mess.

I am the father of modern economics. The economics of Golden Age.

And I am going to prove it.

Economics: Currency - Part II

Apollo 13 – Go for Launch

There is more fuel, actually a lot more fuel, in a Saturn V rocket than is required to lift the ship to space. So, where does all of the rest of the power go to?

Well, a lot of it goes to combustion of fuel and oxygen outside the engines rather than inside the engines, as I wrote about in my documents "Combustion in Rockets - Parts I - III".

A lot of it also gets wasted as dispersed thrust, rather than concentrated thrust, as I wrote about in my documents "Rocket Design: The Nozzle - Parts I - III".

And there is also waste of fuel because of uneven mixing of fuel and oxygen, which I will be writing about in my section Aerospace.

So you see there is plenty of fuel, far more than is required to lift the ship to space. So what happens to the rest of the fuel? It is simply wasted.

The economy is like that. There is plenty of money in the economy. Plenty. But, like the Saturn V, the vast majority of this money is simply wasted.

By these guys.

Fucking clueless!

Cannot tell their heads from their arses.


To understand how, we need to go right back to basics.

Citizen Smith


"What you do on the soccer pitch, you will do in the boardroom"

That is what the French Foreign Legion guy said to me. I wrote about that in my section Leadership.


Hot Coffee


"What you do in life, you will do in the workplace"


Let us begin with that.

Principles of Golden Age Economics: People - Part I

There is no economic problem.

Only a Mr. Slate problem.

Mr. Slate has problems with the economy.

Not me.

About Schmidt

Ultimately it always comes back to people.


Get the people right, and you will get the economy right

“Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” – As Gaeilge


Principles of Golden Age Economics: People - Part II