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Ready for a crash course in diplomacy?

Diplomacy is a speciality of mine.

Point Break Wingsuit Scene


Then let's do this!

The World’s End

A number of decisions have been made over the last few days which change the course of history. This has been necessary to buy us another couple of weeks in the Treaty, as Donald Trump is showing no signs whatsoever of breaking the Borg deadlock. Quite the opposite, given his bid for the upcoming elections. We take very severe penalties in the Treaty as a result, which gives the Borg credit now to trigger the Quantum Singularity Device, or forces us to launch the nuclear strike in order to avert that Quantum Singularity Device scenario.

Trump knows that I control America's nuclear arsenal and he knows that the alien threat is real. However he is just hoping that the strike will not go ahead and that I will simply go away, and the alien threat is not until long after his second term as President anyway, if he gets in, so someone else can deal with that problem then. That is the mindset. As such he plays a game of brinkmanship, betting the survival of humanity against him trying to get in for a second term as President.

The decisions made these past few days means that in order to buy these next couple of weeks and in order to maximise our chances of survival, a number of technologies are being lost to us now, including the Arc Reactor and all reengineered metals, such as I write about in my section How to Make Tritanium.

Our computers drop down to the 25 MHz 286 processor or equivalent, for almost everything, and for all of our banking, industry, communications and so forth. There are exceptions where we can go to a 486 processor, that is specifically to do with languages and the Andromeda computer. There may be very specific applications that can have higher processors, but they would only be available in Golden Age libraries, which I will write about later.

We were going Stone Age anyway.

It is just now we go a bit more.

Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

This is coming.

After seven and a half years of solving problem after problem in physics and aerospace so that I could design my ship for Mars, the decision has now been made for me not to go to Mars. Not for quite some time anyway. My ship is designed and I am ready to build it, but in order to gain credit in the Treaty to increase our chances of survival, I had to make some key decisions. This one, perhaps more than any other, changes the course of history.

I am holding off going to Mars and I am going to stay here on Earth and focus on writing the new Internet systems. I focus on computers for these next number of years. Computer systems that are in harmony with the new economics of Golden Age and with Golden Age society, and also computer systems that are designed to counter the Borg.

It is true that the computers I will be working with for the new Internet are very, very basic, but you know what: I have a lot of experience in achieving very big results with very basic technology.

Too much pressure!

And good news, we still retain hypercompression of water tanks for my Hydro Impulse Drive Engines. Not super-hypercompression, just hypercompression, and only for water tanks for our engines and only then for the Resistance.

But we still have them.


Does my ship walk on water?

No. It flies on water!


Mythbusters - Firehose Car

Trump took many other things away from us, away from humanity, but we still have that.

If we superheat the water, say to 1,200
° C or so on the ground before lift-off, then the power to do that comes not from the rocket itself but rather from the local electricity supply board heating the water via umbilical electric power cables attached to the ship. The tanks are hypercompressed, so we have a large volume of superheated water in a very small space. The superheated steam which is coming out goes through tapered nozzles, which increases thrust by four-fold or more. I'd still need batteries, say 60 tonnes or so of batteries to heat the water for thrust once out in space, but if 60 tonnes of batteries sounds like a lot, that weight is equivalent to about four seconds of fuel burnt in a Saturn V rocket.

I can then recharge those batteries in space over a period of a few weeks using solar power, gradually heating the water in my tanks over that time, and then releasing that thrust explosively over a short duration. Like filling up the reservoir in a dam gradually over time and then releasing it explosively over a short duration.


It is somewhat more difficult I know but a key reason I went with this option is that by taking this restriction in the Treaty it also drops the Borg by another level in technology. We drop to more Stone Age, but so too do they. Overall, it is to our advantage.

Not theirs.

Daleks and Cybermen

It is not as easy to do with this more basic technology but you know what: that is what I am very, very good at.

So that is what I need to teach others to do too.


As for my own personal crisis, my injuries, one of the key factors necessitating my journey to Mars, I am just going to have to find another way around that problem here on Earth. There is no choice now.

The Space Between Us

I stay in Ireland.

I have no hope of healing those injuries as Ciarán, but as Gráinne within a group of women that I know, isolated from the outside world and allowed to work in peace in that environment, I may be able to pull it off.

I have no hope of doing that without the support of a group of women.

I will need their help.

Girls Aloud – I’ll Stand By You

Whatever the crisis was before, it is greater now with Donald Trump's insistence on continuing the lockdown of me, Golden Age and humanity in order to push forward his election bid.

To get out of this mess, we are going to have to take things right to the edge.

Taming Toruk

Why are the Arabs Pissed-Off with America? - Part I

I wrote in my document "The French Foreign Legion Guy - Part IV" in in my section Leadership that "Whatever I do in the Matrix, I do here". The next few years on Earth is going to be like that.

For years this was my day-to-day reality in the Matrix, working with civilisation after civilisation that had been assimilated, but that we are now bringing to Golden Age. Those civilisations now form the newly formed Federation. That has been my day-to-day reality in the Matrix for years.

It still is.

The way I see it, it is simply doing what I have been doing in that Matrix for years, but right here on Earth.

Captain Marvel

Except with governments, rather than those we are trying to break out of being Borg.

Same thing.

No difference.

Star Trek Beyond Opening