Did Trump Block me from Mars?


It would be very disempowering for me if I believed that Donald Trump actually did block me from Mars. That idea that that snivelling little weasel cunt would have the power to block me from Mars, and everything that entailed for Golden Age, is inconceivable for me. I smashed the Borg. There is no way a snivelling little cunt like Trump would have the power to block me from Mars.

I could take that cunt out in an instant, just as I have had the power to level America since 2013. That I do not level America is because I am friend to America,. Something America has never understood. They just keep pushing and pushing and pushing, and always they have interpreted my restraint as weakness. They have never understood.

At any stage I could put America through a wall.

Man of Steel – Bar Scene

That I do not is because I am friend to America.

America never understood that however. For them, for the Administration, that friendship always only ever ran one way.

Ignorant fucking cunts.

In terms of me taking out that snivelling cunt Trump, I am beyond frustrated that I have not been able to take out the treacherous fucks that have blocked Golden Age. If it were up to me I would have sorted this whole fucking mess out in an instant years ago. I would have piled up the body count, but the problem would have been resolved years ago.

I am beyond frustrated that I have not been able to do this.

I cannot do this for a few reasons. One is to do with my level of Enlightenment. I am bound by rules, and I am bound by Law. Jedi Law. No matter how furious I am, I cannot violate Higher Self. I can only take life when I have permission, and there is a bigger picture going on here. A Grand Design shall we say. Lessons that need to be learned for humanity. Critically important lessons which are essential for our long-term survival against the Borg.

The lessons have to be learned. People need to see this play out, in all of its pettiness and smallness and ego and greed and corruption and gross incompetence and disconnect and crassness and not wanting to know, and couldn't give a shit and attitudes and arrogance and did I mention smallness and pettiness already? People need to see it play out so that people can learn from it, so that never again can this obscenity ever be repeated. Never again. Not for all time can there ever be a repeat of this obscenity.

So people must learn and this is a key reason why this shit is being played out, year after year. So, no matter how frustrated I am, I cannot take those cunts out. I am bound by Law, Jedi Law, and I cannot violate the Grand Design. The Big Picture. We can write the Big Picture ourselves up to a point, No Fate But What We Make, but fundamental principles must be upheld. Part of that is that these lessons must be learned.

Another reason why I haven't taken out that snivelling cunt Trump is because of the Treaty. I cannot take him out without violating Treaty. My taking him out would trigger the nuclear strike, so only when I know that the nuclear strike is inevitable anyway, which we are right on the brink of, only then would I take him out.

Another reason why I don't take the cunt out is because he has pissed off not just me, but many. He shit not just on me and not just on my country, but on everyone. It is not just personal to me. It is personal to many.

So the cunt needs to face trial. Jedi trail, like the Nuremburg Trails, along with other key people who blocked Golden Age.

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I can set that up, but he needs to answer to many, not just me, so he needs to face trial.

In terms of did the cunt block me from Mars, the answer is actually no. It is not within the snivelling fuck's power to block me from Mars. It is not within America's power to block me from Mars. They can cause problems, yes, but if I really decided to just go then I would go and America could not stop me. It would mean me creating a mess however, and the body count would go up. I would have to break America because America would throw everything in the way to stop me going to Mars. They want to seize all of my aerospace and other technologies just for America and deny my own work to Ireland and humanity, but they can't do this. They have never accepted that, the ignorant fucks.

So no, that cunt Trump could not actually block me from Mars. He does not have that power.

Rather what the cunt did was to force the issue. I could still have gone to Mars but it would have meant me levelling America. Ultimately however my decision not to go to Mars was based on another option coming up. I realised that I could do more to prepare humanity for the Borg by developing the new Internet than by my going to Mars. I unlock Mars for others, but I stay here to work on the new Internet. That decision was forced when Trump fucked up so badly to give the Borg enough credit to bring humanity back to the 25 MHz Intel 286 processor. That is the way it worked out in the Treaty. |

With humanity now going to that lower level of computer technology, the higher option for me was to skip going to Mars and focus on our new computer systems. That is now my main focus over these next number of years. Developing the new computer systems, developing the new Andromeda computer (that one is on the 486 processors) and developing the new Internet (that one is on the 286 processors).

We were going to go to a low level of processor anyway, and it may have been the case that we would have gone right back to the 286 anyway. As it is the choice was taken out of our hands by Trump giving the Borg the credit in the Treaty to take us out, unless we gave something. That is what forced us to go to such a low level of computer technology in order to buy more time before the strike, time to break America's lockdown of Golden Age and humanity and to avert the strike.

You know we in the Resistance believe that the stupid fuck actually did us all a favour by forcing the issue, because we wanted to go to as low a level of computers as possible, but we were unsure whether we could practically go back as far as the 286 processor. With the issue now forced by Trump however, maybe the cunt actually did do us all a favour.

Either way, our course is set now.

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So I miss Mars myself for now but I help others to go there. Only those going Golden Age of course, and Mars is still under my jurisdiction. No-one goes without my authorisation.

Encounter at Farpoint

America will not go to Mars. America blocked Golden Age, so America is out. Individual Americans can go to Mars and yes, American people can settle new colonies on Mars if they are going Golden Age. But those are new Golden Age colonies, independent from America. America has no jurisdiction on Mars. America does not go to Mars. Other nations will go, but not America.

The other reason I took the option to stay on Earth and work on the computers rather than go to Mars was because I believe that if the environment is set up properly, then it is still possible for me to survive and to heal here on Earth, even in this higher gravity. The Resistance will form a cordon around me. Anyone attempting to break the cordon will be blocked, or killed if need be. I will live in isolation for years, with only people in Ascension having access to me.

Ascension is actually coming in quite quickly now. It has been triggered. It will come now faster than people might expect.

For the next number of years I will live in isolation in Ireland. Only a few people have access to me. I will not be on Mars, but given my isolation, I might as well be.

The Space Between Us

As for Trump or America trying to stop me going to Mars, it is not within their power. If I do not go to Mars at this time, it is my choice. Not theirs.

It is not within Trump's power or America's power to stop me going to Mars. Nor to stop Ireland for that matter.

I may be locked out of Mars now, but Ireland is going. We just are.

If America disputes that or gets in our way, I will level America. I just will.

Ireland is going to Mars, just as we are going Golden Age. We just are.

We are going Golden Age and Mars is part of that.

If America does not want to be part of Golden Age, part of the solution, then just stay our of our god-damn way.

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