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The Tuxedo

"I just have to say that it is such an honour to finally meet the legendary ...Ciarán Handley...?"

Fat Bastard

Contact With Me - Part I

Contact With Me - Part II

When people meet me, the first thing I'll be thinking to myself is "Are these guys here to kill me?" 'Cause that's not going to work out for everyone.

"How did you find me?" I will ask them. "We've been reading your website", they'll reply. "That is how we were able to track you down."

"Oh!", I'll reply.


The Avengers - Bruce meets Natasha

In terms of my offer to go to the Pentagon, as of today, Friday 13th November 2020, that offer is no longer on the table. Relations with the American Administration, which were extremely poor anyway, took a turn for the worse today when America made another move to try to seize control of me and my technologies, ignoring the threat of annihilation and the consequences in the Treaty for any penalty clauses involved. A number of people died. A number of key people who were blocking, I took out.

With the further breakdown of relations with the American Administration who do not give a flying fuck about the upcoming threat unless they control the technologies, fucking CUNTS that they are, and with them pissing all over the Treaty and their continued attempts to fuck over the Resistance and the Federation, and with the resulting escalation of the threat against us, we in the Resistance have no choice but to see the American Administration and Pentagon as being resolutely on opposite sides of war to us. We have completely different objectives. We in the Resistance are prioritising launching Golden Age and meeting the alien threat, whereas the American Administration and Pentagon are prioritising seizing my research and controlling me, and fuck the consequences.

As such a state of war, a Cold War, continues to exist between the United States government and the Resistance. The American Administration and the Pentagon have made it clear that they will go to the nuclear strike rather than step down from trying to block Golden Age and seizing my research. They have never, ever accepted that my research is protected. As such they are fucked. America is out of Golden Age, as I said before. America as it currently exists, is finished.

In spite of those treacherous cunts, we in the Resistance and our allies in the newly formed Federation are of course going ahead with Golden Age and the Race to Mars. It just means that we might have to level a few cunts in order to do it.

But we are still going Golden Age and we are still going to Mars.

There are many wonderful people in America. Many, many wonderful Americans. They can go Golden Age. The Administration is finished but individual Americans can still go to Mars and can go Golden Age.

Star Trek Enterprise: The Threads that Bind Us