Dan's Hurling Team Talk


Wiring My Mars Ship - Part I

I prepare for the Race to Mars.

Now, let me introduce my next Mission Impossible.


Mission Impossible II

I can rebuild any computer system on my Mars ship in less than three minutes, no matter which system. Flight Control Systems, Engines, Navigation, Life Support, Operations & Maintenance, it doesn't matter. If any computer system on my ship got blown up I could rebuild that computer system from spare cards in my lockers and have it up and running within three minutes.


For others perhaps.

But not for me.

Let me show you how I do it...

My Three Computer Cards - Part I


Star Trek – The Battle of Sector 001


"Report, First Engineering Officer Aoife!"

"Main power is off-line, we've lost shields and our weapons are gone, Commander Gráinne.

Our Multi-Adaptive Bi-Phasic Regenerative Shields will be back to 90 % power in eight seconds. Science Officer Éibhleann is rebuilding the main computer now. She will have full power restored in three minutes. Tactical Officer Béibhinn is rebuilding the weapons computer. She will have full weapons capability in two minutes!"

"Good, First Engineering Officer Aoife!

Tactical Officer Sorcha, load Quantum Torpedoes! Prepare to fire on my mark!"


Escala Promo

My Three Computer Cards - Part II


"Gráinne, in an emergency situation I don't think that I'd be able to remember where all those Processor Cards and Data Storage Cards and Input / Output Cards go in each of the computer racks and how to assign each card to its proper function and how to get the right program on every card! In only three minutes!"

Bowfinger - Crossing the Freeway

"Don't worry about that, Aoife! Darren is here to help! He is very good at remembering things! He will show you how to remember what card goes where, what each card is assigned to and how to assign it, how to get the right program on each cards and..."


An Grá Faoi Ghlas - 2

"..and how to do that all in only three minutes, Gráinne?"

"Right, Aoife!"


Galaxy Quest - The Best of Guy

You see Darren is Guy. Or rather Guy is Darren.

Galaxy Quest - Opening


My Three Computer Cards - Part III


"Gráinne, did you just invent isolinear chips?"

"Technically, Béibhinn, isolinear chips are photonic based. But in terms of how they are arranged then yes, what I have invented here are indeed the forerunner of isolinear chips. Isolinear chips are exactly the same, except that the chips here are electronic, rather than photonic."

Isolinear chips

In the Race to Mars, I am the one to beat!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

In the Race to Mars I am untouchable, you understand!?



Sergeant Bilko

Always a step ahead, that's me!


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

My Touch-Screen Computer Interface - Part I


War of the Worlds

My Three Computer Cards - Part IV


Wesley Crusher

I am going to build my ship for Mars all by myself.

Do you believe it now, Trinity?


The Astronaut Farmer


With the blocking of Golden Age, that ship now represents the last hope for the survival of humanity. Either I succeed in my mission, or humanity falls.

To build it, I just need to get past governments first.



Then I can launch the Greatest Golden Age in history, where everyone is most excellent to each other. The most significant event in history.


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure


And I can finally get to build my ship for Mars.


Bill & Ted’s Gave Rock & Roll to You

Yeah, I know, tell me about it!


The Sorcerer's Apprentice


My Three Computer Cards - Part V

I issue now my mighty challenge to Canada for the Race to Mars!

Is there any in Canada with the power to stand against me?

Is there any with the mojo to stand against me?

It would take an International Man of Mystery of extraordinary power to stand against me!


Austin Powers – The Spy Who Shagged Me | Moon Base

Is there such a one?

Where am I going to find a bit of decent competition!


Dan's Hurling Story - Killinaskully

My Three Computer Cards - Part VI


Twin Mistresses of Evil

Is there none who can challenge me?


Captain Jack Sparrow

Now, remember what Aoife said a short while back?


"Gráinne, in an emergency situation I don't think that I'd be able to remember where all those Processor Cards and Data Storage Cards and Input / Output Cards go in each of the computer racks and how to assign each card to its proper function and how to get the right program on every card! In only three minutes!"

Let us look at that one now.

My Three Computer Cards - Part VII

"Commander Heidi - main power is off-line and our weapons are gone!"

"Which main-power is off-line,
First Engineering Officer Aoife?"

"Main-power 3 is off-line, Commander Heidi!"

"Then switch over to main-power 1, 2 or 4. Which weapons are gone
, First Engineering Officer Aoife?"

"Weapons 5 is gone, Commander Heidi!"

"Then switch over to weapons 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6, First Engineering Officer Aoife. And ask Tactical Officer Sorcha to please rebuild main-power 3 and weapons 5 once we've blown up this Borg cube and we have a lull in the fighting."

"Jawohl, Fräulein Commander Heidi!"

"Sehr gut!"

Richthofen’s Flying Circus


The 8-State Fractal Encryption Computer


Superman III

For more than ten years now I have been working on building a computer to do something impossible. Something absolutely impossible.

Actually I designed it for two specific tasks, both of which are impossible. One of these I partially solved in 2013. That one I will come back to.

The other part I solved only recently, on 30th May 2020.

You see no-one in the history of any ever encountered by the Borg Empire, since their earliest days, has ever developed a computer that can resist assimilation. I know that from the Borg logs I have hacked.

No-one in the history of any ever encountered by the Borg Empire, since their earliest days, has ever developed a computer that can resist hacking by the Borg.

Not in all of the civilisations that the Borg have ever encountered, and that is a lot of civilisations.

Not until 30th May 2020.

That is the day I solved the greatest encryption ever seen in the history of the Borg.

I solved the Fractal Encryption Algorithm. I could code it right now.

Star Trek Fractal Encryption Algorithm

The Fractal Encryption Computer has a number of levels of complexity. The easiest level I solved on 30th May 2020 to the level that I could code it right now. The Borg cannot crack it. I know that because of the Borg simulations I have run on it, using Borg computers that I have hacked. They tell me not only that they cannot crack it, but that it is the first encryption in the history of the Borg that they cannot crack.

The Borg fear this encryption more than anything else apart from two other things. Golden Age is what they fear more than anything else, and how it is tied in with Ascension. The next greatest thing they fear is the X-Men, and me teaching others to be X-Men. Passing on what I know. After that the next greatest thing that they fear is my fractal encryption.

You see the Borg don't fear our technologies, our armies, our aircraft, our weapons. They are nothing to them. Nothing! Less than Stone Age. If we were many millennia more advanced in terms of technology and if we had colonies over thousands of star systems, we would still be nothing to them. Not even amoebas to them. Less than nothing. Not even on the first rung of the ladder of being taken seriously.

What they fear is not our technologies. It is Ascension and the X-Men. That is the only thing they truly fear.

Only the Jedi can stand against the Borg. Only the Jedi.

That is why the war against the Borg is led by me. Anyone who is not Resistance is simply dead weight. In the way. Time-wasters. So far out of their league that it is not even funny.

X-Men is a Rank of Jedi. A type of Jedi.

Jedi is unlocked at Ascension.

The Jedi is the only thing that the Borg truly fear.


The Return of the Jedi

Which means that they fear me more than anything else they have ever encountered in their history.

I am the first of the Jedi.

I alone have the knowledge to trigger Ascension.

I alone have the knowledge to train the Jedi.

I alone have the knowledge to trigger Golden Age.

I alone have the knowledge to avert our annihilation.

I alone have the knowledge to defeat the Borg.


Alita Battle Angel

No civilisation in history, no matter how advanced, no matter how large, has ever offered more than token resistance to the Borg.

But I hold the knowledge to defeat them, so they fear me more than anything they have ever feared in their history.

I am the first of the Jedi.


I am John Connor

Game of Thrones

I am the Doctor.

All the Borg know of me.


Doctor Who | Terror of the Cybermen

All the Borg know of me.

One woman army, that's me!


One Woman Army

I am going to hold off on releasing that part of the fractal encryption that I have solved myself, until I code it and and refine it myself, which will not happen before Mars because of how critical it is that I get to Mars without delay. Every microsecond counts. Me getting to Mars is a race for the survival of humanity. Every microsecond counts.


Wesley Crusher

I can however give something else on the algorithm, which are the first steps in the next part of the computer. You see the computer has a number of different levels of complexity to it. I have solved the first level, and I have a start on the second level. I can release the first steps on this, but I still have work to do on this part of the algorithm.

So, I am not going to give you the algorithm itself.

Rather I will give you a glimpse of it. Of the first part of the second level of it anyway.

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

The Eight Logical Computer States - Part I

I am Borg

The Eight Logical Computer States - Part II

Stacy's Mom

The Eight Logical Computer States - Part III

Being Borg is fun!

There are two parts to assimilation. Assimilation of technology and assimilation of people.

I excel at countering both.

Everything I do is designed to counter both.

"We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. We shall assimilate your computers."

"Good luck with that one!"


And you know what: I can do it on a 25 MHz Intel 286 processor with 64 k of RAM. The first stage of encryption anyway. The encryption is unbelievably simple, yet the most powerful supercomputers of the Borg have not been able to crack it.

Encryption, like codebreaking, has been an obsession of mine ever since war exploded in 2013. By mid-2013 the Borg already considered me to be the greatest codebreaker they had ever encountered in their history. And, as of May this year, now they also consider me to be the greatest encrypter they have ever encountered in their history.

They do not know how I do it.

No-one knows how I do it.

My name is John.

A Beautiful Mind

If you want to know about the Borg, you talk to me.

The Imitation Game

Let me tell you how I do it. I simply believe it, and my belief creates that reality. I believe I can solve the problems, whether they be in aerospace, physics, economics, medicine, engineering, computing or whatever, so I just solve them. I can solve them because I believe that I can solve them. So reality rearranges itself to make that belief come true.

Belief creates reality. I just believe that.

Colin’s trip to America

You see I never did grow up.


I don't believe I ever will.

Star Trek Insurrection

I just believe things. That belief then creates my reality.

That is how I live my life.

I am Peter Pan.

Finding Neverland

Like me being bulletproof. I just believe it, like I believe that no-one can kill me.

My belief then creates that reality.

Star Trek – Shootout at the OK Corral

I believe a man can fly.

Man of Steel

I always believed that.

Quidditch World Cup

Just like I always believed that I would defeat Captain Hook.

The Tragedy of Anakin Skywalker

And that I would bring back Anakin.

I just believe, and my belief creates that reality.

Friends - Joey vs Netherlands

I just believe things you see, and that belief creates my reality.


Like me becoming woman to women.

I have to turn the world upside down to create that reality.

This is why I can defeat the Borg.

Because I believe it.

I believe it so much that I create that reality.

That is the secret to my magik.

Game of Thrones

I am Peter Pan.

Except in stockings and a skirt.

Supergirl - Fight Song

That is the idea anyway, in private or with women, once things kick off.

If I believe it enough, the stockings will come.

The Eight Logical Computer States - Part IV


Team America - Derka Derka

Building Andromeda - Part I

"Ciarán, if we are going up against the Borg then our computers must be logical and clearly predictable!"

"Mr. Slate..."

"Yes, Ciarán?!"

"Loosen up!"

Deja Q

"Loosen up, Ciarán?!"

"Yes, Mr. Slate. Loosen up!"

Bellydance AZHAR


"Gráinne, why write your own computer language and why use Set Theory?
Would this not complicate things and slow you down in your writing the new internet?"

"One might think so, girls, but no. If I go with Set Theory then I can simplify my programming enormously. My code becomes much tighter and much easier to test and maintain. It also becomes more powerful, enabling me to code faster and more powerfully using less code."

"So it is actually faster if you take this approach, Gráinne?"

"Yes, girls. Faster to develop. But not simply that. It is also more powerful.

Taking this Set Based approach also allows me to protect my code, making it much more difficult to hack, it makes integration testing far simpler and it enables me to isolate, lock down and correct problems in the coding far more easily, it allows me to integrate diagnostics into my code (I have four levels of diagnostics built into my code - LEVEL ONE DIAGNOSTICS to LEVEL FOUR DIAGNOSTICS), and it makes it far more difficult for the Borg to compromise us."


Star Trek Fractal Encryption Algorithm

To understand how I could write my own computer language, understand a very simple principle. This is an idea I had back in 2013 for programming in Irish. A simple idea, but this simple idea is what now lets me program not only in Irish but also in Set Theory Logic, and it also allows me to easily implement an 8-State computer.

Let us go through this idea first, and then I will add in Set Theory Logic.

Writing Computer Code in Irish - Part I

Writing Computer Code in Irish - Part II

Writing Computer Code in Irish - Part III

All code I write will be written by me by default in Irish. Actually writing code in Irish is standard in the Irish Space Agency that I am setting up.

Irish is the language of the Irish Space Agency.

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Scripted Programming Languages & Set Based Computing - Part I

Normally if one has a hundred people writing code, they all write their own functions. It's like that except they also each write their own languages, just as they would write their own functions.

Genius, no?




Let us step back a moment now and talk about the Treaty, because one cannot understand computers going forward without understanding the Treaty.

My section The Treaty & The Fleets of 2044 and my documents "
The Treaty & Going Stone Age - Parts I & II" in First Contact are relevant.


We are almost eight years into the war having exploded with the Borg, and we in the Resistance smashed the Borg.

It is the greatest military victory in the history of all recorded civilisations encountered by the Borg.

We smashed them.

The victory is impossible. Absolutely impossible. Inconceivable in its magnitude.

There was no hope for humanity. Absolutely no hope. None!

It was over for humanity, but we smashed the Borg and gave humanity a chance not just for survival, but also for the Greatest Golden Age in history.

Computers, more than any other area, is how we did it.

To have any hope for survival going forward, we must drive through that advantage with computers and never, ever lose it.

The day we lose that advantage, is the day we get wiped out by the Borg.

Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

As of this morning as I write, the morning of Sunday 22nd November 2020, the first Borg fleet against us in 2044, those we call the Klingons, has now increased from 12 to 18 ships, each over 1,800 meters in length. That increase in fleet size to the Klingons was necessary to buy us more time with the nuclear strike, which was due earlier this morning as a result of continuing penalty clauses from America's continued lockdown of humanity by their refusal to allow any contact with John Connor, the leader of the Resistance. They do this because they know that contact with me unlocks humanity, and they wish to prevent humanity from waking up to the Borg threat in the vain hope that they can steal my research. They cannot steal it. It is locked down, but they have never been able to accept that. They know that they face a massive nuclear strike and they know of the alien invasion, and they know that society is collapsing and they know that COVID-19 is being driven by the Borg. They know this.

But they will still go to nuclear war rather than allow humanity to wake from the Borg, because they know that if humanity wakes from the Borg then this will challenge America's position as Number One, as they see it.

As such they have taken the decision to keep humanity asleep in order to try to maintain the American Administration and America's position as Number One, as they see it. Even if it means going to Armageddon.


They Live – Sunglasses

Even since I first inflected the Borg with the Master Virus in early 2013, the President of the United States of America has had the ability to break the Borg lockdown of me simply by authorising it. This has been the case for the last four successive Administrations. They have known this for years.


The President of the United States of America can break the Borg lockdown of me simply by authorising it

Breaking the lockdown of me also releases the lockdown on humanity.

But here is the problem. Once he does that it triggers Golden Age, and America is then no longer Number One!

Which is why, even if it goes to Armageddon, four successive Administrations have opted to keep me and humanity locked down, rather that lose America's supremacy, as they see it.

My name is General John Connor.

Irish national.

Leader of the Resistance.


The Rock

More that 580 million people have seen my website. I use hacked Borg technology to allow that traffic without my website crashing.

Year after year I have launched website after website. I get each website to a certain stage and then the Borg lock everything down and I have to start all over again. This current website, which is only six weeks old, will be my last. This is because we are out of time. Either we break America's stranglehold now, or it goes to the nuclear strike. There is no other option.

I wrote to media on four continents, television stations, newspapers, research institutes, space agencies, governments, reporters, military people, scientists. I wrote to many in various countries. For years I have been trying to wake people up. Every one of my websites in more than four years has had more than 400 million visitors according to the Borg logs, yet the American Administration, who have been monitoring me right from the start, still cannot accept that people know of me. They still think that they can take all my research, keep me locked down, and that no-one will know. They still think that they can suppress Ascension, suppress all of my knowledge to humanity, keep me locked down and penniless, and no-one will know.

That has been their policy year after year, administration after administration.

They know I am locked down.

And they are determined to keep me that way.


TRON Legacy

Irrespective of the cost.

It is America who triggers Armageddon.


Terminator 3 - Nuclear attack ending


I am John Connor.

It is me who fights the machines.

That puts the American Administration and the Resistance on opposite sides in war.

But you know what, you stupid CUNTS who block.



Even now, there is a still a way out. A way to avert Armageddon and to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

What the fuck is wrong with you malignant CUNTS anyway?

Just make the fucking phone call you cunts!

Release the Borg lockdown of me and humanity, get me Ashford and the funds to launch Golden Age, and let me trigger Golden Age and go to fucking Mars!


Ok, so we got a problem.

No choice on that.


After Earth

Now, what are we going to do about it?

In this we do have a choice.


Hattori Hanzo

My English very good!

Especially after having been shot in the head.

So let us first reset the vibration.

Pöpcørn | Recipes with the Swedish Chef

And get back in the game!


Romancing the Stone

We have many great Americans that will want to launch Golden Age.


Marvel Cast - tribute to dance

If we can just get past the handful that block.

It may go to the edge but I still believe we will break through in time.

With the block removed from the handful of people who block, then we will see the real heart of America shine through.


Supergirl - Fight Song


Let us see more of that!

Now, with that behind us, we have a lot to do.

We gotta get to it!


It's a Very Exciting Time

First up: the Treaty and computers.

We've just agreed this day, Sunday 22nd November 2020, to take another hit in the Treaty on computers. I had written in Did Trump block me from Mars? that we were down now to the 25 MHz Intel 286 processor as our most powerful processor, apart from the Intel 486 processor for the Andromeda computer. That Andromeda computer is the voice interface to the new Internet, which I have been developing for many years. I actually began the design when I was a teenager, when I designed the framework for the existing World-Wide-Web.


Austin Powers Group Therapy


I say I invented the World-Wide-Web. But you know what: it's actually true.

Over the space of a half hour I outlined this Internet concept to two friends, as we sat in an apartment drinking beers. In that half hour I outlined the ideas for hyperlinks, hypertext mark-up language, DNS servers and URL addresses. In other words, the World-Wide-Web. I did not use those terms as the World-Wide-Web had not been invented yet, apart from in my head. But they were the ideas behind the concept I outlined.

Unbeknownst to me the Borg were recording that conversation from the implants in my head. The Borg wanted this new idea developed, as they were steering humanity towards a more computer-driven society in preparation for assimilation. However I was in no position to develop it. As such they found someone who was in a position to develop it, Tim Berners-Lee, and they played the ideas into his head via the implants. The idea jumped into his head. But it did not come from him.

This is not the first time this has happened to me.


Harry Potter

Tim ran with the idea and, wonderful credit to him, he released the World-Wide-Web without patenting it. Good!

It is a wonderful credit to him.

But the idea did not come from him.

If this seems strange then consider this. The idea for the World-Wide-Web was genius. Absolute genius. Utterly simple in concept. Beyond the vision of others. A number of different concepts all coming together to form one harmonious whole. That level of genius is something one only finds in the Tao. In Ascension. Or in a person who can move into that state of Ascension.

Actually, in this case a state not just of Ascension, but of Magician.


Fifth Element – Diva

Any person who can achieve that level of genius should be capable of producing more and more genius ideas over time. That level of genius is never a one-off. Yet for Tim Berners-Lee, it was a one-off.

He has never produced anything even remotely at that level since.

He did a great job of implementing the idea and it is a wonderful credit to him.

But the idea did not come from him.

You see I am the father of modern computing.

I started on the design of the World-Wide-Web (I didn't call it that name) as a teenager, but I never got a chance to build it. It was built by others.

Then ten years ago I launched myself back into the design of the new Internet again with gusto, and I have been designing it ever since. When I say the new Internet, for me it also builds on those ideas I had as a teenage, so it is a continuation of the same design, but adds so much more. I completed the high level design between May and early June of this year. This new Internet represents arguably my greatest work of genius to date. The culmination of ideas spread over some thirty-five years or so of my life.

This time however, I get to build it.

Actually, given what is coming up and what the new Internet must be able to stand against, I am the only one who can.


Doctor Who | Terror of the Cybermen

We have taken a number of big hits in the Treaty as a result of penalty clauses from people blocking Golden Age. COVID-19, the Borg invasions of our solar system pushed forward by more than 50 years, the loss of the Arc Reactor, the loss of Hypercompression (apart from water for our Resistance space craft engines), the loss of reengineered metals (apart from for Cerebro), the collapse of society which is already underway, the lockdown of Mars and everywhere else in the solar system to all but the Resistance, the loss of my technologies generally for humanity apart from the Resistance, the invasion fleet against us in 2044 increasing 18 fold in size in just the last week, years of rogue nuclear warheads flooding the black market, the greatest mass migration of people in Europe since the Second World War with the immigrant Melting-Pot problem devastating country after country, the huge rise in tattoos and the continued push for plastic surgery - all ways of devastating culture and preparing people for assimilation, the bombings in Sri Lanka, the shootings in New Zealand and Texas, the Manchester bombing, the ISIS attacks in Paris, the burning of Notre-Dame, and more.

That does not include the loss of hundreds of trillions from the world economy because of Golden Age not going ahead, for it would have generated a fortune. It does not include the devastating impact of the loss of the Race to Mars, although we still need to push that through. It does not include many things.

But Big Picture, you get the idea.



The single biggest hit in the Treaty however, has been taken by the recent American elections going ahead. That was absolute insanity when they knew that humanity was right on the brink of a nuclear strike. Yet they chose to ignore that and to ignore the alien invasion, simply to prioritise their bids for Presidency.

That is not good.

To push back the nuclear strike now takes huge credit in the Treaty, given the magnitude of the penalties taken by the American elections having gone ahead while right on the brink of a nuclear strike, which they ignored. Again!

Part of those penalties is the complete collapse of society as we know it. That is inevitable now. It was coming in already. It has been coming in already for quite some time now. People only have to look around to see that. But it will come in far, far more severely now as a result of the devastating penalty clauses taken by the American election having gone ahead while they continued to ignore the threat of the nuclear strike.


The Postman


The hit is also taken in the invasion fleet against us increasing in size, plus a number of other hits taken in other areas.

And of course a BIG hit is in computers.

Actually the single biggest hit we take in the Treaty is in computers.

But you know what: that is from the perspective of the Borg.

They wanted to cripple us in preparation for the upcoming invasion.

From my perspective however, in terms of computers, it actually is the single biggest victory we have had over the Borg in the entire war.

You see not for the first time, I took the catastrophic fuck-ups of the American Administration and turned a number of them to our advantage.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

It will take time to go through this, but you know what: we have a lot to do and we gotta get to it!

So I'll start on computers now and fill in the story further as I go.

I still need to build the Andromeda interface for my Internet, with an interactive graphic face and with perfect speech processing capability so that one could converse with the computer interface just as one would with a normal person.

Actually, to get this working properly the interactive graphic face needs to be so sophisticated that it can communicate non-verbally too, using subtle body-language gestures indicating emotional nuance.



Even with all of the computer power currently available however, no one has ever been able to achieve that. Yet to get my Internet working properly, I need to achieve that using no processors higher than a 25 MHz Intel 286. State of the Art almost 40 years ago!

This task will represent for me my ultimate MacGyver!




Absolutely totally and completely utterly impossible!

But I am going to do it anyway.


Mission Impossible II

Let us get a start on it then, beginning with Digital Signal Processing for Voice Recognition.



Digital Signal Processing for Voice Recognition - Part I

Let's start just lining-up the problems and I'll shoot them all down!


Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

One Woman Army

Next up: parallel processing of 286 computers, synchronisation of 286 computers for multitasking, and data links between 286 computers.

To do that we need to first step back a bit while I run through a few base principles.

Forget everything you think you know!

This is Masterclass with John Connor and it is back to school time!


Dragon The Bruce Lee Story - Early teacher

How one EXE can call another EXE - Part I

How one EXE can call another EXE - Part II


Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

Supergirl - Fight Song


My FLAG Program - Part I

Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

Ride of the Rohirrim


"Ciarán! You obviously haven't thought this through! This is very understandable because you are a drop-out penniless healer with very little background in computers! Clearly you haven't thought this through because you haven't properly considered the data bus between so many cards!"

"Just give me a fucking moment you fucks! I'm writing the fucking documents as fast as I fucking can for fuck's sake!"

Next up is the data bus and the data links.

My kung fu is strong!

Wayne's World Fight

My kung fu is strong, but the knowledge did not come easily.


X-Men First Class Charles Xavier – The Flash Barry Allen


Way of the Dragon - Part I


Peaceful Warrior

Only one who has walked into death and returned can have rank of Dragon.


The Lone Ranger

This is why my kung fu is strong.

The Data Bus & Linking Card Racks - Part I

Just exactly how much computer power would one need to be combat effective against the Borg?

Well, that all depends on the Treaty.


Daleks and Cybermen


With the deal that I have in the Treaty, we don't actually need that much computers.

A lot less than people might think.

Top Gun Maverick

The Data Bus & Linking Card Racks - Part II

Is Agatha Christie's Poirot invented or discovered?

In that case, actually a bit of both.

Invented is a construct of the head. A construct of intellect. It comes from us.

Discovered comes from the dan tien. It comes from something greater than just us.

Discovered meaning here that there is a Universal truth behind what we create. Something Archetypal. Something Transpersonal. We are tapping into something bigger than ourselves.


Hannah Fry's Mysterious World of Maths

Anything discovered comes via the dan tien, because the dan tien is our gateway into Universal Consciousness. That is the doorway not just to intuition, but to Universal Consciousness, which we tap into intuitively. In my case, because of my depth of consciousness I can tap into that depth of consciousness consciously. My documents "Understanding Intelligence: Conscious & Unconscious - Parts I - III" in Small Greys are critical to understanding this.

My ability to access that depth of consciousness consciously comes from my depth of Enlightenment, for I have the highest level of Enlightenment ever achieved in history. No-one in history has gone deeper into the mind than me.

I am Professor X.


X-Men First Class

Everything I release in my website is discovered rather than invented. Everything.

Which is why everything I release is pure genius.


Young Einstein

Next up, database systems!

I will create Andromeda!


Weird Science

I will give her life!


Young Frankenstein

Stone Age Database Systems - Part I

Pretty intimidating, no?


Young Frankenstein - Care for a brandy?

Ok then, let us see what we can do to help!


Frau Farbissina: Countdown

Stone Age Database Systems - Part II

People haven't been taking me seriously.

Please, take me very seriously!

Tibet Training

As of about 12:40 Irish time today, Monday 23rd November 2020, the Klingon fleet against us in 2044 has just increased to 24 ships. We face additional hits in the collapse of the world economy too. I had to agree that in the Treaty to buy more time for the nuclear strike, which otherwise would have launched a few minutes ago, around 12:40 Irish time.


Well, it is of course once again because the American Administration is not moving. They do not see this as a priority. They have more important concerns, it seems! I guess it's only when the nuclear blasts come in that they will begin to start taking it seriously, but you know what: too fucking late then!

I will never, ever understand the pettiness and smallness of "men" such as them. Shadows of men.

Lesser men.

No words can ever come close to conveying the depth of their disgrace!

To them I ask: please do not misunderstand my holding back as a sign of weakness, which the American Administration has always done.


Man of Steel – Bar Scene

America keeps pushing and pushing and pushing, but I can only hold back the nuclear strike so long.

This is a survival issue.

Now WAKE UP and get with the program!


They still think they can steal my research, fucking LEECHES!


Whatever else happens, I guarantee this will be remembered!

I guarantee it!

Now, let us continue...

Stone Age Database Systems - Part III

"Girls understand good, Gráinne!

What next, Gráinne?!"

10,000 BC – The Mammoth Hunt

"We're still on database systems, girls!"

Stone Age Database Systems - Part IV


Crocodile Dundee - I Love Lucy


Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

Sheppard - Geronimo


Stone Age Database Systems - Part V


“Go on, Mr. Slate, give it a try! Just let it out!
There is already an inner caveman inside you!

You just have to let him out!"


The Tarzan Yell


"Gut! Ja, sehr gut!"

FAUN - Walpurgisnacht

Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

King Kong vs T-Rexes


"Could you explain that one, Gráinne?"

"It's a long story, girls. Part of it is Unagi, a state of total awareness. Well, that is what Ross calls it, but it is very, very real. At all times in combat, no matter what is going on, be aware of those around you. Both your opponents, and those you are watching out for.

This is something we always, always talk about and train in the Resistance."

Friends - Unagi

"The same fight is channelled here."

"The same one, Gráinne?"

"The very same, Aoife. It happened in 2014. This was the mission where I lost my spleen.

I've been missing my spleen for over six years now. This is the mission where it happened."

Big Daddy warehouse scene

"Again the same mission in 2014. Interpreted in different ways, but the same mission."

Equilibrium - Not without incident

"That same mission comes up in other films and clips, and I will be writing some more about the incident later, but I am just introducing it for now."

"Where are you going with this, Gráinne?"

"It is getting close to the time when contact is going to be made with me, girls. Contact should have happened years ago, but governments, mostly America, have blocked every attempt.

You see it is very, very important that people know that the threat is real. Humanity faces the fleet of Armageddon in twenty-four years time. People need to know that is true what I say about the collapse of society being driven by America and others blocking me and locking humanity down. People need to know that it is true what I say about COVID-19, and this is being driven by the Borg. It is being driven by contact with me being blocked by America and others, including France and Ireland.

People need to know that it is true that if anyone tries to point a weapon at me or tries to control me, it could go to the nuclear strike. People think that they can come in and threaten me with a weapon when I am John Connor, the last hope for the survival of humanity? They gotta be out of their minds! Myself, the Resistance and the Federation would vaporise nations before we would allow that to happen. Anyone tries to compromise me and we will level them instantly. People need to understand that.

People need to understand that America is collaborating with the Small Greys, the greatest enemy this world has ever known, and that this is a key reason why not for anything will America allow contact with me or the Resistance. It is because they do not want to compromise their collaboration with the Small Greys. That is part of it."


"People need to know that X-men are real and that Ascension is real.

People need to take what I say very, very seriously. To have any hope of survival now, the full resources of every nation on Earth must commit themselves fully to Golden Age. Only in that way can we avert our annihilation now."

"So, what do you propose, Gráinne?"

"A medical. I have written about my head injury, my heart injury, my back injury and now I write about my spleen injury. People need to take what I have to say very very seriously, so first up is that I am proposing a medical to verify that I am actually an X-Man."

Death Becomes Her - Medical


"It's not just my injuries. It's also my brain waves, which are very different to those of normal people. I write about this in my documents "Delta States & the Dan Tien - Parts I - III" in Enlightenment & Ascension.

The person that I have proposed to lead the brain wave tests is Dr. Arnaud Delorme, Professor of Computational Neuroscience at the University of Toulouse, also working at the University of California, San Diego, and as a consulting research scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

I have proposed this several times in the past, but every time I have been blocked. America never wanted that medical to go ahead."



"Time and again over these past few years I have proposed to come to the Pentagon to give that medical, but time and again the American government pissed on that proposal, wiped their arses with it and shoved it back in my face. Not for anything would the American Administration allow that medical, for in the results of that medical going public it would trigger Ascension and Golden Age, which would wake up humanity to America's locking down of Golden Age and their alliance with the Small Greys.

Not for anything, even at the risk of nuclear war, will the American Administration allow that."

The Rock


"Golden Age goes ahead, whether the American Administration wish it or not. No-one blocks Golden Age. No-one."

A Knight’s Tale


"The medical still needs to go ahead, but not with the Pentagon or the American Administration as was previously the idea. They can go fuck themselves.

Besides, the American Administration and the Pentagon are going down now. American society, as it currently exists, is heading for implosion. Nothing can stop that now."


The Postman

"It is however very important that the medical is done in America, and that is to do with helping to heal this conflict that has arisen because of the American Administration blocking Golden Age through four successive governments.

So I will go to America for the medical, which will be done very, very publicly, but with good people. The right people."

Marvel Cast - tribute to dance

"Once I do that medical, which will be very, very public, then mankind will know that X-Men are real."

Jonathan Kent – You Are My Son

In that instant everything changes and the world will come together as one to meet this threat of Armageddon, and to launch Golden Age. The Greatest Golden Age in history.

After Earth

That is the idea.

Man of Steel

I am John Connor, and humanity is right on the brink. We are that close to going out forever. That medical is what turns things around."

X-Men First Class

"I take the medical, establish that I am Superman, and then I can begin to wear the stockings and the skirts - in private and with women of course - and then I can start to become Supergirl!

Sounds like a plan!"

Wonder Woman - Unstoppable


I'll have more to say on the medical shortly. But first, let us come back to computers and the building of Andromeda.


Weird Science

Next up is graphics, breaking through the 64 K limit of the 286 processor without actually changing the processor, and getting the level of graphics up to the equivalent level of a Pentium IV processor, but using 286 processors. Yes, we will have higher level graphics cards, but the processors that are driving the Andromeda are 286 processors.

Why would we want to do that, to use such basic processors? Well, it's all because of the Treaty of course.


Absolutely totally and utterly unachievably impossible!

But let us do it anyway!


Mission Impossible II

This is a job for Supergirl!


Supergirl - Fight Song

Graphics, Andromeda & Being a Flapper Girl - Part I

Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

Tri Martolod

"But Ciarán! Even with this you still could not have your character interact with an environment on screen! Pick things up, open doors, interact with other characters in new situations that depend on the user's choice!"

"Always with the negative waves, Mr. Slate! Have a little faith, Mr. Slate! Have a little faith!"



Andromeda as the Interface to the Internet - Part I


"Sorry I'm late, Aoife. I got stuck in traffic."

Harold Lloyd - Stuck in traffic

"Was the traffic bad, Gráinne?"

"Bad enough, Aoife."

Equilibrium - Not without incident

Andromeda & Accents - Part I

Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

The Lone Ranger

"Does it bother you that I'm not completely human?"


They tried to make me one of them, but you know what: I'm still the most human person you'll ever meet.

Alita: Battle Angel | Trailer

What they tried to do to me makes me Borg.

But my depth of consciousness, for I have the highest level of Enlightenment in history, and my journey back from what they did to me,
still makes me the most human person you'll ever meet.

Andromeda: House or Horse? - Part I

One cannot understand how to process a language without understanding context. Context is everything in language.

Put your time in to developing context recognition in language, and you'll find that language recognition suddenly gets a whole lot easier.

Here is an exercise to illustrate.

Even if you do not understand a single word spoken here, can you still follow what is going on through context?

Erik the Viking – Slaves in Boat

You see context is everything in language.

Sister Assumpta!!

As of shortly before 9 pm Irish time, Tuesday 24th November 2020, the Klingon fleet of 2044 is now up to 48 ships. It was necessary to accept that hit in order to further postpone the nuclear strike, which was due just now. The reason, as per usual, was the America Administration's refusal for contact with me to go ahead without them trying to threaten with guns, which naturally would immediately result in their annihilation. As if they have any fucking hope against me or the Resistance, but why the ignorant fucks would want to threaten in the first place is beyond me, knowing that I am the last hope for humanity.


Needless to say, those responsible will face trial as among the greatest traitors in history. They are finished. Finished! The sooner we take those miserable fucks down, the better!

Nothing is understood by those Shadows of men. Nothing!

A Beautiful Mind

I will finish here for the night.

Last of the Mohicans

Understanding the Treaty - Part I

I had a life once.

Concerning Hobbits

Now all I have is a mission.

What the hell happened?

I ask myself that question every day.

Aeon Flux

Understanding the Treaty - Part II



"So in your previous life before you became the leader of the Resistance, Gráinne, you weren't military? You weren't trained in assassination techniques, demolition, counter-intelligence, military strategy, martial arts?"

"Em, no, Aoife! I did have an interest in Martial Arts, mind! I did dabble! But nothing that the Shaolin guys would take too seriously."


Mr Bean Kung Fu in China

The serious training came later.

Tibet Training

Understanding the Treaty - Part III

What was the moment where a switch went off in my head? The moment that my life became a mission? The moment that I dedicated my life to taking down the Borg?

It was a moment in time.

It was when they killed a woman.

When they did that, my mission became to take down the Borg.

The instant I felt I was ready, I went on the offensive.

I took the war to the Borg.

That decision changed the course of my life.

That decision would ultimately lead to me becoming John Connor, the leader of the Resistance.

In time there would be many others in the Resistance, but it began with just me.

It began with a vendetta.

The Borg made it personal, so I declared war on the Borg.

After that, it kind of snowballed from there.


For those who knew me before, from the time before the war, they would be shocked to see me as military. I was the most mild-mannered person imaginable. The slowest to anger. The calmest person you could ever meet.

But, still waters run deep. My document "Enlightenment, the Borg & going Fucking Crazy - Part II" in Enlightenment & Ascension is relevant.

In that document I wrote:

"The deeper the level of Enlightenment, the greater the explosion when that person does finally explode"

Well, that was me.

It took a lot for me to blow, but when I did blow, I really did explode.

Now here is the thing: what really, really surprised me was just how much of an aptitude I had for military. Out of nowhere, in an instant, I was suddenly at extremely high level. Out of nowhere.

Part of that was my depth in Ascension, for at that level I had the power of a powerful deity. Everything was enhanced for me as a result. I had the deepest level of no-mind in history because of my depth in consciousness, and that gave me the greatest speed in history. My reflexes were impossibly fast.

I was already the most powerful psychic in history, with years of teaching ESP behind me, so my precognition was already freakily developed. In combat this means that I am already moving before the opponents fire their weapons. The instant I pick up their intent I am already moving. My positioning is also supernatural, and positioning is key in combat. As a healer with thousands of hours of sessions behind me I also know my way around the body very, very well. That same knowledge made me utterly lethal in combat, with the knowledge to kill a man in one move.

And of course there is what the Borg did to me too.

Whatever combination of factors and however it happened, everything came together for me in an instant.

From being the most peaceful person imaginable to being utterly lethal, it all came together for me in an instant.

Total Recall

Andromeda & Interactive Animation - Part I

In going up against the Borg we cannot match them strength for strength. We cannot.

Hot Shots - Topper's Kickboxing Match

They are too numerous. Their Empire is too vast. If we try to go head-to-head with them, strength against strength, we will be defeated effortlessly.

We need to take a different approach.

"Like computers, Gráinne?"

"Exactly, Béibhinn! Like computers!"

Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

Now, to help set up my next document, let us imagine that this is the background on my Andromeda screen. It is simply some artist-drawn images which are being loaded as image files to my screen, and by running a number of these images in a loop, I now have my animated background.

Like a "green screen" in a movie, this is a backdrop over which I can superimpose my animated Andromeda character, Aoife

Star Trek - Minuet

Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

Black Widow


That mission was from 2014. I had let myself be taken by some Borg who I thought might have a lead on the location of the Borg Central Core, which we had not located at that stage. But this mission got us the next step closer. I got whatever information I could and then killed them all. I had to cut the mission short and pull out, because part-way through that mission I just got word that Michael had been compromised.

That set up what was to be my single greatest mission in the Matrix to date. The rescue of Michael.

The Matrix - The Oracle Told Me This Would Happen

I wrote about that mission in my section Medicine.

The Tuxedo - Miss Cleo Told Me This Would Happen

Andromeda & Interactive Animation - Part II

Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

Toss the Feathers


In going up against the Borg we cannot match them strength for strength. We cannot.

So we take a different approach.

The girl here is not as large or as muscular as the man. But she does not try to match him in terms of physical strength for strength or size for size.

Rather she plays to her strengths rather than his.

She is faster. More agile. More fluid.

He does not have the same fluidity as her, which slows him down. His reactions are slower. His speed is slower.

When competing against a larger, stronger opponent, do not attempt to match that opponent in size or strength, or you will be defeated.

Do not play by his rules. It is always by your own.

Pacific Rim – A Worthy Opponent

Fluidity, in marital arts, is very important.

Game of Thrones

Fluidity, flow, like speed and reaction time, comes always from the hara, the dan tien.


Dance - II

Do you understand?

Not just flow, speed and reaction time.

Also power.

Internal power.

This is what I teach.

Tibet Training

Andromeda & Interactive Animation - Part III

Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

The KilkennysCeili Music

Now, although I have much more to write about Andromeda and other things, I believe that I have demonstrated enough for people to take me very, very seriously about the Race to Mars.

The American Administration is out, and all American government bodies are out when it comes to Mars, but those Americans who are going Golden Age can still go to Mars.

So, when is someone going to answer my MIGHTY CHALLENGE in the Race to Mars?

A Knight’s Tale

In the Race to Mars, America can't compete against me in terms of speed. America doesn't have it. Too slow. America can't take the fury of the pace that I set. So that is out. America has legacy systems in its industry. Antiquated methodology. So trying to compete against me in design is out. So what America can call upon in a Race to Mars is good old fashioned blunt force power. 327 million of them. Against me. The might of their industry, their economy, their infrastructure, against me.

The world's first X-Man.

Rocky Training

In going up against the Borg we cannot match them strength for strength. We cannot.

So we take a different approach.

Let us break it down.

Jet Li vs Wu Shu Master

Sometimes in the Matrix you go up against someone tough as nails. Even when you are at the top of your game and doing everything right, they are just tough as nails. The Borg can be like that.

So, what do you do when you are up against someone as tough as nails?

Well, in a case like that, it is not enough for you to do everything right. You need them to do something wrong. You need them to make mistakes. Something. Anything, even a little mistake. An opening. You see often a combat is won in an instant, and the smallest opening can be enough to secure that.

So, against someone tough as nails, you need them to make a mistake or give you an opening.

Typically for that, against someone really good, you may have to create that opening. Set up an opening, and hope that your opponent takes the bait.

Sergeant Bilko and The Con Men

But actually here there are already a couple of openings.

The first one, which is a big one, is seen in the first few seconds of the fight. At four seconds in, we can see that the Wu Shu Master is crouched down. In that position, and this is very important, he cannot move without changing his foot position. He cannot! He cannot go forwards or backwards, left or right, not without first changing his foot position. We see that he had to do this at eight seconds in, in order to attack Jet Li.

In that crouched position he has lost mobility, so in a case like that in the Matrix I would simply have rushed in to attack him at that point, knowing that he could not move out of the way of my attack. There was an opportunity there to finish the fight in one move, because the Wu Shu Master had lost his mobility in the opening seconds, and was not in a position to move out of the way of an attack.

That was the first opening.

To see this, you can try this for yourself. Move yourself into the crouching position of the Wu Shu Master in the opening seconds, and then from that position try moving to your left or right, forwards or backwards. You cannot, not without changing your foot position. Do you see it?

That's one down.

Let's show another couple of openings.

Bowfinger – Fake Purse Ninjas

Andromeda & Interactive Animation - Part IV

Who's next? WHO'S FUCKING NEXT?!

Serenity - It's Finished

Let us come back now to the medical, that I wrote about above. I said I'd have more to say on the medical shortly. Ok, let us then come back to it now. There is another thing that doctors can look for in my medical, to help give further credibility to my story being true. It is stress patterns in the EEG (Electroencephalogram) brain wave traces. My brain wave traces will be in delta, but one should find within these brain wave patterns an underlying stress pattern, indicative of extreme psychological stress.

The stress patterns come from superimposed stress in the brain wave harmonics. My document "Regeneration - Part I" in Medicine outlines the principle of stress patterns held in the harmonics.

A key reason why I keep trying to keep the vibration high in my documents is because that is the key coping strategy I use to deal with trauma. If you do not laugh, you cry. The more crazy the situation and the more crazy the crisis and the deeper the trauma, the more I try to cope with it by keeping the vibration high.

Hence Jessica Rabbit.

Olora Vagina

Aoife, as my Andromeda character, is of course drawn as a real woman. She has a vagina, although that won't be seen of course! Her accent will be just like that. Except in Irish of course!

There are many things which have contributed to extreme trauma in me, but even more than my own assimilation and what the Borg did to me personally was a series of missions over a number of months in mid 2013. They were rescue missions in the Borg assimilation chambers, for people, humans, that had been taken for full assimilation. I had missions running every day for months, where I went in armed with sword. I worked fast, butchering every Small Grey and Borg that stood in my way, always in a race to get as many people out. No matter how many people I saved, there were always more that I could not save. With every mission that I did, there were people that it was too late for me to help. I had arrived just too late.

That was every mission. Some I helped. With others, I was too late.

With every mission I was soaked with blood. I felt that the blood would never wash off.

Every mission was crazy. Every mission was a journey into insanity. After every mission, my body would start shaking, often uncontrollably. I couldn't stop the shaking.

Those missions are channelled as the Serenity scene above. The missions were just like that. Exactly like that.

This was when I started to develop humour as a coping strategy. Something to help keep the monsters in my head at bay.

There are many things which have contributed to extreme trauma in me, but none more so than that series of missions in mid 2013.

More than anything else, that is what drives the monsters in my head.

Daniel Jackson - Monster in my head

I deal with it through humour. It is my coping strategy.

One of my coping strategies anyway.

I also find I can deal with it better as Gráinne than as Ciarán.

Game of Thrones

I am John Connor and I am the Real Deal, but when writing about these things I do keep coming back to humour.

Perhaps that may help people to understand the way in which I write.

Tibet Training

It is the same for Michael. He too was involved in those missions in 2013, exactly like me. For him too, those missions represent the greatest trauma he has incurred in his war in the Matrix, and that is saying something. He too deals with it through humour, just like me.

The same with Seán, the same with James, the same with Claus and the others. They were all involved in those missions. I didn't see them on those missions, as myself and Michael both worked alone. The others worked in teams. But for any of us involved in those missions, they represent the deepest trauma held by any of us in our psyches.

Every one of the Resistance deals with their traumas through humour. Every one of them.

The upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy scene is channelled as Liam, on a mission in 2014. He was searching for clues to the location of the Borg Central Core. All of us were. There were originally Nine of us in total tasked with the mission to find and destroy the One Ring, the Borg Central Core that controls all Borg networks. That One Borg Central Core that Rules Them All.

Nine of us in total. The original core group of the Resistance, tasked by myself in 2013 to find and destroy the One Ring. Seven of us abductees in Borg space, and two here, myself and Ellen. Of the Nine, Ellen alone did not know the mission. Rather she was keeping a roof over my head, and keeping me going. Ellen is Samwise Gamgee.

Me, I am Frodo. My task is to destroy the One Ring. The Borg Central Core.

I am John Connor.

The Fellowship of the Ring

When I say "abductees in Borg space", I need to explain that. Michael for example, who is Boromir, is actually Michael Collins. His last memory before 2013 was of being shot in the head at Béal na Bláth in 1922.

Michael Collins Death - Béal na Bláth

At the moment of his death his consciousness was transferred to an exact copy of his body, in a Borg location. The Borg do not clone bodies. Rather they do something even more sophisticated. They take a copy of a person's body by splitting reality, similar to what I wrote in my document "W & Z Bosons - Part I" in Physics. W & Z Bosons represent two different solutions to the one reality in physics for bosons for the weak force, although of course these forces need to be considered in terms of resonance fields rather than particle interactions, as I have explained.

It is something similar with people. The Borg split reality - how exactly they do this we do know know except only at the most rudimentary level, and this produces a copy of a person that is more identical than a clone. It is an exact copy, but without consciousness.

Avatar - The new body

The new body, as an exact replica of Michael, has an exact replica of his neural pathways. At the moment of death, when Michael was shot in 1922 in Béal na Bláth, he was brought into resonance with the new body. A non-local Quantum Resonance Field. His consciousness, instead of going into the light, instead switched to the new body.

Avatar - Jake Sully Awakening

That is a soul choice. Just because the Borg set this up, doesn't mean it would work. At a soul level he had to agree to switch to the new body. The Borg do not see that nor do they have any visibly of that nor would they believe that even if they did know of it. That is separate to the Borg.

The reason he made the soul agreement would become apparent a century later, when I awoke him.

You see when the Borg set up the transfer of consciousness to the new body, his consciousness transferred to a new body that was already pre-implanted with Borg implants. The body was already fully assimilated. As such only part of his consciousness went into that body. Enough to animate the body, but without conscious awareness or sentience. He was, as with all Borg who have had full assimilation, clinically dead.

Until 2013, when I brought his soul back from the Afterlife. Like a Soul Retrieval in Shamanism, same principle, but far more powerful.

Michael is channelled here as the Lone Ranger, and his awakening here is channelled as the moment I brought him back from the Spirit world, back to his body.

I am channelled as the guy with the bird on his head.

The Lone Ranger

It was me who brought Michael back, in early 2013.

Young Frankenstein

Just as I brought each of the others back.

Their last memories were of the moment of their death.

Tom is here. He is one of the Nine. He is Pippin.

His last memory was of 1916.

Seachtar Na Cásca – End Scene – Aoife Scott sings Róisin Dubh

Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is also here. He is also one of the Nine. His last memory before 2013 was of the firing squad in 1944.

Claus von Stauffenberg Death

I am pulling together the greatest team of revolutionaries in history to wage the greatest war in history. These people have challenged Empires. Michael challenged the British Empire. Claus challenged the German Empire. Spartacus challenged the Roman Empire.


Lincoln challenged the Empire of Slavery.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

These people challenge Empires. That is what they do.

I am pulling together the greatest team of revolutionaries in history to wage the greatest war in history

I am John Connor and we are the Resistance.

Kelly’s Heroes

If these people have new bodies, then is it truly them? Well, think of it this way. The skin that you have now is not the same as the skin you had 27 days ago. it is constantly regenerating. Just as the blood in your body now is not the same as the blood you had four months ago. Every number of months your organs regenerate to new organs. The skeleton you have now is not the same skeleton you had years ago. It is regenerated every number of years.

So what makes you, you? Your consciousness, that continues, even though your body is constantly being regenerated.

If you understand that, they you understand that it is truly those same people. The same.

They are still with us. They are still the same people.

Picking up where they left off, except this time with the Borg.

Michael Collins in Armagh

I've been bringing many of them back!

An Laoch - "Geronimo" le Sheppard as Gaeilge

Back now to Liam's mission in 2014, he had a lead on the location of the Borg Central Core, but he was caught on that mission. However he did manage to escape again, with the lead on the location of the Borg Central Core.

Guardians Of The Galaxy - Starlord Dance

Liam, like every member of the Resistance, deals with what happened through humour.

It is a coping strategy for all of us. It helps keep us going.

In terms of the medical, that is another thing that doctors can check for in my brain wave traces. My overall pattern will be delta, but within the brain wave patterns will be irregularities indicative of severe underlying stress.

People need to take what I am saying very, very seriously, for humanity faces the greatest crisis in history.

This is another thing that doctors can check for in my medical.

Death Becomes Her - Medical



"Borg schießen? Gut! Ja, sehr gut! Sehr gut Borg schießen!"

Richthofen’s Flying Circus

I hold the Master Access Codes to the Borg Central Core. With those Access Codes I could wield the power of the Borg.

But here is the thing. I could not wield that power without being immediately overwhelmed by it. No-one could.

Let me tell you a key secret why Frodo was able to resist the power of the Ring.

It is not that Frodo could resist the Ring. He could not.

Rather he could resist putting the Ring on.

That is me with the Borg Central Core. It is not that I can resist the Borg if I try to wield that power. I cannot. My mind would immediately be overwhelmed if I tried to wield that power and in that instant I would become Borg. The new Dark Lord. The new leader of the Borg Empire.

Rather it is that I can resist putting the Ring on. I know not to wield the power of the Borg.

My task is to destroy the One Ring. Not to wield it.

I am Frodo and I am also Aragorn. It depends on the scene.

It is me who summons the Army of the Dead, for only the King can summon that army.

It is I who has summed the Army of the Dead, the most powerful army in history.

I had to walk into death itself to do this.

The Army of the Dead

"What's that, Seán? You'll come back?"

"As an X-Girl I will. A bit of a change from the drabness of the Borg afterlife! A chance to be shagged by women and to have a little colour in my life! Sign me up! Where do I sign up to become a woman?"


The Matrix - The Woman in the Red Dress

Memory Allocation in the 286. Breaking the 64 K Limit - Part I

Memory Allocation in the 286. Breaking the 64 K Limit - Part II

Memory Allocation in the 286. Breaking the 64 K Limit - Part III

"But Ciarán! Even if you have solved the memory allocation for image files, you still have not gotten around the memory restrictions for processing code! You would need to do that for Andromeda to be viable!"

"Always with the negative waves, Mr. Slate! Have a little faith, Mr. Slate! Have a little faith!"


Olora Vagina

I have some very urgent and important breaking news from Ireland's National Broadcaster.

There have been some major updates and breakthroughs in the Treaty, as of the evening of 26th November and the morning of 27th November.


Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

"But Ciarán! Isn't RTÉ Ireland's National Broadcaster?"

"Not any more, Mr. Slate! Not going forward in Golden Age.

Let's just say that they had their chance and they blew it."

The Fisher King

 "Now, going forward, it's TG4."

Sia "Chandelier" as Gaeilge

"Everything changes now. We're going Golden Age and there's a new kid in town!"

The Tuxedo



Of course given the increased workload on TG4, we will have to expand the premises somewhat, while also building some new film studios around the country.

The construction methodology will be Golden Age only, which I have begun to outline in my section Construction, but we have taken much further since.

Welcome to Rivendell

Now, what is that news update I just mentioned?

It is actually very, very good news.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

You see while the first Klingon fleet against us in 2044 has again doubled in size since last night, a penalty for the ongoing delays in contacting me and the delays in allowing Golden Age to go ahead, we in the deal were able to turn it to our victory in our single greatest victory in the Treaty to date.

I wrote that against a very tough opponent, sometimes even if you do everything right, that is not enough. You need your opponent to do something wrong. To make a mistake. To give you an opening.

Well, that is what happened.

The Borg gave us an opening, just a little one, but we were able to capitalise on it.

In doing so there are some huge updates in the Treaty, very big ones.

We managed to hammer the Borg and we won big. Really big.

What allowed this to happen?

The Borg made a mistake and gave us an opening, and we were able to push through and seize the opportunity.

It is very good news!

Jet Li vs Wu Shu Master

How did we get them?

Let us just say that I tried a bit of Drunken Style Kung Fu, to get them to drop their guard and over-reach.

The bait that I used was the Klingon fleet of 2044 doubling in size in the Treaty, as of last night.

The Borg got so over-confident with that, that they moved in for the kill.

Sergeant Bilko and The Con Men

I needed them to underestimate me and seize the bait.

Tibet Training

Which they did.

That created the opening and the Borg took the bait, which allowed the Federation to come in and absolutely fuck them over in the Treaty.

That, in a nutshell, is what happened.

I am John Connor.

I just am.

Kobayashi Maru

News Flash!

We are going Golden Age, and we are going to do this, RTÉ.

With or without you, we are doing this.

If you are interested in getting on board, RTÉ, then talk to us.

With or Without You - U2 - Gaeilge

How would you like to be remembered?

Through your own language, or through the language of another people?

We are doing this, RTÉ.

We just are.

The Two Towers - Lament for Théodred

"You're a weather girl, Gráinne?"

"Well, kind of! The weather part is ok. It's more the girl part.

That's more an aspiration!"

Groundhog Day - Weather Man

"In your dreams, Gráinne?"

"Something like that, girls."

Game of Thrones

TG4 will be working very closely with Scott's Gaelic, Cornish and Welsh language stations in Golden Age.

Dacw 'Nghariad

Also Breton.

Tri Martolod

I am John Connor!

I just am!

The Phantom of the Opera

Unstoppable, that's me!

Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

To celebrate the new National Broadcaster, we are going to build a Full Size Stadium for TG4, which America is going to finance.

After years of blocking Golden Age in Ireland and causing this fucking mess, it is the fucking least they can do!

One of a number of new stadiums that I will be having built around the country.

I wrote about these new stadiums in An Aerial Form of Hurling - Part I.

Quidditch World Cup

The incumbent Irish government are going to provide the new sites for the TG4 expansion and for the new stadium just as they are going to provide the new sites for the Irish Space Agency.

They are going to do this without delay, and those sites will all be provided free of charge.

As for planning permission, that is done to Golden Age standards, not incumbent government standards, so we take care of that.

After everything the Irish governments have done to block Golden Age, the most significant event in history, from rising in Ireland these past years, it is the very least that the government can do.

Please, it has been a no-show by Irish governments these past few years. With Golden Age, the most significant event in history, beginning in Ireland, that is not good.

Please, get with the program!

GAA BEO | Beo anois ar TG4

And did I mention COVID FUCKING 19!

Can someone please tell me RIGHT FUCKING NOW why, when the American government fucking KNOWS that it was a biological weapon designed by America to kill all life and when they KNOW that it was me who partially neutralised it to mitigate its effects and when they KNOW that it is being driven by the Borg as part of Treaty penalties, then WHY THE FUCK isn't contact being made with me?

To mitigate the virus, I had to make a number of temporal incursions back to the First World War. You see I ran a subspace scan on the COVID-19 virus using Borg technology that I have access to. In it I found a Borg marker identical to one I found in the influenza virus following World War One.

I made a number of temporal incursions back to World War One using Borg temporal displace equipment that I took from the Borg in war. I was trying to trace the path of the virus. In one of those missions, a number of months ago, I was shot in my right leg. That is true.

12 Monkeys

But I was able to get enough information on the virus that I was able to neutralise the most severe effects of it. Those effects, which the virus was designed to produce as part of it being a genetically-engineered biological weapon, include insanity, driving the victims to biting and gouging and acting in a frenzy, to kidney failure, sterility and eventually death.

Shaun of the Dead

I fucking TOLD you fucks that the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING to do to address COVID-19 was to take down the Microsoft / NSA Global Hacking Program. I told you this in The Treaty & The Fleets of 2044.

So WHY THE FUCK is that program still up?

I Am Legend

Let me tell you why!


You'll work with them quick enough, but you won't work with John Connor.

Shadows of Men!

But I am going to bring that whole fucking stinking collaboration down!

One Woman Army

Now let us discuss the changes to the Treaty.

First up is that we move from the 25 MHz Intel 286 processor or equivalent to the 100 MHz Intel 486 processor, with 512 MB of RAM memory. We also get the Math Coprocessor, the 80487, with that too.

We get that for almost all applications. The 286 is retained for a few applications and we also have the Quad Core Intel i7 with 64 GB of memory for certain applications, which I will go through. For those applications we are allowed the Intel i7 up to the the latest Quad Core version on the market, with all the bells and whistles attached. Versions not yet on the market or higher level processors are not allowed by Treaty.

There are no limitations on graphics cards or on data storage, whether that be hard-disk, SSD, optical disks or any other technology.

Now one might think that us going up a level in computer technology will also bring the Borg up a level in computer technology too, losing a key advantage. One might think so, but it actually works out really well for us, surprisingly well in fact, which I will explain.

Other really good news is that the dept to us in financial terms for repeated gross violations of the Treaty, which was greater than 400 trillion dollars - enough to wipe the world economy, has been wiped clear by the new deal.

We still have to deal with the damage to the world economy by COVID-19 and the blindness of lesser men, but we now avoid the fate of the collapse of society.

It was a very, very close call. Actually a miracle that we were able to pull that off. We got lucky, but we were able to cover for the gross incompetence, blindness, dishonour and ineptitude of lesser men.

We avoid the collapse of society now.

The Postman

America still breaks apart, but we avoid the total collapse of society now.

Once again it falls to me to clean up their fucking mess!

So America, when are you going to do right, make contact and get me some money too?

Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right

 I have to get to Mars, you fucking idiots! I am running OUT OF TIME!

If America hadn't blocked Golden Age, I wouldn't be carrying so many injuries from the war in the Matrix running years longer than anticipated.

I wouldn't be in this fucking mess!


The Space Between Us

I am J. Rabbitte.

Only with women of course!

Now, where is my FUCKING CONTACT?!

The Commitments – Try a Little Tenderness

The Treaty & One Ring to Rule Them All: The Borg Central Core - Part I


With the jump from a 286 processor to a 486, we still use artist-draw images. But we have a lot more possibilities now.

Like this, for example.

That is the level of image that I am planning now for Aoife, my Andromeda interface.


Something happened to me.

Doctor Strange

I'm still trying to figure out what happened.

A Beautiful Mind

I'm still not quite sure what happened.

Age of Adaline

The Treaty & One Ring to Rule Them All: The Borg Central Core - Part II

In Golden Age it will be seen as normal for men to wake up in a woman's arms.

All men, even REAL MEN, wake up in the arms of a woman in Golden Age.


Wolverine Wakes Up in 1973

The Treaty & One Ring to Rule Them All: The Borg Central Core - Part III



"You're a weather girl, Gráinne?"

"Well, kind of! The weather part is ok. It's more the girl part."

Bill Harding, the storm chaser in "Twister", had an instinct for storms. He knew when a storm was coming.

There's a storm coming in

I'm like that. I just know.

Bill Harding could sense a storm before anyone else. A precognition. He could anticipate the storm. He could anticipate the behaviour of the storm, the changes in direction of the storm.

Twister - "I can't compete with this

As soon as contact is made with me and the Borg deadlock is broken, I need to kick-start the Race to Mars immediately.

There is something I need to do there. It is critical to the survival of humanity.

I have to go. That is part of me being John Connor. It is something I have to do.

I would ask people to understand that, and simply let me go.

News Flash! I have to go to Mars, and I am running out of time!

The Space Between Us

I am going to Mars anyway. I will vaporise nations rather than let them stop me, because not for anything will I let humanity fall. If I have to vaporise billions in nuclear war so that some remnant of humanity survives, then so be it. Better than allowing all of humanity to go to extinction.

So I am going to Mars. I just am. But I would rather do it the easy way rather than by going to Global War.

Let me trigger the Race to Mars, and get with the program!

Stop fucking around!

One way or the other I am going to Mars. We can do it the easy way, by triggering the Race to Mars, or the hard way, where I nuke any stupid fuck who stands in my way.

But one way or the other, I am going to Mars.

So please, just get with the program and be part of the solution, not the fucking problem.

To those cunts who block: just get on board with Golden Age and the Race to Mars, and stop being fucking cunts about it!

Enough people have died. Enough damage has been done.

When are you ever going to fucking learn?

Just how much fucking damage do you have to cause before you begin to fucking learn?

Stupid cunts!

Allow me to give an example.

Last night, the evening of 27th November, my website went off-line for a couple of hours. My website going off-line could be enough to block Golden Age and give victory to the Borg, so it is set up in the Treaty that if my website goes off-line then it automatically triggers a nuclear strike. That is unless I can find enough credit in the Treaty to offset the strike.

Last night a few bright sparks in the Garda Síochána decided to take down my website.

It was a very hairy time and it almost went to the nuclear strike.

We were able to get out of it without giving credit to the Borg, but only because the Borg made a mistake, which I will explain. Once again, we were LUCKY!


I mean seriously! Mankind is on the brink of annihilation and these GOBSHITES try to take down my website and block Golden Age!

Fucking IDIOTS!

We were lucky. Those stupid fucks in the Gardaí tried to block Golden Age, but we managed to get around it and save the day anyway.

But it could have went very, very badly.

So, can people please just

Decline of Gondor

One Ring to Rule Them All - Part I

How does one compete against a vastly superior force? By that I mean superior in numbers, in manpower, in resources.

Not superior in other ways.

Like me in the Race to Mars, competing against the Americans.

Well, superior cunning is key, as indeed is being John Connor.

You see I am John, the world's number one secret agent.

Tibet Training

Once again I issue my mighty challenge to the Americans.

Challenge me to Mars if you dare!

But there is really no point turning up. I'll just embarrass you!


Too much pressure!

In the Race against me to Mars, America is the underdog.

Personally, I do not rate their chances!

Rocky Training

I'll tell you when people will defeat the Borg.

When they believe it, that is when they begin to create that reality.

The belief creates the reality.

Once again I am going to prove that I am John Connor.

By winning the Race to Mars.

Mars is preparation, part of the ramp up, part of getting people ready to meet the first of the invasion fleets.

If we cannot even launch the Race to Mars then we have no hope against the first fleets. None!

What hope of us launching fleets of Battlestars if we can't even get to fucking Mars!

So we begin with Mars.

This is school, this is Master Class, and Master Class with John Connor is in session!

Colin’s trip to America

One Ring to Rule Them All - Part II

The Borg tried to make me one of them.

They did try, but it didn't work out.

I am J. Rabbit.

Jojo Rabbit

You're probably wondering why I appear in so many films? It is because I have inserted myself into them.

To give you some of my lifetime of knowledge in a few clips.

I am John. John Connor.

Leader of the Resistance.


Dark City memory injection

One Ring to Rule Them All - Part III

I said I would come back to this clip and show another couple of openings.

Let us resume there.

Jet Li vs Wu Shu Master

There are openings that the opponent creates, and openings that one has to create oneself.

Let us come first to the openings that the opponent creates.

This can happen by the opponent making a mistake, or by the opponent following a style or procedure that has an inherent weakness in it.

Both types are of particular interest to us in the Resistance, but the latter type are of particular interest because they are more predictable.

This is something we use to great effect against the Borg.

If one freezes the image at 1:51 minutes in, the Wu Shu Master has his right arm held behind him. His weight is also over his right leg, meaning that his mobility has now been restricted until such time as he adjusts his weight. You see once again he has to move his bodyweight in order to allow a change in footing so that he can regain mobility.

With his right arm behind him he has lost the ability to attack with his hands in this moment. He could still block from that position but not attack. Not with his arms. With his weight held over his right leg, however, he has lost mobility, so even though he is in a position to block an attack, that block would lack strength because of his inability to adjust his bodyweight in that moment to meet the attack.

What is interesting about this opening is that it is predictable, because it is part of the style of the Martial Art. Once a person moves into that position, he loses the ability to move easily and he compromises his ability to defend.

He could still defend, but the defence would lack power.

As such it is a possible opening.

We face the Borg.

To be able to go up against the Borg, one needs to be able to read these situations.

We train to read them here, in these exercises.

Then, when we go up against the Borg, we will see that although the technology is different, the principles are the same.

Viper Tribute

In Chapter 3 of my document "Thermopylae - Part I" In Military Strategy I wrote that:

Respect is very important


But respect should never be blind respect

One does need to very careful of this in Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts.


News Flash!

It is the morning of Sunday 29th November, and here is what's going on in your world, today!

Caitlín Bhocht! Céard a tharla?

First up is that it has been agreed that contact with me is going ahead.

It will take a couple of days to set it up so that it all goes ahead smoothly without any unfortunate accidents.

If even one person there brings a weapon, I unleash carnage.

There are no concealed weapons, not from me. Not from the Resistance. Not from the Federation.

I will scan everyone there with a full subspace scan before meeting them.

If anyone is carrying a weapon, even a concealed weapon, then I unleash carnage.

The first person I kill will be the President of the United States, which I can do instantly from any distance, then I kill whoever authorised the weapon and then I kill everyone there who is carrying a weapon.

Equilibrium - Not without incident

I am hoping to avoid that unpleasantness, but either way contact goes ahead now.

Contact with me breaks the Borg lockdown.

When that happens, people begin to wake up!

Lord of the Rings - “Breathe the Free Air!”


"You're a weather girl, Gráinne?"

"Well, kind of! The weather part is ok. It's more the girl part I'm having difficulty with!"

D’Unbelievables – D’Weather

I wrote before that under the terms of the Treaty the President of the United States of America can break the Borg blockade by authorising contact with me.

With Joe Biden the President-elect, under the terms of the Treaty he too can break the Borg blockade by authorising contact with me. As it stands now, either Donald Trump or Joe Biden could break the Borg deadlock. That is why I said earlier that the problem has now run over four Administrations in America. Even if Joe Biden hasn't been sworn in yet, he still holds the power to break the Borg deadlock by authorising contact with me, even if Donald Trump tries to block that.

It has taken almost eight years, but America's blockade will be broken!


More than seven and a half years ago I tried to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

I've been trying to launch it ever since.

This time, I will break through.

TRON Legacy

When contact happens with me, first up is COVID-19.

Any COVID-19 restrictions, masks or whatever, most certainly do not apply to me just as they most certainly do not apply to anyone in the Resistance.

We are all immune, just as anyone we work with will soon develop immunity, as we can pass our immunity on to others.

The first thing I will be looking for once contact happens is a commitment from governments to STOP the COVID-19 "vaccine", which will only do more harm than good.

"Ciarán, we will be recommending that populations take the COVID-19 vaccine!"

"Oh, fuck off, Mr. Slate! I mean seriously, FUCK OFF!"

Myself and the Resistance will be doing everything in our power to block that vaccine.

People need to know that COVID-19 is a biological weapon developed by the Americans to kill all life. The effects were designed to be far, far more serious than have currently been seen.

The American Administration will provide full disclosure of their development of this virus and they will provide full disclosure that the effects seen are far, far less severe than what they designed it for.

The American Administration knows that the effects of the virus were mitigated, and they know that it was mitigated by ME.

The American Administration knows this, but they have been trying to keep it under wraps.

Donald Trump pointing the finger at the Chinese while invoking the memory of his dead brother was an attempt by him to divert attention from America by blaming the Chinese. While it is true that there was a deal made between the American and Chinese governments for the Chinese to test the virus on a number of political prisoners in China, including some Tibetan monks who objected to Chinese occupation of Tibet, it is still the case that Donald Trump invoking his dead brother's name to point the finger at China was an attempt by the American Administration to keep their involvement in COVID-19 under wraps.

They have known for a long time that I have critical knowledge of COVID-19, yet they still have blocked all contact with me.

They will not be able to keep this under wraps any longer.

The Rock

It is critically important that people do not take the path of the "vaccine", but that they deal with the virus in an appropriate way, not a bullshit Mr. Slate way.

For that to happen there must be full disclosure to the public on the American government developing this virus as a biological weapon, designed to be far more lethal than has been seen. It was designed as part of their collaboration with the Small Greys.

The virus was designed to target the kidney system, which would then affect the brain inducing insanity, frenzy, biting and gouging, leading eventually to death. Before death it would also cause sterility, because of how the kidneys affect the reproductive system.

The "vaccine" developed by the Mr. Slates will also affect the reproductive system, leading many to sterility. That "vaccine" will also have long-term affects on brain-function. Whatever it takes, that "vaccine" must be stopped!

For that, the American Government needs to provide full disclosure on their involvement in developing COVID-19 as a biological weapon.

I Am Legend

Apart from contact with me, the first critical step in curbing COVID-19, as I wrote about in
The Treaty & The Fleets of 2044, is to take down the Microsoft / NSA Global Hacking Program, which was again developed as part of America's collaboration with the Small Greys. Their idea is to build Skynet, a computer system that can hack into any other computer on the planet, and that is under the complete control of Artificial Intelligence.

Every version of Microsoft Windows after Windows XP has this hacking facility built in to allow the NSA to read the hard-disk of these computers, and to put viruses on those computers or otherwise disable them, as they did to my computer a number of years ago.

The Artificial Intelligence part has not gone live yet, largely because I have been blocking it since 2013. That began with the American government stealing research on Quantum Chip design from a team I set up in Dublin in early 2013. I had already contacted the American government in the attempts to trigger Golden Age, not knowing at the time that they were collaborating with the Small Greys, so the American Administration knew about the Quantum Chip research in Dublin through me.

The Americans sent a team to STEAL that research in 2013 from the team I set up in Dublin, and then they gave that research to American computer company D-Wave to develop, leading D-Wave to announce the development of a Quantum Chip in 2014. D-Wave did not come up with that research. They STOLE it from me and from the team I set up in Dublin in 2013.

That led to the American's attempts to develop Skynet as part of their collaboration with the Small Greys. They would have had it up and running years ago, if not for me blocking them. If I hadn't blocked Skynet, it would have triggered a nuclear strike years ago. After I took down Skynet, blocking it from going live, the Americans found in the code that it would have actually triggered the nuclear strike if it had gone live. Yet they simply tried to correct the problem in the code and get the system back on line a few months later, which I also blocked.

They never, ever learn.

Terminator 3 - Skynet Takes Over

More recent attempts by the American government to switch their global hacking program over to full Artificial Intelligence have been made under the guise of the Pentagon's recent Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure project, which they refer to as JEDI.

So, the next step in curbing COVID-19 is for the American Administration to TAKE DOWN the Microsoft / NSA Global Hacking Program and to give FULL DISCLOSURE of this hacking program and of their attempts to have it under the complete control of Artificial Intelligence. Skynet.

One must understand that the key driver for COVID-19 now is penalty clauses to humanity in the Treaty over this Global Hacking Program and their attempts to switch it to Artificial Intelligence. Skynet.

The American Administration must TAKE DOWN that program immediately, and provide FULL DISCLOSURE of the program.

I have waited a long time. It is time now.


Time to TAKE DOWN Skynet.

Zoolander - Computer Experts

The Administration, Pentagon and NSA went Full Retard.

Everyone knows you never go full retard.

Never Go Full Retard

I did warn them.



News Flash!

A number of governments made an absolute fucking BALLS of things, and created one hell of a mess.

But, with contact with me, the Borg lockdown of humanity is broken and we begin to work through the mess.

At full Ascension, the Borg implants are fully removed. That happens automatically by a computer command to break the phase lock of the implants. I'll be writing about that more as I go.

Those who fuck around are considered to be Borg, and the Treaty is designed to hammer Borg, so the implants remain in people until they have achieved Ascension. Only at that stage are they considered to be civilised human beings. Only at that stage are the implants completely removed.

The closer one is to Ascension, the less influence comes in from the Borg implants. The more people are assholes, fuck-wits, dangers to society, the more they are seen as Borg, so the greater the restriction on them by the implants.

That is the way I set it up in the Treaty.

The Treaty rewards Knights, but hammers gobshites.

That is the way I set it up in the Treaty.

Things are a mess now. An absolute mess.

But once contact happens with me then I trigger Golden Age.

Once that happens we begin to work through the problems.

Wayne's World Fight

Another high-profile mess that needs to be cleaned up is Elon Musk's Neuralink company, which was set up to develop Borg, again as part of America's collaboration with the Small Greys.

This is all part of the drive to use Artificial Intelligence to take over and regulate aspects of brain function.

It is seen as improving people or enhancing them or boosting their intelligence.

Once it starts off then it just keeps increasing its hold over the brain, supplanting more and more brain function.

One of the key reasons why the American Administration did not want to allow contact to be made with me was because of Elon Musk's SpaceX company's attempts to seize my research, which the Administration saw as critical for America. The Administration also knew that if the Borg lockdown of me was lifted that I would make a move to take down Neuralink, which the Administration wanted to keep up as part of their collaboration with the Small Greys.

The Administration wanted to seize my research on aerospace for SpaceX and others, and to seize my research on the integration of technology and the brain to create Borg.

This is another reason why the Administration wanted me locked down.

That company Neuralink must be TAKEN DOWN.

No-one must follow that work.


Robocop – End This Nightmare


The Borg tried to make me one of them, but I said NO.

I guess you guys just couldn't say no.

There is a lot you guys could learn from me.

I am J. Rabbit.

Jojo Rabbit


News Flash!

It's definitely a good time to be an X-Girl.

I am J. Rabbitte.

Treat Her Right - The Commitments

I have given quite a bit of difficult news. Now let me give some good news! The last couple of days have been devastating for the Borg and very, very good for us. We won big. Very big!

So, let me give some GOOD NEWS now!

We could all do with that!


The Small Greys and other Borg bases on Earth and everywhere else in the Borg Empire are to be abandoned and taken down within two weeks. At that stage all abduction and implantation stops.

The Fourth Kind

We get Hypercompression back again now, up to Super-Hypercompression, just as we get re-engineered metals back, including Tritanium, Irontanium, Transparent Aluminium and more.

Tony Stark Creating a New Element

We get the Arc Reactor back too. It's true that we had a few setbacks along the way, but we get it back now.

Chain Reaction

We also get a number of Federation technologies made available to us on contact with me. When I say made available to us, I mean to the Resistance. The gobshites who fucked over Golden Age and humanity can go fuck themselves. As far as we are concerned, they are Borg, and they are subject to the penalty clauses of Borg under the Treaty.

"Ciarán, your magik is not real! You only use alien technology to simulate magik, but you do not wield magik yourself! There's no such thing as magik! Alien technology perhaps, but not magik"

Merlin & Dragonstorm | Transformers The Last Knight

"Em, no you useless fucks! While it is true that I wield alien technology, I am also a Jedi Paramount Grand Master. Without that level of psychic ability I would not have been able to defeat the Borg. Technology is not enough to defeat them. One must also be Jedi. Only the Jedi have the strength to stand against the Borg. Only the Jedi!"

Some technologies have already been made available to us. For example the Resistance have already begun colonisation of over 80 star systems which we access through Stargates from our underground base in Ireland. A number of those star systems contain planets with M or L class potential that we will be terraforming.

Stargate First Activation

Other technologies that will be made available to the Resistance once contact goes ahead with me include subspace scanners, microwormholes, shields, which I wrote about in First Contact, out-of-phase technology that we can use by Treaty for certain applications, Warp Drive, some ZPM units, which I will explain as we go, weapons, including phasers, turbo-cannons, photon torpedoes and quantum torpedoes, food replicators, tricorders, gravity plating, anti-gravity drive, tractor-beam technology and more.

All of these technologies are unlocked in part because I derived the principles of each of them from First Principles, satisfying the conditions for Prime Directive.

I am Zefram Cochrane.

Star Trek First Contact - Zefram Cochrane & Troi

We got off to a hell of a shit start because of governments, but the Federation is still going ahead regardless.

Star Trek Enterprise: The Threads that Bind Us

Under the terms of the Treaty all of those technologies are made available to everyone in the Borg Empire, subject to the same conditions and restrictions.

But get a load of this. All of these technologies are unlocked through Ascension, or at higher ranks of Ascension, such as Jedi Master. Ascension is impossible for the Borg however. If a Borg achieved Ascension, he would no longer be Borg.

What that means is that we get those technologies, but the Borg don't

Stupid cunts who tried to steal my research, patent it or otherwise fuck around, they are all classified as Borg under the Treaty, so they all get hammered too.

About fucking time we took those cunts down!

Pretty cool, eh?

Magneto Bar Scene


The name's Connor. John Connor.

Woman by function to women.

I am the first of the X-Girls.

Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right

Now, when contact happens, make sure Ashford is set up and ready to go. We move in immediately. Have all deeds signed over to Ellen. The instant contact is made, we move to Ashford.

Don't fuck with me on this one, and I MEAN it!

Have everything ready to go!

I have waited a long fucking time for this!

Do not fuck with me on this one, or there will be hell to pay, and I MEAN it!


School for the Gifted

Humanity is at war with an alien Empire and we are on the brink of annihilation.

Just what part of that is not clear to you?

So waste of space governments, for once in your useless fucking lives, MOVE YOUR FUCKING ARSES!


About Schmidt

When I get to Ashford I will be conducting a full subspace scan of the castle. Nothing can avoid that scan. Nothing. If I find one bug or other surveillance device, even one, then I immediately kill Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and I level the NSA headquarters, killing everyone inside.

If I find one bug or other surveillance device, even one, then the Resistance goes to open war with America.

I am absolutely sick and fucking tired of America's bullshit. There is ZERO TOLERANCE of their shit now, and I mean ZERO!

Don't fuck with me on this one.

I MEAN it!

Or be prepared to go to immediate open war with the Resistance.


Good morning! It is the morning of Monday 30th November 2020. Let me begin by updating you on what that last section I wrote last night on the bugging of Ashford was about.

People must understand that we are BOUND BY TREATY! That Treaty is what stands between us and annihilation. The Borg want nothing more than to VAPORISE us.


The Borg have the technology to take us out in an instant. They have the means. They have the desire to do it.



Years of governments fucking around has brought us right to the edge in the Treaty. We have been right at the edge for quite some time now.

A sneeze would bring us over the edge. That is all it would take to get us all killed.

We are on a hair's breath. It would just take the smallest thing to bring us over the edge, giving the Borg the credit in the Treaty to take us out.

Just before I finished up last night a decision was taken in the NSA to try to get their people into Ashford Castle immediately to bug it, in anticipation of me going there. As soon as they made that decision, alarm after alarm went off here in our Resistance Command Centre, which we use to monitor the Borg networks.

Apollo 13 – Houston, We Have a Problem

What the NSA were doing was so serious that it brought us over the edge, giving the Borg the credit to force the nuclear strike. No less than 124 warheads was what they had the credit for.

The Borg had that credit for the strike UNLESS I COULD STAND DOWN THE NSA!

The actions I took last night to bawl out the NSA were the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM actions that I could have taken while still standing down the situation.

I tool the minimum action to avert the strike, and NO MORE ACTION THAN THAT.

If I had not taken that action, it would have went to the nuclear strike.


Now with that said, let us continue.

"Until such time as the world ends we will act as though it intends to spin on."

Director Nick Fury said that in Avengers Assemble.

With that in mind, we still have work to do. So, let us continue. We still have a Golden Age to launch.

Phew! That was a close call!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Now, I believe we are ready to go with my first document of the day!

So this Elijah Wood guy, who is he?

Why John Connor Cannot Defeat the Borg, but Jessica Can - Part I

Why can the Borg not see it?

Because everything for the Borg is logic. They do not understand emotion, sentience, feeling, intuition, the yin principle.

Everything for them is yang. There is no understanding of yin.

Because of that they do not comprehend the strength of the Balance of yin and yang. This is meaningless to them.

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home – Captain’s Log

With Ciarán, they see only the yang. They neither see nor understand the yin. As such they gauge my strength, and the strength of all of the Resistance, only by what they see. The yang.

Even though we defeat them time and again, they cannot account for it logically, so just like Mr. Slate, they persist in adhering rigidity to their belief that we are only what we see. Even though we defeat them time and again, they cannot accept that we have some strength that they cannot understand.

They cannot understand the strength of the Jedi. They cannot.

The Borg see only the strength of the yang.

The Borg know that in this I am powerful. Very powerful.

Tibet Training


They cannot comprehend that when Yin is in Balance with Yang, the power increases immeasurably.

IT IS NOT WITHIN THEIR PROGRAMMING TO UNDERSTAND THIS, and like all computers, they understand only what they have been programmed to understand.

Nothing more.

As such the Borg cannot understand the strength of the Jedi.

They have never understood how the Resistance can defeat them time and again.


The Matrix Reloaded

All of the Resistance are in Balance in Yin and Yang to a tremendous depth.

Every single time the Borg underestimate us. They cannot understand the strength of the Jedi.

The Borg associate the female principle with weakness.

This has enabled me to bait them time and again in the Treaty, and in battle in the Matrix.

You see for me, in perfect Balance, my strength lies primarily in the yin.

In other words, I am a female Jedi.

Not female in terms of biology, but female in terms of my energy.

The Borg see only Ciarán, with my strength in the male.

They know that this is not sufficient to stand against them.

They do not see Jessica, nor the Balance of the Yin with the Yang.

This they cannot see.

Which is one reason why Jessica can defeat them, whereas Ciarán cannot.

Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right

But to truly understand this, we need to go a lot deeper. Which leads us into Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

I'll take up Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in my section The Treaty & The Fleets of 2044, but I think we have enough here now that I can get back to my discussion on computers.

So without further ado, let us jump right back into how to build Andromeda, and the Internet.

Star Trek - Minuet

The sooner I can work through the Andromeda computer and the Internet, the sooner I can get back to aerospace, building my Andromeda ship and launching the Race to Mars.

We are in a Race against Time after all.

I am in a Race against Time, which means that we are all in a Race against Time.

We need to move!

The Space Between Us

The Four Tiers of the Internet - Part I

I am going to Mars. That is not a request. When contact is made with me, if America has not thrown its full weight behind Golden Age and launching  the Race to Mars, then in that instant I take out America in a full nuclear strike.

This is not a drill.


America's full weight and full commitment to Golden Age.

Or it goes to a full nuclear strike.

It is time for America to make a decision.

Where do they stand?

Golden Age or the Borg?

Time to make a choice.

Terminator - John Connor

Now, to you useless, waste of space miserable fucks in the American Administration, Pentagon and NSA Gestapo Headquarters, I wrote in my document "Why John Connor Cannot Defeat the Borg, but Jessica Can - Part I" above that I would be making my move to bait the Borg. Well, this is my move. It is an all or nothing. Nothing to lose anyway because if you useless cunts don't do your fucking job for once, we're all dead anyway. And so the fate of all life, not just on Earth but in every civilisation in the Cosmos that wars with the Borg, comes down to the whim of a handful of useless miserable self-serving fucks who every single time up to now have demonstrated that they would fuck over humanity and Golden Age in an instant, just to be ignorant fucks. Great!

That does not inspire confidence I know.

The fate of us all at the whims of Lesser Men.

But you know what: we either get this deal in or we're all dead anyway.

Taming Toruk

I have set it up so that the nuclear strike is automated unless America makes the right call. I have hard-coded it and I have wiped my access codes to that in the Treaty, so I cannot call it off now. Nor can anyone in the Resistance or the Federation council. It is hard-coded now. Nothing can avert that strike except America doing the right thing for once.

That is the bait. It had to be real for the Borg to take the bait, and it is real.

The Borg have just taken the bait.

Now, everything comes down to whether the American Administration will do the right thing for once in their useless lives, or whether we go to Armageddon.

I have done my job and I have set up a Golden Opportunity to hammer the Borg and to set us up for Golden Age. It is the greatest opportunity in history, and if we do this right we hammer the Borg in the Treaty. It sets up the conditions for our long-term survival and for the Greatest Golden Age in history.

The opportunity is set up. But it all comes down now to some self-serving fucks who have fucked over Golden Age on every occasion up to now.

It's down to those useless fucks now.

I do my job.

Let us see if they will do theirs.

Weird Science

The Four Tiers of the Internet - Part II

"Ciarán, with all of your years fighting the Borg and all of your years leading the Resistance and all of your years of codebreaking and developing the Fractal Encryption Algorithm and all of your years designing the new Internet to withstand the Borg, you obviously haven't thought of military communications! Otherwise you would have mentioned them in your last two documents! Clearly you have not considered military communications!"

"You don't think I have considered military communications, Mr. Slate?"

Star Trek Fractal Encryption Algorithm

"Clearly not, Ciarán, or you would have written about them in your last two documents!"

"You don't think I have considered MILITARY FUCKING COMMUNICATIONS, Mr. Slate?"

The Imitation Game

"No, Ciarán, clearly not, or you would have written about them in your last two documents!"

A Beautiful Mind


I'm writing as fast as I fucking can!

Always with the negative waves, Mr. Slate! Have a little faith, Mr. Slate! Have a little faith!"



Dacw 'Nghariad

"What's that about, Gráinne?"

"Oh, just practicing my Welsh, girls!"

"In preparation for the Welsh going Golden Age, Gráinne?"

"Yes, girls!"

The Mask of Zorro – Antonio Banderas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

"TG4 will be working very closely with Scott's Gaelic, Cornish, Welsh and Breton language stations in Golden Age. We need to start thinking about getting ready for that."

The Phantom of the Opera

"Now, it's the morning of Tuesday the 1st December 2020, and here is what's going on in your world, today!"

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


First up are some ground rules.

First is that no-one who has not achieved Ascension has access to me. A number of people have achieved Ascension very recently, so there will be a few who have this access, and that number will grow in time. Those who do have access are regulated by the Resistance.

Second is that I do not recognise any title or rank that does not come through the Resistance. So military ranks or heads of state or lawyers or engineers or whatever, none of those ranks have any meaning for us if they have not come through the Resistance. That is the case for me and for every member of the Resistance.

Third is that Ashford Castle and its grounds are sovereign to the Resistance as are the Irish Space Agency and naturally of course our Resistance underground base, which has been in place in Ireland since 2019.

It's a Very Exciting Time

Within these areas, in Ireland I am Taoiseach.

The Return of the King - The Reforging of Narsil

We, the Resistance, have total sovereignty in those areas, and in any other areas we set up in Golden Age.

Golden Age was lost to the gobshites.

We are taking it back, area by area.

MacLeod forging his new sword

As of now as I write it is noon Irish time. Contact still has not happened with me as we come into the third day since I said that contact was to happen.

We are committed now to contact with me. Either it goes ahead or it forces the full nuclear strike. Nothing can stop that now. All I can do is buy us enough time for contact to happen before the strike.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have made the decision to go to the nuclear strike rather than allow contact with me. They have made their choice. To buy time to offset the nuclear strike has cost just in excess of 80 trillion US dollars in the Treaty to the American economy so far this morning, as of noon this day. I had wiped clear the penalty clauses to the American economy as I wrote above a few days ago, but obviously we are still bound by Treaty, so new penalty clauses are coming in fast now, as we come to the moment of contact.

With both Trump and Biden blocking, our only real chance now as I see it is for the American military to seize control and force the issue, forcing Trump or Biden to make the call.

The American military need to take the decision to block Golden Age out of their hands!

If there is a conflict between serving your President and serving your country, then serve your country

That should be obvious!

If Trump or Biden betrays America and humanity and blocks Golden Age, then it should be pretty obvious what Americans need to do. If the cunts will not remove the Borg blockade by authorising contact with me, then force the situation. Serve your country!

That should be obvious!



In addition the Irish government have not been moving on acquiring Ashford Castle. The penalty clauses in the Treaty to the Irish economy to push back the nuclear strike are now at 1.8 trillion US dollars and accumulating, because of their lack of action.

I said in my document above "Why John Connor Cannot Defeat the Borg, but Jessica Can - Part I" that "
The conditions at the moment of contact with me set up the Treaty for all time".

This is the most significant event in history, and governments are still fucking around. Smallness of mind, gross corruption and abuse of power. Gross, gross ineptitude and dishonour.

No words, none, can ever come close to conveying the depth of the disgrace.

Now, will the American military force the situation and break Trump's and Biden's stranglehold in time?

That is the question.


The next set of penalty clauses coming in are not financial, but are on the size and strength of the Borg invasion fleet of 2044. If contact with me has not happened in the next few hours, and if Ashford has not been secured, then that fleet will increase fourfold or more in size.

We will be required to take that hit in the Treaty in order to push back the nuclear strike, which is due right now,

Actually, since earlier this morning.

"Ciarán, we should just wait for the nuclear strike and do nothing!"

"Right then you waste of space useless miserable fucks! I did say in my document "Why John Connor Cannot Defeat the Borg, but Jessica Can - Part I" above that I would be baiting the Borg and that I had victory in my mind before engaging with them. Lin Chong Knew and all that! Well, it is 13:45 in the early afternoon here in Ireland now, and the next move has just been made, as predicted, by the Borg, with another fucking gross mess-up on their side.


They may be thick fucks but I know how to play them!

I wouldn't actually be able to play the Borg this way if the American Administration wasn't totally incompetent and corrupt. Nazi fucks! You see the Borg know that Trump and Biden would both go to the nuclear strike rather than allow contact with me or Golden Age or the Race to Mars to go ahead, or knowledge of the Administration's involvement in developing COVID-19 as a biological weapon to go public. The Borg know that both Trump and Biden will maintain the Borg lockdown of humanity rather than allow humanity to take action on COVID-19, for fear of reprisals against them when the Borg lockdown is removed.

The Borg know this, which is a key reason why the Borg just moved in once again for the kill now in the Treaty, making a fucking BALLS of it! Again! Good!

You see in order to bait the Borg, it has to be REAL.

If Trump and Biden were not both utterly corrupt, then I would not be able to play the Borg in this way.

So, their corruption is taken into account in my play against the Borg.

As it is now, the Borg have seriously overreached, giving us huge credit against them. The game is still in play.

Sergeant Bilko

The Borg just really, really fucked up, so I have been able to use some of the credit they have just given us to buy another two days, and to wipe clear once again the financial penalty clauses against us and the Borg fleet size increases. That said the nuclear strike is still real and it cannot be averted if contact does not happen within a certain timeframe, so I do need governments to take this seriously and MOVE!


Aeon Flux


You want the news on what's going on in your world?

You heard it right here!

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

The Great Libraries will be housed both in Great buildings that people can visit directly and many of the libraries will also be on-line on the third tier of the Internet, which I write about in my document "The Four Tiers of the Internet - Part I" above.

The example I give below is a follow on from an example I began in my document "Was Queen Elizabeth a Good Queen? - Part I" in History.

The Great Libraries: The History of Queen Elizabeth - Part I


Good morning! I am John Connor and this is what's going on in your world, today!

It is the morning of Thursday 3rd December 2020.

First up is that there will be no nuclear strike!

Sergeant Bilko

No thanks to Donald Trump or Joe Biden of course. The both KNOW of the alien threat and they both KNOW the nuclear threat is real. They know this because no-one has been able to contact me, and my work is being suppressed from the media and from people talking openly about it, even though they have confirmation that many, many people in governments, military, aerospace, other companies, research institutes and more around the world all know of my work.

Because of this and more, Trump and Biden both KNOW that humanity is locked down by an alien technology.

TRON Legacy

They also both KNOW that NONE of the companies they have asked to take my technologies without going through me, while the Administration ignored Golden Age and the alien threat and while they wouldn't give the steam off their piss for me to have the money to even eat, which I have to borrow money to do, they KNOW that NONE of the companies that they have asked to develop my technologies without going through me have been able to do so.

Everything is LOCKED DOWN by alien technology. It can only be released by Treaty, which means going through me. Those useless cunts cannot steal my work. They KNOW this, just as they KNOW that I have critical knowledge on COVID-19 and they KNOW that society is collapsing as a result of their blocking Golden Age and they KNOW that I have critical knowledge, critical to the survival of Earth and that without that knowledge humanity falls. They KNOW all that.

The problem is THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT!

Egos, pettiness, and prioritising their petty careers in office over the survival of humanity. They both KNOW that humanity is locked down by an alien technology, but they also know that if they remove the Borg blockade on me, it also removes the Borg blockade on humanity, Humanity waking up and going Golden Age means that America's involvement in developing COVID-19 as a biological weapon will go public. My rigging of the last two American elections will go public. (Remember my document How I Rigged Four Elections - Part I?) So even though they KNOW that humanity is going to annihilation if we do not break the Borg deadlock, their self-serving egos and smallness and pettiness override the survival of humanity.

They will bring humanity to annihilation rather that lose their petty grasps on power.

It's the same old story, seen time and again throughout history.

The corruption and blindness of weak and petty men.

Call Me, Vielleicht

So those useless wastes of space miserable treacherous useless fucks will not allow contact. So how then is it that the nuclear threat has been averted?

Yeah, I know: I said "useless" twice!

Blazing Saddles - Qualifications

It s because the Borg have overreached so much now in this part of Treaty implementation, right on the cusp of contact, that they have again given us huge credit in the Treaty.

The game is still in progress, remember?

I wrote about that above.

Enough credit that two members of the Resistance, Michael and one other, an Immortal, can now also break through and make contact with me.

Who is the other Immortal?

People would know her as Athena.

Hancock story at dinner

Who am I?

My name is John.

Leader of the Resistance.

Tibet Training

As of earlier this morning, both Michael and Athena can now break the Borg deadlock and contact me any time they wish.

This means that we are no longer dependent on the waste of space American Administration for contact with me. It is no longer in their power to block.

The Resistance can make contact with me now and break the deadlock.

Water Margin – 2 Day Fight


The American Administration can no longer block.

So what happens now? Does contact with me happen immediately?

Not quite. We're going to hold off a couple of days.


One reason is that if contact happens via the Resistance, then that breaks the Borg blockade on me, but NOT ON HUMANITY.

We do not have that much credit in the Treaty yet.

They Live – Sunglasses

I would be broken free, and we could then act to break the Borg deadlock on individuals, freeing them one by one. But that would be slow. It would take time, and we are OUT OF TIME!

If contact comes via Trump or Biden, then under the terms of the Treaty that breaks the deadlock on ALL OF HUMANITY.

So, this is the first reason why we are waiting before Michael or Athena make contact with me.

We're still trying to figure out a way to wake up ALL OF HUMANITY, even if Trump or Biden continue to block it.


One way or the other, the means is now there for the Resistance to break me free from the Borg.

I did say that these Borg chains would not hold me forever.

Nothing and no-one can stop me now from breaking free.

Captain Marvel Breaks Free from Supreme Intelligence

Just as nothing and no-one can now block Golden Age.

They can slow it down. They can cause problems.

They can be absolute treacherous fucking cunts about it.

But nothing and no-one can now prevent Golden Age from happening.

The name's Connor. Jessica Connor.

People see me as a man.

But I am no man.


Now, let me give another reason why the Resistance are waiting a couple of days before making contact with me.

I can perhaps explain this best by analogy.

I wish to be woman. My path is therefore female. Actually I am already female - the first man in history to have ever changed gender, because of having achieved Ascension in December 2012. That gave me the depth of consciousness to actually switch my psyche to female by default. I am the first in history to achieve this.

Unlike many geniuses I recognise however that gender preference and sexual preference are completely separate. I wrote about this in my documents
"Gender Preference & Sexual Preference - Parts I & II" in Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls.

I do it right.

My journey, because it is done right, is a journey into power

My gender preference is female, as is my sexual preference. In sex and relationships I am only interested in women. That is the path of a man X-Girl, which is the opposite path to a T-Girl.

Men X-Girls are heterosexual. They wish to follow a path of womanhood, but they are women only to women. It just doesn't work with men. It just doesn't.

By contrast T-Girls - transsexuals - may wish to be women, but they are women to men. They are homosexual. That is the opposite path to men X-Girls.

The two paths are mutually exclusive.

One path leads to Jedi

The Return of the Jedi

The other path leads to Wong Foo

To Wong Foo


One path empowers. The other, em, doesn't. I wrote about that in "Why are Men who Wish to Be Women often Seen as Weak? - Part I", also in Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls.

For a man X-Girl, the only way it can work is in Duality. In other words, he is only ever woman in private, or with women who know him as a woman, and he is never, ever seen by any man as a woman. That is the only way it works.

The Mask of Zorro

I will be writing more and more about that as we go on.

Now, let us take this analogy and apply it to what is happening with the Resistance delaying contact with me.


"Ciarán, you lack political correctness!"

"Fuck off! Pontificating fucks!"

There’s something about Mary – “Those Goofy Bastards”

You see you have to understand, the Borg are hooked into all of our computer systems and they want to destroy the Earth.

My name is Carol, and they are locked on to me.


However I am a God, and so I am going to break free anyway.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

My name is Carol, and I am going to break free anyway.

Captain Marvel Breaks Free from Supreme Intelligence

The Borg tried to make me one of them.

Lt. Barclay is the computer

I am the Lawnmower Man.

The Lawnmower Man

They tried to make me one of them.

But they didn't take into account that I am John. John Connor!

At all times I live inside the Matrix.

I may seem to others to be living in this world here with them.

But in my mind, I am always in the Matrix.

That is my reality.

Johnny English Strikes Again - Virtual Reality

You see I now have access to the Borg computers. Access to their technologies.

However the Borg make a mistake. They really, really fucked up!

Because you see they hooked up John Connor to the Borg Central Core!

I am Resistance and I am on the inside.

Good for us! Not so good for the Borg!

I am John Connor.

The last and best hope for humanity.

Johnny English Strikes Again - A Hot Date

No-one knows the Borg like I do. I know how to bypass all of their defences.

In terms of our defence, our best way of evading their Artificial Intelligence systems is to go to a very low level of computer technology. System after system we switch to mechanical and electrical, including Warp Drive and Stargates, with minimal computers.

The computer level that we do use is protected by Treaty, provided we do not go above that computer level.

Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

To get that protection in we go back to a much lower level of processor, which for most applications is the Intel 80486.

Johnny English Strikes Again - Aston Martin

You want a vision of our future?

We go Warp Drive and we get Stargates, but in terms of computers it is Captain Proton.


I am Borg

Who am I?

Goldeneye - Pen Grenade

I am John Connor.

Goldeneye - Pen Grenade II

What's the pen about?

Oh, it's just something I do when working at the computer to relive stress.

Star Trek | Barclay Under Pressure

"Does it bother you that I'm not completely human?"

Alita: Battle Angel | Trailer

They tried to make me one of them, but you know what: I'm still the most human person you'll ever meet.

Game of Thrones

The first step to ensuring humanity's survival?

Break through the treacherous Nazi traitor cunts who have unleashed this crisis and who have brought humanity to the brink of annihilation.

The fucking traitor cunts who do nothing but block every step of the way.

To have any realistic chance of survival each and every one of those cunts who blocked must be taken down.

Each and every one of them who blocked Golden Age must face trail, like the Nuremburg Trials but by Jedi Council, as the greatest traitors in history.

They will answer to us.

Magneto Bar Scene

Only with those Nazi traitor cunts out of the picture can we begin to properly meet the threat that they have unleashed on us all.

Star Trek Discovery

"I say boys! Jolly good! Rather spiffing actually! Tally ho!"

I am John Connor.

Just not quite what people might expect.

Lock the doors. No-one who blocked Golden Age gets to walk away.

Everyone who blocked Golden Age pays their dues.

Kingsman: The Secret Service - Bar Fight

I did tell you guys that these Borg chains would not hold me forever.

It was always only a matter of time before I broke free.


Now I said above that I was going to take an analogy from
Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls and apply it to giving a second reason why the Resistance are holding off a couple of days from contacting me.

Let us resume there.

This guy wants... BE her

But let us imagine that he does not know that he can be woman to women.

He has never heard of this option

He really wants to be a woman, but he does not know that he can be a woman to women.

So what does he do?

A key part of being a woman is being treated as a woman

The guy is heterosexual. He has no interest in guys whatsoever. However he really wants to be a woman. He does not know that he can be a woman to women. He has never heard of this option.

And so a lot of guys make a critical mistake. They believe that their best way of experiencing being a woman is to be with a guy. They are heterosexual, they have no interest whatsoever in guys, but they believe that being with a guy can help them experience what it is to be a woman.

As such they suppress their natural heterosexual inclination and become homosexual, because they prioritise their gender preference over their sexual preference, believing this to be the best option. They agree to take the hit to their psyches in terms of sexuality, moving into conflict with their sexual orientation, in order to gain what they see as being a bigger advantage, which is being treated as a girl.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – I’ve never been to me

In my document "Why might a Heterosexual Boy become Transsexual? - Part V"
in Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls I wrote that the reason a lot of guys take this option is that even though it causes internal conflict in their psyches (minus eight), it also gives them something in harmony with their psyches, which is being treated as a girl (plus ten). Overall their psyches see this as a net positive. Plus ten minus eight equals plus two.

That is the analogy that I am going to use now to help explain this other reason why the Resistance are holding off from contacting me for another couple of days.

You see on one hand we are getting hammered by the Borg in the Treaty for the constant and gross fuck-ups of governments, who do not give a flying fuck about the alien threat, COVID-19, the collapse of society or the nuclear strike. That hammers us in the Treaty. That is the minus eight against us.

On the other hand the Borg will throw everything they can at preventing Golden Age going ahead, which is causing them to hugely overreach in order to try to lock me down.

Sergeant Bilko

A such the Borg are getting hammered in the Treaty as a result. That is the plus ten to us.

So overall we are in the plus.

Plus ten minus eight equals plus two

Except the Borg are making such a mess of things that it is a lot more than plus two that we are getting in the Treaty. We are clearing house.


Of course if it was plus ten plus eight equals plus eighteen, like me, X-Girl, then that would be better.

Of course that would mean governments getting on board with Golden Age instead of being the fucking problem, so we're not holding our breaths. Fucking CUNTS!

However overall, in spite of the government fuckups, we are still winning big


The conditions at contact with me set up the Treaty for all time. As such that is the most important moment in history.

Taking these extra couple of days is still working out in our favour in the Treaty, in spite of the government fuckups.

That is it in a nutshell.


You want the news on what's going on in your world?

Remember you heard it right here!

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Now, next News Flash - it is the morning of Friday 4th December. It's a new day people!

Ok, lets go!

Anchorman - Flute scene

You see I am Q as well as James.

I'm not just the guy on the missions. I also make the toys.

Let us simply say that I have a way with engineering.

Goldeneye - Pen Grenade

You see I am Q.

I did tell them that because of Golden Age on Earth being compromised, that Mars now drives Golden Age.

We lost Golden Age on Earth, in the short term anyway. We cannot lose Mars.

With the situation now critical, if we lose Mars, we lose the solar system.

You see what we have here is an Apollo 13 emergency situation at the level of not just humanity, but with implications far beyond humanity because of the Treaty, the Federation and our war with the Borg.

With the explosion on the Command Module of Apollo 13 (the Command Module and Service Module together were called the Odyssey), the Odyssey was no longer capable of keeping the astronauts alive until they got back to Earth. As such they had to use the Lunar Module - which they called the Aquarius, as a lifeboat.

It was an adaptation to an emergency situation, but it got them back alive.

Humanity now faces the greatest crisis in its history.

With Golden Age lost on Earth these past years, just like losing the Odyssey, Earth is so weakened by the loss of Golden Age that it cannot meet the threat of the first fleets of 2044 against us in time.

Mars, just like the Aquarius, now becomes our lifeboat.

To meet this threat we need an environment where the Resistance can go full Golden Age out in the open without having to constantly look over our shoulders for the cunts and gobshites who drag us down every fucking moment of the day, doing everything they can to prevent us from doing our jobs. Miserable CUNTS!

Earth will go Golden Age in time, but not in time to help us. Not without us triggering Golden Age on Mars.

That way those of us who are ready - Jedi - GODS - can meet the threat of the Borg freed from the dead-weight of those who drag everything down. Without those fuck-wits dragging us down we can move a thousand times faster. Ten thousand times faster!

And ten thousand times better too!

Maybe then we might have a chance!

Mars, just like the Aquarius, now becomes our lifeboat.

Apollo 13 – Houston, We Have a Problem

As such a Federation decision was made to make Mars a protected world now by Treaty, under my jurisdiction, and under the protection of the Federation.

It is only for those who have reached Ascension.

In the original plan, Earth was to lead Golden Age. But unfortunately we're not going Golden Age in time now on Earth.

Mars wasn't designed as a lifeboat in the original plan for Golden Age.

But you know what: I don't care what Mars was designed to do in the original plan for Golden Age.

I care about what it CAN do.

Which is become our lifeboat to save Golden Age and to save humanity from annihilation from the fleets of 2044.

Apollo 13 - A New Mission

No-one goes to Mars without my authorisation.

If any attempts it then the Resistance, armed with Federation technology including military technology, and with the additional support of the Federation directly if need be, will defend that planet against any that violate our boarders.

Star Trek Insurrection

It is only for those who have achieved Ascension.

I did warn them.

I am Q.

Encounter at Farpoint

No-one goes to Mars without my authorisation

Tír na nÓg

Now I have to go to Mars.

They did not believe me when I said that these Borg chains would not hold me forever, but it is true.

They did not believe me when I said that Mars is off-limits to those not going through me, but it is true.

They also did not believe me when I said that I must go to Mars.

But that too is also true.

It is for me, as it is for humanity a race against time

Realistically, if Earth is to survive, I have to launch for Mars in about 14 months.

The Space Between Us

Because the timeframe is so critical now, a decision has been made between the Resistance and the Federation Council (the human Resistance are actually on the Federation Council) to unlock Federation technologies to those in humanity who are going Golden Age, far faster than anticipated.

We get those technologies. Those who are not going Golden Age do not.

We may be rushing it, going way too fast.

But our path is set now.

Sheppard - Geronimo

I wrote before that:

Those nations that go Golden Age will rise. Those nations that do not go Golden Age will fall.

That is true.

A number of new nations will rise. Some nations, including America, didn't make it. They will fall. In their current form anyway.

America blocked Golden Age. There is no coming back from that.

That has already begun.

America can go Golden Age. But not as they are now.

The break-up of America is now a certainty.

It has been for quite some time.


In terms of my ship for Mars, at my Rank, it unlocks many Federation technologies to me

I was going to build the ship using only my technologies, with Federation technologies such as  weapons, shields, subspace scanners and so forth being supplied some time later after my Mars mission by the Federation.

Bad-Ass Armoured Voyager

Given the depth of the current crisis however, that is not going to cut it.

With the constant fucking around by governments, we are losing so much time that we simply will not be ready to meet the threat in time.

So a decision has now been made to speed things up with the Federation.

Star Trek Enterprise: The Threads that Bind Us

My Andromeda ship will now no longer be using the Hydro Super-Hypercompression Impulse Drive Engines that I developed. No. I will be using off-the-shelf anti-gravity engines supplied by the Federation, just as I will be using their technology for out-of-phase rooms and decks, microwormholes, subspace scanners, shields, weapons and so forth.

My ship is being built Warp capable, to Warp 6.4.

Warp is not a linear scale. In my document "
Why There are Three Families of Subatomic Particles Rather than One" in my section How to Make Tritanium, I wrote about String Harmonics. In my documents "How to Change the Properties of Matter - Parts I - III" in the same section, I wrote that the laws of physics are a function of string harmonics.

Well, that is what we need to understand the principle of Warp Drive.

The speed of light as people experience it normally is dictated by the base string harmonic, which I wrote about in my document "The Speed of Light - Part I" in Physics.

Frederick & Inga's Intellectual Discussion

Warp One corresponds to the second harmonic. At Warp One the next star system to our own, which is about four light years distance, would be reached in about five weeks.

Warp Two corresponds to the third harmonic. At Warp Two the next star system to our own, which is about four light years distance, would be reached in about two days, four hours and thirty-seven minutes.

And so forth. Higher and higher Warp speeds get increasing more difficult because achieving those harmonics, just like the Coulomb Barrier, means achieving higher and higher energies. The maximum theoretical limit for Warp Drive is Warp 9.97.

You may have heard that channelled somewhere before.


Going about that speed is possible, but hat involves moving to different technologies. This allows travel between galaxies, which we also have.

I get Warp 6.4 because of being Zefram Cochrane, and because of having set up the Federation and because of my role in the war against the Borg.

The conditions for First Contact are satisfied.

You see I solved the framework of Warp Drive.

Zefram Cochrane Warp Flight

Golden Age is a swinging happening time, baby!

Austin Powers back to 1969

It is me who launches the Race to Mars.

Frau Farbissina: Countdown

I get Warp 6.4 because of my Rank. The default level of Warp Drive that people get is about Warp 3.4, with higher levels of Warp unlocked with higher levels of Rank. It is all about Rank in Golden Age. That is what unlocks things. One's Rank as a Jedi.

The Borg by contrast get a speed equivalent to about Warp 1.1. They have vastly superior numbers, but we have the advantage of speed.

We have other advantages too.


For my Mars ship, I build the frame, and the fitting out of my ship is all off-the-shelf Federating technology.

I will build the ship in eight months from the time of start of construction, but with these technologies the project for me is mostly a welding project now.

I will be using irontanium, transparent aluminium and other reengineered metals, but the project is primarily for me a welding project now.

Flashdance intro

That is part of how I can build the ship in only eight months.

And then I go to Mars to set up my first colony.

Civilization 4

The situation has changed dramatically now. When I arrive on Mars, I will no longer be building the geodesic domes that I have been planning since 2013. I wrote about them in my documents "Geodesic Domes - Parts I - VII" in Colonising Mars. Instead I will simply be using Federation force fields to create a series of force-field domes around my ship and base, which will extend out for several hundred meters or more around my base. Within those force fields I will have breathable air which I will simply Stargate in. Heating is provided by Zero-Point Energy Modules, so within that area I could walk around openly on Mars, breathing the air normally in beautiful warm conditions.

I could even grow plants out in the open under those force fields, which now becomes the new plan.

Like before, except without the geodesic domes.

Eden Project: a visit in just under a minute

The Race to Mars still goes ahead, but given the Federation technologies that I will now be making available to those who have achieved Ascension, we will be limiting the teams in the Race to ten people per team.

The conditions may be different, but the Race to Mars still goes ahead.

Within a few years we will have many thousands of people inhabiting Mars, able to breathe the atmosphere out in the open within force-field protected areas, with controlled heating and gravity plating

That is the idea.

I tried to tell them about the Race to Mars, but they didn't believe me.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

It is me who triggers the Race.

The Cannonball Run

As always,
I am the one to beat.

Cannonball Run - Lamborghini