Colonising Mars


Let us jump straight in.

First let us begin with how to source some basics on Mars. Air and Water.

How to Get Air and Water on Mars - Part I

People can have no idea how easy this is for me.

Malcolm's I.Q. test

I believe that I can build an atmospheric processor for about a tonne and a half, not including the power supply which is separate. The idea is that I build one and I test it in Ireland before I launch, and then I take the parts for another three with me in my cargo hold. I can then build those three on Mars. It is just to save time so that I can better meet my schedule.

My schedule after all is very, very tight.

So that will give me four atmospheric processors for getting air and water on Mars.

MacGyver, wha?

Amhrán na gCupán - Cup Song in Irish - When I'm Gone as Gaeilge

Back in 2013 when I first began to plan for the first colonies on Mars, geodesics came as the natural choice for me as the cornerstone of our first colonies on the surface of Mars. That falls naturally from the properties of geodesic domes. If any have not read my documents "Geodesic Domes - Parts I - VI" in my section Construction, this is a critical section to understand for any interested in these first colonies.

I had heard of the Eden Project, but I had never actually seen it. Not until February 2018 when I was writing up some documents on the first Mars colonies and I was looking for some clips to illustrate the principles of geodesic domes. My construction methodology for geodesic domes was already complete. My geodesic designs were complete. My plans for my Mars base were complete. I was ready to write it up so I searched for some examples to help illustrate the idea. That is when I came across some clips on the Eden Project.

The Eden Project is extraordinary. Since 2018 I now use this in my documents as the best example I can find of what I intend to build in these first colonies on Mars.

If you get the Eden Project you are half way to understanding these first colonies on Mars.


Eden Project: a visit in just under a minute

Now let us jump straight into our next topic, which is bricks and mortar.

Brick and Stone I have mastered. I am Gimli.

Gimli Destroys the Ring

Mars: Bricks - Part I

Mars: Mortar - Part I

Mars: Bricks - Part II

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier