Building the Atmospheric Battlestars


Tony Stark Creating a New Element

People may not have believed me when I said that I am Tony Stark, but I solved how to make a new element, which I demonstrated in my section
How to Make Tritanium. I also show how to build an Arc Reactor, which I demonstrate in my section The Arc Reactor.

Now once again I am going to demonstrate that I am Tony Stark by showing how I could lift an aircraft carrier. Or in this case, a Battlestar.

Helicarrier Take-off

I have designed the Battlestars in two classes. One that operates only in the atmosphere and the other that operates in space. You see I have taken two completely different approaches for our Battlestars that fly in space and those that fly in our atmosphere.

The one that operates only in the atmosphere is the easiest. Let us begin with that.

My design was for a Battlestar about 1,600 feet long carrying approximately 40 Vipers. The Battlestar would operate up to a ceiling of about 8,000 feet and have a top speed of about 340 miles per hour. With the loss of Irontanium and other reengineered metals these past coupe of days, that design is no longer viable. But I could still build a Battlestar carrying about 16 Vipers using normal alloys.

When the Borg fleets come, if they break through our space fleets and orbital defences (which they won't, because we will have smashed them long before that) then these Battlestars that operate in our atmosphere are the next line of defence. These Battlestars can only be unlocked through me by the Treaty.

Both America and France are denied the use of these Battlestars and the Vacuum Lift Technology for a period of not less than 16 years, the situation to be reviewed in 2036. This is in direct response to Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, the two people most directly responsible for blocking Golden Age.

If humanity is to have any chance whatsoever of survival then the first priority is to lock down those who have unleashed the Borg fleets and who are bringing humanity to annihilation. First up, that means America and France, as these are the two countries most responsible for locking down humanity and triggering the Borg against us far earlier than anticipated. They are also the two countries most responsible for locking down the Irish Space Agency, which is absolutely critical for the survival of humanity as it is the Irish Space Agency that leads the building of our fleets against the Borg, and America and France are also the two countries most responsible for trying to steal my technologies. They are also the two countries most responsible for costing humanity the Race to Mars.

The particular timeframe for locking down this technology for America and France is set by Treaty. Anything less than that triggers the Quantum Singularity Device. Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron have given the Borg that credit in the Treaty. To get out of that penalty clause, the Vacuum Lift Technology is denied to America and France for the next 16 years, the situation to be reviewed in 2036.

The Resistance get to fight the Borg. As for those who cost humanity Golden Age, they made their choice.

They are out until such time as they make things right.

Until that time they are out.

Those nations that go Golden Age will rise.

Those nations that do not go Golden Age will fall.

It is a choice.

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron made their choice. To target me, Ireland, my technologies and Golden Age. They thought that they could simply fuck over John Connor, the most powerful person in history, fuck over the Resistance, fuck over the Federation, fuck over my country and walk away like everything is ok.

No. Everything is not ok.

I take those fucks down over this.

The problem is that those corrupt fucks are taking America, France and others down with them.

Ignorant fucks!


Now, back to work.

First up is how to lift an aircraft carrier, or rather a Battlestar in our case. This I will show now. I can also show how to make the Battlestar almost completely invisible to radar. That is something I solved in 2014. We'll come back to that one later.

America and France cost me my chance to go to Mars, which is critical for healing my heart injury. I wrote about this in Why I Must Go to Mars.

Now I have to find another way of healing it here on Earth, which will not be easy.

I am Tony Stark.

The Space Between Us


Let us just focus on lifting the aircraft carrier, or Battlestar, for now.

Lifting a Battlestar - Part I

Lifting a Battlestar - Part II

It is a mindset you see. Once you understand the principle, then the trick is not how to lift the Battlestar up into the sky. Rather it is how to bring it back down again because, just like a big balloon, it wants to rise. The problem isn't lifting it, no more than lifting a helium balloon is a problem.

Helicarrier Take-off

Actually, you could tether that Battlestar on a steel cable so it is floating a hundred feet above the ground and a century later it would still be floating in the same spot, without using any power whatsoever.

Now, for the next step we use spokes, which I write about in my documents "Spokes - Parts I - IV" in my section Vacuum Lift Technology.

Atmospheric Battlestars & Taking Enemy Fire - Part I

Star Trek Voyager – Shadows on a wall