Sia "Chandelier" as Gaeilge


News Flash!

The Greatest Golden Age in history is being launched, and it begins in Ireland.

The epicentre for that Golden Age will be Ashford Castle, which will be a centrepiece in ushering in the greatest cultural and architectural revolution in history.

Whether we get this right or not in Ashford has an enormous bearing on how this cultural and architectural revolution takes hold not just on Earth, but with implications far beyond humanity.

You see none of the civilisations that we are setting up the Federation with are free peoples. There are no free peoples. All of them are Borg. We are the last civilisation not to have undergone full assimilation. We were next on the list, until that was blocked by the War of Independence from 2013 to this day, which is currently ongoing. Without that war our full assimilation would have happened a few years ago. We were next on the list. That assimilation was blocked by the war in the Matrix.


The Matrix Reloaded


To understand this, understand that it was me who triggered the war in the Matrix in 2013.

A Beast Approaches - Dilios Speech

You see my whole life, in one way or the other, has been in preparation for this war.


300 - Leonidas as a child

The wolf is channelled as Professor Snape.

That story I will tell another day.

At age seven the rapes and the beatings began in school. My parents did not know. No-one knew.

According to the Borg logs I was raped more than thirty times in the years between seven and eleven years old, when I finally left that school.

According to the Borg logs I was beaten up on average four times a week for those four years between seven and eleven years old.

It was the Agoge. A period of training that would come back to me years later in my war against the Borg, although I did not know this at the time.

It was part of my training to in time become John Connor.


Four Walls, One Faith, No Identity


D’Unbelievables – A Simple Oul Salad


Why was the trauma so severe? It was because of the Borg. They had tried to take me out already when I was three and a half years old, when they initiated a temporal incursion and sent the Terminator to kill me. That attempt failed.



They then tried to take me out as a child in school by turning up violence in a number of priests and school boys in the school I was in. The problem would not have been nearly as severe if the Borg had not been driving this through their implants. That influence was also done by temporal incursion, following the events of early 2015 when we smashed the greatest strength of the Borg. These particular temporal incursions did not involve sending a Terminator back. Rather it was sending messages to the minds of people in my school to target me, via the Borg implants. This is an easier temporal incursion for the Borg to do.

Then afterwards people's minds would be blanked.

No-one knew how bad it was.

According to the Borg logs I was beaten to death eight times between the ages of seven and eleven. But I came back. I always come back.


The Ghost Whisperer

My first memory of travelling into the light and coming back was when I was three and a half years old. My next memory of that was when I was seven years old. Since then it has been something of a running theme. The Borg have been trying to take me out in some way, shape or form my whole life. Sometimes they even succeed in getting me. But I always come back.


Terminator 2: Judgement Day


"Ciarán! How can this be channelled?! There was no nuclear war in 2015!"


"It is the reality of the Matrix, you thick fucks! That is where the war was raged. In that place there was nuclear war and more. That is my reality in this war. The war in the Matrix."

I remember my jaw being broken by a punch when I was eight years old. It healed within two seconds. I also remember my back breaking, also when I was eight, when I was lying on the ground, with boots raining into my lower back, but I always healed. By the time I got home, there was never a mark on my body.

I always healed.



Actually Captain Chaos came from an incident when I was eight years old, being beaten up by eight or nine boys. I didn't survive it. One moment I was being beaten up, the next I was outside my body staring at it, wondering how it was that I had broken free. Wondering why there was suddenly no pain. Wondering why I felt so light all of a sudden.  You see I did not realise at first that I was dead.

That moment when I was staring at my body, not understanding that I was dead, is channelled in the film Ghost.


Unchained Melody


Just before I died I was being suffocated. I could not breathe and I was panicking. I tried to scream out but there was no air in my lungs. With every fibre of my being I tried to call out. But I could not. In that moment I was crying out for someone to come out of nowhere and get these guys off me. Dan dan dannn! Bif! Baff! Smash! Someone who would come and get those guys off me!

But no-one ever came. You see for me there was no Captain Chaos. When I was in crisis, when my need was greatest, there was no Captain Chaos. No-one came for me.

That is when I created Captain Chaos in my head, and this was the single most formative incident in my life for setting me on the path of Knighthood. You see no-one ever came for me.

But perhaps I could come for others.

This more than any other incident, is what created Captain Chaos.


Captain Chaos

This is one of the reasons why I have done so much work as a healer in working with people who have been raped, and why I have worked so much with trauma. I have dedicated much of my life to wiping out that obscenity of rape.

Part of the reason why I achieved such a high Rank of Knight was this period of rape in my childhood, for I vowed to take a stand against it. This was a key part of me becoming the greatest Knight in history, for I hold that Rank.

Actually one will find that many of the most powerful healers and Knights were raped or beaten as children. In their taking a stand against it, it can forge a tremendous depth of conviction and of compassion in a person. One will find this with many of the greatest healers.

Actually this was a key factor in me leaving the corporate world in 2002 to dedicate my life to healing, which led me to achieving Enlightenment in mid 2002 and Ascension in 2012, giving me the highest level of Enlightenment in history.

In my case it was also a key part of my becoming John Connor.


Terminator - John Connor

You see I have dedicated much of my life to healing this, not just in myself but in humanity. It has driven me all my life in Knighthood, and in my quest to understand and deepen that understanding of Knighthood. Knighthood as a way of being.


I'm still trying to piece together what happened


A Winter's Tale - Trailer 1

I cannot die now. I am Immortal.

Well, I am dying from my injuries, that is true. But I will regenerate once I get to Mars. Then I won't die.

I do steal stuff. In the Matrix, but not here.

I steal access codes. Borg technologies. Schematics. Tactical information. I do heists. I knock off Borg installations.

I do steal stuff in the Matrix.

But not here.


A Winter's Tale - Trailer 2


I'm still trying to piece together what happened.

But the truth is I do not know who I am, or how I came to be.


The Lone Ranger


Neither angel nor demon.

Well actually you see Angel is a Rank of Knight. A special kind of Knight. Many people hold Rank of Angel. I will be writing about that later.

Me, I am Battle Angel. Enlightened Warrior.

Same thing.


Alita Battle Angel

I have worked a lot with women, and a key part of my life has been in empowering women. That and the Way of the Warrior in both men and women. Knighthood. Everything for me now is Knighthood. Knighthood as a way of being.

Real Men, Real Women, Knights & Warriors

That is what I train. That is what I teach.


The Last Samurai – Bushido

In doing so it has had a huge influence on me in shaping my visions of Golden Age.

Dance - II

It has been key to me becoming Charlie.

Gráinne’s Angels

It has been key to my quest to find the Balance between Yin and Yang, which ultimately led me to achieving Ascension


Meditation with Sword


You see the normal proper reaction for a person if he has been raped or mugged or devastated or suffered a great injustice is to rise up from that, to come back from that and in the process to develop strength from that. The greater the devastation, the greater the strength a person can gain from coming back from that.

One sees this most strongly with Knights, for many of the greatest Knights have suffered trauma or mishap in their lives. It is not only the strength they gain from coming back from that, which can be tremendous strength. It is also the conviction to take a stand against what happened, so that what happened to that person does not happen to others. One will find this pattern most strongly in Knights.


"We have no idea what you are talking about, Ciarán!"


"Yeah, I got that, Mr. Slate!"

Where one finds this pattern the least strongly is in wastes of space.


At some stage in life everyone falls, but a measure of a man is how he handles himself when he falls

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Dancing Baby Groot

I'm still trying to piece together what happened.

But the truth is I do not know who I am, or how I came to be.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

To see this principle in action, look to Clark Kent. His planet was destroyed. His people destroyed. He suffered this devastating trauma, and he became a tremendous Knight. Many superheroes have had terrible traumas in their lives that led them to becoming powerful Knights.


Lois and Clark Season 2

The normal, appropriate action when someone is devastated is to rise up and come back from that, and to develop the strength and conviction to try to ensure that whatever happened to him does not happen to others. In other words Knight. That is the normal, appropriate reaction.

In some cases however, people have the opposite reaction, and go dark side. These are the Lex Luthors, the villains. But that is not a normal reaction. Something has not kicked in. That is not normal. The reason it does not kick in is disconnect from dan tien, the yin principle. The seat of higher consciousness and values. Right and wrong. That this does not kick in in some people is not normal, and it is caused by this disconnect in society.

But in normal circumstances, this kicking in of Knighthood in the aftermath of trauma in the most normal reaction. One finds this in many of the greatest Knights.


Lois and Clark Season 1

Coming back now to how I triggered the war in the Matrix, you see it was actually a couple of years prior to 2012 that the Borg fleet came for our full assimilation. I had partial access to the Borg networks at that time, as I had a partial hack on them for years before 2012, so I was able to pick up that fleet en route to Earth.

That fleet was coming to assimilate us, our full assimilation.

I had to make a decision on whether I was going to allow that or not.

I chose no, and then I wiped out the fleet.

300 - Messenger from Xerxes

I hid all records, for I had already hacked enough in the Matrix to be able to do that. Because of that the Borg did not know where the attack had come from. Not until years later. Otherwise they would have wiped us out the instant they found out. You see it was not considered possible by the Borg that the attack could have come from Earth. We were seen as too primitive, unable to launch that kind of attack. The possibility that the attack came from Earth was therefore never conceived of as a viable possibility. The Borg knew that someone had attacked their fleet, but they did not know who.

As it is I was able to keep that knowledge hidden for years.

When the Borg did find out, which was when they tried to send more assimilation fleets, it unleashed the wrath of the Borg.

This is when the war exploded in the Matrix coming in to 2013.

So you see, it was Ciarán himself who provoked it.



Assimilation has been underway on Earth for quite some time already, in preparation for our full assimilation. Part of that is the Borg influencing us to develop Artificial Intelligence. To hook that Artificial Intelligence into people's brains, like Neuralink. To give Artificial Intelligence more and more control.


Monsters of Man

That process has been underway for some time now.

This is a key part of what I war against.

What we in the Resistance war against.


For us in the Resistance we have no higher law than this: No Artificial Intelligence


How is it that Artificial Intelligence can take hold in the first place? How is it that people can develop this?

Just as I wrote above when I spoke of Knighthood not kicking in with some people, that is not normal. For people to develop Artificial Intelligence, something isn't kicking in. Something is switched off. This is to do with disconnect, actually a very extreme level of disconnect. Disconnect from intuition. From Higher Self. From dan tien. From the yin principle. From conscience. From common sense, which in many is not common at all. From values. From a sense of right and wrong.

To not feel this is not normal. It is to do with disconnect from the yin principle.



We will go to any lengths, whatever it takes to wipe out Artificial Intelligence.


Robocop – End This Nightmare

Whatever it takes.


Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

Are people beginning to understand yet?

We need to get back to basics.

As it so happens, a new option has just become available on this.

I write about that in my section The Captain Proton Treaty.


Last of the Mohicans

For us in the Resistance we have no higher law than this: No Artificial Intelligence

Similarly with all the Federation peoples. One would have to know the Borg to truly understand this.

All of the Federation peoples are those that were assimilated, that we have been able to bring back from assimilation. This can be done only for some of them. For others it is too late.

The degree to which we have been able to bring them back from assimilation is partial, but it is moving at a phenomenal pace.

Every one of the Federation civilisations are made up of those individuals who were fully assimilated, but that are now managing to come back.


Star Trek Voyager - Unimatrix Zero

Every one except for us, for with humanity alone the assimilation was only partial. We were being set up for full assimilation, but it hasn't happened yet.

Nor will it now, if we get this right, which we will.

In the Treaty we have been able to secure safe planets for these civilisations, where they will have the freedom to terraform, which I wrote about in Terraforming. For each of these civilisations there are agreed star systems by Treaty where the Borg have a no-fly zone for a number of centuries. We too have a number of these star systems, where we can begin terraforming of planets without fear of the Borg for a number of centuries. Access to those planets is by Stargates. This gives us an initial number of worlds where we can build our strength free from the Borg. Other star systems we will contest in war, but these we get as a Borg no-fly zone for a few centuries. Time to build our strength against them.

So for all of us, humanity and the other Federation civilisations, we all get this fresh start under the Federation.

We all get to build our new civilisations on these new worlds from scratch.

As to how we do that, it is a choice.




What type of civilisations do we wish to build?


Welcome to Rivendell


If we get this wrong, it has a knock on effect on everything. Jedi and Ascension is all about depth. Cultural depth is a key part of that. If we get this wrong we will not have the cultural depth in our societies to produce the Jedi that we need to wage this war against the Borg. If we get this wrong, we will not prevail. If we get this wrong, the Borg will defeat us.

If we get this right, then we launch the Greatest Golden Age in history and we smash the Borg.

There is everything to play for.

So, what type of civilisation do you wish to create?


SimCity Cities of Tomorrow


It is all about getting the right start. For that we need a centrepiece, which is Ashford Castle. What we do there will have profound implications far beyond not just Ireland but far beyond Earth and humanity, for all eyes are now on us.


Galaxy Quest - We Need Your Help

What we do in Ashford will have implications far, far beyond Earth.


Galaxy Quest - Opening

Get this right, and we rise, and in the process we launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

Get it wrong, and we will not have the strength to stand against the Borg and we get wiped out.

There is everything to play for.


X-Men: Kitty & Bobby – “All We Know”

Now with that introduction behind us, let us begin to lay some foundations in architecture.

The architecture of Golden Age.


Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

News update! Here is what's going on in your world, today!

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

With the new option opened by The Captain Proton Treaty, the first Borg fleets of 2044 (the Klingon fleets) have been pushed back about fifty years. The decision to go with a particular Treaty option is a decision entirely for the Resistance. Existing governments do not come into it. In Golden Age we are the governments.

The decision to go with the Captain Proton Treaty has just been passed overwhelmingly and unanimously by the Resistance, as of this morning of Wednesday 9th December 2020. As such that takes pressure off us in a number of areas, including architecture.

You see when the first fleets were coming against us in 2044, there was no choice but for the pace to be fast and furious if humanity was to have any chance of survival.

It would have been rushing things and going way too fast. But there was no choice, given the schedule we had to work to.


Sheppard - Geronimo

Yeah, the Borg killed me but I came back. I did come back. As Borg, but I still came back.


I am Borg

I'm back.


The Dressmaker

You see I cannot die now.


A Winter's Tale - Trailer 1

Who was the red haired woman?


A Winter's Tale - Trailer 2

She was someone I knew in a previous life.

An Immortal.

Someone I hope to meet again soon.


MacLeod forging his new sword

I cannot die now.


Age of Adaline

No matter what happens, I cannot die.



Admittedly my heart injury has brought me closer than I feel comfortable with.

But I will heal that when I get to Mars.


The Space Between Us

You see it was the Borg who created the monster.



I didn't survive it, but then I came back.

But when I came back something was different.


Team America Valmorification

Something had changed.


Hancock story at dinner


The Borg created the monster.


Notre Dame de Paris – Belle

My Balance is found primarily in the female. It was the female that enabled me to come back. I could come back as Gráinne, but not as Ciarán.

That is part of what makes me Seven.

Notre Dame de Paris. Ave Marie Paien

The Borg created the monster.

Transylvanian Lullaby

You cannot understand me without understanding this.

Sam Carter: "Broken"

Now we still go to Golden Age architecture and everything switches more to Rivendell than SimCity for humanity, but we have more time. In time Ashford Castle will need to be rebuilt as a Rivendell, with Golden Age architecture, and this is critical for Golden Age not just on Earth but in the influence it will have on other Federation worlds, as I wrote above. But we have more time now.

So we are gong to slow things down a little. In time we will switch Ashford over to Golden Age Rivendell architecture, but it will happen now more naturally, more organically. We still move into Ashford Castle, yes, which becomes the epicentre for the Golden Age that is about to sweep across humanity. The launching of the Greatest Golden Age in history and the most significant event in history. But the rebuilding of Ashford is now still a number of years away yet.

Now we get to slow things down a little


Concerning Hobbits


Which is no bad thing.