Architecture: the first Colonies on Mars


O come, O come, Emmanuel - The Piano Guys

Humanity is on the absolute brink of annihilation. Governments, lead by America, have taken the greatest opportunity in history and the most significant event in history and turned it into the greatest crisis in history.

A number of governments, led by America, have targeted Golden Age and have thrown their lot in with the Small Greys instead, collaborating with the greatest enemy the world has ever known.

But you know what: in spite of the treachery and the dishonour and the smallness and the pettiness, we are still going to bring humanity back from the brink. We are that close to going out forever, but we are still going to turn this around. We will get past the traitors and the collaborators and we will launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

A key driver for this is Mars. Trump can no longer block it. Biden can no longer block it. Macron can no longer block it. We are going to Mars. Governments can delay it, yes. They can cause problems, yes. Even crisis problems. But it is no longer in their power to block it.

What can one expect for the first colonies on Mars?

Let us begin with architecture.

If you get that clip above with the cellist and pianist, then you have a sense of architecture in the first colonies on Mars.