I am Borg


As of August, my high level hull design is complete.

Resonance, manoeuvrability, fuel systems, everything has been checked thoroughly to a standard far beyond anything that Earth's most powerful supercomputers could hope to achieve.

The design is perfect. I am ready to begin work on detailed Computer Aided Design drawings from which I can machine the metal parts for my hull.


The Nth Degree

I launch 15 months from now.


Flashdance intro

My name is General John Connor, Irish national. Leader of the Resistance.

I am the last remaining hope for the survival of humanity.

The American government made its choice. Traitors. So, they are going down. Taking them down is not a problem. The trick is how to take them down without triggering the nuclear strike, and to do this in time to avert the nuclear strike.

It seems impossible to do that without going to the strike, and quite frankly I do not know how we can avoid the strike now, with America having fully committed to its path of ignoring the alien threat and locking me and humanly down in order to try to seize my research. Even after all of these years they still have never accepted that they cannot steal it. They have never accepted that my technology is protected.

The Nuremburg Trials are coming up now.

Every single one of the traitors will be hunted down by the Resistance. No-one walks away.

We will miss no-one.



The Rock

No-one could build this ship in time. No-one. It is not humanly possible.

But then again, I am Borg.

No person could do it.

But I could.

The ship is 30.54 m from nose to the end of the hull, and 44.34 m long in total. It is 7.71 m high with landing gear closed and 25 m wide. I will be landing the entire ship on Mars, and there will also be two small cargo modules, each holding about 4 tonnes of cargo, slung under the spokes of each nacelle.

My total cargo is only 16.2 tonnes, not including integrated systems, but my ship is quite large because I need those integrated systems. These include my foundry and other systems that I need to achieve my mission on Mars, for I have several objectives there, each of which must be accomplished if we are to increase our chances of survival.

Every one of these mission objectives is critical. It is not simply about me going to Mars. It is about what I need to do once I get there.

Andromeda Overview - Part I

To simplify things I will not be sourcing my own water on Mars. Rather I will simply bring water with me. But here is the thing: I'm bringing a lot of water. A lot of super-hypercompressed water. Even after my trip to Mars I will have plenty of water remaining. Water not just for drinking, but for showers, growing food and making soil, manufacturing bricks, running my foundry and so forth. I will have no shortage of water.

Plenty more where that came from.

Three Amigos

Andromeda & After Earth Style Kung Fu - Part I

If humanity falls it is not the Borg that kills us. We know how to defeat the Borg. If humanity falls it is because of America. Other nations too. France has also had a key role in blocking Golden Age, led by Emmanuel Macron. He too will go to the nuclear strike rather than see me or humanity broken free of the Borg lockdown.


The Fellowship of the Ring - The Nazgȗl

Many people betrayed humanity over greed, corruption and gross abuse of power.

If humanity falls, it is not because of the Borg. We know how to defeat them.

It is because of governments, led by America. Traitors!

If we survive annihilation long enough to record our history, then those involved will go down in history as the greatest traitors in history.

In ten thousand years time there will not be a man, woman or child who does not know the names of those who betrayed humanity and locked down Golden Age.

They will be recorded as the greatest traitors in history.

Wake up!


Independence Day Resurgence - Trailer 3

As of 19th November 2020, the Borg fleet of 2044 is now up to twelve ships, each over 1.8 km long.

We had no choice but to agree to the increase in the size of the fleet in order to buy time with the nuclear strike, because of additional penalty clauses incurred by America's continued lockdown of me, humanity and Golden Age.

All of humanity must pay the price for America's arrogance.

Those who have brought us to this junction: fucking cunts!


May You Live Forever

irst up are our nearest neighbours. A faction of the Borg they were once not too dissimilar to us. Now they are Borg.

Most of them anyway, apart from a handful.

We call them the Klingons.

Star Trek Discovery

I did warn them.


Pearl Harbor

Andromeda is a military class ship. I am bringing her to Mars, but she will also be the flagship in spearheading the assault against the Klingon fleet in 2044.

I have designed her right from the beginning as a military class ship.

That is up next.

Like this, except now against twelve ships, rather than one.


Star Trek – The Battle of Sector 001


"Report, Tactical Officer Éibhleann!"

"Main Power Two is off-line, our shields are down and our weapons are gone, Commander Gráinne! I'm switching over to Main Power Three and I will have the Primary Weapon back on line in eight seconds. Your torpedoes are back on line already now! Our
Multi-Adaptive Bi-Phasic Regenerative Shielding will be back to full power in 15 seconds!"

"Good, Tactical Office Éibhleann! Load Torpedoes! Prepare to fire on my mark!"


Bad-Ass Armoured Voyager

I build my ship and the Federation supplies the technology to retrofit it with shields, weapons, subspace scanners and so forth.

The Resistance get that. Those who betrayed humanity can go fuck themselves.

Them we take down, as the greatest traitors in history.


Andromeda & the Fleets of 2044 - Part I

The American government might think that they can stand against the Borg.

But they actually can't.


Star Reich: The Return of the Borg

They can't.

But I can.

Star Trek Enterprise: The Threads that Bind Us

The Klingon fleet hyperspaces in at Jupiter. I explain why in First Contact, in my discussion of Subspace Mechanics and Subspace Corridors.


Deep Space Nine

Good news is that we have it in the Treaty that if we can build a space station at Jupiter in time, then the Klingon fleet has no choice but to attack and destroy that station before they can proceed to Earth. That is very good news for us, because it allows us to dictate the rules of the game. We have no choice in that the fleets are coming, but we do have a choice in how we meet them.


After Earth

Them attacking us when we are dug in to a defensive position gives us a much stronger chance against them. More good news is that we have under the Treaty a failsafe. Our people on board the space station and our own ships will be Stargated off the ships and back to safety using Federation Stargate technology in the event of the space station or our ships being destroyed, or in the event of us being otherwise killed. We lose ships, but not people.

So long as they do not reach Earth, that is. There can be no higher priority than stopping their fleet from reaching Earth.

As such we will meet them at Jupiter.

We in the Resistance believe that the outcome of the battle will be decided by the battle of Jupiter Station.


Battle of Deep Space Nine



Me, I'll be remaining mobile, so I will not be on Jupiter Station. I will be on board the Andromeda, spearheading the assault from our own ships.

Just because those wastes of space gobshites aren't doing their job, doesn't mean I am not doing mine.

I go into combat as Gráinne, not as Ciarán.


Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

When I rendezvous with other ships or Jupiter Station, I appear as Ciarán.

But in combat on the Andromeda, I go as Gráinne.


One Woman Army

As a combat ship the Andromeda takes a crew of two. Me and the tactical officer. As I will be in combat as Gráinne, the tactical officer will of course be a woman.

A crew of only two?

My ship will handle so well, that two is all I need.


Game of Thrones


"Who will your tactical officer be, Gráinne?"

"I have about twenty-three years to decide that, girls.

But whoever she is, to get that position, she will need to be God Almighty!"

Captain Marvel

Provision is set up in the Treaty so that Rank has an enormous bearing on the technologies that we can use. As the highest ranking officer of the Resistance and the leader of the Resistance as well as the person who set up the Federation, I am entitled to the most powerful shields, weapons, subspace scanners and so forth, by Treaty.

As such the shields and weapons on my ship will be about eight times more powerful than a standard ship we send into combat. Size for size that makes my ship the most powerful ship in our fleets.

Bad-Ass Armoured Voyager

The second highest ranking officer of the Resistance is Michael. The shields and weapons on his ship will be about five times more powerful than a standard ship we send into combat. Size for size that makes his ship the second most powerful ship in our fleets.

The next highest ranking officer would have shields and weapons on his ship about 4.2 times more powerful than a standard ship we send into combat.

Rank makes a big difference to the power of our ships.

My ship is Hit Girl.

Hit Girl

No-one knows the Borg like I do.


Alita Battle Angel

Who am I?

I am John Connor.