An Aerial Form of Hurling



Dan's Hurling Story - Killinaskully

An Aerial Form of Hurling - Part I

Dan's Hurling Team Talk

When things kick off I have an idea to help promote the Great Stadiums worldwide.

Supergirl Season 2

The Great Stadiums are one of the Great Golden Age Projects.

The Great Stadiums & America Meeting My Challenge for Mars - Part I

In the Wacky Races, which is the Race to Mars, I am Dick Dastardly. Actually, every character represents an aspect of me, while also being channelled as others too. For example Sergeant Blast represents my military side, but he also represents General Milley in America's entry for Mars. Just as the Red Max represents both me and also Germany's entry for Mars.

Each character represents both others and also an aspect of my psyche.

Like Dick Dastardly.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

You guys aren't really going to take that from me, are you?

My Favourite Martian opening

Feeble Gods!

Thor: Ragnarok

Even if you guys could beat me to Mars, which you can't, and even if you were able to, which you are not, it would not be enough to simply beat me. You would have to put on a spectacle. You would have to put on a show.

The Greatest Showman

I almost half believe that you guys could put on a decent show. Like a la-la land fantasy type show of make believe. But in terms of actually beating me to Mars - good luck with that one!

A Knight’s Tale


Just before my first freefall, back in Naas, Ireland.
One of my instructors, Tyrone, is on the right.

Drop Zone – There’s Only One Kind of Jump