America's Collaboration with the Small Greys




One cannot properly understand how Golden Age failed and why America blocked it and targeted me - John Connor, and the Resistance, without understanding America's collaboration with the Small Greys. The greatest enemy this world has ever known.

You see there is a difference in philosophy here.

We shoot those guys.

America however has said "Oh wow, I see you guys have really advanced technology! So, can we work with you? What do we need to do to get our hands on some of your technology? Subject to you and under your control of course! Anything! Just tell us what you want us to do!"

Independence Day – Nuke ‘Em

The President guy in that clip who said to nuke 'me - he was awake! He was doing his job! Where is that guy? Why is Trump, the person most single-handedly responsible for blocking Golden Age, betraying humanity, triggering the Borg fleets against us decades earlier than anticipated, triggering COVID-19, triggering the collapse of society and bringing humanity right to the absolute brink of Armageddon while handing the Borg credit after credit in the Treaty to wipe us out, why is he trying to be President?

Why are people listening to that man? Shadow of a man. Lesser man.

Why has he not been charged with treason?

Can we not get some other guys instead?

Why are people not doing their jobs?

Americans, I would appeal to you to take the decision to block Golden Age out of his hands!

If there is a conflict between serving your President and serving your country, then serve your country

That for me is obvious.

If Trump betrays America and humanity and blocks Golden Age, then it should be pretty obvious what Americans need to do. If the cunt will not remove the Borg blockade by authorising contact with me, then force the situation. Serve your country!

That to me is obvious.