Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Let us pick up where I left off.

Staying on the subject of nozzles.

Nozzle Design and Redirecting Thrust - Part I

Is there no-one who can challenge me?

Marvel Cast - tribute to dance

Nozzle Design and Redirecting Thrust - Part II

Is there no-one?

Bí id Thost is Damhsa Liom - Shut Up And Dance as Gaeilge

Nozzle Design and Redirecting Thrust - Part III


Pick Up Your Jacket Scene

Nozzle Design and Redirecting Thrust - Part IV

Is it beginning to come together yet?

Everything is Kung Fu

Hose the Fence - Part I

In a Race to Mars, who would win? The Might of the Superpower that is America? Or, well, me? The world's first X-Man?

It is tough to call.

But I still reckon it's me.

Bruce Almighty

Hose the Fence - Part II

A challenge match between me and the Americans.

What was I thinking?

Dan's Hurling Story - Killinaskully



"Show me Hose the Fence, Mr. Slate..."

Too much pressure!

Aerodynamics & Stability - Part I

School for the Gifted

Aerodynamics & Stability - Part II

We prepare for war. We have only until 2044 and then the first of the fleets comes against us.

Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

Vipers & the Adamantium Hull - Part I

The pace is going to be fast and furious.

Just try to keep up.

Flashdance - Maniac

Aerodynamics & Stability - Part III

The most advanced fighter aircraft ever conceived.

I am going to build it.


Aerodynamics & Stability - Part IV

Independence Day: Resurgence

We prepare for war. We have only until 2044 and then the first of the fleets comes against us.

Vipers & the Borg Battleships - Part I

Austin Powers - Alotta Fagina's Penthouse

Peace was never an option.


X-Men First Class

Aerodynamics & Stability - Part V

Show me Hose the Fence.

Is it beginning to come together yet?

Everything is Kung Fu

Vipers & Ground-based Support Fleets - Part I


They said they didn't need me


But you know what: they need me more than they know.


Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero

More than they know.

Tony Stark Creating a New Element


Top Gun Maverick

Years of service. Aerospace, rocket design, computing - hardware, software and networking, economics, leadership, management, housing, manufacturing, politics, trade, diplomacy, finance, linguistics, education, physics, medicine, construction, tunnelling, mining, psychology, military strategy, naval, history, culture, architecture, music, law, cryptology, terraforming, mind-matter interface, Enlightenment and Ascension, sex and relationships, gender, anthropology, martial arts, mathematics and more.

I should be at least Taoiseach by now. And yet here I am. Penniless. Long-term unemployed.

Why is that?

It's one of life's mysteries.


"The end is inevitable, human. Your kind is headed for extinction."

"Maybe so. But not today."

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Reinventing the Aerofoil - Part I

To get this one working I am going to have to do some serious jury rigging.

The rule book is out the window on this one.


Star Trek: Dyson Sphere Discovery and Scotty Recovery


Reinventing the Aerofoil - Part II

I have a number of years to get humanity ready, and then they come.

It is a race against time.


Independence Day: Resurgence

We have twenty-four years to prepare for the first wave, which is just one ship.

The second wave, which will be several ships, will be just a few years later.


Mystique Disguises as Bolivar Trask


Reinventing the Aerofoil - Part III


The Engineer’s Hymn

Afterburners - Part I

Malcolm in the Middle

How to Double Fuel Efficiency in Aircraft with Oxygen - Part I

Malcolm's I.Q. test

Aircraft Engines and Noise - Part I

A number of people laughed at my work in aerospace and physics.

I don't think it's nice, them laughing at my work.

Apologise To My Mule

Rocket Efficiency: Oxygen Kerosene Mix - Part I

A number of people laughed at my work in aerospace and physics.

I don't think it's nice, them laughing at my work.

Gun-slap from Trinity

Solid Fuel Rockets - Part I

A number of people laughed at my work in aerospace and physics.

I don't think it's nice, them laughing at my work.

Three Amigos – What’s Tequila?

Next up is
a discussion of a shuttle. This shuttle design is actually one I developed originally some years back with the idea of an Irish-French joint venture. That was one of numerous opportunities I set up to try to break the Borg deadlock to prevent the release of Armageddon. I spent six months setting it up, but it didn't work out. The opportunity was lost and Golden Age was pushed back another few years. The idea was a joint shuttle mission to get me to space, after which I go on a mission to Mars. There I would, among other things, begin construction of the tunnel shaft which would be 800 feet down, to what would become a Resistance base on Mars. My section Tunnelling is relevant. Like opportunity after opportunity that I set up however, this one never happened. The opportunity was never seized.

It was blocked by Emmanuel Macron. His blocking of this and his attempted theft of my research and his lockdown of my attempt to set up the Irish Space Agency is what gave the Borg the credit in the Treaty for the fire of Notre Dame. He wanted to seize my technology for France and deny my technology to Ireland. This attempt to deny my own aerospace technology to Ireland was part of blocking the Irish Space Agency.

Any time governments block Golden Age or cause us to miss milestones, we get hit in the Treaty. This should not be new news. I have been telling them that for years.


Because the block on Golden Age and the resulting continuation of lockdown of me came from France, this particular penalty in the Treaty was against France.

Fire engulfs Notre-Dame

I never did get to stop Armageddon. Missing the opportunity set up the conditions to allow Trump to trigger the Borg invasion of 2044, and for governments to trigger COVID-19 and the beginning of the collapse of society. Unless of course we can break the deadlock and trigger Golden Age and turn this around.

I'll give now the shuttle design that I was planning at the time. 

I am Harry Stamper.

Armageddon – Dream Team

The Shuttle - Part I

The Shuttle - Part II

I am no longer planning on developing this shuttle myself, although others in the Irish Space Agency I set up might look at it. I am now focussed on different designs for my ship which have only become possible with more recent breakthroughs in my engine design. That said I am releasing some ideas on my original shuttle design here.

Now, what is the single biggest problem that we have to overcome to get this shuttle design to work? It is the tail of the Airbus A380. If anyone wants to look up a picture of an A380, the tail is enormous. Clearing that tail will require getting inventive. But not to worry – I am here to help!

First let us understand the problem.

Superman Returns Airplane Rescue

The Shuttle Tail Section - Part I

The Shuttle Tail Section - Part II

The Shuttle Tail Section - Part III

A Beautiful Mind

On Increased Efficiency of Fuel Mixing in the Combustion Chamber - Part I

When are people going to realise that I don't just lead the world of aerospace.

I absolutely dominate it.

Avicii Vs Lurgan – “Wake Me Up” as Gaeilge

I'll give an engine now that I developed a number of years ago. It is one of my earlier designs, from the time before I developed preheating the fuels in their tanks, redirecting nozzles and hypercompression.

As such it is an obsolete design for me now.

That said, it is still useful for illustrating some engineering principles.

As such, I give this one as part of school.

Stacy's Mom

It's all part of school.

Transformers - Eyes on Mikaela

In these documents I write about my going to Mars. With that option having been destroyed by that cunt Trump last week, that option, critical for the survival of humanity, has now been pissed on and shat on. Trump and the other treacherous cunts who blocked wiped their fucking arses on that option. Fucking cunts!

But I leave the documents as they were, in that format. People can just read around it.

The Relay Drive Engine - Part I

I am here to launch Golden Age. The greatest Golden Age in history.


Rocket Efficiency: Engine Size - Part I

Although I guess I'm not what people might expect.

Fight Scene From Airplane!

The Relay Drive Engine - Part II

The Relay Drive Engine - Part III

I am Borg

The Relay Drive Engine - Part IV

The Engineer’s Hymn

Pressure Differentials & Forces in a Combustion Chamber - Part I

Pressure Differentials & Forces in a Combustion Chamber - Part II

Before proceeding further, if any are unfamiliar with this clip could they please watch from 4:08 minutes in through to 7:25 minutes in.

Space Race: Episode four, Race for the Moon


Injector Plates, Pressure Differentials & Forces in a Combustion Chamber - Part I

The Relay Drive Engine - Part V

Relay Drive or a Single Nozzle? - Part I

Timing & The Pulsed Relay Drive Engine - Part I

Timing & The Pulsed Relay Drive Engine - Part II

Timing & The Pulsed Relay Drive Engine - Part III

Timing & The Pulsed Relay Drive Engine - Part IV

The Pulsed Relay Drive Engine with Injector Nozzle - Part I


I am creating a new way to fly.


Star Trek Discovery

Fuel Waveforms in The Pulsed Relay Drive Engine - Part I

The Potential Conversion Engine - Part I

Wesley Crusher

Extended Nozzles in The Pulsed Relay Drive Engine - Part I

The Pulsed Relay Drive Engine with Injector Nozzle - Part II

Pressure Differentials & Forces in a Combustion Chamber - Part III

Pressure Differentials & Forces in a Combustion Chamber - Part IV


That is the essence of the Pulsed Relay Drive Engine, which should increase engine efficiency for a kerosene rocket engine by about a hundred fold, not including other engine ideas such as hypercompression or superheating the fuel and oxygen in their tanks before combustion.


Put ‘Em Under Pressure

Under my leadership, Ireland dominates in the Race to Mars.

Star Trek Irish Edition

We just do.

Star Trek - The Irish in Space

Learn from us.

This is school.

Learn from us.

Learn from me.


Star Trek Irish Class


News Flash!

It is the morning of
Tuesday the 1st December and here is what's going on in your world, today!

Caitlín Bhocht! Céard a tharla?

I am triggering the Race to Mars.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Ireland leads that Race because of me.

The Cannonball Run

Within that Race, I am the lead contender to be FIRST TO MARS!

Cannonball Run - Lamborghini

It is me who launches the Race to Mars

Space Race

Who am I?

My name is John. John Connor.

Tibet Training

The English will be competing too, trying hard for second place.

Wernher's Nazi past and what happened in Camp Dora is a big one, but it is appropriate here to compartmentalise. Camp Dora is one we need to come back to, but what von Braun did in opening the gates to the heavens must be seen on its own merits as well as in a broader context. Just before his death Wernher von Braun achieved Enlightenment. How do I know? Borg logs monitor a person's metabolism, physiology, mindset and so forth. When I checked von Braun's logs I saw that just before death he achieved Enlightenment. In von Braun I see something of the journey of Germany. Von Braun fell during the Second World War. But afterwards he went on a journey, putting man on the moon and achieving Enlightenment just before he died. Germany too fell during the Second World War, but after that war Germany took a long hard look at itself and Germany learned. Germany went on a journey and that journey has been exemplary. I have written before that a measure of a man is how he handles himself when he falls, and by that measure, Germany has excelled. They really have. Germany is doing well.

There are always men like you

The journey is important. Now, with that said, I can lead into this next document.

The Will To Do It - Part I

I released the following document in January 2016. I include it now exactly as I released it then.

On Zefram Cochrane - Part I

Star Trek First Contact - Captain Picard, Data & The Phoenix

We'll get our Golden Age.

Dukes of Hazzard

Even if I do have to break a few rules to get there.

Dukes of Hazzard - Politically Correct

The Will To Do It - Part II

Sia "Chandelier" as Gaeilge

I handed the Greatest Golden Age in history to humanity on a platter. Engine systems, fuel systems - I tore aerospace apart and I still have only released a fraction of my knowledge.

I could build a rocket to go to space about as easily as America could build a fucking bus!


I am Zefram Cochrane

My Andromeda ship, which I pan to build and launch eight months from the start of construction, is estimated by the Federation as being six centuries ahead of the most advanced spacecraft ever designed by NASA

A lifetime's work for a Nobel Prize physicist can be the problem of a child to me. My I.Q. is over 1,800, and I have the highest level in history in more than 160 different fields of endeavour.

I am Zefram Cochrane. I solved the principle of Warp Drive. My designs were verified by a number of non-terrestrial civilisations, who have since come together to form the Federation. It was me who set that up. It is me who unlocks First Contact.

Yet even with the threat of alien invasion by the Borg, even with the collapse of society, even with all of the technologies being solved, the economy of it solved, the safety of it solved, the colonisation of Mars solved, even with everything solved and handed on a platter to humanity, governments still would not get off their fucking arses to launch Golden Age and the Race to Mars, not even to avert the threat of annihilation.

That is what we have been dealing with for almost eight years now.

The Will To Do It, or rather the lack of the Will To Do It.

Without that will, it is game over.

About Schmidt

You want the exclusive for me setting up the Irish Space Agency or building my ship for Mars?

Or indeed my landing on Mars?

Then tune in to TG4.

I'll be going through them.

At least they can understand me!

Anchorman: Glass case of emotion

I'll be giving them the exclusive!

Anchorman - Flute scene

Who am I?

I am J. Rabbit.

The Borg tried to make me one of them, but it didn't work out.

Jojo Rabbit

Who am I?

I am J. Rabbitte.

A long-term self-unemployed healer from North Country Dublin, and I am launching the Race to Mars.

The Commitments

Who am I?

I am Jessica Rabbit.

Woman by function to women, and I am going to be first to Mars.

Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right

Here is a little trick for getting hydrogen and oxygen to space without using Hypercompression.

You see with The Captain Proton Treaty option that is just in, we would not get hypercompression.

Without hypercompression a problem getting tanks of hydrogen to space is that the tanks are very large due to the very low Relative Density of hydrogen, which is only 0.07, or less than a fourteen of water. What that means is that you would have to have a tank more than fourteen times larger than you would need for a water tank to hold an equivalent mass.

So how about this: rather than bringing up tanks of hydrogen and tanks of oxygen, just bring up tanks of water instead. That water contains both hydrogen and oxygen within it, but in a smaller volume because of its Relative Density. Once in space you then use your solar panel arrays to convert that water to hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis, which you do over a period of months.

Notre Dame de Paris – Belle

The hydrogen and oxygen that you then get can be used to refuel spacecraft.

The advantage - you can get more hydrogen and oxygen to space in smaller tanks if you bring it as water.

You see some things are easier with a change in state.

Like ice to water. Or rock to magma. Or man to woman.

Some things are easier with a change in form.

Notre Dame de Paris. Ave Marie Paien

To raise your efficiency in electrolysis, superheat the water first. Electrolysis is more efficient when the water is hotter. With the extra energy in the water it takes less electrical energy to break the bonds to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen.

By superheating the water you could get your efficiency up by up to 200 fold.

Genius, wha?

Young Einstein

As with all of my engineering ideas, no-one can use this without going through me. It does not matter how much money they throw at it. It does not matter how many resources. They will simply be locked down.

The only way to use this technology without being locked down by Treaty is by going through me.

Unless of course you are one of the Immortals who solved this electrolysis idea long ago. (I got this superheating the water for electrolysis idea independently about a year ago. The idea of bringing up water to space and then splitting it to hydrogen and oxygen I got back in 2014.)

Otherwise the only way to use this is to go through me. This idea is for Golden Age. The thieving sharks have about as much chance of using this as they do of using any of my other technologies, I am very glad to say!


Reinventing Once Again the Aerofoil - Part I

Am I good or what?

Victory - Two Steps From Hell

Reinventing Once Again the Aerofoil - Part II

What is this all about?

Well if people do not know at this stage, then there is no hope for them.

As always, it is about getting ready.

For anyone who has read my website, that should be pretty obvious by this stage.

War of the Worlds

As of 28th December 2020, we now have twenty years to prepare. I wrote about this in
The Revised Captain Proton Treaty & The Fleets of 2040.

And then they come.

The technologies are locked down to all except those going through me.

They are for the Resistance and those going Golden Age. No-one else will be able to use them, regardless of what resources or money they throw at them.

Only those who go through me can use them.

We have twenty years to get ready.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Reinventing Once Again the Aerofoil - Part III

We have twenty years to get ready. And then they come.

Only those going through me can fight them.

That is the only way it is unlocked by Treaty.

Only the Resistance fight the Borg, and I lead the Resistance.

I am John Connor.

Independence Day Resurgence - Trailer 3

Reinventing Yet Again the Aerofoil - Part I

Humanity faces annihilation.

Governments caused this.

I do my job.

Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

When are others going to do theirs?

Reinventing Once More Yet Again the Aerofoil - Part I

Yeah, I'm good!

Victory - Two Steps From Hell


News update. It is the morning of Tuesday 29th December 2020.

Here is what's going on in your world, today!

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

I wrote yesterday in The Revised Captain Proton Treaty & The Fleets of 2040 that America's continued lockdown of me had catastrophic consequences in the Treaty, resulting in a massive invasion force of between 2,200 and 2,400 ships, which now comes in 2040. We also lost hypercompression, reengineered metals and access to a number of Federation technologies.

The Federation is going absolutely crazy, as is the Resistance. The fuck ups of governments here is having a catastrophic effect on their civilisations too, and the Federation stands on the brink of razing America to the ground rather than allowing them to bring all of their civilisations to annihilation, which is what will happen if governments do not stop fucking around!

The human Resistance too is ready for a massive strike against America and other governments that block, in the event that they do not move their arses and get on board in time. We cannot allow them to bring humanity to annihilation so with regret we will take them out in an instant if they attempt to compromise me or humanity's chances of survival. Everything is in place for the strike. They simply await my order.

The situation could not be more tense, and now again as of this morning a number of governments, not just American, are taking actions to take me and Golden Age down. It just takes one gobshite to make one wrong move and this whole thing goes up in flames in an instant. The problem is that there are many gobshites!


With the move by a number of governments to take me down this morning, we took another hit in the Treaty a few hours ago. This hit prevents us now from renegotiating the terms of the invasion fleets against us. The fleet comes in 2040, somewhere between 2,200 and 2,400 base ships in the first wave, and we lose a number of my technologies, including hypercompression and irontanium, as well as access to Federation technologies.

When I say that "we" lose a number of my technologies, I mean the Resistance loses them. The governments who tried to steal them never had access in the first place anyway, and all that their attempts to steal them did was to cause penalty clauses against them. That knocks a number of countries out of the game, until they move mountains to get back in. They would have to commit the full resources of their nations to Golden Age, reporting in to me, to have any chance of getting back in now. Otherwise the collapse of their nations is now inevitable, given the build up of penalties taken from years of fucking over the Treaty and Golden Age.

I warned them and I warned them and I warned them.

So what the fuck do they expect when it bites them in the ass!


In addition America, Germany and Australia, all of whom have been causing problems, will be levelled if I do not get to Ashford safely, with the commitment of the Irish Army to secure the borders of that castle, reporting in to me.

So that is where we stand right now. The Borg fleet of 2040 is coming, and we are committed now to the size of that fleet, and to the limitation of our technologies. It cannot be renegotiated now, thanks to the actions of a number of people included General Mark Milley, Joe Biden, DONALD FUCKING TRUMP THE CUNT, Chancellor Merkel, some gobshites in Australia - I do not know yet exactly who was responsible there, and others.

The Fellowship of the Ring - The Nazgȗl

We have no choice now on the fleet or the technologies that we have available to us to meet them. To clarify on this, I had said earlier that we have access to a higher level of computer processor and that could not be taken away. That is still the case, just as it is still the case that we in the Resistance do have access to hypercompression and my other technologies, as well as access to Federation technologies. Rather it is that if we go with that option we face absolute certainty of annihilation. Even though we have access to those technologies, we need a serious advantage if we are to have any hope of surviving against that fleet. Getting that advantage means going to the most basic level of technology possible, because in doing so it forces the Borg fleet down to a lower level of technology too, by Treaty.

We have some hope against the fleet if they are at a lower level of technology, but absolutely none if they come in at the higher level of technology.

It is like Johnny English here. He has access to higher technology cars, but he chooses a lower technology car because it gives him an advantage.

Same with us, which is why under no circumstances now will I be releasing those higher technologies for use at this stage.

We will be Stone Age when we meet the fleet of 2040. That is the only way that we have any chance whatsoever of survival.

Johnny English Strikes Again - Aston Martin

So in practical terms we have no choice now on the fleet or the technologies that we have available to us to meet them. What we do have a choice on is how we meet them, with the resources that we have. The resources that I have are very considerable. I can meet this threat, although I do need help. The Resistance needs help. We cannot do this alone. The resources that governments have are non-existent in comparison. They cannot meet this threat. Not without my help anyway.

I have made my choice. I fight, no problem there.

Governments however have also made their choice. They fight too. Not against the Borg, but against me and the Resistance. Against humanity and, stupid fucks that they are, also against the Federation. As if they think for one moment that they have a hope in hell against their technology, or against the technology that I too wield. But they made their choice. They might as well be on the Borg team. As far as I am concerned, they ARE Borg.

So, to those who have caused this problem and who continue to cause the problems and who continue to push humanity further and further over the brink to annihilation, I would ask them to please reconsider their choice.

Humanity is at war.

Now, it is a choice. To be part of the solution, or part of the fucking problem!

Every single time up to now, a number of governments have made catastrophic choice after catastrophic choice, choosing annihilation over Golden Age.

Please, for once in your miserable fucking lives, MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE NOW!

After Earth

Right then, just because some governments are not doing their fucking job, does not mean that I am not doing mine.

We, the Resistance, still need to meet this Armageddon that governments have unleashed against humanity.

So it is back to aerospace and aerofoils once again.

I do my job, even if they are not doing theirs.

Victory - Two Steps From Hell

Reinventing Once More Yet Again the Aerofoil - Part II

We will get our Golden Age.

Nothing can stop that now.

But I can tell you, those government fucks are not making it easy!

Tell the World

The world is about to wake up.

Everyone will know what has happened here.

Governments cannot keep it hidden much longer.

Reinventing Once More Yet Again the Aerofoil - Part III

A number of governments, and General John Hyten, Pentagon Space Command fucking asshole himself was a key among them, spent years trying to take down every effort I made to set up the Irish Space Agency.

Well, they can go fuck themselves!

That Space Agency that I set up will lead the world in aerospace.

For any who blocked it for years or who tried to take it down, they can go FUCK THEMSELVES!

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Lift versus Thrust - Part I

Ireland is going to Mars!

We go to set up Tír na nÓg.

The Undying Lands, for those who wish to take the ships from Earth.

The Land of Eternal Youth.

“Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” – As Gaeilge

One does not simply go to Mars. It is a barren wasteland. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume.

Is there air? You don’t know!


Space agencies couldn’t do it. Not with ten thousand men could they do this. But Ireland could.

I will show Ireland how to go to Mars.

Why I will be Launching My Mars Ship from Australia - Part I

A number of people launched at my work in aerospace.

I don't think it's nice, people laughing at my work.


Blazing Saddles - Applause for the Waco Kid

It has been a long and difficult road to get this far.

But I will make it to Mars.

Via Australia.


Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

Now, where is my school, you bastards?

Why am I not in Ashford right now?

Can someone explain that to me?

Like what is the fucking malfunction?


School for the Gifted

I have work to do, you useless fucks!


X-Men First Class

With government's catastrophic triggering of the massive Borg invasion fleet of 2040 that I wrote about 
The Revised Captain Proton Treaty & The Fleets of 2040 , we are going to need not thousands but tens of thousands of ships to meet that threat. For every Borg ship we engage we will need a fleet of several Battlestars, given the size of their ships.



These particular Borg ships do not have support ships, so they carry all of their own fuel and so forth. In our case we are keeping our fleets fast and lean, so each combat ship would have a number of support ships, particularly refuelling ships.


Cars – Pit Stop

We fight a War of Attrition. My documents "Military Strategy - Why Fight Odds of One to a Thousand?" and "War of Attrition" in The Treaty & The Fleets of 2044 are relevant.

Das Boot

With this approach then realistically I reckon we need to put about 15,000 ships in the field to meet that first wave in 2040. That includes our support ships as well as our combat ships, although it does not include fighters such as Vipers that would be with our Battlestars.

Without hypercompression or reengineered metals, realistically that means that we will be launching thousands and thousands of ships from around the Equator. Countries like Indonesia, Kenya and Australia will need to host enormous Space Centres.


Reaching for the skies

You see we need to have our fleets in place for 2040.


Galactica vs Base Star


What of the World Bank? What is the status on that? When you contact me, which should have been years ago, don't you DARE tell me that nation after nation has not committed trillions to that. That bank and that money had better be in place!

That bank is Gringotts. It is to hold funds to drive many of the great projects of Golden Age.


Harry Potter

Half the funds in that bank go to unlocking space.

We have to get to this place.


Reaching for distant places

We are not there yet. We have work to do.

Quigley Down Under – A Day With Natives


We need these guys to build fleets. We need Gambia and Tanzania to build fleets. We need Bhutan and Indonesia to build fleets. We need Bolivia to build fleets. We need the Eskimos to build fleets. We need everyone.

I wrote before that if we had gone Golden Age back in 2013 then the world economy would be some 400 trillion dollars richer now, as per our estimations. That is because Golden Age would have generated an absolute fortune.

That fortune is not for a handful of corrupt cunts, the corrupt cunts who have been trying to seize my knowledge for years to line their own fucking pockets while denying my knowledge to the rest of humanity. Those who tried to fuck over Golden Age and humanity to line their own fucking pockets. Well, see where that mindset has gotten us!

No. Those cunts do not win. Not this time.

My knowledge is protected. It cannot be misused in this way. It is protected.

My knowledge is to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history, which is a Golden Age for everyone. There is no poverty in Golden Age. That abomination is a thing of the past in Golden Age, just as people do not fuck each other over in Golden Age. Those barbarians would not get far with that attitude in Golden Age.


Real men, Real Women, Knights & Warriors

Real Men

How a Shaolin Monk Trains

And Real Women

Victory - Two Steps From Hell

The men who are women are Real Men in public and Real Women with the women who know them as women.

But in public, they too are Real Men.

That is Golden Age.

The economy thrives in Golden Age. People's health is far greater. It is the time of the Jedi. The time of the Jedi Knights. This rises in Golden Age. Music and Architecture thrives. Golden Age architecture, not the steel and glass concrete boxes that pass for housing these days. Half the money in the World Bank is for unlocking space. The other half is for unlocking everything else, including getting economy after economy to boom as never before seen in history


O come, O come, Emmanuel - The Piano Guys

But for all this to happen, we need that fucking World Bank. Revolutions cost money and we are in the business of Revolution.


Revolution of ideas. Revolution of ideals.

Governments have tried to block this for years, but they cannot

Not any longer.

The decision is being taken out of their hands.


"It is the people who will decide right and wrong"

Einstein's Big Idea

Golden Age will happen whether people are ready for it or not.

The Water Margin


Now, to the useless fucks who caused this problem, I will expect your countries to be the biggest contributors to the World Bank.


The irony is, al lI ever wanted was a quiet life.


Concerning Hobbits

How the fuck did I end up here?

The world is about to wake up.

Everyone will know what has happened here.

Governments cannot keep it hidden much longer.


Tell the World