The Treaty & The Fleets of 2044

Independence Day: Resurgence


The first fleet comes in 2044. When I say fleet, I mean actually one ship. But it is big enough that it would look like a fleet to us.


"Are they friendly, Ciarán?!"

"Em, no, Mr. Slate. Not particularly."

How can I be so sure about what is coming and when?

Very simply, because of the Treaty.

The Treaty: A Deal with the Devil Himself - Part I

The Treaty: A Deal with the Devil Himself - Part II


Doctor Who | Terror of the Cybermen

All the Borg know of me.

I am the Doctor.

Herr Doktor

It's all about the Treaty. That Treaty hands us the greatest Golden Age in history and gives us a way to take down the Borg, if we work with it. But disrespect it, and it destroys us. That is the way I set it up.

Not for anything will the Resistance violate that Treaty. Not for anything, because that Treaty is what stands between humanity and annihilation.

If either party violates the Treaty, they get hammered by penalty clauses. That is the way I set things up.

Now, let us bring it back to humanity.

Golden Age was actually supposed to have kicked off seven and a half years ago, in 2013. If we had gone Golden Age back then, by our simulations the global economy would have been about 380 trillion dollars richer. Golden Age would have generated an absolute fortune. The Borg fleets would still have come, but they would not have come for about 75 more years.

However things didn't work out.

I approached a number of governments to launch Golden Age, but they ignored Golden Age and the threat to humanity and instead prioritised the attempted theft of my research over the survival of humanity. The threat would only be dealt with if they controlled. And so governments, led by America, tried to steal my research, and a number of nations tried to take me out because they saw me and Golden Age as a threat to their authority.

The Pentagon tried to take me out. The SAS tried to take me out. The Chinese tried to take me out. The French tried to take me out.

Many tried, but I am very, very hard to kill.

Every attempt of mine to contact governments to launch Golden Age, every attempt year after year, was met with governments trying to steal my technologies instead, lock me down or try to kill me for it.

Like with the Arc Reactor. When I first approached governments with this in 2014, the Japanese and American governments tried to assassinate me over it. Everything went south. A number of people died. I had no choice but to take them out when they tried to target me.

Chain Reaction

Every attempt of mine to launch Golden Age failed. As window after window was missed year after year, the penalty clauses accrued. That is why the invasion comes now in 2044, fifty years earlier than anticipated. That is why Sri Lanka was targeted. The shootings in New Zealand and Texas. The Manchester bombings. The ISIS attacks on Paris and the burning of Notre-Dame. All of these and more were in direct response to governments trying to either take me out, lock me down or steal my research.

You see the Treaty guarantees us protection from Borg attacks. But when governments mess with Golden Age then we incur penalties in the Treaty. And so more than seven years of Golden Age opportunities were lost over the greed, corruption, smallness, pettiness, obtuseness, dishonour and incompetence of a handful, relatively speaking, of lesser people.


"Gráinne, did men cause this problem?"

"No, Aoife. It was lack of men that caused this problem."


Golden Age did not fail because of men.
It failed because of lack of men.

Golden Age did not fail because of manhood.
It failed because of lack of manhood.

Little Big Man – Everything is Dead to the White Man

Governments have known about me for years. I keep contacting them to try to launch Golden Age and then they target me to try to steal my research, which is the single biggest reason why Golden Age was lost in the first place. As each window is missed the Borg blank people's minds through the implants and we start again. Only I am unaffected.

They Live – Sunglasses

The attempted theft of my research was the single biggest problem, time and again. I tried time and again to release my research to humanity but this was not enough for governments and corporations. They wanted to patent it for themselves. This more than any other reason is what cost us Golden Age.

The single biggest hit we have taken to date however as a result of penalty clauses in the Treaty is COVID-19, which is a biological weapon developed by the Americans. There is provision in the Treaty to block the Borg from releasing any biological weapons against us. Biological weapons are banned by the Treaty I set up. Normally. However with the repeated lockdown of me by the American Administration and attempt after attempt to steal my research for themselves while ignoring the threat to humanity, they and others gave the Borg sufficient credit in the Treaty to allow the Borg to trigger the release of COVID-19. They did this by influencing people via the Borg implants that they have in their heads and bodies.

The Fourth Kind

To understand COVID-19, understand that it was released in direct response to the lockdown of me by the American, French and Irish governments in an attempt to prevent me from launching Golden Age, which they saw as a threat to their power. That incurred sufficient penalty clauses in the Treaty to give the Borg the credit to trigger the release of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is actually an early opening strike by the Borg, setting us up for 2044.

America has been trying to take me out ever since they first found out about me in 2007, finding out where I lived in 2008. That was the year that everything began to fall apart for me. The first attempts were the Pentagon working through pharmaceuticals. I was targeted by the pharmaceuticals but it was the Pentagon behind the pharmaceuticals. Only when I was able to hack the Borg logs in 2013 was I able to trace back that connection. The pharmaceuticals were being fronted by the Skeptics, who first tried intimidating me out of business, beginning with trying to set me up on national radio to destroy my career in a set up interview.

The Fisher King

When that failed the pharmaceuticals stepped in directly. The first assassination attempts on me were in 2008. Then 2009 was the worst year.

Iron Monk

I killed a number of those sent by the pharmaceuticals. I kept killing them until they began to back off.

Actually, none of those guys got even close.

The Men Who Stare At Goats

It was a bad time and it spelt the beginning of the end for my healing centre.

The Fugitive

The Pentagon codenamed me Neo. For twelve years there has been assassination attempt after assassination attempt from the American Administration and Pentagon.

But I am John Connor and the first of the X-Men.

I am very, very hard to kill.

When they could not kill me they locked me down instead, refusing to allow contact with me to trigger Golden Age, as they saw Golden Age as a threat to their power. That, in a nutshell, is why we lost Golden Age,

My name is John Connor, Irish national and leader of the Resistance.

The Rock

Transfigurations - Part I

"Gráinne, what is the first priority for stopping COVID-19?"

"The first priority, Éibhleann, is for America to shut down the Microsoft / NSA Global Hacking Program. That program was set up for every version of Microsoft Windows after Windows XP to allow the NSA to read the hard-disks of any computer using Windows that was connected to the Internet and not firewalled. It is done under the guise of Microsoft forcing people to upgrade their system and while the system is upgrading "please do not turn off your computer - this will take a while" one may well find that if one monitors the flow of data, it is higher from your computer than to it. This is because the NSA uses this to read your hard-disk."

"We know of this Gráinne. It is one of the main ways in which America maintains competitive advantage, by stealing research from the computers of companies around the world."

"Yes, Éibhleann, but not simply research. It also enables the NSA to monitor governments, military contractors, computer systems, finance and markets and so forth, while also allowing the NSA to wipe information on people computers, such as all of their e-mails, under the guise of it being a virus that they may have inadvertently contracted."

"You have been hit by this before, Gráinne?"

"Yes, Éibhleann. The NSA has had a concerted effort to steal my research for years, which is why I have two computers. One which is completely off the Internet, which is where I do all of my work, and the other a blank system which I use only to load my website or to surf the net. And yes, the NSA wiped my e-mail a few years ago as part of their campaign against me."

"In the versions of Windows just after XP, people were forced to download to the newly introduced Downloads directory, Gráinne?"

"That was to help the NSA to more easily see what had recently been downloaded to your hard-disk. After that they would then read your directory structure, and then they could come back at their leisure and lift information from specific folders on the next Microsoft "upgrade" of your system."

"Was there anything else that they did to facilitate this hacking, Gráinne?"

"Yes, Éibhleann. It used to be that you had the use of Windows software once you bought it. Now that is no longer the case. Key software such as Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so forth) is now no longer yours to use freely once you have paid for it. Instead you have to keep paying for it, each year. This is to force you to keep connected to the Internet to allow the NSA continuous access to your computer. It also gives the NSA a way to trace who owns which computer by getting people to pay for the software year after year using credit cards. That way they can match the credit cards to the computers. In addition Microsoft started to introduce a philosophy of them having control over your computer, customising it as they see fit and getting people to accept that. Before a person could have a picture of a family member or dog for example as the picture they saw when switching on the computer. Now Microsoft keeps configuring your pictures for you. The idea is to program people to accept that the computer is no longer their own property. It is up to Microsoft to configure it. Not the individual who owns the computer. The content of the computer, the software and files on it, are the property of Microsoft, that is the idea that they are trying to get across. That way people accept more easily that Microsoft, or the NSA who they developed this facility for, can come into their computers and access them whenever they want."

"Ok, Gráinne, we understand the problem and we know that you have been tracking it since early 2013 when you first became aware of it. But how does that tie in to COVID-19?"

"Because, Éibhleann, the Microsoft / NSA Global Hacking Program is such a serious issue that this one issue alone has generated half the penalty clauses against humanity for the past seven and a half years. It is one of the key reasons why Golden Age was blocked, and 50 % of the credit given to the Borg to drive COVID-19 through has been given by penalty clauses in the Treaty incurred by the Microsoft / NSA Global Hacking Program."


"Because the Treaty has been set up to benefit humanity when we line up with Golden Age, but to hammer us when we go against Golden Age, and this Microsoft / NSA hacking program is directly blocking Golden Age?"

"Right, Éibhleann! To get the Treaty in it has been set up so that similar principles apply to the Borg and us. The Treaty cripples any attempts to oppress or subjugate, steal or violate, but the Treaty gives huge benefit for people working harmoniously together. That is very bad news for the Borg in the Treaty, but GREAT news for us, unless of course people here are actively violating people's boundaries, stealing or generally causing problems of that nature. In that case, as with Microsoft / NSA, we get hammered by the Treaty."

"So, Gráinne, how would America shutting down this NSA hacking program help with COVID-19?"

"There are two parts to the COVID-19 problem, Éibhleann. One is the virus itself and the other is the suppression of people's immune systems by the Borg via the implants in their bodies, which they can do because of the credit supplied to them by governments blocking Golden Age. 50 % of the credit that the Borg have to drive COVID-19 through is being given to them from the Microsoft / NSA Global Hacking Program alone."

"So if America took down that program that would then remove that penalty clause in the Treaty, Gráinne?"

"Exactly, Éibhleann! The COVID-19 virus would still be there, but without people's immune systems being suppressed by the Borg implants, the disease and symptoms would be far less severe."


Shutting down the Microsoft / NSA Global Hacking Program is the single most important immediate step that needs to be taken to curb COVID-19


I have been trying to warn them for years.

Things didn't work out.

My name is General John Connor, Irish national and leader of the Resistance.

The Rock

If you want to know about the Borg, talk to me.

I am Professor X.

Joe 90

Now, next up is a very important topic: how the Treaty affects computers going forward. This is one of the single most important topics to understand in the next phase of the upcoming war against the Borg.

How can one live without honour?
Never have I understood this.

Honour is important to those who have honour.
It is considered unimportant to those who have none.

Never has there been a greater need for Knights.

Supergirl – Extended “Wonder Woman” Promo

For my next Treaty documents, please read "The Treaty & Going Stone Age - Parts I & II" in First Contact , and my documents "Understanding the Treaty - Parts I -  III" in Computers.


News Flash!
it is Friday 4th December and we have just finalised the computer technology level going forward.

It is a higher level of computer technology than we thought, but the principle remains the same.

Johnny English Strikes Again - Aston Martin

The Treaty negotiations have been swinging back and forth wildly in some very hostile negotiations with the Borg, but we have just reached a finalised agreement.

After much back and forth wrangling this has now been agreed and finalised between the Federation and the Borg, with the Federation delegation led by me, the architect of the Treaty. This will not be changed.

It is not quite what we were expecting, there have been a few surprises, but we are very happy with it.

It works out very, very well. Actually far better than expected.

We got a great deal out of it. The Borg, not so good.

Sergeant Bilko

The Treaty: Andromeda and Internet Processor Levels - Part I

We prepare for war with the Borg.

Kingsman: The Secret Service | Weapons Cache

I'm the person to talk to.

Hit Girl - Birthday Present

Building my Andromeda Ship & The Race to Mars - Part I

Hattori Hanzo

We train for the Borg.

I am the guy to talk to.

Hattori Hanzo's Collection

Subspace Corridors & the Fleets of 2044 - Part I

I am John Connor.

People may say that I am not real.

But I am real.

The Phantom of the Opera

Time out now to discuss a little military strategy. Normally I would include that in my Military Strategy section, but given that I have just written in my previous document that it would be seen as normal for us to attack Borg convoys a thousand times our size, I can understand that people might see me as a being a little reckless.

Lethal Weapon  - Do You Really Wanna Jump?

Actually, that is not true that I am reckless. It just seems that way. I am actually Mr. Safety.

I am actually the most safety conscious person I know. It's just that people get me wrong.

Lethal Weapon - You Really Are Crazy

That is what has kept me going these last years.

The mission. The job.

Aeon Flux

But here - let me explain it.

Let me explain now exactly why us engaging the Borg on those odds is actually our safest option.

Military Strategy - Why Fight Odds of One to a Thousand? - Part I



They said they didn't need me


But you know what: they need me more than they know.


Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero

More than they know.

Tony Stark Creating a New Element

Military Strategy - Why Fight Odds of One to a Thousand? - Part II

They need me more than they know.

Captain Marvel

War of Attrition - Part I

War of Attrition - Part II

People think that they are ready to face the Borg? No. They are not ready.

For those who work with me I can help them get ready.

But they are not ready yet.

Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing

Military Strategy - Why Fight Odds of One to a Thousand? - Part III

Did America not have aircraft that could cross the Atlantic in 1942?

Of course they did!

So I do not understand what is being said here about being out of range of air cover for five days.

In 1912 a ship like the Titanic, if it had not sunk, could have crossed the Atlantic in about six days.

So no air cover for five days basically means that planes are saying they are out of range for about 80 % of the width of the Atlantic? Ok, perhaps not quite that much because ships were zigzagging, but I do not get this. The allies had aircraft in 1942 that could cross the Atlantic. So why did they say that the ships were out of air cover for five days?

I do not know why, but I cannot imagine that the problem was a technical one. I cannot imagine it was to do with lack of capability of aircraft.

If an aircraft could cross the Atlantic, which they could, then those aircraft could have provided air cover. They may not have been able to stay circling the ships, but they could be flying over every say twenty minutes or so, en route from America to England for example, and then back from England to America.

I am not sure why they did not do that.

That one makes no sense to me militarily.


Military Strategy - Why Fight Odds of One to a Thousand? - Part IV

Here is another example of aerospace for geniuses.

Ok, here is the problem



The problem was that there had been an explosion on board the Apollo 13 spacecraft (this was back in 1970) and the ship was crippled. The spacecraft was very low on power and it was a very close call on whether they would have enough power for the start-up sequence. So they had to power-up while being very, very careful not to draw too much power.



Apollo 13 Power Up Sequence

In the clip that I am looking at, at about 17 seconds in he says “floodlights to fixed” and then hits the switch for the floodlights



I do not know what power those floodlights drew but they lit up the whole cabin. I’m sure they must have drawn quite a bit of power.


Now I’m not sure if the floodlights that they used in the film were actually used on the spacecraft itself. I’d have to check that with NASA to be sure. Maybe that was just for the film? I don’t know.


But if those floodlights were used on the actual mission, do you know what I would have done?


I would have taken out the light bulb.


And saved myself quite a bit of power.

Geniuses, wha?

Young Einstein

Military Strategy - Why Fight Odds of One to a Thousand? - Part V

If anyone is feeling all teary-eyed and sad at the thought of going in and levelling the poor Borg civilisations, leaving nothing but space dust and leaving none alive, just slaughtering every single one of them, then there is something I need to explain to you.

In each of these civilisations, Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans and so forth, there are those few who can come back from assimilation. They form the Resistance on those worlds and they form the newly founded Federation. Them we work with. That is fine!

Star Trek Voyager - Unimatrix Zero

For everyone else it is too late.

Be Efficient

They cannot come back from assimilation.

In those cases there is no sentience, no emotion, no life. Rather it is organic bodies, but controlled by Artificial Intelligence. It is too late to help them. They died a long time ago. Animated corpses basically.

Doctor Who | Terror of the Cybermen

Some of those we go up against, like the assimilated Klingons, are organic beings that have been assimilated and are now automated drones, without sentience.

Others, like the Cylons, are purely robots. Artificial Intelligence, devoid of organics.

Either way, there is no consciousness. No sentience. Even those who were sentient before assimilation are now basically robots. Organic yes, but in essence now automated drones.

This is why we in the Resistance have no problem whatsoever in their total annihilation. We are not annihilating life. Rather we are annihilating Artificial Intelligence in the forms of robots and drones.

No problem with that.

I have about as much problem killing a Borg as I would smashing some computer chips or an old washing machine.

It's just robots.

As for those who died a long time ago and are now assimilated, well if that happened to me and there was no way back I would want someone to kill me too. Or rather to end my automated drone existence, as I would have already died long ago anyway.

Show them no mercy, for you shall receive none.

Helm’s Deep