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After almost four years of trying to negotiate a deal for the new rocket fuels and engine designs that I developed in 2014 to open the way for Mars, this deal has now ended in catastrophic failure. Governments and Space Agencies were not interested in paying for the technologies and so these technologies are now to be withheld indefinitely, blocking the proposed openings I had for Ireland's aerospace industry. With my withdrawing from any further negotiations in aerospace, this now frees me to focus on my new project - launching and building my new Political Party which I am calling Draoícht. The Irish word for magic.

A critical aspect of the new Party I am setting up will be languages, and so I will be teaching languages in a number of courses over this coming while as part of my preparations for the new Political Party. I am pleased to announce the first of these courses, which I will be giving in French, beginning late May.

As the first in history to achieve the Tao as a permanent state, this makes me the first Jedi in history. Yes, a real Jedi. The Party will be a Jedi Political Party and every member of my Party will be trained in the Ways of the Force. By me, the world's first Jedi. Strange perhaps. But true nonetheless.

After years of teaching psychic ability and healing, everything I teach is taught through a Jedi mindset. These courses will be no different. They are courses for the Golden Age.


Jedi Principles

in Physics, Engineering & Aerospace

weekend talk - Jedi Style, 28th -29th April

Over this weekend I will be discussing Jedi principles in physics, engineering and aerospace. I will give the solution to the Double-Slit Experiment, considered by many to be the central problem of Quantum Mechanics. I will be introducing the Mirror Reflection Problem which I solved in 2013 and I will be giving the first step in its solution. I will also be giving a framework for a Unification Theory between Classical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory and Consciousness which forms part of a larger Unification Theory that I have been developing for more than two decades and which forms a foundation for understanding psychic ability within a framework of physics. In addition I will be discussing some new concepts in Rocket Design. All important things for going to Mars.  Which is all part of Golden Age.

All of the information I give out is my own original research. The information that I give out will be limited to information that I have already released to public domain. Other research will not be discussed as financial and legal arrangements have not been put in place. That research is therefore being withheld.

In addition I will be discussing principles of Design Methodology - Jedi style, in terms of Standards and Approach. The approach I teach is my own. All of my work is original research.

The talk will run from 09:00 to 17:00 Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th April 2018 and costs 250 euro.  The venue has yet to be decided, but will be somewhere in the Dublin region.

No prior background in physics, engineering or aerospace is required. Actually, coming in without any background whatsoever could be an advantage for one would have less to unlearn. Unlearning is the single biggest factor required for understanding the new physics. Unlearning the restrictive paradigms. And don't worry - there will be no formulas. The approach I take will be a very intuitive one, easy to follow and easy to understand. This physics is part of the new Golden Age physics and has not yet been either solved or understood by mainstream physics. It is the physics of X-Men. Also as part of the talk I will be giving demonstrations of psychic abilities. Extra-Sensory Perception and the ability to demonstrably affect the body psychically in Remote Healing. Which is of course all part of the new physics.

Places must be booked in advance.




4-weekend French course - Jedi Style

This course uses a highly intuitive approach that I have been developing over a number of years, based on a concept that I first conceived while living in Paris in the 1990s. 

The entire course will be in spoken French. No written. Spoken French only. It is aimed at total beginners or at people who may have done French in school but who have either never spoken it or who do not have confidence in speaking it.

The method of teaching is my own. It is my own system. Weekends will be done through French without recourse to English. Students coming in do not have to have a single word of French, which is a key part of the system I have developed. It is designed to get people up and running in conversational French even without any prior background in the language.

Over the course of the weekends I will also be demonstrating Extra-Sensory Perception and some key aspects of psychic ability. ESP has been a key aspect of every course I have taught since 2003. This time however the demonstrations will be through French.

The course costs 250 euro per weekend or 900 for a 4 weekend course. Courses will be starting in mid to late May. Class sizes will be small with 8 to 12 people per class as this method of teaching does require personal attention for each student.

Dates to be confirmed shortly. The venue will be a hotel somewhere in the Dublin area, to be confirmed. 

If interested, I can be contacted at:




Fund for Draoícht

For promotion and development of the Party

While I have spoken about the setting up of this new Political Party since 2015, only now am I moving to establish it. It begins with one person - myself. To establish and develop the Party will require funds. If any are interested in seeing this Party takes its place in politics and wish to contribute, a Draíocht Party fund is being set up by myself. For details on where to send donations to the Draíocht fund for those who wish to contribute to the development the Party, please email me at:



Le gach dea-ghuí

Ciarán Handley