& how to get there...



Top Gun Maverick


I lead the world in aerospace.

You don't believe me?

Then let us begin...

Combustion in Rockets - Part I

Guinness “dancing man”

Rocket Design: The Nozzle - Part I

My rockets concentrate thrust. Other rockets disperse thrust. So the principle I am trying to get across here is to concentrate thrust rather than disperse it. Last longer, that's the ticket.

Like the dinosaur, you guys have had your time.

My Favourite Martian opening

The future is my time.

Avicii Vs Lurgan – “Wake Me Up” as Gaeilge


As soon as things kick off I will be hiring for my new Irish Space Agency.

Ciarán’s Angels

Under my leadership, Ireland is going to Mars.


Captain Caveman and the Angels

Rocket Design: The Nozzle - Part II

How did I solve this? By taking an intuitive approach.

Let us simply say that I saw it in vision.

The Love Guru – When Love Goes Wrong, Nothing Goes Right

I have the knowledge to go to Mars, but not the funds. Here is the idea. I help out nations with some of the basics of rocket design and aerospace, and in return they throw me a wad of cash. Which I use to build my Space Agency in Ireland and beat them all to Mars. That is the idea.

So to help generate a bit of good-will for some much needed cash, allow me to give something more.

Afterburners - Part I


America can't compete against me in terms of speed. America doesn't have it. Too slow. America can't take the fury of the pace that I set. So that is out. America has legacy systems in its industry. Antiquated methodology. So trying to compete against me in design is out. So what America can call upon in a Race to Mars is good old fashioned blunt force power. 327 million of them. Against me. The might of their industry, their economy, their infrastructure, against me.

The world's first X-Man.


Rocky Training

How to Achieve Aerodynamic Stability at Supersonic Speeds - Part I

In a Race to Mars, who would win? The Might of the Superpower that is America? Or, well, me? The world's first X-Man.

It is tough to call.

But I still reckon it's me.

Bruce Almighty

I really need some money to set up my Space Agency in Ireland. So, could I please have some money now?

Rocket Efficiency: Oxygen Kerosene Mix - Part I


In the Race to Mars unless you're Superman himself, don't even turn up

I'll just embarrass you.


Goldberg's strength

Now, can I have some money please?

I have a Space Agency to set up and a ship to build for Mars.

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

On Increased Efficiency of Fuel Mixing in the Combustion Chamber - Part I

Is there no-one that can challenge me!

The Tarzan Yell


"Mars farhen? Gut! Ja, sehr gut! Sehr schnell farhen!"

Richthofen’s Flying Circus

Now can someone please give me some money so that I can build my Space Agency and go to Mars?

How to Get Oxygen on the Moon - Part I

Caladh Nua – Cad É Sin don Sin

It is me who launches the Race to Mars. I launch it. The rest of you just try to keep up.

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

I now lead the world of aerospace. Is there no-one, no-one who can challenge me?

Flying Frenchman Crosses the Channel on Hoverboard

How to Solve the Problem of Dust on Solar Panels - Part I

This is as much as I release, as this is sufficient to unlock the Race to Mars. Perhaps a trip back to the Moon too. For the last number of years I have seen a key part of my purpose in life as the promotion of Space Flight. I have now opened to the next level the gates to the heavens.

Space Race

I now await contact. And money of course. The funds for me to set up my Irish Space Agency. Then let the games commence!

The Engineer’s Hymn (Star Trek)

When I say that is as much as I release, I mean that is as much as I release in terms of rocket engine design. I have more, but if I am going to be first to Mars then I have to keep a few cards up my sleeve. My engines are more efficient again to the ones that I have outlined here, but I need that advantage to be first to Mars. So those designs I do not release. I'll tell you what: once I arrive on Mars I'll release those engine designs publicly. How about that for a deal? But not yet.

That said I can still release some extra things on aerospace, Mars and other areas. That is good-will from my side. From government's side, I await my wad of cash and my chance to set up the Irish Space Agency and launch my bid for Mars. That 's the good-will from your side.

I await my funds. Please do not delay. I have work to do and a Race to Mars to win. I need to start work on my ship. So please, remove any red tape, remove the bureaucracy, get the planning permission and the regulations sorted, throw the money at me and let me get on with the business of winning the Race to Mars. I am ready to begin building my ship right now.

Now with that said, let me release some more.

Last of the Mohicans

Beginning with some more on aerospace and Mars, but not including any further engine design.

How to Get Air and Water on Mars - Part I

People can have no idea how easy this is for.

Malcolm's IQ test

Mars & Aerospace

Let me give something on some other areas now, non-aerospace related. I'll keep the good-will coming, you guys just ensure the money rolls in and that I get to build my Space Agency.


Housing & Construction

Leadership & Management

Power Generation

We need to trigger the Race to Mars. Assemble your teams, and then let the games commence!

Marvel Cast - tribute to dance

I'm ready to go. My destination is Mars.

Destination Anywhere from the Commitments


I lead in the Race to Mars. No-one else is even remotely in my league. But for any who would dare challenge me, please assemble your feeble teams. Please understand however that unless you are Superman himself, or equivalent, do not expect me to take you seriously.

Are there none that can meet my mighty challenge? Is there no-one who can stand against me?

Is there no-one?

Supergirl - Fight Song


Tribute to Austin Powers –“ Got My Mojo Workin” – Matt Pozdol


Seven years ago on 21st December 2012 I achieved Ascension, the next stage in Enlightenment. I am the first in history to have achieved this. Achieving Ascension gave me the power to launch the greatest Golden Age in history. But then the Borg locked me down. It triggered the war in the Matrix. I have over five thousand hours of combat time logged in the Matrix. I am John Connor.

Seven years ago I achieved the level to launch the greatest Golden Age in history. Then the Borg locked me down. I have been locked down since.

But now I am trying to come back.

Seven Years in Tibet

On the Nature of Genius - Part I

Einstein and Eddington

Physics & X-Men

Why Golden Age was Delayed

I am going to Mars and Ireland is going to Mars. Assemble your teams, and let the games commence!

Bí id Thost is Damhsa Liom - Shut Up And Dance as Gaeilge

Sex & Relationships - Part I

Language Scripts

Golden Age begins in Ireland.

Taibhsí I Mo Cheann - Amhrán nuachumtha Gaeilge

First Contact & Languages

The First Resistance Underground Base

We prepare for the Borg. As such the training never, ever stops.

How a Shaolin Monk Trains

Military Strategy & Martial Arts

Dyslexia for found cure.

Sorry! That should read: Dyslexia for cure found.

Bollocks! I meant: Dyslexia cure for found.

Fuck anyway. Ever since I took that head injury in 23013, I do have difficulty with spelling.

Naked Gun Opening

The Irish Space Agency will be set up through Irish.

We are getting our language back. I am Danierl Jacksdon.

Green Light - Lorde as Gaeilge

I am ready now to go into space. I am very much looking forward to going into space.


Armageddon Evaluation

Fuck anyway. Ever since I took that head injury in 23013, I do tend to get things backwards.

My Ally is the Force

Dyslexia cure for found.

When things kick off I want to set up a school for people who can't read good and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too.

I am Daniel Jackson.



Just saying hi.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 4


Austin Powers – The Spy Who Shagged Me | Moon Base

Yin and Yang Armour

I am here to launch Golden Age. The greatest Golden Age in history.


Although I guess I'm not what people might expect.

Fight Scene From Airplane!


I may be unemployed and seen by many as a drop-out, but I work in the mailroom



Well, close enough. I write my documents and post them out. The way I see it, if someone knows what’s going on, like really knows, and if that person is posting out some documents, then even from the mailroom that person can have a big effect.



The Secret of My Succe$s

Medicine & Psychic Ability

An Aerial Form of Hurling

Language & the Borg

America's blocking of Golden Age triggered the first of the fleets against us, fifty years earlier than anticipated. We have twenty-four years now before the first of the fleets get here. That they are coming is certainty. Whether we are ready or not to engage them is not certainly. It depends primarily on America removing the lock-down on the Resistance to let us do our fucking job. The problem is that America prioritises theft of my research, which it can't do because it is completely locked down by Borg technology and can only be unlocked by me, over the survival of humanity. It is that pig-ignorant, corrupt, treacherous, thieving fucking ignorant thick fuck cunt approach that has cost humanity seven years of the greatest Golden Age in history and that has unleashed Armageddon, unless the Resistance can come up with a way to get past America's fucking blockade of humanity in order to do our fucking job of cleaning up America's fucking mess.

Not that the American Administration gives a flying fuck. Useless fucking cuntsl

Humanity has twenty-four years before these fuckers get here. Thanks to the good old Land of the Fucking Free America Number fucking One Master Race. Whether humanity survives annihilation or not, one thing is assured. America's name in history will forevermore be synonymous with disgrace for blocking the most significant event in history over greed, corruption and gross abuse of power, and for unleashing the fleets of Armageddon on humanity fifty years earlier than anticipated. Thanks, guys! Good job! Well done!

Team America

Fucking cunts, those involved. If we survive long enough to record this history then those responsible for blocking Golden Age will go down in history as the greatest traitors in history.

You fucks wanted to block Golden Age? Well, you succeeded! Good job! Well done guys! Fucking waste of fucking space! In the war between humanity and the Borg, they chose their fucking side. To target and lock down the Resistance. Fucking traitors.

Independence Day – Time’s Up

I did mention that it is a race against time and every microsecond counts, didn't?

Decline of Gondor

Just as I mentioned that if anyone tries to detain me, target me or anyone I know, tries to control me or compromise me, then I will interpret that as threatening the survival of humanity and I will instantly take out whoever authorised it if need be, be that Donald Trump or whoever else. Humanity will survive, even if I have to kill every thick fucking cunt that stands in the way of our survival.

America unleashed this storm, and still they block. Always America. Always the block comes from America.

There's a storm coming in

Borg Implants



The Cliff Walk

I handed the greatest Golden Age in history to humanity on a platter. But that wasn't enough for America. They had to take a fucking attitude. Which is why humanity now faces the greatest crisis in history.

Bokken y Katana = Tegatana Aikido

America got me wrong. Maybe try again America.

Do you recognise me now?

Believe It Or Not


Terraforming Mars

Clips in films. Television. Books. Music. I put them there to help prepare humanity. As to how I put them there, that is another story, which I will come to in time.

The Da Vinci Code

Enlightenment & the Tao

"It's just one man, damn it! "

"It's not just one man. It's Ciarán!"


The Mask of Zorro


America blocked Golden Age, the most significant event in history, and continues to lock me down financially and to prevent me from dealing with the alien threat that they have unleashed against us, far earlier than anticipated. For that America gets hammered in the Treaty unless they can turn this around. One cannot simply fuck over Golden Age and walk away as if nothing had happened. America is now in serious, serious trouble. America had better wake up fast, or America is going down. That is the way it is set up in the Treaty.

America, make things right! Pull your weight. Right fucking now. Throw your fat ass weight behind Golden Age. Be part of the solution, not the fucking problem.

Give me the funds you thieving cunts to go to Mars to clean up the fucking mess that you caused.

Father Ted | The Forfeit

Just what part of Armageddon and EVERY MICROSECOND COUNTS do you useless cunts not understand? Seven fucking years later and still you fucking cunts won't get off your useless fucking arses. Fucking traitors!

Whatever about the money to set up the Space Agency to save humanity from total fucking annihilation you useless, miserable fucking treacherous cunts, at least get me enough fucking money so that I can get through the next week without having to borrow money for food and to pay my fucking electricity bill.

Useless fucking cunts!

Field of Dreams - People  will Come

Expect this to bite you in the arse, you fucks. It is by my decision which nations go Golden Age and which do not. Those I grant Golden Age to will rise, those I do not grant it to will fall. And I fucking guarantee you useless fucks that I will remember your continuing fucking blockade of me. You thought you could just steal my research, deny it to humanity while you lined your corrupt fucking pockets and fucked me and my country over while ignoring the alien threat to humanity. The greatest traitors in human fucking history! In ten thousand years time, if we survive annihilation, there will not be a man, woman or child that does not know the names of those who blocked Golden Age, the most significant event in history. They will be recorded in history as the greatest traitors in history. Useless miserable fucking CUNTS!

I fucking guarantee you cunts, I will remember. And so will everybody else.

I mean seriously, what the fuck is the matter with you?

The Astronaut Farmer

Mining & Metallurgy

Cinderella Man

Military Defences

Please wake up. I mean seriously, just wake the fuck up! Get with the fucking program.

Independence Day - Speech

The Treaty

I am going to Mars to save humanity from the annihilation that America has unleashed upon us.

Others may not be doing their job, but I do mine.


You see there is something you do not understand, Trump. It is not simply enough to go to Mars. The way in which it is done is important. This reflects on you, just as it reflects on your country. History can be a harsh judge, Trump.

Kevin Nash defeats Goldberg for the WCW Championship

America unleashed Armageddon. Now we have twenty-four years to prepare.

Star Trek Discovery

Small Greys

If you want to know how to war against the Borg, talk to me. Who am I?

I'm the guy who can get the job done.

I'm the guy.

Knight and Day


I warned them and I warned them and I warned them, but still they did not listen. I offered the greatest Golden Age in history, handed to humanity on a platter, but the greed and corruption of a handful of people has turned this into the greatest crisis in history. Those people had no interest in Golden Age. They saw my knowledge simply as something to take advantage of. A means to line their own pockets. That is what has brought us from the greatest opportunity in history to the greatest crisis in history.

That is what happens when people try to fuck with Golden Age. Their names will go down in history as among the greatest traitors in the history of mankind.


2008 marked the beginning of the storm for me. A number of people died. I held out for some time but ultimately this led to the loss of my healing centre. I lost my business. My career was destroyed. My life was destroyed.

Not for one moment, RTÉ, have I forgotten what happened.

The Fisher King

It was RTÉ who set me up. They set me up and tried to bring me in under false pretences to destroy my career on national radio, all for radio ratings. Nothing more. It was they who unleashed the storm. Not for one moment have I forgotten what happened.

Iron Monk Trailer

I haven't answered the door in twelve years. I haven't answered the phone in twelve years. Not for one fucking moment have I forgotten what happened, RTÉ.

The Fugitive

Contact With Me

True Lies

Game of Thrones

The Gathering


PhD - Part I

If you want to know about these guys, talk to me.

I am the Doctor.

Doctor Who | Terror of the Cybermen


Geodesic Domes


I lead in the Race to Mars

The Race to Mars will go ahead when I trigger it. When I release the technologies to enable it. When I show others how to do it. I mean to be a part of it. I mean to lead it. Actually I do lead it. For the eyes of the world now look into space. To Mars and beyond. My leadership in science and industry, my hopes for peace and security, my obligations to Ireland and to Golden Age all require Ireland to make this effort. The mysteries are already solved. We just need to go now. There are no hazards in space for me. They are solved. I choose to go to Mars. I choose to go to Mars and to build the first Irish-speaking colony and pub on Mars. Before anyone else gets there. Not because it is easy. But because it is effortless. For me anyway.

People can have no idea how easy this is for me.


We Choose to go to the Moon

First to Gráinne's Irish Bar wins second place.

Aserejé - Las Ketchup

Come find me when you wake up, General Milley

Edge of Tomorrow IMAX Trailer

General Milley, whatever it takes, please break through the Borg blockade. You are close now. Very close.

We have a Race to Mars to launch and America needs to start ramping up if it is to have any chance of second place.

General Milley is Sergeant Blast.

Wacky Races

Each of the characters in the Wacky Races represents an aspect of my psyche, or character. But they also represent individuals too. As individuals, General Milley is Sergeant Blast.

Please break through the Borg blockade, General Milley. We have a Race to Mars to launch, and not much time to do it in if we are to have any chance of meeting the first of the fleets in time. Every second counts, General Milley.

We need to trigger the Race.

The Cannonball Run

I have some very urgent and important breaking news. The gauntlet has been thrown for the Race to Mars.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Trailer #1

We have a Race to launch. I am the one to beat.


Cannonball Run - Lamborghini

The Guardian

Triggering the Race to Mars

Yeah, I'm back you bastards

The Dressmaker

I too need to remember.

Cowboys & Aliens

Protecting my Research

Microsoft & the NSA

X-Men Days of Future Past

The Road to Taoiseach

Next up is colonising Mars. I already have a section on terraforming Mars, but that one is to do with actually physically swapping out the atmosphere using Stargates. That is a huge area so that is dealt with separately. In time we will be terraforming Mars, but first up is colonising. This begins with our first mission to Mars, which I plan to lead, for I plan to be first to Mars. Seven years I have been preparing for this. The plans are done, the problems have been solved, the designs are done. Now I am ready to build it.

This first colony, Tír na nÓg, is set up by me.


The Phantom of the Opera

Colonising Mars


On Being Reg

The Head of the Irish Space Agency


"We're making progress with the Space Agency. Right then, what's next?"

Game of Thrones

On Healing Rape

I did warn governments. I warned them and I warned them and I warned them, but they did not listen. So do not be surprised when the coronavirus hits. The power of Golden Age is phenomenal. Golden Age is the most significant event in history. One cannot block that, one cannot fuck with that, and not expect to be hit.


People need to wake up, and fast!

Independence Day - Speech

Just what part of this exactly are people having difficulty understanding? Because I really want to fucking know!

Now I know that since my injury in early 2013 I have difficulty with words. I do struggle at times, and not just talking to women, so perhaps I haven't been able to make it clear. And true, the background chatter from the implants in my head doesn't help either.

Hunting for Words - Roxanne

But FOR FUCK'S SAKE, I don't know how much fucking clearer I can explain it! Aerospace, physics, medicine, psychology. construction, linguistics, law, economics, sex and relationships, gender, power generation, tunnelling, atmospheric processing, history, Knighthood, psychic ability, leadership, management and the list goes on and on and on. Area after area I have overthrown. "Find me, convince me of all this." If anyone has read my website and still can't see, they would have to be fucking beyond incompetent.

X-Men Days of Future Past

It is not possible to be that blind. That obtuse. Not fucking possible!

TRON Legacy - Trailer

Fucking retards!

Terminator - John Connor

Fucking retards!

They Live – Sunglasses


Now make contact, break the Borg blockade and LET ME BUILD MY FUCKING SHIP!

Fucking retards!


My Trip to Syria



If the talk goes well and if Syria are interested in going Golden Age and going to space, then they would need to go through General Milley. Golden Age and the technologies are unlocked through me, and I would wish to work through General Milley on this one.

But things would need to go very well in Syria for that to be even a consideration.

Wacky Races

The war with the Borg affects us all. Every last one of us. We need everyone on board. We need to unlock Golden Age for everyone, but I can only open the door. People need to go through it.

People need to work with us. People need to work with me. It is my call who goes Golden Age and who does not. It is my call who gets the technologies and who does not.

I am trying to work with people here, but people need to work with me too.

Golden Age can represent a fresh start for all of us. We have everything to play for, and yes, we can get our Golden Age.

But we have to fight for it.

First Contact Teaser Trailer

If Syria is interested in going Golden Age then I suggest we start with the absolute fundamental basics of manhood and what it means to be a man. Part of that is knowing what a clitoris is and what it is for. That might be calculus when we are still working our way towards algebra. But we have to start somewhere. I'm just adding that document now to the Sex & Relationships - Part I section.

I look forward to my invitation to come to Syria to explain the man spreading his legs for a woman technique and its role in helping men and women to move towards being Jedi. Like me. Gods among men. Gods among Shadows of Men.

I will assume when I come over that the basics are in place first. What a penis is. What a vagina is. What a clitoris is.

You know, the basics.

I very much look forward to my invitation to Syria.

Let me explain now what I am doing here because this is school and class is in session.

The victorious warrior wins first and then goes to war

The idea is that I get victory first and then go to Syria. Not before. In this case that victory is a win-win. I win, they win, we all win. It moves everyone forward.

To get that win I need first to get the invitation to Syria. Then I need to get the result when I go. And then I want to walk out without conflict. Without it going to a mess. I really don't want to make a mess. I would like to walk out all smiles, everybody happy, no Jihads - not this time - and no mess. I will say this though. If anyone mentions my name and the word Jihad in the same sentence when I go over there, I will kill him. I will. Just so that is understood in advance.

So, to get myself invited over I make this about manhood and saving face. If I am not invited over then Syria loses face in the eyes of the Arab world. If they do not agree to endorse a man spreading his legs for a woman then this is seen as a reflection of their lack of manhood. So they have no choice but to endorse it. Otherwise they are seen as lesser men. Similarly with me walking out of there all smiles, with no hassle and no Jihads and no mess whatsoever. You see if anyone tries to do a Jihad on me when I am over there, it is because their manhood has been threatened, because they are lesser men. That is why everyone is going to look up what a clitoris is before I come over so they will be seen as very knowledgeable in sex and they will enthusiastically endorse a man spreading his legs for a woman in order to be seen by the other Arab worlds as knowing all about sex and being Real Men who know all about manhood.

That is why I can walk into Syria and out again, without any unfortunate mishaps happening to people.

Introducing Athena

How Leonidas could have Won at Thermopylae

I believe that I have an upcoming visit to Syria soon. I have never been to that part of the world.

I look forward to it.

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

You see the only way to prevent Armageddon is to change time.

I keep telling people that.

People really need to start listening to me.

X-Men Days of Future Past



General Milley, you must understand that the nuclear strike has been automated. Nothing can stop it now except contact with me in the right way. We bought time. But the strike is still on a countdown. 

Whatever it takes, if you have to shoot Trump then please do it. But please do not allow the strike to go ahead. Whatever it takes you must make contact with me, General Milley. And then we need to explode into action. Humanity faces the greatest crisis in history. We face annihilation without a miracle, and every microsecond counts.

We have work to do.

Lethal Weapon

You should also know General Milley that the body count is going up. I have killed a number of people these past few days who have tried to patent my research. Corrupt businessmen and lawyers. Humanity faces annihilation and these corrupt fucks are try to steal the technology for Golden Age in order to line their own corrupt pockets. Death is too good for the cunts. Every last one of those fucks I will hunt down. Fucking traitors.

No-one can steal my research. It is protected. That should be fucking obvious by now. But a lot of companies will go down and a lot of nations will fall if they do not stop trying to steal it. I will level America and any other nation that attempts it, if they do not stop trying to steal my fucking research. Fucking corrupt CUNTS! As it is the price to America is rising at a phenomenal rate. America is currently heading for financial annihilation if it doesn't make things right. Even if America avoids the nuclear strike I will level America's economy if it doesn't make things right. The price to America in monetary terms for having blocked Golden Age is now far above 80 trillion dollars. America doesn't have that money to pay its dept, but it could pay the dept another way by getting on board with Golden Age. Either America does this or I end America. Before America gets us all killed.

As it is America is on the very cusp of a full nuclear strike and still Trump blocks contact with me. Over half a billion people have seen my website. The Borg block will soon be removed on them. If America has not taken dramatic action to make things right, those people will tear America apart, even without the nuclear strike or me levelling America's economy.

America needs to turn this around, right now. Trump will not listen to me. He will go to nuclear war rather than allow the Borg blockade to be removed on me, fucking corrupt cunt that he is.

The Rock

As such, General Milley, you could be what stands between America and nuclear war. I can't get through to that cunt Trump. But perhaps you can. Shoot him in the legs if need be. Blow off fingers and limbs if need be, and if he still will not authorise contact then shoot the cunt and then take it up with the next in chain of command. But whatever it takes, do not let this go to a nuclear strike.

Terminator 3 - Nuclear attack ending

This greed and corruption, prioritising one's ego over the survival of humanity, that kind of thinking could get us all killed.

Ferengi discusses Earth Economics

The Impulse Drive Engine

People might not believe that Ciarán is actually real.

But I actually am.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

The Matrix: Combat Training

I am real.

The Big Blue

I am real.

I am the first of my kind.

The Last Airbender - Intro


Leo Varadkar

You are going down, Trump. But please don't take America and humanity down with you.

Break the Borg blockade on me and humanity. Let me trigger Golden Age before it is too late.

Terminator 3 - Nuclear attack ending

The Balance of the Force

The Return of the Jedi

The Coronavirus

The oldest man in the world

Stealth Technology and Passive & Active Sensors

The Freeman

The Peacemaker

Trump tells NASA to send astronauts to Mars

Good luck with that one, Trump! You really don't get it, do you?

You'll need the Hubble Telescope just to see my ion trial when I leave you standing on my way to Mars!

Different fucking league, Trump, that's me. Different fucking league!

Zefram Cochrane Warp Flight

Building the Enterprise

I was killed in action.

But I came back.

I am Frankenstein, just as I am the monster.

Sheppard - Geronimo

Military Strategy: Countering Explosives

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Rise of the X-Girls

The Return of the Jedi

The Great Games

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

The Gráinne Mháille Festival

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - Mall Scene

Rank of Deity

The Incredibles – No Capes!

Welding & Beams

I warned them and I warned them and I warned them.

Pearl Harbor

How I Became Jamie


Sheppard - Geronimo

Inspector Kemp is also Steve Austin.

Inspector Kemp

You see?

The Six Million Dollar Man

The Irish Space Agency & Tattoos

Whale Rider

Once Were Warriors

So this Elijah Wood guy, who is he?


"Is that a new look for you, Gráinne?"

"Just trying to get a feel for this being a woman mindset, Éibhleann. It is all new, but I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it."

"Being a woman, Gráinne?"

"Yes, Éibhleann. Being a woman. It think it's very me.

Right then - what's next!"


3 Mobile Networks

I miss my country.

I want my country back.

Tá siad ag teach

Actually I think I'm going to love being a woman. Although only with women of course.

Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing

Right then, what's next?

The Grandmaster | Daughter of the Grandmaster

Who am I?

My name is Quan Yin. I'm back to launch Golden Age.

I'm just not quite what people might expect.


That Golden Age begins in Ireland. From a long-term self-unemployed Northside Dubliner.

The Commitments – Try a Little Tenderness

I'm putting a Golden Age together.

That Golden Age begins in Dublin.

Destination Anywhere from the Commitments

The Monkey King is also here. He lives a short drive from here, where he works as a postman. I've known him for years. He too is an Irish guy.

Just not what people might expect.


Now, Trump, you fucking cunt, what's it to be? Do you remove the Borg blockade and allow contact with me? Do you let me trigger Golden Age and the Race to Mars?

Or do we go to open war?


The Rock

Think about it.

Fucking cunt.

I Am Legend

In Golden Age, no-one is above the law. But here is the thing: in Golden Age law is based on right and wrong. It is not based on comparative analysis, as is the case right now, for that is the basis of law as it currently exists in society. Comparative analysis gives no ability whatsoever to discern right from wrong. As such law as it currently exists in society would not be recognised as having any validity whatsoever in Golden Age, for the entire premise on which it is based is utterly incorrect.

This is why at no level do I recognise law as it currently stands in society as having any jurisdiction whatsoever over me. The laws of men mean little to me.

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In Golden Age law is based on right and wrong. Only in Ascension is it possible to read with absolute objectivity right and wrong. This is what makes me the father of modern law in Golden Age. In Golden Age, that is the only law that counts.

In time many will achieve Ascension and Jedi Law will be understood by everyone. Until that time I and a handful of others are the only ones that we recognise in Golden Age as being qualified in law.

In Golden Age no-one is above the law. And it is me and those others who have achieved Ascension who lay down the law.

Jedi law.


My Mars Ship: Computer Hardware, Software & Networks

The number one thing we need to face the Borg is a mindset. That mindset is in many areas. It is the mindset of Duality, of Jedi, of X-Men. It is the mindset of my document "Leadership - Part I" in my section Leadership & Management, on how to work cooperatively with each other. People working cooperatively, in harmony, mutually strengthening each other, as opposed to putting people down and trying to manipulate and take advantage as is all to common now. It is the mindset of Real Men, Real Women, Knights & Warriors rather than the mindset of Shadows of people, without honour, neither living nor dead.

It is the mindset of connectedness, rather than disconnect.

Warrior, Jedi, Duality, X-Men, connectedness. This is the mindset we need to cultivate to be ready to engage the Borg.

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And also, very, very important, back to basics. Getting away from Artificial Intelligence and back to real intelligence. Development of the mind. The harmony of intellect and intuition. The ability to think. Without this, we have no hope whatsoever against the Borg.

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And so this brings us now to another of my projects for Golden Age.

Time to introduce it now.

The Barefoot Stone Age Bar

Ever think that you're the only person on the planet reading my website?

Well, more than 500 million people have thought the same.

They Live – Sunglasses

I wrote about this in my section Contact With Me.

Please wake up.

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I did warn them. But they did not listen.

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