Golden Age
& how to get to Mars in the process


So, who am I?

So this Elijah Wood guy, who is he?

I am the first of the Jedi, and I am unlocking the Race to Mars.

You do not believe me?

Then, let us begin...


Who am I?

I am the world's foremost authority on Sex and Relationships.

Wayne’s World 2 Garth the Seduction

You do not believe me?

Then, let us begin...

Sex & Relationships

I keep telling people that I am a Jedi, but no-one believes me.

I do not know why people do not believe me, because you see it is actually true!

Tibet Training

That is me there, except in my case I am Irish. The first of the Jedi comes from Ireland.

It is me who triggers the Race to Mars, a Race that Ireland dominates, thanks to me.

The Irish Space Agency

How do I set up my Irish Space Agency, dominating the Race to Mars? Well, I know that it is not easy securing finances and resources. That can be pretty tough!

But let us give it a go anyway, shall we?

The Grandmaster cookie scene

That leads us now to the proposal. The proposal for the deal that launches the Race to Mars.

The Deal that Triggers the Race to Mars

So, who am I?

Don’t Forget Mind Meld

Me? I am a healer.

My degree was in electronic engineering, although I never did work in that area. I spent eleven years in telecoms, a couple of years of that being in software.

And then I discovered I had a gift for healing.

So overnight in 2002 everything changed, and I began my new life as a healer.

The Healer

Now my life is about to change once again as I begin a new life in aerospace. I am back once again to engineering.

But my background these last eighteen years has been in healing.

The Healer

Who am I?

The Nth Degree

Well, that is the question, isn't it?


Good Will Hunting Scene Math Problem

Building the Andromeda

If you want to understand me, I'll give you an insight right now.

For me the training never, ever stops.

I am the first of the Jedi, but that knowledge did not come easily.


Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing

Let us begin with being bullet-proof and how I achieved it.

Bulletproof Monk

Like Immortality, it's about two things. Belief and vibration.

In terms of belief, your belief creates your reality. That is the first thing.

There is No Spoon

Your belief creates your reality. But not your head belief. That does not count. You have to know it in your dan tien.

Star Trek: Spectre of the Gun

If you not just believe it but truly know it, deep in your dan tien to a deep enough level, then your mind creates that reality.

Star Trek: Shootout at the OK Corral

Belief creates reality. Ok, that is the first thing. The second thing, and this is really, really important, is the vibration of that belief. Whether the vibration of that belief is high or low has an enormous bearing. If your mind is creating reality, which it is, then it is critically important to keep the vibration of your thoughts high.

Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

Ok so far?


Always keep the vibration high.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Opening Scene | Dancing Baby Groot

Who am I?

Oddball Takes a Rest

I am Groot.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

So, how did I become bullet-proof?

The principle is the same one that the Shaolin use to resist the points of spears, and to allow them to resist heat, and baseball bats and iron bars being broken over their heads.

Empty Mind Shaolin

The principle is the same, it is just that I took it further. I took this principle further than anyone else has ever done in history.

I also train blind, for fighting even in the dark.

Victory - Two Steps From Hell

I do not train in Shaolin, that is true. Rather I train in my own discipline. My own form of Qigong (Chi Kung), which I train on average four hours a day these past eighteen and a half years. This is how I achieved Ascension.

Tibet Training

Now, let us get serious. I actually am already being serious but let us get more serious again.

Ascension is critical to the survival of humanity, for if humanity does not achieve Ascension, then humanity will not survive. My mission to Mars is critical to Ascension. As to why, I will explain that more and more as the documents progress. The Irish sovereign state that I am setting up within Ireland, Tír na nÓg, is also absolutely critical to the survival of humanity, for that colony is the seed that triggers the entire world moving to Golden Age. Either Tír na nÓg is set up, or humanity does not make it.

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

I am the only one who can trigger Ascension, which means that I am the only one who holds the knowledge for the survival of humanity. That makes me the most important person in history as well as the most powerful. I outrank every head of state and every general on the planet.

Please remember that when you meet me.

You address me by my proper title!

If I fall, humanity falls with me. If I am compromised, humanity is compromised too.

That is why under no circumstances will I allow myself to be compromised, detained, controlled or threatened. Any threat against me must be seen as a threat to the survival of humanity. Therefore if anyone tries to move against me, detain me, control me, seize me, bear arms against me or in any other way compromise me, I will kill everyone there who threatens rather than allow them to compromise me and humanity.

I will kill everyone there who threatens if they move against me, no matter how many there may be.

People may think that I could not stand against them, but I am the first of the Jedi and the most powerful warrior in history. I am bullet-proof as well as Immortal. No army would have a hope against me in combat for yes, I am now a God. I was not born a God. But now I am one. Now army could stand against me.

I come in peace and I am the only hope for the survival of humanity. I come to trigger Ascension. But be under no illusions, I will kill any that threaten me, for in threatening me they threaten the survival of humanity.

When you come to meet me, leave your guns and your attitudes behind or I will kill any who threaten.


Equilibrium - Not without incident

You cannot defeat me. You cannot. No army can. It is not within your power. Not against the Jedi.

However you could adversely affect Ascension and trigger war, which would be a lose lose for us all.

I offer a win win.

Please do not fuck that up.

When you come, leave your weapons and your attitudes behind.

Come in peace, with my money and everything set up for Tír na nÓg, or do not come at all.

And, because governments blocked Ascension for years - we should be eight years into Golden Age by now - the money has gone up. It is going to take more now to get us back on track.

Father Ted | The Forfeit

The Greatest Golden Age in history is what I offer. Without Ascension humanity will not survive, so whatever it takes I will ensure that Ascension goes ahead, even if it means going to war with those who block it.

I would really, really rather not go to war.

Please, do not block the Greatest Golden Age in history over ego and pettiness. Allow me to trigger Ascension.

Golden Age is a choice.

Please, do not deny humanity that choice.

After Earth

I am the first in history to achieve Ascension, but others have been very close. In the years coming up to 2012, a number were on the cusp of achieving it, but governments, led by America, hunted down any who displayed the signs of unusual psychic ability. They saw it as a threat to their authority and they killed those others they found that displayed these abilities.

I however, survived.

Star Trek – Transfigurations

I am very, very hard to kill.

My Ally is the Force

You see within two weeks of finding out that there was someone operating with highly unusual abilities - me, I had a higher priority than Bin Laden for the Pentagon. That was back in 2007, and I have been the most wanted man on the planet ever since. The Pentagon codename me Neo, with my existence top secret to all but a few. The Pentagon has ordered my assassination more than two hundred times, but I am very hard to kill. The SAS tried to take me out a number of times too, but they could not do it either. The French tried to take me out, as did the Germans, the Chinese and the Japanese.

But I am very, very hard to kill.

The Fellowship of the Ring - The Nazgȗl

I have been the best kept secret on the planet since 2007.

School for the Gifted

When the Americans could not kill me, they locked me down instead. They knew that I was Enlightened and friend to America, but they did not give a damn. They saw me simply as a threat to their authority, for I wielded a power beyond theirs. A power they could not control. The Pentagon has a whole section of X-Files dedicated to me.

I have been locked down for eight years now. I have used that time to build my strength. Only now am I strong enough to stand against these governments.


That is what has delayed Golden Age all of these years.

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

Now I am ready to break free. Governments can no longer block Golden Age.

I break the stranglehold of governments by bypassing the governments that block and bringing my message directly to the people.

Citizen Smith

It is the people that will decide whether humanity achieves Ascension, not the governments.

It is the people that decide whether humanity goes Golden Age, not governments.

The Water Margin

How can one live without honour?
Never have I understood this.

Honour is important to those who have honour.
It is considered unimportant to those who have none.


Governments blocked Golden Age over greed, corruption, smallness, pettiness, ego, arrogance and gross, gross incompetence and dishonour.

Now, it is time for those who caused this mess to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution. To those who helped cause this mess, time now to start helping FIX it!

I am here to trigger Ascension. Let me do my job!

Because if you do not, I guarantee that people from every nation on Earth will tear you apart.

Governments may not fear me, although they should, but even if they do not fear me they should fear the people.

Now I am not asking, I am TELLING governments: Golden Age is going ahead and the Race to Mars is going ahead. If any wish to dispute that, they can take it up with the seven billion people that I am about to wake up.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

You want to know what's happening in Golden Age?

You won't find the answers in the muggle newspapers.

No. If you want to know what's happening in Golden Age, you read it here.

The Daily Prophet

This is where the news comes to life.

Yeah, I'm back you bastards

The Dressmaker

Now, to any reading my website, we are going Golden Age and we are triggering the Race to Mars.

You want to be a part of that? Then tell the world!

Tell the World

Now you useless fucks, your move!

Beth Harmon - Alone

Actually, scratch that!

Next move is still mine!

Beth Harmon - Unstoppable 2

Tír na nÓg & Economics

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

Military Strategy

I have already fought my Thermopylae in the Matrix.

Now, once again I fight my next Thermopylae. This one will be my single greatest battle to date. One will stand against many. My Thermopylae is not just in the Race to Mars, but also in launching the Greatest Golden Age in history. To do that I must stand against nation after nation, corporation after corporation, institution after institution. Because you see, the old must fall for the new to rise.

I am launching the Greatest Golden Age in history. To do that, I need to get past those who block.

One will stand against many.

My greatest battle, my Thermopylae, is about to begin.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga


Who am I?

The Lonely Shepherd - André Rieu & Gheorghe Zamfir

It's a long story.

Hattori Hanzo's Sword - 'The Lonely Shepherd'

An Aerial Form of Hurling

Who am I?

It's a long story. But part of who I am is the weapons maker.

Hit Girl - Birthday Present

I am Tony Stark.

I make the weapons for the Resistance.

Weapons that can cut through the Borg.

Hattori Hanzo's Collection

Mystical weapons.

It was me who made Abraham's axe.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 1

Faramir and the One Ring

I made the axe for Abraham. I will explain that reference and what it means later.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 2

But it is not just the weapons.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 3

I also make the armour.


Twin Mistresses of Evil

How to Make Tritanium

Stacy's Mom

The Arc Reactor

Who am I?

It's a long story.

Glory of Love - Karate Kid II


Beth Harmon - Alone

One stands against many. This is my Thermopylae.

I already have them surrounded, so that is a good start! Time now to open up a new front!"

Ride of the Rohirrim

"Forth Aer Lingus!"

Aer Lingus is also coming up. Aerospace is a big one for me and aviation companies will be reeling after what I release in aerospace. They will need to adapt fast or they will not make it.

I have to save Aer Lingus.

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Language Scripts

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

The Daily Prophet

Humanity is on the clock.

Please wake up!

War of the Worlds

True Lies

The Martian

Why I Must Go to Mars

Peaceful Warrior

Building the Atmospheric Battlestars

Viper Tribute

"Forth Aer Lingus! I have them surrounded!

The next front I open up is naval.


Why do I keep coming back to this clip and to other clips of Coláiste Lurgan?

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Because it is not just that the Gathering is in Ireland.

Highlander – The Gathering



But more specifically, the Gathering is in Lurgan. That is the epicentre. The focal point. That is the convergence. That is the Nexus.

The first attempt at the Gathering was in Ireland in 2013.

Immortals from all over the world converged in Ireland for the Gathering and the triggering of Ascension, the most significant event in history. However that Gathering never happened. Golden Age was blocked by governments.



The Gathering – Ireland 2013

But at the time it was not known where the Nexus was.

For years we searched for its location.

Civilization 5 Opening Cinematic

Now we know. It is Coláiste Lurgan.

It is in this place that the Gods will meet to launch Golden Age.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

It is me who brings them together.

The Phantom of the Opera

It is in this place that we will build the new Mount Olympus.

Sia "Chandelier" as Gaeilge

I believe someone in Lurgan put out an intention asking for help for Lurgan and the Irish language?

Witches of Eastwick - Conjuring the "Perfect Man"

I picked up somewhere that someone asked for help

Ok, so here I am! How can I help? How may I be of service?

The Witches of Eastwick - cello

I am launching the Greatest Golden Age in history. Governments may have locked it down for years, but they can no longer stop it.

Not now.

Wonder Woman Main Theme

Golden Age will happen whether governments are ready for it or not.

It is the single most significant event in history. The Ascension of humanity. The next stage in evolution.

It is me who triggers it.

Nothing can stop it now.

Nothing can stop it now!

Wonder Woman - Unstoppable

To those who blocked Golden Age before, thinking it was all one big joke and a big laugh!

Are you laughing now?

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga


Why me?

Because I am the guy who can get the job done.

Independence Day: Resurgence

I'm the guy.

Knight and Day

The Fall Guy.

That's me.

The Fall Guy


I was supposed to be launching Golden Age.

What happened?

America happened.

This Is Not America

The problem is that this is America. A part of it, anyway.

General McConville, when the block is removed and contact happens with me, everything had better be in place.

I mean it!


The Resistance

You just don't get it, do you?

First Contact


Dynamo Jack spoke of providing a glimpse for people, a glimpse of human potential.

Dynamo Jack

Me, I am doing the same. The Greatest Golden Age in history was lost by a handful of small, petty, self-serving cunts. Led by a handful of people in the American Administration and Pentagon, and by a handful of others in other nations of the world, they pissed on it, shat on it, puked on it, spat on it, wiped their arses with it and utterly defiled it. Their dishonour and their corruption and gross, gross abuse of power has cost humanity this window for Golden Age, the most significant event in history, and has set humanity on a path of annihilation unless a way can be found to counter what those perfidious cunts have done.

As such I must withdraw now. Those cunts in governments and the Pentagon have cost humanity this window of Ascension, and have triggered the annihilation of humanity. I need to withdraw now in order to counter what they have done. This is the only way now in which the annihilation of humanity can be prevented. This last week of Joe Biden and Mark Milley shitting all over our last chance to launch Golden Age destroyed us. It was the last nail in the coffin. It is over now. Ascension has been set back centuries. We believe about six to eight centuries, if humanity survives that long.

That is why I must now withdraw. We have lost this window for Ascension and Golden Age, but now we have a bigger problem. The imminent threat of annihilation. In order to deal with the threat myself and a number of others who are moving to Ascension must withdraw. A deal has been swung in the Treaty. If I withdraw and agree to lose this window of Ascension and Golden Age for humanity, then I can swing things in the Treaty to stave off our annihilation. Humanity loses Ascension, but we live to fight another day. There was no choice. We have lose so much now that it is either that or annihilation.

To those who blocked, fuck you anyway!

Love is a Battlefield

Some people, a handful relatively speaking, will achieve Ascension. But humanity overall is set back centuries.

As such I am finishing off on my website now. Any of the technologies that I have released are locked down to humanity. None of them can be used. Any attempt to do so will be locked down by Borg technology. People could not even use mirrors to increase the efficiency of solar panels without being locked down by Borg technology. The technologies were for Golden Age and could only ever be unlocked through me. When people pissed all over that, they lost it all. Disrespect it and you lose it all. That is what happened. My construction technologies, my aerospace, my Arc Reactor, tritanium, vacuum lift technology - all of it, lost!

A handful of people relatively speaking will go to Tír na nÓg, which will now be built deep underground in Ireland. Either I have confirmation from the American government by 3 pm Irish time today, 19th February 2021, that this land is in place, or it goes to the full nuclear strike against America. There is no choice now. That is forced now by Treaty if we want to avoid the Quantum Singularity Device.

Tír na nÓg will be protected from governments and gobshites by being built deep underground. Like Shangri La, only those who are worthy may go there to escape this hell hole reality.  People may think that it is only a hole in the ground, but to us in the Resistance it will be luxury. A palace!


"For Alph, the sacred river ran, through caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea"

Welcome to Rivendell

It may be deep underground but in that place we build Tír na nÓg.

Tír na nÓg

In that place it is Golden Age.

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

To others it may be a hole in the ground, but to us it will be a palace! Luxury!

One must understand, for the Resistance, I am the only one who was combat capable in the Matrix who was not held by the Borg as an abductee. The Borg destroyed me as a child. That is what created the monster. That is what laid the seeds to one day create John Connor. It is what they did to me as a child.


Extreme trauma shattered my psyche, laying the foundations for me to in time become the first of the X-Men.

In time.

The Incredibles 2

That trauma was first laid down when I was three and a half years old by the Terminator that was sent back to kill me as a child. The weapon he hit me with was a gamma radiation weapon. The dose I took was impossible to survive, absolutely impossible, but I did survive it. I am the Boy who Lived.

I also hold the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Life, the Secret to Immortality.

I am Harry Potter. I am also the Alchemist.

Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone

To survive it I had to do something impossible however. It is how deep I had to go in consciousness to survive it. In doing so it shattered my consciousness to an impossible depth, opening up a rift deep in my psyche to a place of impossible power that in times of great anger or distress I could tap into.

The Incredible Hulk – Opening

At that depth of consciousness there is only what Carl Jung called the Shadow. At that depth of consciousness there is no reason. Only madness. Fury. Rage. It is the beast.

The Beast

I spent my whole life learning how to lock this part of me down. All my life I avoided conflict. Negative people. Stress. I studied mediation, and in time I achieved Enlightenment. But that was not enough. I had to go deeper. My need to control that raging power that dwelt within me drove me to delve deeper into the mind than anyone in history. It drove me to a deeper understanding of the mind than anyone in history, but it was not enough. It drove me to in time solve the Grand Unified Theory of Physics unifying Classical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, Chaos Theory, Relativity and Electromagnetism with Consciousness, a physics of the X-Men which in time would unlock the secrets of Warp Drive, Stargates, Subspace Mechanics, Tritanium and more, but it still was not enough. It made me Professor X.

The Phantom of the Opera

It drove me to Ascension, achieving the highest level of Enlightenment in history, and for the briefest of times I had it under control. The monster. I had the depth of consciousness to control it.

And then the Borg hit me. It was the Borg who unleashed me.

Picard’s second chance (Tapestry)

I spent my life trying to put the monster in a cage. It was the Borg who let it out.

Dark Phoenix

The Borg created the monster when I was a child.

Magneto in Auschwitz

When I get angry or outraged, I begin to lose control which is why I spent my life trying to shut down the monster.

Until early 2013, when the Borg hit me once again.

The Borg created the monster. Then, years later in 2013, it was the Borg who released it.

The Hulk

Every one of the combat capable Resistance apart from me are abductees that were held by the Borg that I freed in the course of the war. All of them were tortured. All of them were raped. All of them had their lives destroyed.

Schindler's List

It is these who will be the first to begin construction of the shafts going down to Tír na nÓg for I got them back to Ireland in 2019 via a Stargate that I hacked. They have been in Ireland in safe-houses for the last year and a half. But now they need a permanent home.

Tír na nÓg.

One day years from now, myself and the others will be sitting drinking wine, reminiscing on where we came from. Tortured, raped, beaten. Destitute, penniless. In my case I have had to borrow money for years just to eat. I had not had the money to pay for a bowl of soup without borrowing it for years now. Governments saw to that.

We will be sitting around drinking wine deep underground in Tír na nÓg, and while others may think it simply a hole in the ground, it will be a palace to us.

People will not believe our stories, the background from which we came, but our stories will be true.

We Were So Poor

It is coming time now. This window for Golden Age is now lost. President Biden, General Milley, Chancellor Merkel, President Macron, Julia Gillard and others destroyed our last chance. Trump of course had uttered fucked us over before that. It was the death blow to Ascension and Golden Age. The last nail in the coffin. So now we must withdraw.

I am finishing off the website now, taking the bulk of my knowledge of Golden Age and Ascension with me.

I leave just a glimpse, a glimpse of human potential.

And then I withdraw.

Tír na nÓg

Before I go, here is a request. Ireland goes back to Irish language, and we get our country and our currency back. A Minister for Revoking Passports needs to come in, as a few hundred thousand non-Irish need to leave our shores. The Irish are an ancient people, and we now face annihilation as a people unless we can reverse the Melting Pot.

I will find the right person for that job, and you will report in to him.

The Borne Legacy

Do it! That is not a request. I am telling you do it, or I will wipe out the fucking Irish government, killing any who stand in the way.

Do it!

We are getting our language and our country back.

Do it!

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

Or I will rain destruction on you like you will not fucking believe.

Do it, you useless fucks!

You report in to Liam Ó Maonlaí who will be acting Taoiseach in my exile, seeing as The Return of The King never fucking happened. Anyone who disagrees with Liam or shows him attitude, I will kill. If we lose Ireland then we lose all hope for survival. Getting our language and culture back is now a military issue.


Do you understand?

An raibh tú ar an gCarraig


Never has there been a greater need for Knights.


Just Visiting

But that is the work of others now. I have no choice now. Shadows of men have caused this. Lesser men.

The fuck-wits won. The gobshites won. The cunts won.

A great victory over the Knights. Hurray! Hoo-rah! Yeah!

Another medal for you guys! Another star! Congratulations! The Borg couldn't do it, but you guys did! You defeated John Connor!

Collaborating bastards!

As for me, I am leaving these shores.

But I will tell you this: you're gonna miss me when I'm gone!

Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone")

It won't begin to hit you until after I am gone.

Pöpcørn | Recipes with the Swedish Chef

Actually, it is now 1st March 2021 and after the last week and a half of trying to sort out those fuck-heads, finally I have broken through somewhat.

So, back in the game...

Colonising Mars

Antz - Weaver Fills in for Z


Christmas with the Kranks - Botox

Plastic Surgery

Daniel Jackson - Monster in my head

You want a Christmas message?

This is my message. Jesus Christ achieved Enlightenment. Woppy fucking doo!

Three Hail Marys and two Our Fathers! The Borg are coming and like that is going to fucking help!

You know what: we have moved on from then!

To me!

I am here to launch Golden Age.

Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now


Enlightenment & Ascension

For me, no other clip sums up the last eight years of me trying to launch Golden Age more than this one.

Bokken y Katana = Tegatana Aikido

Contact With Me