Ciarán Handley


My name is Ciarán Handley and I am a physicist, engineer and healer. I am currently on a sabbatical while writing a book. The book, which I plan to release later this year, will be entitled "On Management - A Beginner's Guide to Advanced Management".

Prerelease of On Management: Part 1
Prerelease of On Management: Part 2 - 16July2018

In order to continue writing my books, I do need your support. For any who wish to invest anything from one hundred euro to a thousand euro (within that range), contact me and I will e-mail you details of how to send on the money. Once the books begin to sell I will then pay back your investment four-fold, subject to sales of the book. That is the investment deal, which is open to anyone. A four-fold return on investment once the books sell, contingent on sales. In other words, once the finances come in. If finances come to me in another way, such as through deals that I am proposing in the book, then I will pay back the investments at that time. A four-fold return on investment for those who support me while writing my books. After that, we are clear. (I cannot pay back the returns on investment until such time as I move into profit. Which is why it is called an investment.)

Let us talk conditions of payment. I will commit to 75 % of initial profits from my book going to paying off my investors, until such time as we are clear. Alternatively if an aerospace deal comes in (detailed in the book) beforehand, then I will be in a position to pay off investors at that time. Until then I am not in a position to pay back investors, which is why it is called an investment. That is why the four-fold return on investment. Because it is contingent on factors that are to some extent out of my control. It's to do with the relationship between risk and return on investment. Understand?


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