Ciarán Handley


My name is Ciarán Handley and I am a physicist and engineer based out of Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland.

I work as a think-tank. I am multidisciplinarian. However my main area is Aerospace. Propulsion systems. Engines. Fuel systems. Aerodynamics. Control Systems Theory. Resonance problems. Computing. That kind of thing.

I may specialise now in aerospace. However I am multidisiplinarian.

Here is an example of some other things I have been working on.

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In terms of technology Ireland leads the aerospace industry, both in terms of space technology and aviation. This is because of me and my work in propulsion systems, aerodynamics, control systems, computing systems and other areas. This is because when it comes to aerospace I am not just a genius, not just a prodigy, but a genuine freak of nature. This is not ego. It is simply true.

None of my designs have been released yet. After years of developing them they exist now only in my head, for once my designs were completed I destroyed all of my notes to save-guard the designs until proper financial and legal agreements have been put into place.

I offer now one technology to governments and space agencies, just one. The rest of my technologies I withhold for Ireland’s bid into space. For once I develop those technologies no country will have any hope of competing with Ireland in aerospace. I just need some initial funding to kick-start my project and then Ireland will lead the next missions to the moon. What makes this possible is my technologies. A life-time’s work for a Nobel Prize physicist can be the problem of a child to me. That is not ego. It is simply true.


We Choose to go to the Moon


The rockets we build in Ireland may be a fraction of the size of other space rockets, but they will carry far bigger payloads for their size, far more economically and far more reliably. Normally it would not be possible for a country the size of Ireland to go to the moon. Normally. What makes it possible is me. My engineering. My physics. My ability to pull the project together. I’ve been in training for the moon for years.

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I fully intend that the next words spoken on the moon will be in Irish. The next flag there will be Irish.

“Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” – As Gaeilge



Once I get sufficient funding that I can start to develop my technologies, then Ireland leads the way to the moon. No-one else can hope to compete with my level of engineering. No-one.


Guinness “dancing man”

I offer now just one technology to kick-start things. Just one. I did offer this to France, but unfortunately they were not interested. So now I offer this technology to nations generally. In the case of a rocket the size of the Saturn V which was used to carry man to the moon, it would allow an increase in payload of approximately 200 tonnes. It would naturally offer a smaller payload increase in smaller rockets, but the payload increase would still be highly significant. This technology I offer for 60 million euro, the cost which could be spread across a number of different governments. The technology is simple - I could explain it in ten minutes – but it has substantial implications for the space industry. My conditions for releasing it are that it be released to public domain, where nations are free to use it without patents. I would be recognised as the originator of the idea, but there would be no patents. Governments and industry would be free to use it.

This is the only technology that I have on offer at this time. Once the finances come in then I will be in a position to begin developing my other technologies in Ireland. Then let the race begin. This is a Golden Age project. One of the projects that will be used to launch Golden Age.

Which is what this is all about.

It is time for Ireland to take her place among nations. For that we need to get our language back. This is about healing something that is very, very broken in Ireland. It is another of the Golden Age projects. When we go to the moon, we do it through Irish.

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Way of the Jedi

A 3-hour talk & demonstration

For those interested in hearing me talk about my work I am available to give 3-hour talks in Ireland. These would include a discussion and demonstrations of the Tao and Jedi abilities, including Extra-Sensory Perception and Remote (Psychic) Healing. I would be talking about topics such as Enlightenment, Knighthood, psychic ability, the nature of genius, healing cancers and other diseases, the ability to heal from critical injuries, even impossible injuries, how to teach/learn languages and the Way of the Dragon, which is a path I walk. Talks will include a number of demonstrations of psychic abilities such as ESP and Remote Healing.

If you are interested in inviting me to speak then I ask you to provide the venue room and the people. My cost is 200 euro. Above 20 people please add an additional 5 euro per person. If someone wants to take 10 euro on the door from people so that the cost of the venue is covered then I am ok with that. I am based out of Bray, Co. Wicklow. I will be travelling by car. If I have to travel more than an hour then there would be an additional charge for my time.

Please feel free to contact me on my e-mail address below if interested.


I do not work in a nine to five. Actually, I have not worked for years. This has allowed me to focus full-time on my research, my meditation and my writings, which I have done for years. While this may be fascinating, it does not yet pay the bills. Not yet anyway. Not until such time as I get my breakthrough in aerospace, In the meantime if any would wish to support the work I do by sending a donation, please contact me on my e-mail address below for details.

Go raibh maith agat!

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The Road to Taoiseach

The first Jedi Taoiseach

What would it take for me to set up my space agency in Ireland? Apart from finances, which I expect to arrive once governments begin to realise that I hold critical technology? I would also need to be Taoiseach for my space agency to be viable. The reason is very simple. Many of the key technologies I have developed for Ireland’s bid into space. These technologies are critical to giving Ireland technical superiority in the space industry, for I have every intention of Ireland leading in the race back to the moon and most certainly to Mars. America has given a proposed date of 2033 for their manned mission to Mars. On a minimum budget I could be there ten years before this. With my technology, I could do this on a minimal budget. With my understanding of aerospace Ireland could easily not only make it to Mars, but could do so a decade before our next competitor. Once I start building rockets everything else on the planet is stone-age in comparison. People can have no idea how easy aerospace is for me.

While I do intend to release some of my more minor space technologies to other nations to help finance my space agency, (technologies which would still be stone-age for me but which would be considered revolutionary by other space agencies), I do need to develop my key technologies for Ireland only at first. This is Ireland’s time to shine. In time these technologies can be released to other nations. But not before Ireland puts a flag on Mars. I will say that I am proposing two space agencies in Ireland. One for the Irish nation. The other a private enterprise, funded by me. The only way I could drive these through is if I am Taoiseach. In no other way could I set up these space agencies.

How could I be elected Taoiseach? Very easily. I have the knowledge to launch the greatest Golden Age in history. I just do. Once people realise that and once I obtain funding to set up and train my new political party, then I look forward to my landslide victory which will help enable me to set up my new space agencies in Ireland.


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Get me in as Taoiseach and I will begin constructing my new Moon Base.

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Truth be told, I see the moon more as a school exercise for helping train people in the new space agencies I set up. The moon holds no challenge for me. My real objective is Mars. Let me give you an idea of what I am planning for the first Irish mission to Mars.

Eden Project: a visit in just under a minute

My destination is Mars. At the centre of the Solar System.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – Trailer

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I just need some initial funds to kick-start my project to Mars. Once I set up my space agencies, everyone else – just try and keep up!

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