Golden Age
& how to get to Mars in the process



Top Gun Maverick


I lead the world in aerospace.

Like the dinosaur, you guys have had your time. The future is my time.

And I am going to prove it, by winning the Race to Mars.

I have some very urgent and important breaking news. I am launching the Race to Mars.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

It is me who triggers the Race.

The Cannonball Run

I am the one to beat.

Cannonball Run - Lamborghini

You don't believe me?

Well, then let us begin...

I begin by demonstrating absolute dominance in area after area, so that you guys can take me seriously. You see I am not just a genius, not just a prodigy, but a genuine freak of nature. Nothing like me has ever been seen before.

Star Trek Voyager – Shadows on a wall

Ireland will be first to Mars. I will be setting up my Space Agency through Irish and the first words spoken on Mars will be through Irish.

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

You don't believe me? Well then let us jump straight into the first area where I will demonstrate absolute dominance.

We begin with Sex & Relationships, and a discussion on Enlightenment.

Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls

True immortals are rare, but every now and again a person goes deep enough in the Tao to boost their

Pre-Natal Jing

On 21st December 2012 I achieved Ascension, the next stage in Enlightenment. I am the first in history to achieve it, which gives me the highest level of Enlightenment ever achieved in history. Immortals from all over the world converged in Ireland in 2013 in anticipation of the most significant event in history. The launching of the Greatest Golden Age in history and the triggering of the Ascension of humanity. The came for the Gathering.


Highlander – The Gathering



The Gathering was in Ireland. In 2013.



The Gathering – Ireland 2013

You see we are already more than seven years into Golden Age. It's just that most people don't know it yet. The preparation has been going on behind the scenes for years.

It has been a long wait to launch Golden Age publicly.

Now, finally, it is time.

We launch Golden Age with a number of of the Great Projects.

This one is Mars.

Aerospace: Space Flight

It is me who launches the Race to Mars.

America, just try to keep up.

Tarzan in New York


Yeah, I'm good.

Star Trek: Dyson Sphere Discovery and Scotty Recovery

Next up is physics.


On 22nd March 2015 I solved the foundation theory for Warp Drive, and for the Warp Core that powers it. I derived them both from First Principles, as they fell naturally from a Grand Unified Theory that I have been working on in physics for thirty years. My designs were verified by a number of non-terrestrial civilisations. My solving Warp Drive unlocks the conditions for First Contact.

It is me who unlocks First Contact.

It is a key milestone in launching the Greatest Golden Age in history.

I am Zefram Cochrane.

Zefram Cochrane Warp Flight

I’m ready for Golden Age.

Are you?

Austin Powers back to 1969


First step: Mars.

It is me who launches the Race to Mars.

Frau Farbissina: Countdown

An Aerial Form of Hurling

I've been trying to launch Golden Age for seven years now, but the Borg keep blocking it.

The Borg are the baddies. They are trying to block Golden Age. The other guys that I have been in contact with for First Contact, they also war with the Borg. With them we form the Federation.

Humanity is are war. That war has raged for years. It is just that most people are not aware of it. That war is soon going to spill out into the open however.

We are about to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

But we have to fight to get it.

First Contact

Aerospace: Atmospheric Flight

I hacked the most advanced encryptions of the Borg Empire. They are designed to resist the most powerful Borg supercomputers. Designed to be impossible to hack. Absolutely impossible. But I did it. This more than any other factor is how I was able to defeat them.

The Imitation Game

This leads us now into mathematics.


The opening strikes have already been made.

COVID-19 was orchestrated by the Borg.

An early strike.

That virus should have been far more deadly. Actually, nothing should have survived it. We were able to partially neutralise it in the Resistance with the help of non-terrestrial technology.

As for me, I am an X-Man.

I am completely immune to COVID-19.

I Am Legend


Part of my job is to get people ready.

Ready for what is coming.

We have until 2046, and then the first of the fleets come.

Part of my job is to get people ready.

Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing


Golden Age begins in Ireland.

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

Einstein and Eddington

I am about to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

Bill & Ted’s Gave Rock & Roll to You


I am about to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

Caladh Nua – Cad É Sin don Sin

How to Make Tritanium

I am about to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

Avicii Vs Lurgan – “Wake Me Up” as Gaeilge




"Gráinne, did men cause this problem?"

"No, Aoife. It was lack of men that caused this problem."


Golden Age did not fail because of men.
It failed because of lack of men.

Golden Age did not fail because of manhood.
It failed because of lack of manhood.

Little Big Man – Everything is Dead to the White Man


Star Trek - The Irish in Space

It is me who launches the Race to Mars.

Put ‘Em Under Pressure

Military Strategy

Anticipate the unexpected



This is a very important part of Jedi training.



Clouseau v Cato – Round 1


Always in training



A Jedi is always in training.

The training never, ever stops.



Clouseau v Cato – Round 2

The Backpacker Diaries

Always Jedi awareness



A Jedi always maintains awareness.



Clouseau v Cato – Round 3


Timing is very important



Clouseau v Cato – Round 4


My mission is to design, build and fly this ship from Ireland to land safely on Mars, before the end of this decade. I can have no help in the design or build, and my mission is a solo mission. I can have help with training, but not with any design or building.

I will land the entire ship on the ground on Mars, at which stage the second phase of my mission kicks in. I am to survive on Mars for a period of no less than seven years in complete isolation, without any additional supplies brought in.

For this mission I am not allowed to use any hypercompression of reengineered materials such as I wrote about in my section How to Make Tritanium. I cannot bring any Federation technology, nor receive any help from the Federation in terms of landing site and so forth. They can however intervene in the event of a catastrophic problem such as me encountering a meteorite en route to Mars. Apart from a catastrophic scenario however, they do not intervene. I will bring over some non-terrestrial languages on video file to work with, but that is separate.

The engines I use will be my Hydro Impulse Drive engines, with a limitation for the engine temperature not to exceed about 1200 degrees Celsius. I take that limitation to force a similar limitation in the Treaty on those we go up against. These are not the most powerful engines that I can build, but they are the simplest and the safest. I can make them about 8 times more efficient than existing convention rockets.

Why do I agree to building such a large ship under such conditions? One reason is because it gives us huge benefit in the Treaty. Another reason is because in doing so it unlocks the Battlestars for our encounter with the first of the fleets in 2046. You see this colony ship that I go to Mars in is the exact same hull design as out first Battlestars in space. They will be more armoured and the interior will be completely different as they are military ships, but the hull size, shape and design is the same.

"But Gráinne, surely the design of the Battlestars will have evolved over these next twenty-six years? Can you really say that this is the design that we will be using in twenty-six years time?"

Lt. Barclay is the computer

"Yes, Éibhleann, I can. A design anyway, although there will be others. You see I had access to the Borg supercomputers via the neural interface in my head when I designed these ships. The specifications are perfect, and run though simulations on Borg computers which are far more powerful than anything we have on this planet. As of about three pm Irish time on 25th June 2020 as I write, I have now lost that neural interface to those computers as per Treaty. It is all about the next stage of implementation of the Treaty. We will design other ships of course, but I know that the design on those particular Battlestars is perfect. This is why I want them to be the mainstay of our battle-fleets."

"This is part of disconnecting you from the Borg collective, Gráinne?"

"Yes, Éibhleann. I still have about 80 pounds to lose and my hair follicles are somewhat challenged, but I am making progress in my disconnection from the Borg collective."


Seven of Nine after De-assimilation

Those first Battlestars will each take four Vipers, with each Viper limited to 7.6 m in length. They don't have to be that length. They could be longer. But that is the optimum that I am getting as per the computer simulations I have run, and I want to keep the Vipers quite compact to optimise our Battlestars. Those Vipers will use Hydro Hypercompression engines and an irontanium hull. That is the maximum that we can go while still enjoying the full benefit in the Treaty. Only two Vipers would be flown at a time however. They would be remote controlled by the pilots from the Battlestar. If a Viper is blown up in combat, the pilot can then launch his second Viper, which is also remote controlled. Two of these Vipers are located in each launch tube in each of the two forward wing sections.

The crew of each Battlestar is four. A captain, a tactical officer and two pilots, who in Battle conditions remotely fly their Vipers.

BSG: Viper Tribute

The Battlestars, Vipers and remote control to the Vipers use no more than 25 MHz 286 processors. If we go with this level of processor we are guaranteed by Treaty that they cannot be hacked remotely. That is guaranteed by Treaty. To protect against hacking in the event of a ship being boarded I use the Fractal Encryption Algorithm that I have developed. We also get benefits in weapons and other systems if we keep the computers at this level. In addition we are protected by Treaty from being killed in combat if we restrict our computers to no higher than a 286 processor. In the event of one of our ships being destroyed then we are Stargated back to our base, be that Earth, Mars or wherever we have chosen. That is agreed and enforced by Treaty. If our ship is boarded then just before being killed or captured we are also Stargated back to our chosen base. Only if our last base falls, only then do we lose that protection. Only then can they annihilate us.

We start to lose those benefits once we go above the 286 processor, and the higher we go in processor the less projection we have . That is why not only my ships but the Internet systems that I develop as well as the computers for our bases, our Command Centres and so forth, none of these use any processors more advanced than a 286.

Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

The only exceptions are for processors that we use for writing documents, including documents with video links such as my documents, and for working on film. I will write about that later. There are no other exceptions that are completely protected by Treaty. If we go above this level of processor then we have to provide additional protection ourselves.

For example we could use a higher level processor to remotely control our Vipers, in which case we then rely on encryption, such as my Fractal Encryption Algorithm, to protect the data flow. We have that option but I would be reluctant to use it. The only way to be absolutely certain that the Borg cannot hack us is by Treaty, which means the 286.

We need no less than two hundred of these Battlestars plus an addition two hundred support vessels to meet the first of the fleets in 2046. That is not including about 120 artillery ships - what I call my Panzer ships, using the shell designs that I write about in my Ballistics section, plus space stations and orbital defences. That is the maximum fleet size that we are allowed by Treaty.

Taking size into account we would be outnumbered by about a paltry 4 to 1, good odds for any Jedi. I'm not too concerned about being outnumbered though, as in any battle we will always be outnumbered. We are very used to that and we have key advantages in other areas. Any one of use will be worth many of them.

Puny Borg!

We will put their name to the test!


Now, can we do it?



I'll tell you this. If I succeed in building my ship and landing her safely on Mars before the end of this decade, then I guarantee you we will do it.

I just have to build my ship in time and fly it to Mars.

No pressure!

Star Trek | Barclay Under Pressure

So that is my mission to build and fly the ship to Mars, landing her safely on the surface. As to why seven years in isolation, that is to unlock the colonies on Mars. You see people will never believe that we can do this, unless it is demonstrated to them. By me doing this mission it sends the belief to people that they too can build these colonies.

You see the only way that people have any chance of pulling this off is if they believe it.

That is what my mission, more than anything else, is designed to do.

To help give people that belief.

"That's an unusual problem, Mr. John Connor!"

Phil sees a Psychologist

"Time to start training, Mr. Slate!

Time to start training!"


How a Shaolin Monk Trains

The fleets size I gave is for our offensive fleets that engage them when they arrive in our Solar System. The only two locations that they can arrive in are just outside Jupiter and just outside Saturn. They will arrive through a subspace corridor, which is a type of wormhole. That is set by Treaty. We will have a defensive space station at each location. Jupiter Station and Saturn Station. These two space stations will be our single most powerful defences.

Deep Space Nine

The Klingon fleets do not have to engage them. They may decide to bypass them and come straight for Earth or Mars. However we consider it highly likely that they will throw everything at those two space stations. This is because I set things up in the Treaty to give them an incentive if they take those space stations. They get an increase of 2 % on the range of their scanners if they take either space station in the invasion of 2046, and an increase of 3.8 % in the range of their sensors if they take both. If that does not seem a very significant amount, then understand that they would gain this benefit for a period of 120 years against humanity if they succeed in this task. That is the way it is set up by Treaty.

I did this to bait their fleets, for this is the ground that I would choose for the battle. I believe that they will mostly like go for this, in which case these two space stations would see the greatest battles.

The Klingons do not believe that we have any chance of building those space stations to a level that could withstand them in that time. I see differently.

If we get this right then this invasion fleet could be destroyed in one great battle.

This for me is the best case scenario. That they commit their full fleets to engaging us at Jupiter Station and Saturn Station.

Battle of Deep Space Nine

In addition we can build another 300 atmospheric Battlestars plus another 4,000 Vipers based from Earth, if they get this far, plus an additional 80 Battlestars and an additional 400 Vipers (not including the Vipers on each Battlestar) and an additional 30 Panzer ships for each of three other bases of our choosing, which will be our Moon base and bases on the moons of Ganymede (at Jupiter) and Tethys (at Saturn).

Austin Powers – The Spy Who Shagged Me | Moon Base

We can also build fleets of 80 Battlestars and 20 Panzer ships for the orbital defences at each of Earth and Mars, and Mars also gets 300 atmospheric Battlestars plus another ground 4,000 Vipers just like Earth, if we can build them all.

They do not have to be Battlestars or Panzer ships. They can be other ships too, so long as the fighting force does not exceed what I have given.

And of course our space stations and the fleets on these. I will write about these separately.

There is no restriction whatsoever on us building more ships than this, but the protection in the Treaty only applies to the fleet sizes that I give here. Anything beyond the fleet sizes I give here are not protected by the Treaty, in which case they would be wiped out instantly. Without that protection in the Treaty, they would have no hope whatsoever. They would not last a microsecond.

Only by fighting within the Rules of Engagement as defined by Treaty, which I spent more than three years negotiating, can we fight. Once we step outside that framework, our ships have no hope.


"Anything else you want to share with us, Gráinne, before your next topic?"

"Yes, Béibhinn. Only the Jedi can man these ships. Anyone attempting to go up against the Borg who has not achieved Ascension is not protected by Treaty, in which case he would be instantly killed."

"Only the Jedi can fight the Borg, Gráinne?"

"Yes, Aoife. Only the Jedi"

Star Wars kid – Drunken Jedi

Now, with that behind us, let us jump into our next topic.

How to build the Atmospheric Battlestars.

Building the Atmospheric Battlestars


It is a state of mind



Friends - Unagi

Vacuum Lift Technology

Clouseau v Cato – Round 5

Language & the Borg

Clouseau v Cato – Round 6

Language Scripts

Sia "Chandelier" as Gaeilge

True Lies

Every one of us carries Borg cybernetic implants which connect us to the Borg computers via a neural link. Communication with the computers is done via subspace transceivers, like a radio transmitter and receiver but with a far greater range.

It is the first stage in our assimilation.

These implants are actually surprisingly large, but they are phase-shifted to be out-of-phase with us. That is why they cannot be detected directly with our medical scanners. There is a way to detect them indirectly using our technology, which I will be coming to, and technology that we obtain as a result of the newly formed Federation that is being set up will give us a way to detect the implants directly. I can not only detect them directly but I can pull their schematics from Borg computers. That is because of my access to Borg technology. I have been on a mission to get these things removed from us ever since I first became aware of them in early 2013.

Where do they come from? From the Small Greys.

Every single one of us has been implanted by these devices by the Small Greys. Every single one of us.

They Live – Sunglasses

Humanity is enslaved. It's just that most people don't know it yet.

The Borg wiped part of my memory. I am trying to get it back.

Total Recall - 2012

Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

What is Real and what is Recall?

The Matrix


The Borg implants keep humanity enslaved. Blocking Golden Age keeps humanity enslaved to the Borg.

I warned them and I warned them and I warned them.

But they did not listen.


Enlightenment & Ascension

I warned them and I warned them and I warned them.

But they did not listen.

Pearl Harbor


The Love Guru – When Love Goes Wrong, Nothing Goes Right

America & The Race to Mars

"Good morning, Angels!"

"Good morning, Gráinne!"

Captain Caveman and the Angels

The Treaty

I will have male friends and I will have female friends.

But those closest to me will be women.

Mo Ghille Mear


Today is the 4th of July.

Given the day that's in it, this seems appropriate.

Donald Trump could learn a lot from this guy.

Independence Day - Speech


I address you now not as the President of the United States. He is the guy who caused this mess in the first place. Me, I'm a citizen of humanity. We are faced with the very gravest of challenges, which America has unleashed upon us all. And yet for the first time in the history of the planet there is a guy, Ciarán, who has the technology to prevent our extinction. All of you need to know that everything that America can do to lock this guy down and to cause this disaster is being called into service.

Armageddon Speech

How to Build an Arc Reactor

People may not believe me when I say that I am Tony Stark.

But it's actually true.

Iron Man - Suit Up Scene – Mark III Armour


The Martian

The Resistance Underground Base

Right now I’m long-term self-unemployed. "Self-unemployed" is a term one of the lads once used to describe me. It means I am self-employed, but there is no money coming in. So that's me, self-unemployed. More used to putting my feet up than a hard day’s work.

But I do intend to run for Taoiseach. And to take over management of the Dáil.

I do intend to be the next Taoiseach of Ireland.



Welcome my Lords to Isengard

Scripted Programming Languages & Set Based Computing

The scouts report that Ireland is a mess



If I were a politician, capable of passing bills in the Dáil. But I’m not. Not yet anyway. I’m an unemployed person.


I just want to help my country. The Economy. The Irish Language. The Space Industry. More than anything I wish I could see my country restored again.



I just want to help my country


For 1,000 years Dublin has stood



We held our Millennium celebrations in 1988. Dublin is a Northern Kingdom. A bit like Numenor. To the West. It is where Men and Women of the West live.


This is why I make my bid for Taoiseach. For I would see my country restored.



Decline of Gondor

Multi-Adaptive Bi-Phasic Regenerative Shielding

Hey, you guys in Coláiste Lurgan, Golden Age is coming.

I am coming.

Galaxy Quest - We Need Your Help

Housing & Rents

"You know us?"

With the catastrophic loss of language and culture, we had almost given up on Ireland. There seemed little hope. Ireland seemed all but lost.

But ever since we received transmission of the broadcasts, we have decided to model our Space Agency around
Coláiste Lurgan. In fact the Space Port we are going to build around you has been garnered from the lessons taken from the Lurgan transmissions.

Galaxy Quest - Historical Documents

The 8-State Fractal Encryption Computer

We prepare for war with the Borg.

We have a few years to prepare, and then we must be ready.

Humanity faces the greatest crisis in history. The fleets of Armageddon, unleashed by Donald Trump fifty years earlier than anticipated in his blocking of Golden Age and his continuing lockdown of me.

The fleets will be here in twenty-six years.

We have that long to be ready.

Battlestar Galactica – Introductory Scene

Whatever it takes, I will ensure that humanity is ready.

Whatever it takes.

BSG: Viper Tribute


"Mr. Slate..."

"Yes, Ciarán?!"

"Loosen up!"

Deja Q

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Weird Science

Subspace Mechanics

How many have come?


To set up my political party, it’s just me for now. Until I meet the rest of the Resistance anyway. Less than half of what I had hoped for. None have come from Tipperary yet. Or from Clare. Or Donegal. Or Leitrim. Or actually from anywhere. Not yet. One person will not be enough to contest the elections.


But I think more will come.



Marshalling at Dunharrow

Well, actually the Resistance will come. Actually they are already here. A few thousand of them anyway.

The Rohirrim.

So we are fine.

The Return of the King.

Yeah, I'm back you bastards

The Dressmaker


The Cuban Missile Crisis & the Loss of the Arc Reactor

The world may be turning to shite, but I am going Golden Age.

Actually if the world is falling to shite, all the more reason to go Golden Age.

If we go Golden Age we might have yet a chance to not only survive what is coming but to thrive.

After all, it is Golden Age and the most significant event in history.

We can still do it. We just need to get past some thick cunts first.

The Cat and the Moon

The Cuban Missile Crisis & the Lockdown of Mars

Golden Age did not fail because of men.
It failed because of lack of men.

Golden Age did not fail because of manhood.
It failed because of lack of manhood.

Little Big Man – Everything is Dead to the White Man

Atmospheric Battlestars are locked down now until 2074 as a result of America fucking around. That drops our chances of survival dramatically as they are critical to the defence of Earth if our space fleets cannot hold back the invading armadas.

Our computer systems have taken a massive hit with humanity going largely back to the 286 processor now. We have less than ten years to make that transition. We knew that we would be taking a big retrograde step with computers, but it is a bigger hit now than anticipated with America's continuing blockade of me and Golden Age. Not for anything will the American Administration allow contact with me because of trying to take advantage of my technology (which they cannot because it is protected) and because in trying to lock me and humanity down they feel that they can prevent me from challenging them over their blocking of Golden Age and their ignoring of the alien threat.

Further hits are being taken in COVID-19, as I am now not allowed to use Federation technology to clear the disease once contact happens with me. America costs us that in the Treaty earlier today. The Resistance can work to counter the disease as we have been doing since it first hit humanity, but the work we can do is much more limited because of the lockdown by the Treaty.

Other hits are being taken in areas such as An Aerial Form of Hurling which can now only be released directly by me and the companies I set up. Only I can build the Great Stadiums now for this until 2032, after which it begins to be unlocked for others.

There are other hits too, which we are still assessing. We have no choice but to take those hits if we are to buy time with the nuclear strike, because of the credit given to the Borg in the Treaty by America with its continuing lockdown of me and Golden Age.

Trump, here is the deal. Secure me Ashford and clear things for me to set up my Space Agency. Have two trillion dollars in my account. I need that to launch Golden Age. Clear things with the Irish government for me to come in as Taoiseach. Start making progress on this tonight, serious progress as in results RIGHT NOW, or the body count starts to go up this night.

Sort this out right now, or the Resistance starts to tear apart America.

Right fucking NOW you cunt.

Do it. Or we begin to tear apart America.

Let us trigger Golden Age or we go to war.

Contact With Me

My name is General John Connor, Commander of the Resistance.

These Borg chains will not hold me forever, Trump.


Geodesic Domes



Yeah, I'm back you bastards

You address me by my proper title!

The Cuban Missile Crisis & the Loss of Jupiter Station and the Hot Gates

How can one live without honour?
Never have I understood this.

Honour is important to those who have honour.
It is considered unimportant to those who have none.

Never has there been a greater need for Knights.


Just Visiting

On Healing Rape

I warned them and I warned them and I warned them, but they did not listen.

No matter what happens now, even if the nuclear strike is averted, America is lost. America cost us Golden Age and unleashed the fleets of Armageddon.

There is no coming back from that.

The Postman

The Cuban Missile Crisis, the Loss of Mars & the Lockdown of the Moon

For more than seven years America has consistently misinterpreted my restraint as weakness. Because I have not put America through a wall, they interpret this as weakness on my part.

This is why Trump will go right to the nuclear strike, as he has in timeline after timeline. They will keep pushing and pushing and pushing, until they are put through a fucking wall.

Man of Steel – Bar Scene

That is the fucking mentality that we are dealing with.

The Guardian

Little Big Man – Everything is Dead to the White Man

Space Flight: Understanding Tanks

Humanity faces annihilation, we are on the brink of a nuclear strike and still those cunts in Washington block our Space Agency in Ireland. That Space Agency represents humanity's last hope for survival, AND STILL THE FUCKING MANGEY MALIGNANT CUNTS BLOCK!!

They are protected now by Treaty, but not for long. I will hunt them down. Every fucking last one of them, I will make them pay. I fucking swear it. Every fucking one of the cunts who blocks will pay.

I fucking swear it. l will hunt them down. Every fucking last one of those fucking cunts.


My Trip to the Pentagon

The Phantom of the Opera

Physics: Hypercompression

People may think that I am a nobody now. A drop-out. Penniless. Broke.

But once I break out of here, that all changes in an instant.

My Name is Jason Bourne

In an instant, everything changes.

The Shawshank Redemption - Bank

You see, Trump, secrets have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.

My name is John. John Connor.

The Rock

John Connor.

Remember that name.

A Knight’s Tale - We Will Rock You


Joe 90

The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Klingon Fleets of 2046

I thought that if I set things up for Golden Age, people would come.

More than seven years later, they still haven't.

Field of Dreams - People  will Come

I had a run of bad luck.

Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man.

That's me.


Golden Age begins in Ireland.

Treat Her Right - The Commitments

From a long-term self-unemployed Northside Dubliner.

The Commitments – Try a Little Tenderness

I'm putting a Golden Age together.

That Golden Age begins in Dublin.

Destination Anywhere from the Commitments

Kobayashi Maru

Kelly’s Heroes

Real Men, Real Women, Knights & Warriors

How did I become John Connor?

It's a long story.

My spine was shattered in combat in the Matrix in 2013 when I was shot by a Terminator in the back. For a time I lost the use of my legs. I had to learn to walk again. I am Professor X. In a separate injury in 2018 my right shoulder was badly broken in the Matrix by a Sentinel. For a time I lost the use of my right arm. In the male these injuries are channelled as Steve. In the female as Jamie. This is part of my Duality.

Officer Murphy also lost the use of both legs and his right arm.


I have over eight hundred cybernetic implants in my body. It is what the Borg did to me. I have so many implants in me that they turned me into a cyborg.

I am Seven of Nine.

The Bionic Woman

Actually me becoming John Connor is many stories, for many things had to come together to make me John Connor.

I'll give another part of that story now.

How I became John Connor: Combat Training & the Matrix

Something happened to me.

Believe It Or Not

I'm still trying to figure out what happened.

Life of Brian - UFO Pickup

Jackie Chan & The Quickening

I'm putting a Golden Age together.

The Commitments

Golden Age begins in Ireland.

Destination Anywhere from the Commitments

I am putting together a team.

X-Men First Class - Recruiting Mutants

Why Only Superman Can Save Golden Age

How did I become John Connor?

It's a long story.

My spine was shattered in combat in the Matrix in 2013 when I was shot by a Terminator in the back. For a time I lost the use of my legs. I had to learn to walk again. I am Professor X. In a separate injury in 2018 my right shoulder was badly broken in the Matrix by a Sentinel. For a time I lost the use of my right arm. In the male these injuries are channelled as Steve. In the female as Jamie. This is part of my Duality. I also took a severe head injury in early 2013, in a separate incident to the injury to my back.

My legs, right arm and my head injury which affects my speech. These affect me to this day.

Regarding Henry

I have over eight hundred cybernetic implants in my body. It is what the Borg did to me. I have so many implants in me that they turned me into a cyborg.

The Six Million Dollar Man

Every day for the past seven and a half years I need to spend about two hours a day in healing.

If I did not do this I would not be able to walk. The Borg implants inhibit my healing, so I cannot heal fully. Until the implants are removed and my immune system can function properly on its own I must spend about two hours a day regenerating. Every day I do this.

I am Seven of Nine.



Hard to Kill – Meditation & Training

Actually me becoming John Connor is many stories, for many things had to come together to make me John Connor.

I'll give another part of that story now.

How I became John Connor: Healing & Physics

X-Men Days of Future Past

Boot Camp

The Commitments – Mustang Sally

"Brilliant management, brother Rabbitte!"

The Commitments



Now, governments, why don't you do right and get me some money too!

Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right

No, you're not hallucinating. But I think I am. I think I have to be fucking dreaming here.


Star Trek - The Lost Episode

You just don't get it, do you?

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief



The Phantom of the Opera

Aerospace: The Pulsed Relay Drive Engine

Part of the reason I have to get to Mars is to get away from this toxic dump.

Captain Fantastic

How to Get Air & Water on Mars - Part I

Fucking cunt.

The Rock

Whether people believe that I can go to Mars or not is immaterial. What matters only is this: either I go or humanity faces almost certainty of annihilation. So whether it is impossible or not is not the issue. Regardless of whether it is possible or not I still have to go.

As it is, it most certainly is possible. I could build a rocket to go to Mars almost as easily as America could build a fucking bus. People can have no idea how fucking easy this is for me. A life-time's work for a Nobel Prize physicist can be the problem of a child to me. My I.Q. is over 1,800 and aerospace has been my main focus for seven years now, apart from war with the Borg.

So, Trump you cunt, here is the deal. Release the block or it goes to the nuclear strike. That is the deal.

The Greatest Golden Age in history or nuclear war.

That is the deal you cunt.

TRON Legacy

How to Get Air & Water on the Moon - Part I



We have come seven years into the future. History has no record of Golden Age. We lost that timeline, because some fuckers BLOCKED IT!

Pale Shadows of fucking men.

Yesterday’s Enterprise

23 years from now I witnessed the last days of humanity. I was last man standing. Just before they got me I initiated a temporal incursion. I sent my knowledge 24 years back in time to myself in August of last year, to try to prevent the moment in time that killed us all. Donald Trump had blocked Golden Age many times, but this was the one that killed us all.

"Find me. Convince me all of this."

That is what I have been trying to do.

X-Men Days of Future Past

I have crossed time to try to give humanity another chance for survival.

If humanity falls now, if we all fall, it is not the Borg that kill us. We have the knowledge to defeat the Borg.

If humanity falls it is America that kills us all.

It is America, more than the Borg, that brings us all to annihilation.

I crossed time to give humanity another chance for survival.

Now I am fucking telling you, Trump you incompetent cunt, seize that fucking chance!

Fucking cunt.

Kyle Reese & Sarah Connor – Crosses

Invite me to the Pentagon.

Just fucking do it!

Crocodile Dundee

I crossed time to give humanity another chance at survival.

I don't go back. I don't go home. Not to that place.

There is nothing to go back to.

Everyone I knew there is dead.

That timeline ended with my temporal incursion.

Kyle Reese

But you know what: even with the war that raged to bring us to annihilation, I would still feel more at home in that place that I came from - hell beyond imagining, than here. Because at least there the people were Real Men, Real Women, Knights and Warriors. They were Gods. People of tremendous depth. People of honour. People of character.

They were Knights. Powerful Knights.

I cannot relate to people here.

Drop Zone – There’s Only One Kind of Jump

Most people anyway. I can't talk to them.

I cannot relate to people here.

Just Visiting


Where I came from, people were Gods.

One Woman Army

The Last Jedi

My stories. They are true.

All of it.

The Force Awakens

My story will be told.

I will be heard.

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

How I became John Connor: The Cliff Walk

I look forward to my trip to the Pentagon.

"I have to say, it is such an honour to be working with the legendary...Ciarán Handley...?"

I do have problems with my accent. Basic speech too.

Ever since having been shot in the head by a Terminator.

The Tuxedo

I guess I'm just not what people might expect.


I'm not exactly the classic stereotype.

I'm kind of more the antihero guy.

So this Elijah Wood guy, who is he?

How I became John Connor: Codebreaking

Yeah, I'm back you bastards.

The Dressmaker

Just not quite what people might expect.

Star Trek Fractal Encryption Algorithm

Who am I?

I'm the guy who can get the job done.

Terminator - John Connor

Even if I do have to break a few rules to do it.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

How I became John Connor: Introducing Athena

My story will be told.

Luke is in isolation

I will be heard.

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

Small Greys

My story will be told.

Luke is in isolation

I will be heard.

Turk 182

Understanding Microwormholes

I did try to warn them.

Austin Powers - Steamroller

Ken had difficulty with speech too.

A Fish Called Wanda - Ken's Revenge

People may not have believed me when I said that I am a Sorcerer.

But it is actually true.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Building the Stargates: The First Step


The Cuban Missile Crisis & The Klingon Fleets of 2038

Weird Science

First Contact & Language



If anyone is thinking that this cannot possibly be real, then explain this: with everything that I have released, why am I not all over the news?

And why have they not sent the Hogwarts after me? Sorry, I meant the Warthogs.

Why have they not sent the Warthogs after me?

Man of Steel Smallville fight

Because they wouldn't fucking dare, that's why!


You see I am the real deal.

The Men Who Stare At Goats

Don't mess with me!

The Naked Gun - Apartment Acrobatics

Aerospace: The Shuttle

Wesley Crusher

Aerospace: Life Support

Well, it was impossible but I managed to do it anyway.

I found a way to get the Race to Mars back on.

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Treaty Update 6th August 2020: My Mission to Mars



Assemble your puny teams, feeble Gods!

Thor: Ragnarok

The Race is back on. I am not asking. It is not a request. The American Administration does not have to agree it. They just need to stay out of our God-damn way. They can go fuck themselves. They had their chance and they blew it. Now, they are fucking nobodies. Wastes of space need not apply. Shadows of men need not apply.

Lesser men.

I am telling you that we are just going to do this, and fuck anyone who stands in our way.

I am launching the Race to Mars to prevent Armageddon - Ragnarok, the end of everything, and I will stop at nothing to get it.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Knights only, need apply.

Real Men, Real Women, Knights and Warriors

Everyone else, shadows of people, need not apply.

Terminator - John Connor

Stealth Technology and Passive & Active Sensors

Captain Marvel


Ok, let us see now what we have to work with...

Flashdance intro

The Cuban Missile Crisis & The Klingon Fleets of 2036

Total Recall

Building My Mars Ship: The Out-Of-Phase Generator

Cowboys & Aliens

Principles of Engineering: Avoiding Cascade Failure

You just don't get it, do you?

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Experience


Quidditch World Cup

Not the brightest.

Building My Mars Ship: Welding & the Hull