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About Ciarán

Greetings! My name is Ciarán Handley and I am a physicist, engineer and medical practitioner who left the corporate world in 2002 to work full-time on my own research and medical practice.  After more than a decade of private practice and teaching in my medical practice as a healer, I have spent the last five years as an independent researcher primarily in the field of physics, aerospace, consciousness and Mind-Matter-Interface, and of course medicine.

In physics I have released original research on a Unification Theory between Classical Physics and Quantum Mechanics, a solution to the famous Double-Slit Experiment, research in String Theory including an explanation for why there are Three Families of Subatomic Particles instead of One, an explanation for Pair Production in terms of String Theory and a proposal for an explanation of Special Relativity in terms of String Theory, research in Quantum Mechanics including a framework for a theoretical new propulsion system called a Quantum Drive Engine, a correction to a problem in the Second Law of Thermodynamics and a new understanding of the processes of Symmetry Breaking and Symmetry Restoration in physics, including an explanation of a mechanism for Macroscopic Quantum Mechanical Symmetry Restoration.  Plus research in Chaos Theory. Plus research in some other areas such as Quantum Resonance Fields which comes from my work in Quantum Geophysics. (Yes, I am prolific.) And of course the Mirror Reflection Problem, which I solved in 2013 and which I have released the first parts of the solution on.

In medicine I have released original research explaining the Origin of Disease and, in separate research, the Origin of Life. I have also released numerous pieces of research on various aspects of Mind-Matter Interface and its role in medicine, and I have given an explanation for the existence of Meridians in Chinese Medicine in terms of Wave Guides. I have also released experimental research with data showing Mind-Matter Interface effects in experiments  that I ran in 2008 at a level beyond that currently accepted by Western Medicine, and I provided experimental evidence in EEG traces (Electroencephalogram) taken in an experimental program that I ran between 2011 and 2012 to demonstrate a state of consciousness unknown to scientists and medical researchers. The state is a Tao state of consciousness characterised by extreme stillness of mind, deeper than that which can be achieved by conventional meditation techniques, and is a result of a life-time's pursuit of the study of consciousness and the mind, making me the first person in history to achieve the Tao as a permanent state of consciousness. I am the first to solve how to do this.

I have also released key original research in the field of psychology, the understanding of sexuality, gender and relationships, Rite of Passage and its relationship to the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine, the nature of intelligence, creativity and genius, relationships between consciousness and linguistics, theories of learning, deductive reasoning, intuition and the process of discernment, plus numerous pieces of research on the relationship between stillness of mind and the immune system, intelligence and other abilities.

I am multidisciplinarian and research that I have released has also included original research in economics, linguistics, leadership, management and education.

However my primary focus these past five years has been on aerospace. Research that I have released has included methods to treble the payload that can be carried to High Earth Orbit in a single launch, new concepts in computing and networking methodology, and a new approach to astronaut safety and mishap recovery to avoid mission failure.  Since 2014 there have been ongoing discussions with the American Administration for a new rocket fuel that I developed in 2014. However those discussions finally ran aground early in 2018 with America declaring that it was not interested in paying for the new fuels, resulting in three and a half years of discussions being now brought to a close. However as the only person with knowledge of fuels that make a Mars mission economically viable, that places Ireland at the forefront of the aerospace industry. This is because only with these fuels is a mission to Mars economically viable. Without these fuels, no nation is in a position to reach Mars economically. 

This make me the world's foremost aerospace engineer.

It also means that I hold the trump card for a mission to Mars. Because I am the only person with the knowledge of how to get there.


Mission to Mars - a talk

Why Ireland is a key contender

weekend talk: 5th -6th May 2018

Whoever holds the secret to the new fuels holds the key to Mars. This is because no mission to Mars is currently economically viable using existing technology. This gives Ireland enormous bargaining power for any mission to Mars. Or rather it gives me that bargaining power, as the inventor of the new fuels. While it is true that three and a half years of negotiation with the American Administration has ended in a shut-down of talks, my holding these fuels still puts Ireland as a prime contender for a manned mission to Mars. Because no manned mission to Mars is currently viable for any nation using standard conventional fuels. Which means that realistically no-one can get to Mars without passing through me. Unless of course they are willing to attempt it by spending a fortune on an inefficient and antiquated fuel technology.

While I will not disclose the new fuels or the engine designs that will use these fuels due to financial and legal agreements having not been put into place, I can however discuss a number of key technologies that would be used in the event of an Irish Space Agency being set up. The financing of such an agency would not now be through the new fuels, for with the breakdown of negotiations those fuels are being denied to all existing nations and agencies. These fuels could now only be used by an Irish Space Agency, if set up by me. No deal will be made with any nation because of the breakdown of talks. I alone may now use those fuels. Rather the finances to set up an Irish Space Agency (my own personal agency) would be obtained in the current proposal by a technology that I would offer to NASA, the European Space Agency and to other agencies to enable them to lift an additional 20 tonnes to High Earth Orbit in their largest rockets. If that deal goes through then I will have the funds to set up the Irish Space Agency. NASA, the ESA and other agencies are already very familiar with key aspects of my research in aerospace that I have released since 2014 so my reputation in aerospace has already been established with them. We will see how things play out. In the meantime however I am in a position to talk about a number of key technologies that I have already released which would be critical for an Irish mission to Mars. This forms the basis for my talk.

The talk consists of all original research from myself. I'll be talking through the topics on the list below, and we'll see how far we get.

- Preheating of fuels and solving combustion instability. This can increase the thrust of the engines by up to 19 %.

- Enhancements to engine nozzle design. This modification can double the thrust of the engines for the same delivery of fuel.

- Multistage engine design enhancement. By taking a new approach to multistage design, one can increase the payload weight to orbit.

- Gimbal design. Eliminating key aspects of shake and simplifying engine design.

- Separating cargo and astronauts. This requires taking a radically different approach to space missions, but one which has significant implications in economy, design and build time and mission safety.

- Software design and methodology for a space mission

- Networks and Wiring and how this relates to space craft design

- Slow Approach and Fast Approach - which is best?

- Meteorites and collision avoidance

- Safety: a discussion of Apollo 13 and learning from what went wrong. And from what went right.

- Manpower: why it took 400,000 Americans to go to the moon, and why Ireland could go to Mars for far less.

- Geodesics and biohabitats on Mars

- Foundry: sourcing and refining metals on Mars

- Construction methods on Mars - solving the need to use cranes

- Engineering Principles and Design Methodology - taking the best approach to aerospace design


The talk costs 170 euro and will be an informal chat with the engineer who solved each of the problems listed above. Which is myself. In the event of a deal going through and an Irish Space Agency being set up, it is me who will lead it.

For any interested in Space, Mars or simply in seeing Ireland get ahead, the talk will run from 09:30 to 4:30 on Saturday, and from about 10 am to 4 pm on the Sunday.

Venue is to be finalised, but it will be somewhere in the Dublin region.

Places must be booked in advance, which you can do by e-mailing me below.




Spoken French for absolute beginners

weekend conversational course: 26th -27th May 2018

This course uses a highly intuitive approach that I have been developing over a number of years, based on a concept that I first conceived of while living in Paris in the 1990s. 

The weekend will be in spoken French. No written. Spoken French only. It is aimed at total beginners or at people who may have done French in school but who have either never spoken it or who do not have confidence in speaking it.

The method of teaching is my own system. The weekend will be done through French with little to no recourse to English. Students coming in do not have to have a single word of French, which is a key part of the system I have developed. It is designed to get people up and running in conversational French even without any prior background in the language.

The course costs 250 euro for the weekend. Class sizes will be small with no more than 12 people per class.

The venue will be somewhere in the Dublin area, to be confirmed. 

If interested, I can be contacted at:



Le gach dea-ghuí

Ciarán Handley