Golden Age
& how to get to Mars in the process


Here is the idea. Governments have the resources to go to Mars, but not easily. It would be prohibitively expensive. Not economical. They could do it, but not easily.

Governments have the resources to go to Mars, but not easily or economically.
They have the resources, but lack the knowledge to do it easily and economically.

I have the knowledge, but not the resources. I could get to Mars for a fraction of the cost of others. I know how to do it more economically, more safely, more easily.

I have the knowledge to go to Mars more easily, safely and economically.
But I lack the resources.


So, this is the idea. As a gesture of good faith, I give something here. Enough to get governments and space agencies to sit bolt upright and take me very, very seriously. And then we talk. I help you guys get to Mars and you help me set up the Irish Space Agency so I can put Ireland on Mars.

You win. I win, everybody wins.

You see I have a dream to set up an Irish speaking Space Agency in Ireland, and to have the first words spoken on Mars in Irish.

I want to launch the Race to Mars and with my knowledge and leadership, I see Ireland as the prime contender.

Scaití - "Counting Stars" le One Republic as Gaeilge

I would see my country rise. It is Ireland's time to shine.

So without further ado I will begin by giving something, as a gesture of good faith, so that governments and space agencies can take me very, very seriously. After that we talk.


Then let us begin...

Combustion in Rockets - Part I

My rockets concentrate thrust. Other rockets disperse thrust. So the principle I am trying to get across here is to concentrate thrust rather than disperse it. Last longer, that's the ticket.

Combustion in Rockets - Part II

Like the dinosaur, you guys have had your time.

My Favourite Martian opening

The future is my time.

That future is led by Ireland.

Everyone else is competing for second place.

Avicii Vs Lurgan – “Wake Me Up” as Gaeilge

Rocket Design: The Nozzle - Part I

In the Race to Mars, America can't compete against me in terms of speed. America doesn't have it. Too slow. America can't take the fury of the pace that I set. So that is out. America has legacy systems in its industry. Antiquated methodology. So trying to compete against me in design is out. So what America can call upon in a Race to Mars is good old fashioned blunt force power. 327 million of them. Against me. The might of their industry, their economy, their infrastructure, against me.

The world's first X-Man.

Rocky Training

Yes, that is right. In the Race to Mars, America is now the underdog.

Bah! NASA super-rockets! There's nothing super about them! Stick rockets with flared nozzle designs!

I design for gods!

The Incredibles – No Capes!

The cape and the boots! Oh, it's a great look!

Supergirl – Extended “Wonder Woman” Promo

But no-one can stand against me.

No-one can challenge me!


Supergirl - Fight Song

Let us stay on the topic of nozzle design and I'll introduce the next part.

Ready? Then let's go!

Rocket Design: The Nozzle - Part II

I have some very urgent and important breaking news. I am launching the Race to Mars.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

It is me who triggers the Race.

The Cannonball Run

I am the one to beat.

Cannonball Run - Lamborghini


In the Race to Mars unless you're Superman himself, don't even bother turning up

I'll just embarrass you.


Guinness “dancing man”



Goldberg's strength

Rocket Design: The Nozzle - Part III

Is there no-one that can challenge me!

The Tarzan Yell


"Mars farhen? Gut! Ja, sehr gut! Sehr schnell farhen!"

Richthofen’s Flying Circus

Assemble your feeble teams, if you dare!

Flying Frenchman Crosses the Channel on Hoverboard

But it won't make any difference.


I lead in the Race to Mars

The Race to Mars will go ahead when I trigger it. When I release the technologies to enable it. When I show others how to do it. I mean to be a part of it. I mean to lead it. Actually I do lead it. For the eyes of the world now look into space. To Mars and beyond. My leadership in science and industry, my hopes for peace and security, my obligations to Ireland and to Golden Age all require Ireland to make this effort. The mysteries are already solved. We just need to go now. There are no hazards in space for me. They are solved. I choose to go to Mars. I choose to go to Mars and to build the first Irish-speaking colony and pub on Mars. Before anyone else gets there. Not because it is easy. But because it is effortless. For me anyway.

People can have no idea how easy this is for me.


We Choose to go to the Moon

I'm building the first Irish bar on Mars.

First to Ciarán's Irish Bar wins second place.

Aserejé - Las Ketchup

It is me who triggers the Race to Mars.

Space Race

The first words on Mars will be spoken in Irish.

You don't believe me?

Then watch and learn! Watch and learn.

My first colony will be called Tír na nÓg.

Hello – le Adele as Gaeilge

Combustion in Rockets - Part III

I'm launching the Race to Mars and I am doing it by bringing my message directly to the people.

Lord of the Rings – Lighting of the Beacons

I am not asking governments. I am not asking permission. I actually am not.

It is not a request.

Rather I am simply informing them that I am launching the Race to Mars. If governments do not understand that we are now going to Mars, they could always try discussing it with the billion and more people that are suddenly about to realise that Mars is now being opened right up.

You see even if America does not decide to go to Mars, with what I release Germany could go. Or France. Or Japan. And so forth. The Race to Mars is going ahead, whether nations decide to be a part of it or not. With what I release, that is now inevitable.

We are going to Mars. We just are. Well, I am anyway, and I am sure others will want to go too. The question now is: do you want to be a part of it?

Now I need some money to set up my Space Agency in Ireland, so may I have some money please?

Théoden’s Hard Decision

How to Increase Lift on an Aerofoil - Part I

Citizen Smith

Plenty more where that came from.

Three Amigos

Sex & Relationships: Women X-Girls & Men X-Girls

True immortals are rare, but every now and again a person goes deep enough in the Tao to boost their

Pre-Natal Jing

On 21st December 2012 I achieved Ascension, the next stage in Enlightenment. I am the first in history to achieve it, which gives me the highest level of Enlightenment ever achieved in history. Immortals from all over the world converged in Ireland in 2013 in anticipation of the most significant event in history. The launching of the Greatest Golden Age in history and the triggering of the Ascension of humanity. They came for the Gathering.


Highlander – The Gathering



The Gathering was in Ireland. In 2013.



The Gathering – Ireland 2013

You see we are already more than seven years into Golden Age. It's just that most people do not know it yet. The preparation has been going on behind the scenes for years.

It has been a long wait to launch Golden Age publicly.

Now, finally, it is time.

Amhrán na gCupán - Cup Song in Irish - When I'm Gone as Gaeilge

An Aerial Form of Hurling - Part I

I'm going to Mars. You'll miss me when I'm gone, but it will take me a few years to build my ship, so I'm still here for a while.

Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone")

I'm about to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history.

But I'm not quite what people might expect.

Pöpcørn | Recipes with the Swedish Chef

The Irish Space Agency: My First Request


An raibh tú ar an gCarraig

The Irish Space Agency that I set up will be set up through Irish. It is a Golden Age project, one of the Great Projects of Golden Age and it is a critical part of triggering Ascension. I'm qualified to set that up. Others are not. Golden Age, Ascension. That's me.

So my first request is that the Irish Space Agency that I set up be completely independent of the Irish government or any other government or body. I am setting up this agency. Not the Irish government or any other government. If anyone else gets involved, immediately it is no longer a Golden Age project. Immediately it is no longer part of Ascension. Immediately it is just another government project. If that happens or if there is any pressure for that to happen, then I disappear and I take my knowledge with me. Everything stops. So my first request is hands off the Irish Space Agency. That is under my jurisdiction. Governments, including the Irish government,  have no jurisdiction there whatsoever.

Not only that but they have no access there whatsoever. The project is a Golden Age project but as soon as others get involved, immediately everything grinds to a halt. So please leave us be. Let us work. I have a Golden Age to launch. Others would just be in the way.

Only on that basis will I proceed.

If the Irish government want to set up their own Space Agency, be it through English or whatever, or if they wish to set something up in collaboration with the European Union or the United States of Europe, then that is a completely separate affair. However that has no bearing whatsoever on the Irish Space Agency that I set up. That is completely independent from me.

Governments just step back and let me do my job. Only on that basis will I proceed.

Besides, no government could possibly hope to keep up with me anyway.

Flashdance - Maniac

"Of course we could keep up with you, Ciarán!"

"Not a chance in hell, Mr. Slate! I have achieved Ascension. That represents the next stage in human evolution. I am completely different league. You would just be in the way."

How a Shaolin Monk Trains

"Where I go you cannot follow, Mr. Slate.

You just can't."


Kyudo - Mushin

"One day perhaps.

But not yet."


Kung Fu: Wisdom from Archery


The Irish Space Agency: My Second Request


A Knight’s Tale

Nobody patents my work. Anything I release is released to humanity. No-one can claim intellectual property rights over my work. If anyone patents my work, everything stops. All good-will stops and I walk away. I will not see my knowledge disrespected or allow others to block Ascension and the Race to Mars over the attempted theft of my work. If anyone attempts to patent my work, everything stops. I release no further knowledge and all good-will stops until the situation with the person or persons that are attempting to steal my research has been properly resolved.

That is non-negotiable. I am a Knight and I only work with those who work with Honour. I am working with good-will here. The instant that is disrespected, everything stops.

A Knight’s Tale - We Will Rock You

I am a Knight.

I only work with Knights.

Just Visiting

My third request is to do with sites and construction, as I need to build the Irish Space Agency.

So to help lay a bit more good-will, let me first begin by giving something more. Something on construction.


I'm a long-term self-unemployed Northside Dubliner, and I'm putting a Golden Age together.

"Brilliant management, brother Rabbitte!"

The Commitments

This is me right here.

Like that, except only with women of course.


Of course.


Now, governments, why don't you do right and get me some money too!

Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right

The Irish Space Agency: My Third Request


Green Light - Lorde as Gaeilge

I will need sites on which to construct the new Irish Space Agency, and to set up research labs and training labs around the country. Anyone coming into the Irish Space Agency will need to start brushing up on their Irish if they do not already speak it, so I'll be setting up Irish language schools and Gaeltacht regions to help train people in aerospace through Irish. After all if Ireland is to go to space it is critically important that we do so through our own language.

Are you thinking of learning Irish?

It is a matter of national pride after all.

Put ‘Em Under Pressure

Ireland's time to shine!

Star Trek Irish Class

Yes, we'll be competing against the Americans, Germans, Italians and others.

But it will all be very good natured and our entries in the Race from my Space Agency will all be through Irish.

Star Trek Irish Edition

I am asking that this land be provided to me. In addition I am asking that I can simply construct using my own construction methodology and standards. This is also critical to launching Golden Age, as I need to set a new standard in architecture and construction. The architecture and construction of Golden Age, which is more like Rivendell than the buildings that one may be more used to seeing.

This is a closer approximation to what my Irish Space Agency will look like.

Welcome to Rivendell

Except with spacecraft in the background of course.

Golden Age standards of construction and architecture are higher than existing standards. I cannot build Golden Age architecture if I am constrained to the planning permissions and regulations of the building industry in Ireland. So my third request for the Irish Space Agency is for sites to be provided to me for building the Space Agency, and also for government agreement that planning permission and construction regulations do not apply to me.

That way I can just get on with building the Space Agency, but working to Golden Age standards rather than existing government standards.

Sia "Chandelier" as Gaeilge

Now, let us keep the good-will flowing and start getting people in the mindset for the colonisation of Mars.

You see it's not just getting to Mars.

It's also what you do once you get there.

How to Get Air & Water on Mars - Part I

Is there no-one who can stand against me in the Race to Mars?

A fish called Wanda... Do you speak Italian?

Is there no-one?

Assemble your feeble teams, if you dare!

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

But it won't make any difference.

It just won't.


You see I am different league.

No-one can stand against me.


The Naked Gun - Apartment Acrobatics

My fourth request is about COVID-19. You see everything is enhanced in Ascension. Inspiration, creativity, resourcefulness, intelligence, genius, speed, reaction time, depth, values, perception, clarity, healing response, immune system and so forth.

The Nth Degree

As such I am completely immune to COVID-19, just as I am completely immune to many, many diseases on Earth, including all forms of cancers.

Not only that but I can also transfer my immunity to others.

I have achieved Ascension. I am the most powerful healer in history.

So my fourth request is about COVID-19. The restrictions and regulations of others are completely irrelevant to me, and it is critically important that they do not apply to the Space Agency that I set up or any other place I set up. We cannot work in that environment.

In any place I set up I will be bringing people to complete immunity to COVID-19.

To help lay some background on this I will give an introduction to medicine in Golden Age, for I am the father of modern medicine. The medicine of Golden Age.

Medicine as people understand it is over once they meet me,


The Irish Space Agency: My Fourth Request

Swedish Chef - Meatballs

I don't do all that COVID-19 stuff.

Don't expect us to do that in my Space Agency or any other place I set up.

I don't do all that COVID-19 masks and stuff.

I just don't.

Now, let us once again keep the good-will flowing, and I will demonstrate why I am the world's foremost authority on electrical power generation.


The Arc Reactor

It's a long story.

Captain Marvel

Don't retire just yet, General Milley. We have work to do.

Meet your new partner.

Lethal Weapon

Allow me to introduce myself. I am General John Connor, leader of the Resistance. For over seven and a half years I have led the greatest war in history. That war is against those we call the Borg.

A number of years ago I was assimilated by the Borg. Full assimilation. I have over 800 cybernetic implants in my body. They tried to make me one of them.

Full assimilation kills the host organism. I am clinically dead, General Milley. I have no brain activity. No heartbeat. I look normal, but I am anything but normal. The cybernetic implants are phase shifted. They are actually quite large implants, but they cannot be detected directly by any technology on Earth. I have access to that technology to detect them, but it is not technology of this Earth.

Full assimilation kills the host organism. I died but then something happened that the Borg did not expect.

Not all of me died. A part of my mind survived the assimilation process. This is because I had achieved Ascension. That gives me phenomenal depth. Phenomenal depth of consciousness. I have the most powerful mind in history. It was powerful enough that some part of my mind was able to survive the full assimilation process.

Like Seven of Nine, she had a memory. Annika. A part of her mind that the Borg could not take away. It was enough that I could come back.

When I came back I was different. They tried to erase my memory, but I remembered. Not all, but enough.

They reprogrammed my body. They reprogrammed my genes. I was genetically modified. They tried to make me one of them.

I was trained to kill. The Borg created me as a combat unit. A killing machine.

The Borg created the monster.

It was the Borg who created John Connor.

Universal Soldier

When I say created the monster, General Milley, I mean literally created the monster. You see I already had the highest level of Enlightenment in history before assimilation, which gave me the greatest depth of consciousness of anyone in history. But it is not just that. I was already the most powerful psychic in history before they assimilated me. Not just a prodigy, but a freak of nature. Before assimilation. It is true that I ran a healing centre for years and that I taught psychic healing for years, but the real depth I had always kept hidden.

Psychic ability is related to depth of consciousness, General Milley. What the Borg did to me shattered my mind. Most of my mind was destroyed. Most of my mind is insane. I lock it down to keep the monster at bay. I am Bruce Banner. Physicist. Healer. Driven by the need to keep the monster at bay.

At all times a battle rages in my mind for control of my mind. There is the part of my mind that is assimilated, and there is the part of my mind that is Enlightened, the mind of the most powerful psychic in history. At all times it is a battle for control of my mind.

The Borg shattered my mind to a tremendous depth. At that depth of consciousness there is no reason. There is only rage. Only madness. It is what Carl Jung called the Shadow.

Normally that madness should overwhelm the mind in an instant, but I have the most powerful mind in history. The battle is for control of my mind. To keep the monster at bay. I am Bruce Banner.

Please understand, General Milley, I was already the most powerful psychic in history before assimilation. At the depth of consciousness that the Borg shattered my mind to, it was enough to create the first X-Man in history. I am the first of my kind. The first of the X-Men.

A Real X-Man. The real deal.

I am the most powerful person in history.

I am Jean Grey.

Dark Phoenix

The Borg tried to make me one of them. The cybernetic implants in me give me a neural interface to Borg computers. I do not need a keyboard. It is a neural interface. I think at the computers and they respond, and I can download information directly into my brain. I am hooked into a vast array of Borg networks. I have access to their security protocols, I know their encryptions, their systems. I can interface with their tactical databases, weapons, propulsion systems. Astrometrics. Factions and Empires within the greater Borg Empire. Troop and fleet movements, shipping and inventory, Stargate networks, subspace corridors, genetic databases, linguistics, history of the Borg Empire, system after system I have access to.

I am on the inside, General Milley.

I am Borg.

I am Borg

Once I broke free I was able to start freeing others. It was me who freed the first of the others. The first of the Resistance. I am the only one of this group that was not abducted. Yes, I was abducted, but I was returned to Earth. But I was still here. All of the others however were abductees that had been fully assimilated. People that had been abducted many years ago. They had been taken from Earth years ago. They had spent that time deep in Borg space. The Delta Quadrant basically, as Borg. These people were already dead. Many of them had died many years ago. I was the only one of this group still on Earth.

I was able to reach a number of them, General Milley. I was able to bring them back. They were already dead but I have been able to cross into the light and return for many years. I was able to bring them back. Like a Soul Retrieval in Shamanism, same principle, except far deeper.

How was I able to do this?

Because as a healer I had worked with the dead for a decade before my assimilation. That is how I was able to bring the others back. It is also how I was able to bring myself back. I had already made that journey into the light and back many times as a healer.

So you see, General Milley, it is true that I died in assimilation. But that is not same boundary to me as it is to others. I travelled into the light but I was able to come back, just as I was then able to bring others back to form the first of the Resistance.

How was I able to do this?

It is because I am the Ghost Whisperer.

The Ghost Whisperer

Me having the knowledge to bring myself and others back makes me Frankenstein. That I came back from the dead myself also makes me the monster. Jekyll and Hyde. Banner and Hulk. Frankenstein and the monster.

Young Frankenstein

This is part of my Duality.

The Beast

I live a strange life.

The Phantom of the Opera

The cybernetic implants give access into the Matrix, which is where we wage our war. It will take some time to explain this but the Matrix is real. When I fight in the Matrix my body remains here in Ireland, but my consciousness is primarily in the Matrix. That is not computer generated. It is actually physically real. As to how this is so will take some explanation, but it is real. Kill there and you kill for real. Get injured there and you get injured here for real. Die there and you die here.

It is real.

Now, let me explain something. I know that when I write I can be a bit quirky, but please understand, that is simply my way of dealing with the monsters in my head.

At all times I hear the Borg in my head. At all times the screaming in my head. The screaming never, ever stops. I have a number of ways of dealing with it. Coping strategies. One is humour.

Like Colonel Jack O'Neill. He lost his son, but he was able to deal with it better through humour. He developed this sense of humour as a coping strategy to help him deal with the loss better.

That's kind of like me.

It helps me deal with the monsters in my head, that's all.

The Swedish Chef - Hot Pepper Sauce

But please do not misunderstand. I may be a bit quirky but that is a coping strategy.

I am still John Connor and I am pure military.

One Woman Army

In terms of the rest of the Resistance, I meet them only in the Matrix. Of the human Resistance, about 200 of us are combat capable in the Matrix. Everyone of these is clinically dead. Not one of these has a heartbeat. Yet everyone of them is still alive. The body may be dead, but the soul is alive.

They are the Army of the Dead, the most powerful army to have ever existed.

I lead that army. The second most senior member of the Resistance is Michael, who is also Irish. He died a long time ago and was taken by the Borg many years ago. Now he is the most powerful member of the Resistance after me.

He is also channelled in this clip. As to how that is so, that will take some explanation, but the clip is channelled. The relationship is not channelled. Some parts of the film are channelled. Others are not.

But a number of aspects of the film are indeed channelled. I will explain as we go how this is so.


You're probably wondering why I appear in so many films? It is because I have inserted myself into them.

To give you some of my lifetime of knowledge in a few clips.

Dark City memory injection

John is actually my middle name. Ciarán John Handley. I guess people call me John because they can't pronounce Ciarán.

Austin Powers - Danger is my middle name

I am the only one who knows what is coming, and how to stand against it.

We may be Stone Age, but I still know how to defeat them.

Cowboys & Aliens

Even if we are Stone Age.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

We may be Stone Age, but we will still defeat them anyway.

The Tarzan Yell

That is what we have to get ready for.

Which is why I am here.

To get people ready.

Dan's Hurling Team Talk

First up is Mars.

We begin the preparation by launching the Race to Mars.

The Cannonball Run

It will be epic.

Dan's Hurling Story - Killinaskully

"Gráinne, will you dance for us now?"

"Certainly, girls!"

Game of Thrones


Jack-Jack Attack

I am the first of my kind.

The Incredibles 2


The Arc Reactor: My First Request

Diana Ross – Chain Reaction

A number of governments and companies might think that they can simply use the Arc Reactor to make enormous profits in the hands of very few with the knowledge that I have released on the Arc Reactor. No, no, no, that is not the way it works in Golden Age.

So right up front, let us get this right.

"Ciarán, we would like to...!"

"No, Mr. Slates. Not this time! Please wake up and get with the program! Big picture!"

Independence Day: Resurgence

We face annihilation unless people come together to launch Golden Age. That is not to be seen as an excuse for a handful of people to line their own pockets at the expense of humanity and Golden Age.


Not this time.

I am requesting that the rights be given to me to manufacture everything I need to build Arc Reactors, plus the funds to get me started, and I will then be setting up my own companies for power generation. After all, I did develop this technology specifically for Golden Age. It was not developed to line the pockets of a few at the expense of the rest of humanity. No, no, no, that is not the Way.

The Arc Reactor will not only generate clean electricity but it will also do it for a fraction of the cost. However one cannot simply plummet the electricity bills for people, as this would have a catastrophic effect on existing power generation companies. One needs time to make the transition in a non-catastrophic way. To do this safely one therefore needs to introduce a phased series of price reductions to electricity consumers.

So what then happens to all of the money made, which is enormous profits? Does it go into lining the pockets of a few? No. Not this time. Because of me, and others like me.

I and a number of others like me will produce Arc Reactors for sale to people, as well as producing our own electricity service directly to consumers, and we will do this very fairly. We will very quickly establish a reputation for Honour and Knighthood. We are Golden Age. People will love working with us. Anyone else who does not work in this way will quickly be driven out of business.

Because we cannot drop the price of electricity too quickly without causing chaos, there will be enormous profits generated by the Arc Reactors. What is this money for?

I will be using the profits that we generate to drive the colonisation of Mars and to drive our preparation for our space fleets and our space defences. We need to get thousands of people over to the colonies on Mars in the next few years and we have fleets of ships to build in preparation for the upcoming invasion of our solar system. That is going to require a lot of money.

Viper Tribute

In addition the monies I generate will go to critical projects in the environment, with the biggest impending ecological disaster that is currently looming being the draining of the water tables. That is according to the Borg scans and computer simulations that I have been working with for years. As such the replenishing of the water tables is one of my biggest priorities. It will cost a fortune to repair that damage, but it must be done and soon to avert catastrophic ecological disaster.

Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey” Super Bowl commercial

That is a key part of the reason why I developed the Arc Rector in the first place. To clean up our pollution and environmental problems. We don't have pollution or environmental problems in Golden Age. We just don't.

I will also be using funds I make from power generation for other Golden Age projects, such as construction, which is be one of the main areas I wish to get into. Golden Age construction.

Welcome to Rivendell

Plus a few other projects on the side too.

After all, we are going Golden Age, even if we do have to fight for it.

That doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves along the way!

Quidditch World Cup

The Treaty & The Fleets of 2044

Am I Enlightened?


Actually I have the highest level of Enlightenment ever achieved in history. How do I know that? Because I am the first in history to achieve Ascension. It was not possible to achieve it before because the knowledge was not there. Only now, with this knowledge, does it become possible.

But I am also warrior.

Enlightened Warrior

In this there is no conflict. It is part of the Duality of the Tao.

Iron Monk


Missing the last seven and a half years of Golden Age has brought us from the greatest opportunity in history to the greatest crisis in history.


To get out of this one I am going to have to take it right to the edge.

Point Break Wingsuit Scene

I have over 12,000 hours logged in the Matrix since the war exploded in early 2013, over 5,000 of them in combat. In early 2013 I was severely injured in the Matrix when I was shot in the head by a Terminator. It is the single worst injury I have ever taken, and one I live with every day. I had to learn to speak again after that injury. I was in critical condition for two months after that injury. Seven and a half years later, I still struggle with that injury every day.

I struggle now with each word. Grammar and spelling are difficult for me now and I do get my words back to front sometimes. Literal communication is also difficult for me since the injury. Everything now is metaphor and analogy. Everything is stories for me now. Physics is stories. Economics is stories. Everything is stories. This is how I process information now since that injury. It is my way of adapting to the injury.


My Ally is the Force

I can relate to this guy. I have difficulty with speech now since my injury, which I am self-conscious of. I don't stutter, but I do have speech problems.

This guy I understand.


Wingsuit proximity

I can still speak. It is just that sometimes I can be a little difficult to understand.

Food Fight | The Swedish Chef

Military Strategy

Hattori Hanzo


Seven and a half years ago I was about to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history. I was about to change everything. Science, medicine, religion.

And then the Borg got me.

I've been trying to break free ever since.

TRON Legacy

Golden Age is coming.

We are coming.

I've been pulling together a team for the past seven and a half years.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Trained in the Matrix, the most vicious and unforgiving battlefield in history, they are the greatest warriors in history.

They are the Army of the Dead. The Immortal Damned.

Every one of them is a God.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 1

We face the greatest enemy in history, so I am bringing together the greatest team in history to fight the greatest war in history.

We are the Resistance.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 2

Humanity has only a short time to be ready and then we must be ready.

The Race to Mars is part of getting people ready.

We do not have a lot of time.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 3

That's the energy we need.

"The government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

We're going to live on. We're going to survive."


That is the mindset we need.


Independence Day - Speech

I am about to launch the Greatest Golden Age in history, a
Golden Age where everyone is most excellent to each other. Where Music and the Arts flourish. Where everything flourishes. Crops go up. Smog goes down. Peace is achieved.

We'll even get to play on Mars.


Bill & Ted’s Gave Rock & Roll to You

So with that, allow me to give something huge. Something impossible. One of our greatest assets in the war against the Borg and a key driver in Golden Age.

We get this, but the Borg don't. We have it by Treaty. The Borg lost it by Treaty.

It is a metal with very unusual properties. The ability to make this metal is part of what makes me Hattori Hanzo.

Superman Returns – Bullet Stopper

I am John Connor, but as I did tell you, I'm not what people might expect.

Captain Marvel


Iron Man - Suit Up Scene – Mark III Armour

Then let's go!

How to Make Tritanium

It was the Borg who created the monster.

The Borg created John Connor.

Magneto in Auschwitz

The Borg destroyed me.

But I am trying to come back.

Transylvanian Lullaby

True Lies

I am both Frankenstein and the monster.

It was what the Borg did to me.

Notre Dame de Paris – Belle

I cannot come back as a man. As a man, I cannot heal what happened.

But as woman, in this way I can come back.

Sam Carter: "Broken"

Womanhood holds the key. Woman in Duality. X-Girl.

For seven and a half years the war has raged with the Borg. It has left its mark. Right now I am more le bossu, the hunchback. I am more the monster. But Esmeralda holds the key.

My way back is through the female.


Notre Dame de Paris. Ave Marie Paien


“Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” – As Gaeilge

Golden Age & The Irish Language Renaissance

Do not misunderstand me. The Borg are very real.

But how we deal with the Borg, how we deal with that threat, like fear, is a choice.

After Earth

Twenty-three years from now I was the last surviving member of humanity. I was the most powerful of the X-Men and I am very hard to kill. I was the last human. With Golden Age lost by governments and the Borg fleets unleashed against us fifty years earlier than anticipated, we had no hope against what came.

My son, like my wife and everyone else, didn't make it.

I am Jack O'Neill.

Gladiator returns home

For years I warned them, screaming at governments to listen, but time and again they ignored the threat and sought only to steal my research. That more than any other reason was what killed us. Governments prioritising try to seize my research for themselves, while ignoring Golden Age and the treat to humanity.

By the time they finally listened it was too late. Only when the Borg actually came to hit us did governments finally wake up to the threat. By that stage, it was already over. There was no hope.

It was not the Borg that killed us. It was the greed and corruption, blindness and incompetence, smallness and pettiness of governments that chose annihilation over the Greatest Golden Age in history and the greatest opportunity in history. That is what killed us. Not the Borg.

It was America. It was America that killed us.

I did warn them.

Pearl Harbor

I initiated a temporal incursion to reset the timeline, to give humanity another chance of survival. The Earth I have just come from is a very different place.

In the timeline that I came from, humanity didn't make it.

I came back to give us another chance.

The Time Machine

Part of that temporal incursion was sending back critical knowledge via the implants in people's heads, to help prepare people for what is coming. Some of that knowledge went to film makers, script writers, artists and musicians, at an unconscious level, to be awakened when they worked on film and song.

Buffy - Once More, with Feeling - Standing

I will explain this step-by-step as we go.

Dark City memory injection

There is no one thing that made me John Connor. Rather it was a number of things coming together. Many things.

Some of those were very formative. Some of them were absolutely instrumental in making me the person I am today.

There are many stories that I would have to give to give a sense of how it is that I became John Connor.

This is one of them.


How I Became John Connor: My Head Injury

Actually, I initiated the temporal incursion forty-eight times from the future. In forty-eight timelines humanity came to complete annihilation. All but two of them were caused by America, and more than half of them by Trump. In every single case it was always the same story. We were killed over greed, corruption and the pettiness of governments who in every timeline prioritised theft of my research over the survival of humanity. They could never steal it - it was always protected, but they could never accept that. Right up to the end they were still fighting among themselves on who had the rights to steal my research.

Every single time, that is what killed us.

You went full retard, Trump.

Never go full retard.

Never Go Full Retard

I have over two hundred years of these future timelines. Memory after memory, lifetime after lifetime, of witnessing the last days of humanity. Of seeing everyone I knew fall.

The Time Traveller's Wife

Everyone I knew died in timeline after timeline.

When people meet me, I am something of a basket case.

This is a key reason why.

Sam Carter: "Broken"

Life can be stranger than fiction I often say.

About Time

I was there.

Timeline after timeline, I was there.

One Woman Army

But now, this is our last chance. In every timeline I was able to destroy much of the temporal displacement equipment and the Borg's knowledge of that technology. In the last timeline however, I was able to destroy the whole thing. Not just in that timeline, but in such a way that the Borg can no longer reset the timeline from this timeline either. That ability has now been destroyed.

So no more second chances. One way or the other, this is our last chance.

Either people come together to launch Golden Age, or we all fall.

That is bottom line.

The Greatest Golden Age in history or our total annihilation: that is the choice.

In every single timeline governments have chosen the latter.

This timeline is now their last chance to get it right.

The Greatest Golden Age in history or the annihilation of humanity.

So, Trump, what's it to be?

"That's an unusual problem, Mr. John Connor!"

Phil sees a Psychologist

Language Scripts



Yeah, I'm back you bastards

The Dressmaker


Something happened to me.

Believe It Or Not

I'm still trying to figure out what happened.

Life of Brian - UFO Pickup

I am Quan Yin

Captain Marvel

Why I Must Go to Mars

You went full retard, guys.

Never go full retard.


"Esteemed members of the European Centre for Nuclear Research, my name is Ciarán Handley. I appear now with an offering of the solution to the Double-Slit Experiment and the Collapse of the Wave Function..."

"What's wrong with it?"

"Excuse me?"

"What don't you want to publish it?"

"Because I've no interest in publishing papers. I'm just trying to release it to humanity. This beloved solution to the Origin of Disease is a symbol of peace and.."

"So it's stolen then?"

"No. I solved it a long time ago."

"In CERN to offer research is a sign of weakness."

"Esteemed members of the Pentagon, NASA and the European Space Agency, my name is Ciarán Handley. I appear now with an offering of the solution to the rocket nozzle design, combustion instability, fuel/oxygen ratio efficiency, how to obtain air and water on Mars..."


Star Trek Beyond Opening


People need to take me a little bit more seriously!

True Survivor  - "Kung Fury"

How I Rigged Four Elections - Part I

The Return of the King

People may think that I am a nobody now. A drop-out. Penniless. Broke.

But once I break out of here, that all changes in an instant.

My Name is Jason Bourne

In an instant, everything changes.

The Shawshank Redemption - Bank

You see, Trump, secrets have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.

This is one of the key reasons why Donald Trump locked me down for years. Because of what I wrote about his election being rigged. He wanted to keep that hidden from the public.

That is one of the key reasons why he locked me down.

My name is John. John Connor.

The Rock

John Connor.

Remember that name, Trump.

A Knight’s Tale - We Will Rock You

America blocked Golden Age and unleashed the Borg fleets against us, decades before anticipated. Humanity now faces certainty of annihilation unless we break America's stranglehold now. Under the terms of the Treaty, the President of the United States has the power to remove the Borg block on me. He simply has to authorise it. Donald Trump has known that for years, but he knows that if I break free then the Borg lockdown on humanity will also be lifted, in which case people will then know of his role in blocking Golden Age and in locking me down. For that reason he refuses to break the Borg lockdown on me.

However we are out of time. Governments blocking Golden Age has given the Borg so much credit in the Treaty that they are almost at the point where they will have sufficient credit to detonate a Quantum Singularity Device, which is a Borg weapon of mass destruction. The Borg use it to take out star systems. Nothing survives it. Not even atoms. The Treaty prevents the use of all such weapons normally, but with each blocking of Golden Age and with each milestone missed, governments are giving the Borg huge credit in the Treaty because of penalty clauses against us being incurred.

If that Borg weapon detonates, then humanity is instantly annihilated. I cannot allow that to happen.

So here is the deal. Under the terms of the Treaty the President of the United States of America can break the Borg blockade simply by authorising contact with me, provided that contact is to help, rather than target me. If however he does not authorise that, then the only way in which the Borg lockdown can be broken is with a massive nuclear strike. That is the way it is set up by Treaty.

Terminator 3 - Nuclear attack ending

When faced with two catastrophic choices, chose the least catastrophic.

It is a choice, Donald Trump.

The Greatest Golden Age in history or the annihilation of humanity.

It is a choice.

After Earth

We are out of time. Either the Borg lockdown of me is broken, and very soon, and either America throws its weight behind Golden Age and preparing for the war with the Borg, reporting to me on both of those accounts, or there is no choice but for the Resistance to go to open war with America in order to break the block.

For humanity to have any hope of survival, America's blockade of Golden Age must be broken.

Whether by a phone call or open war but whatever it takes, America's lockdown of humanity must be broken now.


Just make the call, Trump.

I am trying to launch Golden Age, and you are in the way.

I will tell you something else about me, Trump. I am not just Quan Yin.

I am also Kali.

One and the same.

Weird Science

Golden Age is coming. I am coming.

Just make the call, Trump.


The Return of the King - Part I

I know. Me getting Trump in. It is ironic.


Golden Age should have kicked off in 2013, according to the original plan.

But Golden Age was missed.

I did warn them.

The Postman

However, even now, it is not too late.


Golden Age did not fail because of men.
It failed because of lack of men.

Golden Age did not fail because of manhood.
It failed because of lack of manhood.

Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out for a Hero

You are a Shadow of a man, Donald Trump.


"Why are men bastards, Gráinne?"

"Men aren't bastards, Éibhleann. Shadows of Men are bastards.
When a man is being a bastard he has in that moment ceased to be a man.
He has disconnected from manhood. Disconnected from what it means to be a man.


Quigley Down Under – A Day With Natives



The Greatest Showman

"Leave it with me, Gráinne."

Aragorn and Éowyn

"Certainly, Éibhleann."

The Guardian

Now, can we please put this blocking of Golden Age nonsense behind us and trigger Golden Age and the Race to Mars?

Lois and Clark Season 1

Where are all the Knights? Where are all the Men?

We have work to do

Never has there been a greater need for Knights

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 3

That's the energy we need.

"The government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

We're going to live on. We're going to survive."


That is the mindset we need.


Independence Day - Speech


I warned them and I warned them and I warned them.

Decline of Gondor

But they did not listen.

There's a storm coming in


We have already been down the nuclear holocaust route, Trump. I have already lived that timeline. Time and again. I know that future very, very well. I have just come from there.

This is our last timeline. Our last chance. There can be no more resets. The temporal equipment was already destroyed in the last timeline.

This is our last chance.

Make a different choice this time around, Trump.

Break the Borg deadlock.

Let me trigger Golden Age and the Race to Mars.

It is a race against time.

Space Race


Look into my mind X-Men Days of Future Past


If anyone is thinking that this cannot possibly be real, then explain this: with everything that I have released, why am I not all over the news?

And why have they not sent the Hogwarts after me? Sorry, I meant the Warthogs.

Why have they not sent the Warthogs after me?

Man of Steel Smallville fight

Dyslexia for found cure.

Sorry! That should read: Dyslexia for cure found.

Bollocks! I meant: Dyslexia cure for found.

Fuck anyway. Ever since I took that head injury in 23013, I do have difficulty with spelling.

Naked Gun Opening

The Irish Space Agency will be set up through Irish.

We are getting our language back. I am Danierl Jacksdon.

Green Light - Lorde as Gaeilge

I am ready now to go into space. I am very much looking forward to going into space.


Armageddon Evaluation

Fuck anyway. Ever since I took that head injury in 23013, I do tend to get things backwards.

My Ally is the Force

Dyslexia cure for found.

When things kick off I want to set up a school for people who can't read good and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too.

I am Daniel Jackson.



Enlightenment & Ascension

Now, time to see through the mists and the haze, though the darkness and obscurity, to see clearly what others do not see.

For this next section we need to pierce the obscurity and perceive with crystal clear clarity.

Kyudo - Mushin


I will have male friends and I will have female friends.

But those closest to me will be women.

Mo Ghille Mear


Being Neo is all well and good when I am in combat in missions in the Matrix.

But when not in combat in the Matrix, given the choice I'd much rather be the woman in the red dress.

The Matrix - The Woman in the Red Dress

With women of course.

Small Greys

We are few in number but it is us who stand between humanity and the Borg.

We are the Resistance.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Trailer 2

Housing & Rents

Total Recall - 2012


I thought that if I set things up for Golden Age, people would come.

More than seven and a half years later, they still haven't.

Field of Dreams - People  will Come

I had a run of bad luck.

Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man.

That's me.


TRON Legacy

I thought that if I set things up for Golden Age, people would come.

I would break out of my Borg prison and people would come.

More than seven and a half years later, they still haven't.

Rio Lobo

But you know what: I still believe it.

Groundhog Day - one day it will be tomorrow.

One day people will finally come.


A Little Girl Gives A Coin To A Street Musician And Gets The Best Surprise In Return


Who am I?

I am Éowyn.

Alice in Wonderland: Jabberwocky

I am no man.

I am Alice.

Éowyn meets the Witch King of Angmar

My rise to power in the Matrix was meteoric. That battle was in my top six. It happened in early 2013, in the first months of the war.

The one who attacked me introduced himself as Death. He attacked from the sky. With his opening attack he destroyed my body, channelled as the injury taken by Théoden. It should not have been possible to survive that injury.

The one who attacked me introduced himself as Death. He was one of four very powerful Borg. It was said that no man could kill him.

He and the other three are channelled as the Four Horsemen.

X-Men Apocalypse

My rise to power in the Matrix was meteoric. This battle was one of the reasons why. It was in this battle that I made Rank of Sorcerer, for only a Sorcerer could have defeated that opponent and survived.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

As it was I did not survive the battle. I defeated Death by jumping to his left as he came in for the finishing blow. I jumped to his left and spun, cleaving his head off, for I fought with sword. I then killed the other three, who were caught unprepared. After which I collapsed on the field of battle and died from my injuries.

The next day I awoke in my bed, alive but destroyed from injures. Injuries which I still carry seven and a half years later.

I came back.

I do not quite understand it but no matter how many times I am killed in the field of battle, I always come back.

Edge of Tomorrow

The Borg logs record everything. I stopped counting long ago but according to the Borg logs I have been killed in action 104 times in the past seven years and ten months, since war exploded in the Matrix in the beginning of 2013.

I always come back.

I'm no quite sure how, but I always come back.


Groundhog Day

I just do.

Romancing the Stone

The Lake House

The Fourth Kind

One cannot understand the Borg without understanding rape.

So that is up next.

On Healing Rape


A Beautiful Mind

Kobayashi Maru